Arrow Recap Thea Crazy

Arrow Recap: Wigging Out

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Thea learned the truth about her anger issues, CEO Felicity discovered the cost of doing business and Damien Darhk’s latest handiwork led to a mayor development. Meanwhile on Lian Yu, things got hairy… and then less so… for Oliver.

First things first: As I was just IMing to Vlada Gelman (who was too fixated on the Ewww! final visual to respond), I thought the CEO Felicity scenes were a bit of a snooze. I “get” the need to see her face the actual responsibility of running Palmer Tech, but why bother if she’ll just skirt the very real payroll issues by employing a bit of fantasy? Other aspects just didn’t quite track, like how Oliver boasted about him and his girlfriend having “money” now — soooo, couldn’t the $20,000 or so they probably paid for the fingerprinted truck have covered, like, one-third of a staffer’s salary? I dunno. Again, I like the idea of seeing Felicity run PT, but this first drama they foisted upon her was flimsy, nor did it give any hint of what will make Curtis Holt so… Terrific. (I would have settled for a Superman III-inspired algorithm where he found a way to amass “missing fractions of cents” to stave off terminations.)

Meanwhile, one of Oliver’s primary focuses this week was keeping safe Jessica Danforth (played by Jeri Ryan), a family friend who had decided (against much advice to the opposite) to pick up Moira’s mantle and run for mayor. That landed the blonde beauty in the cross hairs of Damian Darhk’s private contractor, Lonnie Machin aka Anarky, who first attempted to abduct Jessica, then later nabbed the would-be politico’s daughter. Valuing “order, discipline and precision” as he does, Darhk has distaste for Machin’s methods and thus gives Lance the girl’s location. Lance in turn tasks Oliver with proving things are different this time around, by rescuing the girl — which Team Arrow did.

In doing so, though, fears that Oliver first felt last week and which had been echoed earlier in this episode were given new weight, when Speedy aka Thea nearly roasted Anarky to death, as a finishing move.

Prior to that frightful moment — and after bro pulled sis into an Arrowcave brawl — Oliver opened up to Thea about the Lazarus Pit that was used to bring her back Arrow-Sara-Dead after Malcolm Ra’s mostly killed her, and how he had been warned that the side effects could leave her “not the same.” At episode’s end, Laurel suggested she and Thea decompress with a spa getaway — when in actuality she is taking the two of them to Nanda Parbat, to 1) get info that might help Thea deal with these “issues” and also 2) see what the Pit might do for Sara, who’s, well, not looking so great after a year in the grave.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Diggle confided in Laurel the other source of his recent tension — the discovery that Darhk’s “ghosts” work for H.I.V.E., the organization that killed his brother Andy. Laurel in turn warned him about internalizing the guilt over a sibling’s death.

* In flashbacks, Oliver passed himself off as a castaway after being found by Baron Reiter’s men — though Reiter immediately recognized the “dead” playboy. Reiter put Oliver to work (and apparently ordered a haircut), and during his first shift Oliver crossed paths with a young woman who complained of the work (poppy/opium farming?) conditions.

* Last but by no means least, as they reflected on their respective days at the office, Oliver remarked how Star City desperately needs “hope, inspiration” from somebody who “isn’t afraid” and “can protect themselves.” Ding-ding-ding! Ergo ipso facto, he is going to run for mayor!

What did you think of “The Candidate,” Oliver’s decision and the final visual Vlada thinks we could have done without?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tobias says:

    With Ollie running for mayor, it seems like the writers are following the comics quite a bit.

  2. Liz says:

    I liked Felicity’s scenes with Curtis. I saw it more of an introduction to things than anything else.

    Olicity were amazing. Just subtle supportive couple in the background. It’s what I wanted for them all along. I love seeing supportive boyfriend Oliver. His words helped Felicity for a change. That was really nice! Role reversal!

    Diggle didn’t have much but I think he’ll have a big arc this year so I can deal one episode. Didn’t ring realistic to me that he’d confide in Laurel. I didn’t even know he liked her at all. He used to glare at her all the time lol. But him telling her and not Oliver and Felicity seemed like a big mistake. I think it was intentional.

    LOVE all the Thea stuff and her fight with Oliver was so cool. I’m pleased we’re seeing after effects to the LP.

    Which brings me to why Laurel would even think of putting Sara in the LP knowing what it did to Thea who hasn’t been dead and buried for a year. Ugh. That whole thing was so wrong and selfish. It’s like she didn’t even care about Thea at all. I could have done without seeing Sara’s dead body too. YUCK.

    • Dean says:

      They addressed Laurel as a selfish bitch in Canaries last season yhis is the sort of thing you’d expect from her. Don’t get me wrong I love to see Sara back and literally kicking but Laurel is just making more problems from the team.

      • Liz says:

        I was hoping they’d do it differently but yeah. I saw nothing but selfishness in her choices and actions. Then she lied and kept it a secret which is exactly what she told Diggle not to do. Uh, hypocrite much?

      • Mel says:

        This Laurel hate is really puzzling to me.If this was anyone else, would we even hear about it? Probably not, but since it’s Laurel, she is a selfish bitch. If this was Diggle for his brother or Oliver , as he did for Thea, did we hear you complaining about them and calling them disparaging names? No, I didn’t think so. The misogyny in theses posts, sometimes is really astounding.

    • It’s interesting that they chose to have her advise him on the whole ‘avenge the [sibling] thing, then have her take both Thea and Sara to Nanda Parbat. The point would be…?

      • Liz says:

        No idea. I love Sara though and I want her back. She’s like the Black Canary of my heart and always will be and I’m sooooo happy they’re rectifying the mistake they made killing her off. But the way they’re doing it? So wrong. Doesn’t put Laurel in a good light at all and she needs all the help she can get.

        And that scene with Diggle was shoehorned in and pointless. She’s not the one he should be confiding in.

        • Sara’s not Black Canary though. She never has been. Her personality doesn’t even match all w/ Dinah Lance in the comics, whereas Laurel’s does a lot more, along with, you know, having the whole Dinah Laurel Lance name. I mean, prefer Sara all you want, but she’s not & never will be Black Canary.

          • Ellie says:

            I honestly believe if Oliver, Nyssa, or even Merlyn came up with the idea to use the pit on Sara that there would be this kind of reaction to Laurel using the pit. Oliver uses it – he does it out of love, Laurel is just this disgusting selfish bitch. /s

          • JJ says:

            You can’t say she has never been Black Canary when she already has been. Just because she hasn’t been in the comics is irrelevant to the show.

          • Ellie says:

            You can say she’s never been Black Canary as the producers have explicitly said. “Sara was the Canary, she was never called the Black Canary.”

            They reiterated that plenty of times. Sara was the Canary, no Black, just the Canary. That doesn’t diminish her in any way, its just the truth that was never the Black Canary.

          • Liz says:

            Where did I say Sara was Black Canary? I said she was the BC OF MY HEART. There’s a difference. Don’t put words in my mouth. And yes, I do prefer Sara. A billion times more than Laurel who is proving to be nothing but selfish as usual. I don’t care who she is in the comics. This is the TV SHOW.

    • Ellie says:

      You mean the trust that Laurel and Dig developed while working together over the course of 5+ months means he wouldn’t dare confide in her? She asked and he told her because he trusts her, because he doesn’t trust Oliver right now and knows that Felicity, despite their relationship, is a direct line to Oli as well, I for one am glad that relationships are expanding.

      I do agree using the pit is selfish, one that’s fueled by her love for her sister but selfish nonetheless. But its not “so wrong”, I think it’s realistic that someone would do whatever it takes to bring back a loved one and looking forward to how this will shape out.

      • Liz says:

        Well good for you. I still don’t buy that ‘friendship.’ Feels forced but I’m not surprised.

        They could have handled the Sara plot differently. I’m not denying it’s fuelled by love for her sister but ultimately she’s not thinking of anything but ‘I want my sister back’ and ‘me me me.’ She needs to start thinking of the consequences but Laurel never does. I’m thrilled Sara’s coming back but the way they’ve chosen to do it doesn’t improve Laurel in my eyes.

        • Ellie says:

          Who should Diggle be telling this to then? You don’t buy it, doesn’t mean it isn’t authentic. Laurel and Dig have fought together on multiple occasions, and along with Thea have found a diplomatic way to run the team for almost half a year. I get that they haven’t had many “on-screen” heart to hearts, but he supported her through losing her sister and becoming Black Canary and I understand how he can choose to open up to her, especially considering his strained relationship with his other confidante.

          I agree the Sara plot is contrived, they’re making the easy choices just to quickly have her ready for LoT. A story not involving Sara or her Dad is what Laurel needs, but the writers aren’t going to try that hard with her.

          • Liz says:

            Diggle has a wife to confide in. He also has a long friendship with Felicity too but the show seems to have forgotten that exists, frustratingly. And again, I didn’t see much of these on screen support moments between Digg and Laurel in season 3 either so it does feel forced to me. But I’m entitled to my opinion and I know I’m not alone in that either.

          • kath says:

            I don’t have a problem with Diggle telling Laurel The Secret. What I don’t like is that he didn’t tell Oliver when Oliver told him that Damian Darhk was connected to HIVE.
            That meant that Diggle was keeping secret some valuable information the team could use to defeat the enemy,– Diggle, who is angry at Oliver because Oliver did keep secret that he was faking the brainwashing to infiltrate the LoA.
            Hypocrisy much?

      • freemebree says:

        Why would laurel think it’s a good idea to bring back Sara after she sees what it’s doing to thea laurel thought only of herself in that situation

        • Brigid says:

          So did Ollie when he knew the consequences and still did it. If I could bring my mother back to life, I would. So what if it’s selfish, love can be that way.

        • John NYC says:

          Not entirely, as she said the League has centuries of experience with the effects of the Pit so she expects they have knowledge of how to mitigate them. Ra’s was shown rather casually using the waters for just daily cuts and bruises touch ups and HE, while a violent man, wasn’t shown as a mindless out of control monster while that’s the path Thea seems to be on. So there’s a solution. And logically enough the guy in charge of all that knowledge at the moment is Thea’s father.

          • amb1973 says:

            Yeah, and Malcolm knew the Pit would adversely affect Thea and didn’t want to use it on her. So logically, if he knew of something to reduce or remove those adverse effects, he would have ALREADY USED IT ON THEA.

            Laurel took Thea with her because she knows very well that Malcolm would laugh at her while skewering her if she showed up alone dragging Sara’s rotting corpse. Thea is nothing but a means to an end for Laurel.

          • John NYC says:

            Malcolm wasn’t Ra’s then: I expect Ra’s doesn’t blurt out all his secrets, especially to people who betray him?

          • Dj says:

            John NYC. Malcolm wasnt Ra’s back then but it says a lot that he knew about the LP and didn’t want Thea put in it. plus if Nyssa thought for one second that Sara would come back normal she would have used it on her. She has scene what the LP did to her father for viewers it might not seem like anything happened to him. But she might see differently.

          • amb1973 says:

            He’s Ra’s NOW, derr. He knew something bad would happen to Thea, if he’d learned that there was a way to make her better, he would have, you know, CALLED HER OR OLIVER and mentioned it.

          • John NYC says:

            Because he’s all father of the year right?

            Not like he’s the sort who’d drug his daughter into murdering a friend setting her up in the crosshairs of an entire League of Assassins or anything. Just the sweetest dad.

  3. Alex says:

    Solid epsiode

  4. Jess says:

    I still cannot get over how “light” this new Oliver is- he calls himself the new and improved 1.0 Oliver now? A brown bag lunch and a throwback fern for Felicity? What a way to contrast his humanity today and his disregard for human life in flashback.

  5. @tvneuroepi says:

    The annual meeting in which Mr. Terrific has to present his “genius” idea is in 6 months which is around the time someone close to Oliver dies. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Brad says:

    Pretty good episode love the mayor route like the comics and the flashback parts are from green arrow year one

  7. Fosho says:

    Loved everything about this episode except the end. The action and pacing were great. Amazing fight scenes particularly with Speedy. I loved funny and lighthearted Oliver. Kick butt CEO Felicity. Olicity banter. Diggle and Thea’s storylines are developing nicely. I can’t wait for original team arrow next week. HATED seeing a much loved character’s decomposing corpse dug up by a hypocritical, lying and useless character. Sara has died like 57 times on this show and as much as she is loved the Sara that comes back won’t be the same Sara that died. The fans shouldn’t have to suffer her shot with arrows, falling off a roof into a dumpster and now seeing her rotting corpse to service a character that serves no purpose on the show anymore. I know who I want in the grave.

    • Ellie says:

      Agreed. Bye Felicity. Kidding. I for one am glad fans don’t get to write the show, sad a vocal minority have some influence. Looking forward to ALL the characters developing and growing over the course of the season.

    • Anna says:

      I had huge issue with showing Sara’s corpse. For those of us who loved Sara, it was just disgusting that she is once again used that way. And yeah, I know who I want in the grave too.

      • Liz says:

        THIS. Omg, as if it wasn’t bad enough she hit the dumpster on her fall to her death, they had to show us her dead body. Gratuitous and gross.

  8. I still don’t think they’ll be quite that obvious. I mean, why? Why give us the answer in the pilot? My theory is still Lance, the babymomma, or Diggle.

  9. James D says:

    I don’t know what it is? maybe I’m just a curmudgeon jerkface but the first two episodes have done very little to capture me, except for the who’s in the grave and Neal’s Darkh. something about it feels very rehashed and been there done that. I don’t find myself caring about Thea’s crazy arc, and I found the Felicity scenes to be thoroughly boring. I do like that Ollie is running for office as it follows the comics so I’m still watching but I’m not getting that wow factor like I used to get. It makes me sad because a) I love this show b) I hate being a Debbie downer. I will say that I’m Looking forward to seeing Matt Ryan’s Constantine again and it was cool seeing Mister Terrific.

    • Liz says:

      I think it’ll pick up. This felt like such a set-up episode for every character.

      • James D says:

        That’s what I’m hoping Liz. Like I said in my OP there were some entertaining parts so I eagerly await the next episode. You’re right it did seem like a set up episode which is okay.

  10. Best ep of Arrow 4 ages loved everything including the Olicity stuff which i usually loathe

  11. GirlvsTV says:

    Is LP crazy contagious? Cause why else would LL dig up her sister’s corpse? How are they going to get a dried up dead body to NP? Ugh, now I’m imagining all kinds of Weekend at Bernie’s style hijinks. I just do not understand the choices they make for LL’s character. They spend all that time building her up into a ‘hero’ and now have her do this? So many other ways they’ve could’ve gotten to Sara’s resurrection and they picked this option?

    The fight scenes were great this time. Loved Oliver chasing Anarky, I’ve missed sequences like that. And it was nice to have some action not set in the dark.

    • John NYC says:

      Laurel expects, I suspect correctly, that The League has the knowledge, from centuries of experience, on how to mitigate the Pit’s effects. Having your leader go foaming at the mouth psycho-killer crazy after a Pit treatment would sort of have negative institutional ramifications. Ra’s was anything if not totally in control for instance and he was shown rather casually using the Pit water on things as minor a small hand wounds.

      And Laurel has to save her sister: she’s got a television show to get to!

  12. I’m with Vlada. Had to avert my eyes when scrolling down. I’m only 25 but already made it known to my family that I need a closed casket. Dead bodies, especially long-dead CGI-enhanced ones, freak me out. I got the gist before Laurel opened the casket.

  13. Drew says:

    I didn’t get a chance to comment last week, so forgive me if my comments wander back to the premiere at times…
    The Palmer Industries stuff was lame. No lamer than Ray’s “who needs money? Give it all away!” approach, but still lame. The writers are so juvenile in how they handle it. The program found the least productive employees, right? So why not fire them if the company needs to cut back? In the real world, people get fired for far worse reasons than not being productive. And Felicity could/should learn that being a CEO isn’t always a fun job. And since her solution was to lie and pretend that everything was cool, I hope this comes back to bite her. Ray or Oliver (or Thea) will eventually need to take over the job.
    The flashbacks are better this season. I didn’t hate them last year, but the whole point was that the island was his Hell, so I’m glad they’re back there.
    Why would Laurel think that it is a good idea to bring long dead Sara back after seeing what happened to kinda-dead Thea?
    That wasn’t it for Jeri Ryan, was it? I like having some normal people on the show. Plus, having Seven of Nine step in for the Borg Queen was neat.
    Glad Laurel’s wig is gone.
    Speedy should stop barking at people. They should play her as more quietly intimidating. It will work better with Willa’s voice.
    And finally, who is in the grave? I think that it *should* be Felicity. Not because I want her dead, but because it opens more doors for plotlines and creates drama, which is the point. It would be good writing. That said I think that it *will* either be someone new (which is cheating) or Quentin Lance. They ruined his character so badly that he should probably die. The only problem is that killing off a character that should die doesn’t create drama and emotion. If he dies… So what? No offense to the actor, but the character isn’t worth aa season of mystery.

    • kath says:

      It wasn’t the least productive employees that the algorithm found since Curtis himself was on the list to be fired. It was those they could fire to maximize the amount of money saved without, apparently, touching the executives on the board who had to be making megabucks.

      • Drew says:

        The algorithm determined which employees were expendable. Curtis’ only contribution, apparently, was the algorithm itself.
        If the company is losing money, it makes more sense to get rid of the expendable emoyees than those who contribute something.
        Those executives make money for a reason. If Palmer Industries doesn’t want to pay them what they’re worth, they are more likely to go somewhere that will pay them more. Of all the people in that room (aside from Curtis), Felicity is the least qualified, least productive, least valuable. Yet she probably makes the most. Where was her offer to cut her salary in half so that others could stay on?
        Nope. Instead, she lied like a child in order to avoid responsibility. If she really wanted to make a difference, maybe she could have shown up for work over the last six months. (She said that they might expect her to do stuff now that she is back)

        • Liz says:

          Lied like a child? Uh, I disagree. I think she took a massive gamble on Curtis, yes, but then she doesn’t have a business degree so that totally lines up in character for Felicity. I don’t see what’s so wrong with Felicity not wanting to fire employees in a city with a worsening economy.

          • Drew says:

            The problem is that she isn’t doing her job. And yes, she lied like a kid, to avoid making someone sad. The result of this is that she is putting how many hundreds or thousands of other jobs on the line?
            She didn’t gamble on Curtis. She lied to *her team*. The people at the table are there to make the company succeed. They’re not villains who get a kick out of firing people. The way she behaved was immature and unprofessional.
            I don’t mind seeing Felicity stumble or fail at this, but the way they are doing it makes her look like a dumb blond, and that isn’t who this character is supposed to be.

          • Liz says:

            I didn’t see her as a dumb blonde at all. And even if she did lie to the board, it’s still taking a gamble on Curtis’ abilities. I like that about her. She took a risk. It might not pay off but this is a TV show and I don’t hold their business decisions to the same standard as other things. Sorry but I feel like this is just a way to hate on Felicity unnecessarily.

        • kath says:

          Curtis told Felicity that he had some things in the pipeline that could help bail PT out. I’m willing to bet that by the next Board meeting, he will have done that.
          Since we know nothing about who those people in the room were, it’s a leap to say that Felicity, who has already proven her worth first as the best in the IT department and later organizing as Oliver’s EA and then as Ray’s VP, is “the least qualified, least productive, least valuable”. She’s not only got a double MIT masters, she’s worked at QC for six years, she’s got administrative experience. If the Board is like other Boards, most of those people are parachuted in because they are presumed to have contacts.

          I worked in business long enough to know that just because someone wears a suit and sits on a Board, that doesn’t mean they add value for the money they’re paid. I can list you a number of executives who should have been fired long ago.
          As for not wanting to fire employees, how one handles that position depends on whether you’re a follower of Keynes or Adam Smith. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

  14. kath says:

    I couldn’t figure out what was growing in that field because the flowers looked blue on my screen and poppies are red. What I really want to know is how is it that the bad guy believed that Oliver had been on Lian Yu for three years but they never bumped into him. How big is that island anyway?

    I didn’t mind Felicity as CEO because she was going to cut the bonuses rather than fire the little people, which is consistent with how she felt in season 1 when she heard that Robert Queen had closed down the factory and found a way to keep from paying severance pay. She did buy some time from the board and between her intelligence and Holt’s, I’m sure they’ll find something to save the company. But could that Board be any more incompetent?

    I think Willa Holland is doing a great job or Thea’s cray-cray.
    And I like how organic they made Oliver running for mayor — no one else is willing to do it and someone needs to lead from the light.

    I wonder if Quentin is going to turn Oliver over to Damien Darkh in exchange for saving Laurel.

  15. Random User says:

    Hey geniuses who wrote this article… Maybe don’t put spoilers in the title for people who haven’t watched the episode yet.

  16. P.S.L. says:

    Um, shouldn’t Sara’s body be decomposed after being dead for a year?

    • tyranthraxus says:

      No. Our bodies nowadays are so full of .. chemicals from the food we eat and the preservatives in those foods that we actually decay a lot slower than we ever did as humanity. (Obviously Im talking here from a 1st world viewpoint here, our diets and what we are exposed to are a lot different than say a Nigeria or Iran etc). It was about right for a year of death.

  17. BenM says:

    I didn’t have a problem with any storylines, except that maybe some of them should be in other episodes. There was so much going on. Lance V Oliver. Dig talking about his brother and keeping it a secret (of course). Felicity and Palmer Tech. Introducing the new guy. Angry speedy. Oliver’s mom’s friend. Chasing the bad guy. The bad guy fighting the other bad guy. All of those were cool, but man it was a lot for one episode, and almost of them felt sort of rushed because of it. Especially the speedy stuff. I guess they have an accelerated time table for that since they have to set up legends of tomorrow. On one hand,I like the comic-style Mayor storyline. On the other hand, I’m real worried about the CW trying to do anything relating to politics and actual issues. Hope for the best but I’m kind of expecting the worst.

    Best part about tonights episode – Oliver’s voice seemed more back to normal. I definitely did NOT understand why they decided he should sound like he’s on helium just because he’s “happy” Ollie now. That was so distracting in the premiere.

    Worst Part – Oliver took down a ninja working for the mob in S1. He took down a super-powered slade in season 2. He took down Ras in season 3. A Ras that handedly beat the crap out of him like 6 months earlier. So for all intents and purposes Ollie should be at the top of his game, and possibly the best fighter in the world. … .. . then he goes and gets beat by a dude with a amped up cattle prod.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Not good to see Sara like that at the end. Preview for next episode looks good and fun. The guy from Teen Wolf will be a good villain of the week on the episode.

  19. Lori says:

    Episode was ok, last week was better. I don’t get all the Laurel hate, I think she’s grown into a strong independent who is still fighting for justice at her day and nighttime job. Oliver this way just feels weird and he seems more passive about things. I miss the dark angry Oliver, give it a few more episodes to see if I can get used to this new Oliver. This used to be my favorite show.

    • Mel says:

      Not that Laurel is my favorite character at all, but the hate is really not warranted. The hate for what she does (the Pit) is easily forgiven when other charcters do the same thing. Wheres the hate for Ollie putting Thea in the pit then???

  20. High Point: Interpersonal interactions within the Queen family and the team. Bonus Point: No Danforth Death!
    Low Point: There should have been more justification for the trip to Nanda Parbat, at least in regards to Sara. We’ve seen what the pit does to Thea, and Laurel still wants to do this? I hope they go more into her reasoning in the next episode.
    Ick Factor: Not into seeing Sara’s corpse. But perhaps they’re setting up the Halloween ep (which may be the one Constantine appears in).
    BTW, I want to know how Oliver would know John Constantine. Could be that someone else knows him, I’m just wondering.

    • John NYC says:

      He alluded a couple episodes back to having experience with mysticism when he explained why Damian wasn’t a metahuman: which then set up Damian Darhk’s use of such (the blood sacrifice to the idol…) so Oliver has crossed paths with people from that sort of thing.

      • The synopsis for episode five confirms this. But this means that John Constantine was on Lian Yu? Now that I’ve typed that, it really doesn’t seem that far-fetched, given the character in question…

  21. Polly says:

    This is quite long (but it’s structured), I hope that’s alright?:
    When the last season ended, Ollie had 3 different personalities, one I loved, one I could stand and one was too cheesy for me; last episode that was reduced to 2, but they lost the one I liked watching the most, Dark Arrow.
    Cheesy Ollie, „normal“ Ollie/lighter Arrow (to me, when he’s in light Arrow mode, he switches between Ollie and Arrow quite a bit) stayed. I don’t mind the latter and I liked that they got rid of super cheesy Ollie this episode but we’re now left with an Ollie that I can stand & with an Arrow that I like but don’t find interesting to watch, though he does have good bits.

    F – I absolutely love her character- behind the screen, she has her best bits when she’s in quirky F mode, like the code-name conversation, and the „now they know you work with a Felicity“ bit.
    I didn’t like the almost tearing up when having to fire people, then doing so and then hiring them again. They let her character develop but then undid it.

    O&F – I don’t mind them but I fast-forward their scenes as I don’t find either character interesting in their couple bits. F is dating the Ollie that I find boring to watch and I just don’t feel their chemistry; I liked the crush that F had on Ollie but I never found the scenes in which Arrow(-like Ollie), not „boring“ Ollie (look above) showed feelings for her, convincing (like in the last few episodes of S3).

    JD/F/O – they’re team chemistry is definitely not there, and while I don’t need things to go back to the way they once were (it worked but I want characters to respond to what is happening and develop and they couldn’t just go back now), I definitely want their chemistry back (eventually)!

    TeamArrow – I like the new team, I loved the first fighting scene in this episode, loved that GA/BC bit, and before anyone started talking about code names, though I loved that bit, they were all so in character (GA felt like old Arrow, the others were great, too) and I also loved the cheesy in-sync drop later on (it made me chuckle but in a good way, it felt so superhero movie-isn).
    I also like the chemistry between the „while you were gone“ team Arrow, especially in the first episode, but I also liked this episode’s T and LL bits, and they seem to share a flat now?!.

    T – I absolutely love her as Speedy and I’m interested in how her story line will turn out

    L/BC – I feel as sometimes they give her the poorest-written lines/things to do, just because they will move the plot along, for example, the bringing Sara back is essential for the spin-off but I hope they’ll actually explain LL’s reasons later on.
    I still like her character, though, and I think LL is growing into the BC role more and more, especially fighting along side GA, BC starts to feel more natural and I hope they develop that relationship more, though this season not necessarily romantically.
    I’m hoping they’ll give her an interesting story arc and more interesting(!) screen time this season as LL’s BC does play quite a bit of a role in the comics.
    Oh, and I also hope the show her as lawyer LL again, as, unlike O, I think it helps tying her character together, since that’s what we saw her doing most of the time in the past.

    JD – I like him but he didn’t do much

    DD – He definitely has that cold, evil look to him, I like him so far

    QL – they did ruin his character a bit, going back and forth, but I’m still interested what part he’ll play

    The Grave – I think QL makes sense and I wouldn’t mind; I do like his character but I would also like the opportunities that could come from (and lead up to) his death, character-developing and story-wise. If they’re idiots though, it could also be a character that is introduced later in the series (but then the death wouldn’t mean what it does now)

    The Child thing – I’m not too interested in that at the moment

    Regarding relationships and following the comics & writing for fans:
    I like that O&F shippers got the relationship they wanted, it’s not something I find interesting but if I shipped them, I’d be happy, HOWEVER, I’m also happy that the proposal was interrupted, as it would have tied things up in the relationship department.
    And while I don’t mind them developing other relationships, storylines, etc., BC & GA’s relationship is so iconic and they have touched so little on it, that I’d be very disappointed in the writers if they chose to have these two characters as regulars on the show, but then ignore their whole history in the source material.

    Also, some people say that the only way the above would happen is if F dies (which if it happens, I hope it’s not to bring GA&BC together), but people fall out of love, the happiest couples break up a year later, the marriage that made you believe in true love, fails. Just because they’re over the moon now, doesn’t mean that it will always stay that way.
    They are happy now, and I hope, for the fans’ sake (I’ve mentioned, I find them too cheesy) that it will stay that way for this season, but no, F dying is not the only way GA & BC could ever get together.

    Oh and I wondered if Sara was ever referred to as the Black Canary or if that’s only LL?

  22. sonic says:

    Everyone is saying that Laurel is being selfish for wanting to bring back her sister, but Sarah has to come back so that she can be part of the “Legends of Tomorrow” group which also includes Ray Palmer as Atom and the scientist guy from Flash. Has no one read about this?

    • Sarah T says:

      I’ve read about it. Honestly, I thought when Laurel opened the casket it was going to be empty implying that someone else already had this idea and dug up her body. Maybe that would have been too much to have to search for Sara after last year’s season long arc of who killed Sara but I thought it might have worked somewhat better.

    • Liz says:

      It’s awesome that Sara’s coming back but the way they did this does make Laurel selfish. She didn’t even care about Thea’s feelings. She only wanted Thea to go to Nanda Parbat so she could convince Malcolm to give her what she wants. I don’t deny it’s from a place of love for Sara but ultimately it’s selfish but that’s not exactly out of character for Laurel so shrug.

      • John NYC says:

        No she wants Thea to go back to there so she can get help from the League’s knowledge of the Pit to stop her slide into becoming an uncontrollable violent monster. Her sister was the Daughter of the Demon’s love, might be able to make an argument off that as well…

        • Liz says:

          It didn’t come across that way. She wants Thea there for her own selfish reasons because Laurel knew she’d never convince Malcolm to help her. Helping Thea with her own problem is basically the last thing on Laurel’s mind. Sorry.

          • Mel says:

            You are projecting Laurels intentions without knowing. You seem to be hell bent on blaming Laurel, so I take it you don’t like the character then, correct?

    • kath says:

      yes, they do have to bring Sara back for the new show.
      But there are other ways to do it (e.g. Rip Hunter, Nyssa preserved her in Nanda Parbat). Thea and Oliver just told Laurel how awful the side effects of the Lazarus Pit are and Thea said she never wants to go near a hot tub. It seems very selfish of Laurel to off Thea a spa weekend and then get her to dig up Sara and go to the place that wounded her because Laurel wants Sara back.

  23. Pat says:

    I enjoyed last nights show, but the only thing they really creeped me out, was when Laurel opened her sisters casket and they showed her. As for who is in the grave, last week I thought it could be Thea and I am still thinking this because of how out of control she is becoming. Lance is not far behind on the list.

    • John NYC says:

      If Laurel’s suspicions are correct and the League has learned how to deal with the Pit’s effects over the centuries Thea may not be doomed to becoming a monster anyone has to put down.

  24. Karl says:

    Has no one else noticed how cheap episode 1 looked. Not the Arrow of season 1-3

  25. Luis says:

    Laurel pulling Sara out of the grave? Didn’t see that coming.

  26. There’s also the possibility that Laurel changes her mind after seeing Sara’s body (and hearing some words from Thea) and lets her rest in peace. Being that she’ll be in LoT, maybe someone from that show steals her body and uses another Lazarus Pit (is there more than one LP?) to revive her since she’ll be needed. Just a theory…

  27. amb1973 says:

    Really poorly-written episode. And why was tiny little Lonnie Machin able to outrun parkour-master Oliver and later kick his butt? It was all total nonsense, but whatevs, as long as Oliver doesn’t revert to his moronic controlling manipulative S3 self and has cute scenes with Thea and Felicity, I guess I’ll just take the show for the ridiculous parody of itself it is now.

    Oh, and way to choose the very worst way to bring back Sara. Have Rip Hunter do it because she’s a future Legend? Nah. Malcolm, to keep Nyssa in line? Nah. Damien Darhk, to keep Team Arrow off balance? Nah. Let’s have Laurel dig up her sister’s long-dead corpse and then manipulate Thea into going to Nanda (after Thea asks to stay away from hot tubs), to ask MM to do it, knowing using the LP on not-even-actually-dead Thea is leading to Thea going nuts. That just makes perfect sense.

  28. Azerty says:

    The way DD reacted when Anarky kidnapped the girl makes me wonder, he definitly put the limit there, could it be because he has a daughter on his own? I have never been on board with Felicity’s father = big bad of the season but I think there is something here about a Darkh’s daugher/kid.

  29. Dj says:

    Favorite part of this episode and this season is Thea plot. Willa has been great. Also can’t wait till Sara comes back.

  30. Josh Bedford says:

    Sarah is in the Grave for her 4th death.

  31. Liz985 says:

    Lance is getting a lot of screen time, almost a sure sign that a character that has run its course is going to get the heave ho. Plus, if he keeps threatening Oliver with prosecution if a gig goes wrong, how is the show supposed to sustain that threat?

  32. Black says:

    Sarah would be dust after a year.

  33. Jordan Pack says:

    The person in the grave is Moira queen or Sara dies again after she is brought back by the lazurous pit and team arrow has to kill her because she becomes to violent because you all know that if they bring her back to life she will become white canary and white canary is a anti hero who went on a killing spree after being resurrected.

  34. Karen Grunberg says:

    What a way to keep us watching the Arrow! Lol

  35. Kelly says:

    Am still wondering did sara resurrect again after been killed by thea