Vampire Diaries' Michael Malarkey Defends Enzo's 'Friendly' Betrayal

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

For the record, Michael Malarkey knows that Enzo did a bad, bad thing on The Vampire Diaries‘ season premiere — but before you get all judgy, consider this: Hasn’t everyone else already done much worse?

“If you think about this show for the past seven seasons, characters have always had dips and dives,” Malarkey reminds TVLine, adding with a laugh, “This was really just a friendly kidnapping.”

Malarkey acknowledges that while Enzo “has chosen his side,” he’s still loyal to Damon and Caroline “to a certain extent,” which will cause plenty of conflict in Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). “We find out pretty soon how Enzo really feels about everything,” he teases.

From an acting standpoint, Malarkey explains, “I was excited about the prospect of Enzo going a little dark again. I never judge my character; I just want to have good scenes and work with good actors, so it’s all good.”

And am I the only person curious which Salvatore Mansion boudoir Enzo will claim as his own, now that Lily’s rag-tag gang of “very powerful strangers” (Malarkey’s words, not mine) are moving in? Apparently, “that will become clear in this next episode.”

Oh, and you can forget about Enzo crashing the upcoming Heaven and Hell Ball, which finds Stefan dancing with an angel-winged Caroline. “Enzo doesn’t normally attend parties, births, marriages or funerals,” Malarkey admits. “He prefers to lurk in the outskirts and observe what’s going on with distaste.”

(Hey, don’t we all?)

TVD-ers, have you given up on Enzo? What are your hopes for Damon’s former bestie? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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