Gotham Recap: Family Feud

Gotham Recap Galavan Feud

This week on Fox’s Gotham, as Firefly began to flicker, light was also shed on the dark (and ancient) origin of Theo Galavan’s agenda.

Theo Galavan this week was hot to make more mayhem, tasking his “tool,” Penguin, with burning to the ground several specific buildings. Penguin in turn offered the arson gig to the Pike brothers, who took it after Selina vouched for her “friend” (an extra $100, please!) Butch.

The Pikes however found themselves down a man when Captain Barnes’ Strike Force raided an illegal armory. To fill the vacancy, the bros enlisted their put-upon kid sister, Bridgit, who ably helped with their first blaze, during which she used Wayne Enterprises stooge Sid Bunderslaw’s severed eyeball to access a safe and procure an ancient knife. (When a subsequent torching went awry, and Bridgit/Firefly accidentally and fatally roasted a cop, Selina offered her onetime gal pal refuge.)

Penguin reached out to an antiques shop owner, Edwige, for perspective on the purloined blade and why it might be of import. Edwige regaled Penguin with the tale of Gotham high society circa two centuries ago, during which Celestine Wayne, of the city’s wealthiest clan, was caught in flagrante with a rival rich kid, Caleb Dumas. Celestine lied to her brothers that she had been assaulted, so her kin responded by using said knife to cleave Caleb’s hand.

The Waynes than went to great lengths, wielding all their power, to wipe the Dumas name from the city’s annals, as if they never existed. Years later, the Dumas ancestors would adopt a new surname — Galavan.

Following that illuminating info-dump, Penguin sends Butch undercover to get close to Theo, under the guise of a banishment. To help “sell” the split, though, Penguin first uses the ancient knife to sever his right-hand man’s… right hand.

At episode’s end, Theo meets with a cloaked man inside his lavish digs — Father Creel, played by the always entertaining Ron Rifkin (Alias). Theo reports that though he has procured the infamous knife, “practical matters” have stymied his “checkmate,” nabbing young Bruce Wayne. Creel nonetheless effuses that an army of “warriors” is already on their way across the ocean, promising that “Gotham will be redeemed in blood, and Bruce Wayne… will die.”

Is Gotham setting the stage for the introduction of the Order of St. Dumas, DC Comics’ Knights Templar-like sect that draws some comparison to the League of Assassins? If so, is Theo poised to be their Azrael? Y’all are smarter than me; discuss in Comments!

Elsewhere in the hour, Jim and Lee had lovebirds/colleagues Edward and Kristen over for fondue, a double date that went surprisingly smoothly, right down to suave Edward’s “The fewer you have, the more they’re worth — to friends” toast.

What did you think of the episode “Scarification”?