Homeland Recap

Homeland Recap: Just Say Oh Hell No

Hell hath no fury like Carrie Mathison off her meds.

On Sunday’s Homeland, Carrie — desperate to find out who wants her dead — decides she needs full use of her terrorist-tracking Spidey sense and puts the brakes on her daily lithium routine. What could possibly go wrong, right?! Read on and find out!

PRESCRIPTION FOR DISASTER | At the top of the hour, Carrie tearfully ships Frannie off to the States (via nanny Celine Dion) to get her out of harm’s way. Immediately after bidding her adieu, Carrie loops in Perfect Boyfriend Jonas on her lithium-free plan to ID the individual(s) out to kill her, but there’s a twist — said plan is already in motion; she stopped taking her lithium three days ago. Perfect Boyfriend Jonas is a little miffed that she kept this small matter from him, but he nonetheless agrees to serve as her quasi-chaperone as she embarks on her mental scavenger hunt. “It can be scary as hell,” Carrie warns him. But having a Perfect Boyfriend like him by her side will allow her to “push the boundaries… fly a little higher.” And should she start to lose it, he can come to her rescue with drugs in hand. Worst. Plan. Ever.

BI-POLARIZING DEVELOPMENT | After showing Jonas that “sex is better” without Lithium, Carrie enters her makeshift war room and gets to work. She compiles a mile-long enemies list, a process that opens Jonas’ eyes to all the blood on Carrie’s hands from her years working in the CIA. “I don’t know how you live with yourself,” he eventually says to her after much goading. Perfect Boyfriend then scores the title of world’s Worst. Chaperone. Ever. when he flees the scene in a huff. Next thing you know, Carrie is downing a bottle of vodka from the freezer and being visited by her Season 4 terrorist pawn Ayan. Jonas eventually returns, but it’s too late. Carrie is in full-tilt unhinged mode, claiming she’s being targeted by a group of “avenging angels” out for karmic retribution. Jonas realizes it’s time for that emergency drug intervention, which sets off Carrie’s internal mean girl alarm. “You think I’m crazy?” she screams. “I am f—ing crystal clear.” Carrie reluctantly swallows the bitter pill he forces on her, but, man, does she make him pay for it, calling him everything from a boring, watered-down Clark Kent to “a lousy lay.”

CARRIE’D AWAY | Carrie’s Insult Tour of 2015 comes to a crashing halt when Jonas gets word that his son has been taken into custody, only there’s no record of his arrest anywhere. Carrie immediately (and correctly) deduces that the kid’s arrest was staged, and now her would-be killer likely knows the secret location where she’s holed up. What Carrie doesn’t know — but we do — is that it’s Quinn who’s gunning for her. Jonas, understandably freaked out about his son’s safety, insists on returning to Berlin. Carrie, however, thinks that’s the last place she should go, so she escapes into the woods with sharpshooter in hand, forcing Jonas to take off without her.

KILLER CLIMAX | Night falls and Quinn shows up with rifle in hand, but Carrie — who doesn’t know it’s Quinn she’s aiming at — gets in the first shot. Quinn falls to the ground. But before you can say “bulletproof vest!” he puts Carrie in a chokehold, injects her with some sleepy sauce and… she’s out cold. Quinn takes a deep breath, looks at Carrie and mutters, “Motherf—er.”

MISC. | Saul is shtupping Miranda Otto.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think sent Quinn to kill Carrie? And you don’t honestly believe he was going to Carrie out (ha!) that particular mission, right? And, lastly, is this the Claire Danes episode people will be talking about come Emmy time? Hit the comments!

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  1. Uly says:

    Okay I died at the end there. I need more Carrie and Quinn!

    • Team Quinn says:

      Me too! HopOmg the season starts to focus more on the core relationship between Carrie, Quinn and Saul. They are the show.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    This was really an intense hour of TV I will never forget and the episode is one of the best this season. The million dollar question is…who wants Carrie Mathison dead?

  3. No Name says:

    My coworker’s sister makes..just kidding. I thought this was a terrific episode. (Though it would have been better if they’d brought back Brody as well for a cameo during the halucination.) The last scene was riveting. For a minute there, I actually thought Quinn was dead. Awsome great episode..have no idea who wants to kill Carrie, Maybe its Dana. I hope Rupert Friend is nominated for an emmy too, man he’s good.

  4. Chris says:

    Yeah the show needs to go back to the trio relationships with Carrie/Quinn and Carrie/Saul. The Carrie and German boyfriend thing isn’t working out for me, it’s quite boring to watch because they don’t have any riveting chemistry together like Carrie, Quinn, Saul do together.

  5. CK2 says:

    So my money is on Dar Adal wanting Carrie dead.

    • Annie says:

      Did you notice when they first walked into the timeline room right after Carrie said she needed to find out who was trying to kill her, the camera cut to German boyfriend and RIGHT over his shoulder, plain as day, a picture of Dar Adal? I don’t think that’s deliberately planted – Homeland isn’t that kind of show – but I laughed. Noted, show. NOTED.

      • Annie says:

        Correction: Right after Carrie says she needs to figure out who has the means and opportunity to kill her. Boom. Just watched again – I couldn’t make out any of the other photos shown but that is definitely Dar Adal, center of the background.

  6. niloofar says:

    Claire Danes is Amazing.

  7. Giovanni says:

    Of course Peter Quinn was not going to kill Carrie, at least not before finding out why she is on the kill list. Carrie could have killed Quinn without knowing it, which must really piss Quinn off now knowing he could have died from an unlucky head shot. But the bggest surprise of all was seeing Saul and Allison in bed, no one saw that coming. At least now we know that Mira is out.

    The big picture is Carrie is now considered an enemy of the state. Everyone in Berlin station is now looking for Carrie since Saul and Allison think she leaked the CIA documents and they all know she was talking to Hezbollah. Under the CIA’s War on Terror rules of engagement either one or both of them could have easily put Carrie’s name in the kill box.

    To think that one or both of them don’t know about the kill order on Carrie is a stretch, it’s just not clear yet who issued the order. Seeing how Saul has gone to the dark side with Dar Adal it would not be that surprising if he did. Anything is possble in a world where Peter Quinn can kidnap a child and kill terrorist supporters in a foreign country.

    • Linn says:

      Well, you are wrong about the big picture. Saul: “You think Carrie is involved?”. Allison: “I really can’t see it..”, does not mean they officially, i.e. Saul, wants her dead. Of course, they want to talk to her, even more after her dealing with Hezbollah.
      Yes, it’s not clear who issued the kill order, although it is hinted it is Allison after her “If I were Carrie what would you do?” thing she has a thorn for Carrie, now, possibly jealousy after the bed scene.
      Quinn wouldn’t hesitate a second to kidnap a child to save Carrie, PTSD or not.
      Saul would never go that far and issue a kill for Carrie just like that. He would need 200% proof.

  8. I am honestly surprised at how many comments I’ve read this morning with people saying how much they loved this episode. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same.

    I guess I’m a little bored with the whole off-her-meds, unhinged Carrie routine. I mean, I can appreciate the different angle they took with intentionally putting herself in a manic state but, at this point, we’ve already seen completely whacked-out Carrie like three times in the series. That, along with throwing in the pictures on the wall (another Carrie collage!!) and the hallucinations (just had that last season), for me, it’s just, “Are we really do this *again*?”

    I’m also a little disappointed the stolen documents storyline keeps finding itself on the back burner. I thought cyber crime with the CIA involved would be a fresh approach for the show but it doesn’t seem like this part of the show can get out of second gear. Also not a big fan of the reporter from the foundation. Still plenty of episodes left for this to improve though.

    I do love (LOVE!) sinister Saul, though. There’s so many things I’m curious about now, namely, what in the hell happened to him these past couple years?! Left his wife? Maybe. Cheating on his wife? Who knows. Screwing people over? Yep. Best buds with Dar Adal? Oh yeah! As soon as a I saw Allison talking to “someone” when she was in the bathroom, I knew Saul was going to be in that bed. I think his arc this season sets up to be the most intriguing.

  9. cj berk says:

    Watched it twice-will watch again. Such excellent TV. Saul is gunning (no pun) for Carrie-betrayal around every corner. Quinn loves her still. Where is Saul’s wife? We shall see—hope they keep up this level of excellence.

  10. star says:

    Give claire Danes performer of the week. *Mic drop*

  11. Cathy says:

    Quinn and Carrie are riveting. I was so upset when Brody was killed off but I understood it. Kill Quinn? I’m done.

  12. Another great episode so far this season and, now that Quinn and Carrie are face to face after two weeks of build, I’m anxious to see what’s next!

  13. Miranda says:

    Oh hell no indeed. The last thing Homeland or Claire Danes need is any more Emmys.

  14. mollytanner says:

    I disliked Laura less this episode. I know she’s not necessarily supposed to be a sympathetic figure, but I think the actress is playing her a little too severe. I mean, we’ve seen even less of hacker dude #2, and I’m already more interested in him.

  15. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Having taken care of a friend who had bi polar illness, I promise you that her performance, the dialogue, the meanness is spot on. They are also correct in that it is often very treatable. Her words rang so true. My friend told me after he got stable, “Im human now, it sucks.” I shall never forget those words.

  16. BLACKMEISTER says:

    Even off her meds, kind of an amatuer mistake to think her assassin would show up to the party without wearing protection. Great performance by Ms.Danes.
    Quinn was sent by Homelands version of CSM from the Xfiles, and no, Quinn would not kill Carey Matheson. Together they will uncover the truth .

  17. kpflat says:

    This show is written and acted so brilliantly it’s incredible! I watched Quantico right after I watched Homeland and it was like watching a middle school TV production compared to Homeland. I still think Saul and Carrie are working together somehow. I just don’t think they could kill that relationship. Quinn is going to take a picture of Carrie covered in the blood he cuts form his hand next week to prove he killed her like he did with that woman in the parking lot. He can’t kill her. It’s not in him.

  18. Sabrina says:

    Great episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Carrie & Quinn.

  19. C. Oyster says:

    I think Carrie Mathison is probably the least likable character on TV. I hung in for 4 seasons hoping she’d be less floridly off the rails.I cannot believe that any agency would keep her on — she’s far too unpredictable — not to mention just a bitch. I’m hoping the assassin scores a hit.

  20. Gil H. says:

    The episode was fantastic, however, there was one overlooked flaw at the end. The vest Quinn was wearing would not stop the bullet fired from that rifle. Not at that range. In real life, he’d be fatally wounded. But other than that, great episode.

  21. myboys says:

    Loved the episode, but hate the Miranda and Saul storyline. Why can’t he just be her boss? Just a minor triffle, but Carrie’s high-powered rifle should have cut through Quinn’s bulletproof vest.