Vampire Diaries Caroline Engaged

Vampire Diaries Recap: Toy Story

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries offered a warning to all Salvatore admirers out there: If you want to become Damon or Stefan’s main squeeze, prepare to also become collateral damage.

As punishment for ripping out Malcolm’s heart — what, did you think Damon was going to get away with that? — Mama Salvatore commanded her army of freaks “children” to retrieve Elena’s body from its crypt and dump it in the river. (You know, because Elena hasn’t had enough close calls with water in her young life.)

Damon agreed to leave town to keep Elena’s bod safe, but what Lily doesn’t know is that her smolder-y son is also planning to track down her elusive sixth Heretic to exact a little revenge of his own.

Sadly, Damon isn’t the only brother getting his toys confiscated; Caroline remains the Heretics’ prisoner, and as an extra “screw you” to Stefan, her skin has been cursed with vervain-like properties. (And you know what that means: No more hand-holding, no more kissing and definitely no more boning by the fireside.)

To make matters even more complicated, Stefan’s old journal revealed that he was once in love with Valerie! So for those of you keeping score at home, Lily’s “family” now has three incestuous connections: Nora and Mary-Louise, Stefan and Valerie and — as of this episode’s final moments — potentially Lily and Enzo.

Elsewhere this week…

CAROLINE IN THE CITY | Caroline’s future is looking brighter than her present… but not by much. A three-year flashforward at the top of the hour revealed that Ms. Forbes is destined to become a TV news producer, one with a big, fat diamond ring on her finger! And while fans initially hoped that her Mr. Right would turn out to be Stefan, a subsequent scene at the end of the hour revealed that to not be the case. In fact, Caroline said she never wants to hear the name “Stefan Salvatore” again. Any guesses as to what he could do between now and then to make her change her mind?!

WEIRD SCIENCE | Step aside, Moon Stone — there’s a new magical doodad in town! Enter the Phoenix Stone, a little beauty with “resuscitative powers” that Alaric swiped from a museum in New York. After telling Bonnie that he had it destroyed (lies!), we saw the world’s hottest teacher test it out on a body in the morgue… and what do you know, it worked. (Next stop: Jo!)

THE BLAME GAME | And Enzo isn’t the only person being forced to choose a side. After a spell-gone-wrong nearly cost Matt his life — seriously, you’d think he’d be used to it by now — the man in uniform took a pretty firm stance against Bonnie’s new BFF. “This is all happening because of Damon,” he snarled, making me wonder how long it’ll be before Matt picks up a crossbow and gets to work.

TVD-ers, your thoughts on this week’s many twists and turns (including Caroline being engaged to someone else)? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Zia says:

    Well… Caroline & Stefan ARE happening & him calling her just proves that they wont be over by then.. So the whole engaged to someone else thing is a stall/angst tactic.. They dint build them up so much to have her marry someone else.. So my Steroline love is intact.
    but I do want to know who she’ll be engaged to & Im guessing the same hunter chick attacks her at the end.
    Alaric’s storyline is boring as hell and Bonnie & Damon together are awesome so I hope his new “quest” doesnt take him too far from her..

  2. Andreia says:

    If Caroline are engaged to Klaus I would see Vampire Diares for sure :P

    Now I just watch The Originals. Great show btw.

  3. tyranthraxus says:

    Making an enemy of Damon , generally isnt a good idea. He pushes, you push back, then he goes off his nut (well he used to). (And who here isnt honestly surprised Damon didnt move Elena to a place only he knows). Some lax storyboarding there.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Damon putting Elena in an obvious place = plot device

    • Guest says:

      Once Elena was placed in the Salvatore crypt, Bonnie sealed the Salvatore crypt with a spell so no vampire could enter due to Elena’s body has the cure. That was why Damon, Stefan and Caroline could no longer enter Elena’s mind through dreams and communicate with her. I’m confused on why it was so easy for Lily and her Heretics to enter the tomb. Part of the TVD mythology has always been a witch cannot break the spell of another witch without a huge consequence (like Bonnie’s grandmother’s death). Then again, one of the main mythology themes has been a witch cannot be a vampire….and that goes back 2,000 years to Silas, as well as what has taken place with The Originals. Now suddenly here comes the Heretics, who are vampire witches with no explanation on how it happened. The lack of attention to what has already been written within their own mythology on their own show by Julie Plec and her writing team is exasperating. Maybe at some point an episode will explain The Heretics (vampire/witches)… until then I will keep watching the show since I’ve been with it since day one, but the “eye rolls” are becoming much more frequent. Also, the moonstone story line is over, but now there is the “Phoenix” stone. I wonder if Zombies are in the TVD future.

  4. Jess says:

    Thank God Julie used her head, No steroline in the future and no steroline touching in the present..It makes the show more tolerable.

  5. Emma says:

    I believe its not Klaus cause she’s in Texas and Klaus resides in NO. But she did say I’m going to have to call him, not I’m going to have a talk with him when I get home kind of thing. So maybe a small possibility of a long distance relationship. Plus with the way the assistant said that he’s being sneaky I thought that was a dead giveaway of 2 possibilities. Since she doesn’t want to see Stefan cause he probably chose Valerie (the heretic; because he’s still around MF how could that be if no one else can be there) cause he has no choice and wants to make sure Damon and Elena are okay. By the look on Caroline’s face and the way she said she wants nothing to do with him, it looked serious. I think of 2 people that are a maybe. Klaus but I doubt it. Although I really wish that he will be the supposed Fiancé. Two, Enzo because it has to be someone sneaky and someone who would know Caroline well enough to talk to the assistant instead of her while she’s working to find out information. Plus this is what made me freak. (HE KNOWS WE CANT GO BACK THERE) which means that it has to be someone who is currently present. That’s why we are seeing this episode with lots of Enzo and Caroline and jealousy. The producers are setting something up. Valerie obsessed with Stefan and her talking to Enzo about his feelings for Caroline. Setting it up so that Enzo takes the bait so she can have Stefan. The whole ‘So don’t care about her thing’ was a ploy to make him care even more. Common who else didn’t see that. Enzo saying what he said to Mama Salvatore is a way to find a weakness. Using a I chose you deep seduction thing, taking a page from Damon’s handbook. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Caroline getting staked I think she’s going to be bait again so the hunter can have everyone in one place. I really hope she’s not dead.

  6. Kevin says:

    Why Jo? It should be Jenna

  7. Angie says:

    My steroline feeling were on a rollercoaster!! I want Steroline to be happy for once!!!

  8. Guest says:

    Only 2 possibilities on Caroline’s fiancé: 1) Enzo- there seem to be more scenes with those 2 this season so far, he knows not to disturb Caroline at work because he knows her control freaky side, he flat out told Valerie that he didn’t like hearing someone he cares about being tortured, plus he would know as well as anyone if the heretics are still ruling mystic falls that they wouldn’t be welcomed there. 2) Matt- Mr. blue eyes have all characteristics listed above as well plus maybe more so since him and Caroline grew up together and were in love once, he also risked his life for Caroline which normal people wouldn’t do lightly unless for a best friend, family or lover. Either way it has to be one of those 2 guys since the fiancé seems to be a part of the deal that was made with the heretics.

  9. exs113030 says:

    I am SHOCKED that no one has said they think Caroline’s fiancé is Tyler! The show runners have flat out said that we would hear about Tyler and that we might See him sooner than you think. My money is that it’s him but I think it would be brilliant if they revisited Matt and Caroline. The cool thing about Caroline is that I can actually see her and be happy with her being with anyone! Matt, Tyler, Enzo, Stefan… They are all great. That girl has chemistry with a plastic bag.

    Also, I loved the throwback to season 1 with her working in broadcast journalist. All in all, I think this season is shaping up great!

  10. Jlz says:

    Here’s a thought…..what if Stefan is her fiancé and he is using an alias. So if someone calls using Stefan’s name, Caroline’s reaction would be spot on. Just a thought….

  11. joel f says:

    2 eps in & I already excited for what the rest of the season will bring! TVD is back in form. Add to that it airs back to back w TO!!! What I did for the tv gods to deserve this I don’t know!!!😁

  12. Spitey Spice says:

    I’ve watched this show from the start and I’m really side-eyeing the mythology revisions. If Matt owned the Salvatore mansion, why not take him along to break Caroline out? Then he can just INVITE EVERYONE IN since it’s his house. Why go through having to kill him? Fabricated tension = no tension at all. :( And if I’m missing a piece of mythology that changed, then pffft. Stop changing the circumstances to fit your plot please. I write for a living – when I write myself into a corner, I don’t pretend the corner doesn’t exist. My readers are smart enough to know better!

  13. Zainab Ali says:

    “Big fat diamond ring” that reads Klaus Mikealson all over it and Stefan was never Mr. Right for Caroline

  14. Erica says:

    I am dying to find out who she is engaged to. They gave us a couple of hints; it isn’t Stefan, but it is someone from Mystic Falls, because Caroline’s assistant mentions that her fiance’ said something about going there, to which Caroline replied; “He knows we can’t go back there”, or something along those lines. I would almost say that it is either Enzo (Yes, I know that he hinted that he is in love with Lily, but he also mentioned that it bothered him when Caroline was being tortured by the heuristics, because he cares about her), or they are going to have a cross-over and Klaus will make an appearance. After all, things aren’t going too well for him in New Orleans at the moment. Davina cast a spell to (sort of) break the curse on Hayley and Jackson, and they were able to get Hope back and start a life with her in the apartment across from the Mikaelson homestead. Klaus was none too thrilled to hand over his daughter, watching Hayley and Jackson ruefully from his window. I know that there is an angsty relationship between him and Cami, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere really. Most of the time, Cami wants little to do with Klaus, so maybe he will make his return to The Vampire Diaries. After all, before he left Mystic Falls, he did tell Caroline that he wanted to be the last man she ever loved. Surely, with everything going on, all the vampire lines being threatened by the turmoil brewing between the Mikaelson siblings and a vampire hunter running around killing vampires everywhere, both shows will have to tie in together somewhere soon. I would almost put my money on Klaus. Yes, I know he doesn’t know what is going on in Mystic Falls right now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find out soon. I guess we will just have to watch and see.

  15. Lizzie hawke says:

    I reckon the engagement thing is part of damon and Stefan’s plan so that Lily’s crew don’t try and attack her. Stefan will want to keep her safe, so lily and her “family” thinking she hates him will make them not really care to torture her again because she’s no longer one of his “toys”