Arrow Recap: Wigging Out

Arrow Recap Thea Crazy

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Thea learned the truth about her anger issues, CEO Felicity discovered the cost of doing business and Damien Darhk’s latest handiwork led to a mayor development. Meanwhile on Lian Yu, things got hairy… and then less so… for Oliver.

First things first: As I was just IMing to Vlada Gelman (who was too fixated on the Ewww! final visual to respond), I thought the CEO Felicity scenes were a bit of a snooze. I “get” the need to see her face the actual responsibility of running Palmer Tech, but why bother if she’ll just skirt the very real payroll issues by employing a bit of fantasy? Other aspects just didn’t quite track, like how Oliver boasted about him and his girlfriend having “money” now — soooo, couldn’t the $20,000 or so they probably paid for the fingerprinted truck have covered, like, one-third of a staffer’s salary? I dunno. Again, I like the idea of seeing Felicity run PT, but this first drama they foisted upon her was flimsy, nor did it give any hint of what will make Curtis Holt so… Terrific. (I would have settled for a Superman III-inspired algorithm where he found a way to amass “missing fractions of cents” to stave off terminations.)

Meanwhile, one of Oliver’s primary focuses this week was keeping safe Jessica Danforth (played by Jeri Ryan), a family friend who had decided (against much advice to the opposite) to pick up Moira’s mantle and run for mayor. That landed the blonde beauty in the cross hairs of Damian Darhk’s private contractor, Lonnie Machin aka Anarky, who first attempted to abduct Jessica, then later nabbed the would-be politico’s daughter. Valuing “order, discipline and precision” as he does, Darhk has distaste for Machin’s methods and thus gives Lance the girl’s location. Lance in turn tasks Oliver with proving things are different this time around, by rescuing the girl — which Team Arrow did.

In doing so, though, fears that Oliver first felt last week and which had been echoed earlier in this episode were given new weight, when Speedy aka Thea nearly roasted Anarky to death, as a finishing move.

Prior to that frightful moment — and after bro pulled sis into an Arrowcave brawl — Oliver opened up to Thea about the Lazarus Pit that was used to bring her back Arrow-Sara-Dead after Malcolm Ra’s mostly killed her, and how he had been warned that the side effects could leave her “not the same.” At episode’s end, Laurel suggested she and Thea decompress with a spa getaway — when in actuality she is taking the two of them to Nanda Parbat, to 1) get info that might help Thea deal with these “issues” and also 2) see what the Pit might do for Sara, who’s, well, not looking so great after a year in the grave.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Diggle confided in Laurel the other source of his recent tension — the discovery that Darhk’s “ghosts” work for H.I.V.E., the organization that killed his brother Andy. Laurel in turn warned him about internalizing the guilt over a sibling’s death.

* In flashbacks, Oliver passed himself off as a castaway after being found by Baron Reiter’s men — though Reiter immediately recognized the “dead” playboy. Reiter put Oliver to work (and apparently ordered a haircut), and during his first shift Oliver crossed paths with a young woman who complained of the work (poppy/opium farming?) conditions.

* Last but by no means least, as they reflected on their respective days at the office, Oliver remarked how Star City desperately needs “hope, inspiration” from somebody who “isn’t afraid” and “can protect themselves.” Ding-ding-ding! Ergo ipso facto, he is going to run for mayor!

What did you think of “The Candidate,” Oliver’s decision and the final visual Vlada thinks we could have done without?