NCIS New Orleans Ratings

Ratings: NCIS: New Orleans Hits Lows Opposite Baseball and Dems Debate

On a Tuesday when almost every broadcast program was on the decline (opposite both Dodgers/Mets baseball and a well-watched Democratic debate), NCIS: New Orleans drew 12.5 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating (per finals), down 13 percent and two tenths to series lows.

Opening CBS’ night, NCIS proper (16 mil/2.1) slipped 7 percent and a tenth. At 10 pm, Limitless (8 mil/1.4) was down 16 percent and two tenths.

Tuesday’s other ratings:

NBC | Best Time Ever christened its earlier time slot with 4.5 mil and a 1.2, down just a tenth from its previous, 10 o’clock airing. The Voice (10.1 mil/2.6) dropped sharply from its Monday telecast. Chicago Fire returned to 7.4 mil/1.8, down from its previous premiere (9.2 mil/2.6) but up 20 and 11 percent vs. its May finale.

ABC | The Muppets (4.3 mil/1.3) and Fresh Off the Boat (4 mil/1.4) each dropped more than 20 percent in the demo, while Agents of SHIELD (3.7 mil/1.4) slipped 12 percent.

FOX | Grandfathered (3.2 mil/1.0) slipped 19 percent and two tenths, The Grinder (2.5 mil/0.9) was down 22 percent and one tenth and Scream Queens (2.4 mil/1.0) fell 16 percent.

THE CW | The Flash (3.5 mil/1.4) matched its premiere, while iZombie (1.2 mil/0.5) slipped two tenths, tying its demo low.

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  1. DD says:

    I can’t remember her character name but they should add the female agent from the cost guard

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Good news: Fresh Off the Boat already getting a full season order. Bad news: Fox’s Tuesday night line-up.

    • rowan77 says:

      I enjoyed the Grinder this week. Last week wasn’t great, but this week made up for it. Hopefully they will continue to improve. I was worried it would just be a vehicle for Rob Lowe and everyone else will be relegated to the background, but Fred Savage really stands out and the kids on that show are great. I wish they would give the wife more to do.

      As much as I love Paget Brewster, I can’t stand Grandfathered. I tried, but no. I do hope iZombie rallies. I love that show so much!

  3. Liz says:

    Wow….that’s all really depressing. I love the Grinder and was hoping it would remain steady at least. I was also hoping for a better showing for limitless.

  4. Mitchell Stein says:

    About time for an article about the new season’s viewing numbers representing a new level of decline…

  5. Erika says:

    These ratings are awful,but its goona be ugly in spring.DVR and streaming is killing TV ratings.Anyway, Will CW cancels IZombie?Will ABC cancels The Muppets and FOTB?Will FOX cancels all three Tuesday shows?Are all broadcasts shows will get canceled more than cable and streaming shows?I predict all wednesday shows ratings will drop sharply in Tomorrow.

  6. Gabbys Mom says:

    Not surprising CBS shows slipped a little. Against baseball & debates, but Limitless won’t make the cut IMO. Main character is just too goofy/silly in many scenes. I don’t see it lasting.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m breaking up with Limitless. It’s just poorly done IMO.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      I would agree with you but it’s CBS. It should have already reach Minority Report level of viewership, but again it’s CBS. They don’t care about demo numbers, and some people will tune-in on CBS and leave the TV playing.

    • Boiler says:

      I think Limitless should go also. Too far fetched for me.

    • Gerald says:

      Are you kidding me. 8.1 Limitless is doing great. I hope it gets a full season. I find the lead character refreshing and charming. I love this show.

  7. Nan says:

    Hmmm…well NCIS isn’t the show it used to be for some reason for me at least it isn’t working as well and I am not sure wide…maybe just showing their age. But I agree with one commenter here bring in Diane Neal as a regular…something…

  8. Coal says:

    One, its either people are just jaded with certain shows or viewing habits have totally changed. I for one only watched the last two episodes of the previous season of The Walking Dead yesterday, before watching the season 6 premiere. Also binge watching is so much better than watching something according to a schedule.

    • John NYC says:

      I hear you on the scheduling. I’ve time shifted just about everything since VCR’s had digital displays. Early on it was a work necessity, I never got home until after prime time, and then it became just that more convenient.

      Sports being the exception where outcomes are more entertaining when in real time.

  9. Gisela Bauhof says:

    Watched 15 minutes of NCIS! Boring, boring, boring! Time for Harmon to retire and may he take the Bishop actress with him! She can’t act!

    • mary says:

      Why should he retire? Just because the show is in it’s 13th season & showing it’s age, isn’t his fault. There are actors who are far older who still work.

    • Rob Tyler says:

      Actually, I like the character of Bishop and I like Mark Harmon. Regarding retiring–where do you get off telling someone to retire? Who are you? Some anonymous internet creature making offensive remarks? Yeah, I don’t think so, your comments leave a lot to be desired. SMDH

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    Who’s excited to see if the Chicago Cubs makes it to the World Series?

  11. Ryan says:

    I enjoy both Scream Queens and Limitless. I like that they are goofy and don’t take themselves seriously. I doubt either of them will get a second season but I am content with watching them for now.

  12. Boiler says:

    Hmmm, any thoughts about baseball and three big market teams playing on TBS plus debates. Guess I see to much angst week to week:). At east CW only half bombed last night

    • John NYC says:

      Yes, along with Monday Night Football there’s now Thursday football and Sunday and they have big draws. Thursday in particular is a new one that has to pull competitors numbers down.

  13. John NYC says:

    “opposite Dodgers/Mets baseball and the Democratic presidential debate”

    Sports and politics: a powerful combination.

    I watched the baseball, dvr’d the shows.

  14. KatsMom says:

    Do these numbers take into consideration the fact that Cubs revelry spilled over on most of its networks? The Muppets and Fresh Off the Boat didn’t air on ABC Chicago (as far as I know). They aired Cubs interviews from 7-8 then went straight into AoS. NBC similarly pre-empted Neil with post-victory coverage and, I believe they went straight into The Voice. WGN/CW delayed the start of The Flash until 8, so I’m guessing iZombie also started an hour late at 9. FOX was one of the few channels that didn’t pre-empt. And, I don’t know what was going on with CBS because I don’t watch anything there. Anyway, the point is, I was turning off channels/deleting recordings all over the place because a lot of the shows I was looking for weren’t on. Annoying, but yay Cubs! :)

  15. JB says:

    What also needs to be taken into account is that when the Cubs won here in Chicago the post coverage took over the 7-8 CT slot. Neither Muppets nor iZombie aired in Chicago. Flash was shifted from 7 to 8 in the iZombie slot. No word on when they’re retrying to air that episode.

    NCIS also got dropped from airing here as well. Only reason I know that is my teen watches the show and was irritated it wasn’t on. All shows will suffer here next week once the Cubs continue into the playoffs. So networks need to take this factor into consideration.

  16. WallEx says:

    Live TV ratings are so 2002. The whole industry has been pushing streaming, dvr, website viewing, binge watching, time shifted viewing, cord cutting for years. Who wants to sit thru commercials in 2015. Not saying ncis has not fell off the cliff since Ziva left, but NO is just boring. But ALL live TV ratings r down other than NFL.

  17. Mike B. says:

    ouch ouch ouch all around. New Girl could be the winner of this season so far, without even airing a single episode

  18. Lynn says:

    The three largest markets in the country, Chicago, New York and LA are in the playoffs. No one should be going by last nights numbers. Also, the Flash aired an hour late and IZombie didn’t air at all in Chicago. It won’t air here until Sunday night so how can the numbers possibly correct when it hasn’t even aired in the third largest market yet. Also people tuning into the Flash might have not realized it was going to be on and maybe gave up. WGN which airs the CW shows here and ABC, CBS and NBC we we all covering the Cubs win that first hour of prime time so none of these numbers can be accurate.

  19. sq says:

    Scream Queens is doing so poorly i wonder if i gonna to get picked up or dvr going to be a factor in it to get a season 2

  20. Sarah j says:

    The Flash was pre empted on the CW due to them showing coverage after the Cubs game. Yes they won the NLDS but it did not need to pre empt shows. I had to record it later so I am sure that others did not watch it as they had the same issue.

  21. Jared says:

    I tend to watch only The CW live and everything else either On Demand or DVR. Live ratings have been pretty awful even for new shows that are considered “hits”. Curious to see what the networks keep or cancel come the Spring.

  22. Christine R. says:

    NCIS is no longer enjoyable! If Ziva doesn’t come back, the producers should at least get Borin to replace this squeaky Bishop joke! She was strong and funny!
    And for heavens sake stop the parade of ex girl friends for Tony! NCIS isn’t a soap!
    I really like Scottie but the Jeanne character should have been killed 10 years ago!
    My family wants Tony to end up with Ziva like it happened Clooney style in the ER series!

    • Maryann says:

      Bishop has her fans. I like her at least as much as Ziva, maybe more.

    • Dean says:

      yet you still sit through it just to complain if you’re so pissy and dissatisfied then have the balls to move on.

    • Rob Tyler says:

      If it’s no longer “enjoyable” why do you watch it then piss and moan about it? I don’t like something I don’t watch. Besides, Cote chose to leave, why aren’t you stamping your feet and demanding to her that SHE MUST RETURN!!! Because, she would probably tell you to bug off. So, please leave NCIS to those who do find enjoyable. My five year old is more mature than you.

    • Wow. You say NCIS isn’t a soap, yet you want Ziva, who left over two years ago to miraculously return and for Tony to suddenly drop everything that and go off into the sunset with her. That’s the epitome of soapishness…

    • Erin says:

      Well my family doesn’t want to see Ziva return or Tony to wind up with her. So I guess our families cancel each other out.

  23. Dawn says:

    Who is Brodies mom’s character? Her real name?