Castle Recap: Smells Like a Winner

Castle Recap The Nose

I’m going to lead off with an opinion that undoubtedly will be shot down by many, yet perhaps be supported by a few.

If all of Castle‘s break-up episodes were as wall-to-wall entertaining as this week’s, there would be 73 percent less carping.

For one, just looking at my notes for Quotes of the Week, this was far and away the most quotable episode of the season, a very clever and at times LOL-funny script from Nancy Kiu.

You also had a highly memorable guest-starring turn by MADtv alum Stephnie Weir, as Mia “The Nose” Laszlo, who when we first meet her has a top note of snarky prickliness, but by episode’s end had mellowed into something complex. Mia’s arc also brought us some quality Susan Sullivan time, while Toks Olagundoye returned in a measured capacity as Hayley. Oh, and Aubrey Plaza was back as “Lucy”!

The Case of the Week was one of the season’s better ones — though I “called it” the moment we first met the courier’s brother — if only because it had some nice as well as logical zags, and what’s more the motive for murder ($65 frickin’ million) made a lot more sense than, say, whatever drove the college prison girl from weeks ago.

If you enjoy Ryan and Espo, there was a little runner for them as well, one that was equal parts bittersweet (Javy made sergeant, while Kevin didn’t) and slapstick (once “Crack-Shot” accidentally shot “Assposito”).

But more to what has been driving the conversation here as of late… there was a significant amount of “Caskett” this week, starting, yes, with the sad scene in which she announced her intention to move out the rest of her things, but ultimately pairing them up — by themselves — for a final bit of investigating, in the parking garage. Afterward, Kate did go to collect her things, but not before stopping to reach for one of Rick’s shirts and breathing it in. Rick later did same, with one of Kate’s NYPD tees, after he came home, as Mia delivered a sweet voiceover about copycat fragrances whereas Rick/Kate are “the genuine article.”

“She still loves you with a passion,” Mia assured Rick — as evidenced by the light of day, if not pheromones.

Add up all of the above, and it more than offsets what Castle history shall forever deride as “The Farting Scene.”

What did you think of “The Nose”?

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