SNL: Should Larry David Join the Cast for Bernie Sanders' Democratic Run?

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been good news for Saturday Night Live, a show that’s struggled mightily to gain any kind of comedic traction around Barack Obama’s stint as POTUS.

Still, watching guest star Larry David’s very funny impression of Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders this weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder if NBC’s sketch comedy show was painting itself into a corner.

That’s no knock on David’s heightened cantankerousness — his rant about being “a guy who has one pair of underwear that he dries on a radiator” was a thing of guffaw-inducing beauty — but what happens throughout the fall and into 2016 as Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue their battle for the Democratic candidacy? Is a deal in place to have the Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind return every time there’s a need to parody Sanders campaign? If not, will one of the show’s regular cast members — Beck Bennett? Colin Jost? — step into the role? And if there is a substitute in the works, will it feel like an immediate downgrade from David’s spot-on brilliance?

It’s possible that Lorne Michaels & Co. think Sanders won’t be in the mix long enough to create a problem. Saturday’s “Weekend Update” featured a dismissive joke that the Democratic debate being held in Las Vegas was perfect “since it featured old white people who keep playing no matter how bad they’re losing” — with Sanders’ photo included. (Um, it’s not like dude is polling in the single digits.)

In any event, it’ll be fascinating to see how SNL and David proceed as this looooong election season continues.

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