Blindspot Episode 5

Blindspot EP on Taylor Shaw Mystery, Possible Romance for Jane and Weller

As it turns out, the only thing more difficult than deciphering Jane Doe’s Blindspot tattoos is getting series creator Martin Gero to discuss the obstacles that await his mysterious protagonist.

“It’s really hard to talk about,” Gero admits to TVLine, while discussing an episode that will air later in the NBC drama’s freshman season. “Talking about it will reveal the main… yeah, that’s impossible.”

He pauses, then tries one more time to give a teaser. “That’s a hard one to say. The crux of it…,” he trails off, then laughs. “No, I can’t do it.”

Fortunately, Gero was able to drop a few hints about tonight’s episode (10/9c), which may reveal whether Jane is actually Weller’s long-lost friend, Taylor Shaw. Below, he answers our most pressing questions about Jane’s identity, her intense connection with Weller and the ways in which CIA Deputy Director Tom Carter will complicate… well, everything.

TVLINE | I imagine, for many viewers, it was a pleasant surprise to get answers about Jane’s identity in Episode 3, rather than in the Season 1 finale. What was your thought process behind answering that question so quickly?
For us, the central emotional arc of this season was Weller and Jane trying to figure out how to be with each other after the revelation of the Taylor Shaw thing. For us, it was not something we even considered waiting [on], even until midway through the season. When we were cutting the pilot together [we realized that] there were too many twists, [so] we decided to push [Jane’s identity] to the second episode. And then the second you start thinking about it and saying it out loud, you can’t really stretch it out much longer. Finding out whether she really is Taylor Shaw is so easy. The really interesting stuff happens after Taylor Shaw, as far as the emotional stuff that goes on between Weller and Jane.

Blindspot Episode 5TVLINE | But now there’s new evidence that suggests Jane is not Taylor Shaw. How will that play out in this week’s episode?
The isotopic evidence is not something Weller, for one, is going to put a lot of stock in. He feels like the DNA is 99.9 percent sure. They did three separate tests, and it’s her DNA against the samples they had from Taylor. He starts to question whether he’s remembering it right — whether his origin story for Taylor lines up with what it actually might be, whether she was born in Pennsylvania or she was born somewhere else, and what that maybe has to do with it. It gives pause to some other characters, but Weller certainly still believes that this is Taylor Shaw.

TVLINE | When Weller was describing Taylor’s kidnapping, Jane had some sort of flashback to that event. Might that be a clue to her real identity?
Absolutely. And there’s some more of that coming up in the next episode.

TVLINE | There’s obviously a spark of some sort between Jane and Weller, especially if she is Taylor. Is a romantic relationship even on the table for them right now?
Oh, yeah, we’re considering it. We’re considering everything. What’s really fun for us is how emotionally complicated their relationship is now. She’s someone that he’s essentially been obsessed with for 25 years, and now she’s back and she doesn’t necessarily remember that. The only person she has an actual connection to is Weller.

TVLINE | It seems like the CIA will become particularly dangerous for Jane this week. What can you say about Carter’s tension with Mayfair?
Carter, who is played expertly by Michael Gaston, is our Big Bad this season. He really feels like the best way to deal with the Jane situation is for [her] to just disappear. He becomes extraordinarily anxious about her being around, and it’s really fun to see our guys go up against the CIA.

What do you think, Blindspot fans: Is Jane really Taylor Shaw? And what are your thoughts on a potential Jane/Weller romance? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. AL says:

    I gave the show a chance and it was simply The Blacklist 2.0, nothing new except Alexander is no Spader thus lacking any desire for me to continue to watch.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Would be great to see Jane Doe and Kurt Weller making chemistry.

    • prish says:

      Unless some showrunner or actor gets it into their heads wouldn’t it be cool to derail that anticipation at the end, since I want or I think or I don’t agree or I’m against…whatever’s going on in their brains, with fan anticipation meaning little. But their egos are driving the art, and we wouldn’t have anything without that ego, so I’m with you on the hope their chemistry leads to good plotting; and I hold your hand in frustration and head banging if some ego derails it. Let the new fun show begin with eager fan hope, which springs eternal!

  3. Nicole says:

    I for one was relieved they said she was Taylor shaw so early. It makes it so much more interesting and gives the whole relationship another dimension. Also loved the didn’t drag it out like the blacklist. Loving this show so far and think the leafs have great chemistry!

  4. GeoDiva says:

    I think they should jump right into them getting together. The consequences of Weller being emotionally and sexually involved in Jane/Taylor is a better storyline then the “will-they or won’t they” standard tension. It plays into can you trust someone you are sleeping with? What happens to their relationship is she turns out to the bad guy? You would like to see what happens when Weller can’t choose between FBI or Jane.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I don’t mind a little will they/won’t they, as it feels like jumping into a romance would be out of character for both of them. And I’d like to see their relationship develop before making it a romantic one. But, I definitely want them to move forward with it sooner rather than later. So much opportunity for storylines there.

  5. Katherine215 says:

    Am I the only one hoping they continue to call her Jane, though? Jaimie just doesn’t look like a Taylor to me haha.

  6. Ashton says:

    I absolutely love this show!

  7. ndixit says:

    I think it’s too soon to consider a romance for Jane and Weller right now. Jane barely has an identity right now. I mean I think it would be interesting to explore Jane’s dependency on Weller and Weller’s overprotectiveness of Jane. For Jane, Weller is her only connection to her past so it makes sense that she would be very attached to him, while for Weller, Jane’s return opens up the mystery that he has been trying to solve all his life.

  8. Ellinas1978 says:

    Please don’t turn this into another romance story. There is no much of that out there already and this show could be so much different.

    • autumnd23 says:

      This romance seems very different and refreshing from what is generally on these days. If they didn’t follow through with the chemistry and connection, the show would feel ridiculous.

  9. BlittleU says:

    Weller is a dud, he’s more bland than the guy who plays Booth on Quantico.

  10. Sue Daniels says:

    Love this show SO damn much!!!
    And yes to Jane and Weller. Just YES YES YES!!!

  11. Erica says:

    I think Jane is Taylor Shaw, but her teeth are not her original teeth, another clue, like the tattoos. I also think that she is Kurt Weller’s half-sister.

  12. lilypurnomo says:

    I think Jane is Taylor Shaw. The contradiction of the isotop test just proves that there’s more layer into Jane’s identity.

    Jane and Kurt? Absolutely definitely yes! When? Please don’t make it too soon. We love some will they/won’t they tension. I love the gesture, the caring touch, the Weller’s protective act, their looking each other, played incredibly beautiful between Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton.. some more delayed tension also gives the actors more emotional room to explore.. if they jump too soon it will derail the topic of the show and make it a regular drama which is pity because this show is perfect from the beginning and it has potential for some more season.. I hope Martin Gero will not make this show jump into the shark

  13. kerine says:

    I love the show from day one it has had my vote I would love for them to have something and yes I can’t wait for tonight’s episode

  14. Stacey Boone says:

    I hope she is Taylor shaw.

  15. Greg says:

    Love blindspot 200 times better than the blacklist. Jamie Alexander is a great actress and I can’t wait to see her story unfold.

  16. Bella says:

    Enjoying the show so far. But please no romance between the leads.

  17. Dawnee says:

    I believe she IS Taylor. And perhaps she was part of a secret government (CIA) experiment on children to create perfect soldiers (or such). I think they should wait on romance and let them build the chemistry.

  18. Satabdi says:

    Would love to see Jane-Kurt in a romantic relationship.It would just add to all the the thrill that the show offers.

  19. Kc says:

    Honestly I find the romance between the leads so forced and awkward- I was hoping they would stop but they seem to be pushing it more and more as the series goes on *cringing*. Hanging on for the sake of the female lead, that’s about it :(

  20. DANA says:

    I think the isotopes from the tooth that came out was a plant…it came out easily in a fight, perhaps just like the tattoos it is another clue !!! … I believe the DNA. Love this show! Hoping for a romance between her and Weller too !

  21. Annie says:

    Trust Gero to bring intimacy in when appropriate: Kurt is dealing w/relief, anger for his dad, and supporting Jane as she struggles w/her identity, memories, and fears. Lots has to happen for them to relax and focus on each other as more than just their past.

  22. Annie says:

    Trust Gero to bring in intimacy when appropriate: Kurt is dealing w/relief, anger for his dad, and supporting Jane w/her memories, fears, and new place in the world. A lot has to happen before they can relax and focus solely on each other as they are today.

  23. Lady K says:

    PLEASE?! PLEASE?! PLEASE?! I beg of you…not ANOTHER show where you create a romance between the male and the female leads just because they are male and female. Why can’t they just work together? Why can’t all those feelings Kurt has be because he felt like a big brother to Taylor when they were children, and now, that she is “back” he is determined NOT to let anything happen to her this time? Why can’t Taylor just concentrate on recovering her memories and building some sort of life? Why can’t they be on the path to learning about the tattoos, what the wider story is, and both healing together as friends and colleagues? Why does that path have to divert through the bedroom? Men and women work together all the time, become friends, and pseudo-families and never sleep with one another! Come on Blindspot! Be different! Be as bold as Jane’s tattoos and DON’T go down the romance road. That road is too well traveled…..

  24. kirads09 says:

    My running theory: Of course, we know very little thus far. But the man we see leading Taylor/Jane away in her flashback I will bet good money was Carter himself! She was taken to someplace in Africa (thus the tooth isotope!) to be trained from childhood as some sort of super soldier or something for the CIA. Obviously something went south, someone wants to expose this operation, drugs wipes her memories, tatoos her with all the clues, and dumps her in Times Square.

    That being said, I think Weller’s dad IS involved somehow. I don’t know to what extent, but…

    I understand the strong bond/connection btwn Jane and Weller. I just hope they don’t get lost/caught up in that. Stay on the “tatoo clue of the week” and the mystery surrounding Jane rather than rush into a hookup.

  25. Ranni Roo says:

    Love Blindspot. I like Jamie Alexander in this role and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Sullivan Stapleton. I’m hoping for some romance between Weller and Jane/Taylor because I see some chemistry there. Interesting concept.

  26. Ethan says:

    Here is my theory: Weller and Jane will eventually get romantically involved. Jane has been sent back from the future to prevent significant catastrophes from happening. However, if she was from the future she would be older than what she should be for this current time period. I think she was in Africa at some point and I believe Weller’s father play a significant role somehow.

  27. Candy says:

    I think that a romance would be great between Jane (Taylor) and Kurt. I think they need a little time. But I do think their chemistry is undeniable. I really hope that she does turn out to be Taylor Shaw! I really hope that their is a Second Season. I hope NBC goes ahead and orders one! This show is amazing ! Need for season 1 to be availed on DVD for purchase! Please make this happen! I would most definitely buy them. Thank you ! Candy

    • Ranni Roo says:

      I agree – Blindspot is an awesome series. Definitely think it should be renewed for a second season. Hoping that Jane/Taylor and Kurt become romantically involved. He seems to be attracted to Jane/Taylor more than she is attracted to him at the moment. Jane/Taylor has a lot of stuff going on and has so many things to work through, but I see a chemistry between them developing. Great series to come along in a long time. Every episode leaves you wanting to see more.

  28. I think Jane doe is really taylor shaw

  29. Yes I do believe Jane is Taylor Shaw, however I don’t see a romantic relationship sparking between Weller and Taylor. Her sex dream tree tattoo man is real, I think whoever he is will come in and sweep her off her feet. Especially once she sees his tattoo. The boundaries being set between Weller and Taylor are definitely starting to define their relationship as “just friends”. With Taylor starving for championship at this point in the season it’s a perfect time for her mystery dream man to pave a path in her memory.

  30. danoregon says:

    Nothing wrong with a high-concept show – except one where people obviously put a lot of time, money and effort into putting something in motion and their “success” relies not just on someone and things they have no control over responding exactly how and when they need to.
    It would be nice to have an episode where they “read” the tattoo incorrectly, inferred the wrong thing and went off on some wild tangent that had really bad results. The show has been too neat and tidy.

  31. Carly says:

    Hell yeah!
    Definitely a romance. I hope so!
    They just connect so damn good. And we’ll, he is so damn fine!
    And I’m hopeing she is Taylor shaw. fingers crossed

  32. Ladydi says:

    I think Jane is definitely Taylor Shaw. I agree with Weller about her DNA test being 99.9% sure that she is a match with Taylor. I definitely want to see the sparks fly between Weller and Jane because these two are really hot and there’s a lot of chemistry between them. I feel they are meant for each other, but I also like the fact that we’re being teased right now with both of them denying their true feelings for each other. I don’t want it to continue, however, because bringing them together romantically is going to bring even more interest in “Blindspot”. You have a winner here with two beautiful and sexy stars so give us some hot love scenes between Weller and Jane. Can’t wait for the show to begin after the hiatus.

  33. They made the right choice revealing she was Taylor so soon. Intrigue, action, plot twists and suspense are great, but they’re ultimately empty if there is no emotional investment. That intense connection between Jane and Weller is the heart and soul of the show.

    Plus, they still kept the mystery going but casting doubt on the DNA test, and there are so many other mysteries about her and whoever tattooed her anyway. Where has she been all these years? Who kidnapped her and why? How did she come by her training? Is she really a SEAL? Why does her tooth say she was born in Africa? Who tattooed her body and why? How do they know all these things? They’ll be peeling that onion for a while!

  34. Annette says:

    Love the show

  35. Shannon says:

    I want Jane and weller together!! She better not end up with anyone else will be disappointed!, I love the show so far!

  36. JFK Fly Guy says:

    She’s going to turn out to be the real Taylor Shaw. Taylor Weller relationship is needed, but it has to be built up, àñd Weller will not take the post off the head of the FBI.

  37. Blaine Knutson says:

    I stopped watching the show because it is too intense and raises too many unanswered questions and is dragged out too long.