Truth Be Told Premiere: Let's Get Honest About NBC's Race-y Comedy

Truth Be Told

“You’re making a problem where one doesn’t exist,” Tracy (Vanessa Lachey) tells her husband during the pilot for NBC’s Truth Be Told, which premiered Friday.

But the Truth is, these words apply to every character on the show: Tracy’s husband Mitch (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), his best friend Russell (Tone Bell) and Russell’s wife Angie (Bresha Webb).

I’ll let their actions in this first episode speak for themselves:

* Mitch makes a scene outside a Chinese restaurant, accusing the valet of being racist for assuming that Mitch owns a Porsche because he’s white, when it actually belongs to his black friend Russell.

* It should probably also be noted that Mitch and Russell pass time in the restaurant by debating whether or not the hostess fakes her Chinese accent.

* Mitch and Tracy have an entire discussion about whether it’s offensive to refer to the couple next door as “they” because they’re Jewish. (…I know.)

* Mitch doesn’t want to hire a hot, “ethnically ambiguous” babysitter because then it’ll look like he has a “thing” for hot, “ethnically ambiguous women,” as his wife is also hot and “ethnically ambiguous.” (His words, not mine.)

* Lastly, Mitch and Russell argue about whether Mitch should be allowed to rap the N-word during “Empire State of Mind.” He’s actually weirdly aggressive about wanting to do it; he even suggests humming it.

Basically, these people* go out of their way to turn every cultural infraction into a federal case, which seems like an exhausting way to go through life. (But who am I to judge?) I feel like, if Truth Be Told was on USA, it would be called Molehills — and probably set in Miami.

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* By “these people,” I meant “all of the characters.”

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