America's Next Top Model Cancelled

America's Next Top Model Cancelled

What’s the opposite of smizing?

The CW has confirmed that it is pulling the plug on America’s Next Top Model after its current 22nd cycle ends.

The series finale will air Friday, Dec. 4 at 9/8c.

America’s Next Top Model premiered in May 2003 on UPN, and was the first series to debut on The CW on Sept 20, 2006.

Roughly an hour before the formal cancellation announcement was made, host Tyra Banks posted the following message on Twitter:

According to a CW source, the network is planning a retrospective special that would air in late 2016.

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  1. Brian says:

    Surprising. I thought the CW loved this show.

  2. Babybop728 says:

    This hurts a little. I’ll miss it!

  3. Dean says:

    Next to american idol this was a long time coming. Now if only they could do it with the Kardashians.

    • Sandie says:

      True,true and true!

    • Antwon303 says:

      Please. There is no comparison. The models at least talent!

      • Antwon303 says:

        That’s what I get for posting on my iPhone. That should say the models at least *have* talent. We now rejoin your regularly scheduled postings….already in progress.

        • James says:

          Fun trivia: MySpace in its early days were a source of getting models discovered as was the case with Sean O’Pry after Nole Marin saw his prom photo, and look where he is now: strutting runways, modeling designer clothings and traveling all over the world.

  4. Marcie says:

    I’ll miss it, too, but putting the guys on changed the focus from modeling to relationship drama. It was getting to the point where they hardly did photo shoots any more.

    • Desiree says:

      I totally agree! All the angsty relationship garbage got old about five minutes into the first guys and girls cycle. I thought this season was better than the last couple since they got rid of the whole social media thing, but it’s too little, too late.

    • James says:

      I honestly thought this cycle that the romantic relationships didn’t take centerstage as the show focused more on rivalries (Mikey/Devin, Hadassah/Mame, Bello/Everyone, Lacey/Nyle) and struggles (Courtney’s insecurities, Nyle’s unable to connect with the rest f of the house) that comes with the competition.

      I’ll take the Guys and Girls cycles that’s very Real World-esque over the campy Bad Girls Club seasons that was once the norm since Cycle 1 (all thanks to Robin Manning).

      On the plus side, Britain’s Next Top Model is coming back after getting canceled 2 years ago.

    • Ari says:

      I agree making the show coed was a mistake. If they wanted to have male models they should have done a separate season for male models. I didn’t like the shift in focus to the relationship drama.

  5. Sandie says:

    WTF! WHY? CW isn’t that smart! Oh wait they also like Hillary I’m a liar Clinton too! That was the only show I watched on the CW. NOW NOTHING.

  6. Jared says:

    Well this is surprising. I thought the ratings were pretty solid for a show on a Friday thats been on the air for 12 years. I guess The CW really is cleaning house.

  7. steven says:

    And with that, the last UPN show remaining is off the air.

  8. matty says:

    It should have been cancelled about 5 years ago.

  9. Blaine says:

    The UPN is now officially dead as ANTM was their last surviving show carried over to the CW. The WB is still alive thanks to Supernatural which will likely be picked up for a 12th season barring a sudden ratings plunge or Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki deciding to bail.

  10. mooshki says:

    I stopped watching when they got rid of the gorgeous Nigel.

  11. iHeart says:

    wow, all the reality shows were created in the early 2000’s are starting to go away, I wonder what will be next, though I don’t see Survivor, Big Brother or the Bachelor getting the plug pulled anytime soon

  12. Erika says:

    First American Idol,then CSI and now this.It’s the end of an era for the shows of 00’s.What’s next?

    • Ben says:

      Grey’s? Although I sort of hoped that one would end with Derek still alive, so for me if he wanted to leave that would have been the right time to end it. Now that they have continued beyond Derek, it could probably survive as long as Ellen Pompeo wants it to.

      • Keith says:

        Uh….as long as Ms Rhimes wants to keep doing it, that show will continue no matter who departs- including Ms Pompeo.

    • Deeshanti says:

      CSI is off the air too?! Geesh!!

  13. David says:

    Who else thinks she knew it was getting canceled and posted that tweet to look like it was her idea?

  14. NikD says:

    If it is ratings that are the issue that’s potentially because for the past several seasons when I set my weekly recording after a few episodes it just stops recording and shows no new episodes scheduled. Then I hear something about an episode and search the show again only to find it’s there and I have to reset it to record. This has only happened on a few shows but it has happened more than once with ANTM. BOOO!!!

  15. bern says:

    Tyra tinkered with this show until it was unrecognizable from it’s former self – When she got rid of the Jays and Nigel – brought in that nasty know-it-all agent – (I don’t even remember her name, but she thought she was all that and a bag of chips) I used to watch it pretty religiously those first 9 years but Tyra was always the most insufferable part for me. Not surprised it isn’t doing well anymore.

  16. Tony Lang says:

    Beauty & The Beast yesterday, now Next top Model… Are we making some room for new Superhero shows by any chance?!?

  17. hello says:

    That makes Supernatural the last show still on that started before the WB/UPN-merger. who would have thought that 9 years ago

  18. Fannie says:

    Long over due it was about time Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Richard says:

    It’s about time. In my opinion this show has always been a big waste of time. No offens to the fans of the show but come more female/male models are discovered on Instagram and Tweeter today.

  20. I’m gonna miss it,I still watch.Tyra did say earlier this season this might be it& she wants to go out on a high note.Im suprised though-it’s big in syndication,internationally and one if two summer and reality/unscripted shows that do well for CW

  21. shkamidit says:

    This show is terrible. But I love it and am seriously bummed!

  22. Gerri says:

    I’m guessing it is more to do with Tyra leaving and the CW not trying to continue without her. This was not a great season to go out on though. The horrible drama in the house and the not so good looking models this chose to be in the top 11. They should have given it one more better year or quit before this year.
    Hopefully something similar will come along to fill the void.
    Bring back Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency (joking)

  23. John Erickson says:

    I blame Devin!

  24. Keith says:

    It’s time. Agree with Tyra! She’s a shrewd talented businesswoman who created and kept this show up top for years. Can’t wait to see what she’ll give to us next!
    Thanks Tyra! Onward and upward!!!!!!!

  25. Fernanda says:

    We need a final ANTM winners reunion

  26. Ashley says:

    I’m actually a bit surprised; haven’t the ratings hit highs this year? I kind of thought this would be the show that would never die on CW.

  27. Yeldie says:

    It was my life’s dream to get healthy enough to become a photographer for Tyra and the show!
    So sad is ending. Hope to see more from Tyra. CW please put something worthy of the time slot in its place. Don’t insult ANTM.

  28. Laura Markl says:

    I did not watch this season and Inhave missed watching it. It has run its course.

  29. Mary S says:

    I have been a fan of this show since its first episode. I will miss it, terribly! I do admit, I understand why the ratings might be dropping this year: most of the models are mean, petty, childish brats. I only like 2 of them. I would be very disappointed if any of the others won that fabulous prize: they do not deserve it!
    I watch for the styles, to see the transformation from pretty girl to gorgeous model, and for some reason, the episodes have been edited to focus more on the social interactions of these spoiled brats than on the preparations for the competition…I DVR it every week and just fast forward through the childish bickering to the actual modeling and photoshoots.
    Maybe the problem with the show is not the SHOW, but with the editing, and that’s what killed it. Or, maybe Tyra just got bored with it, herself!
    I have made it a regular part of my viewing week for so long…as I said, I will miss it, terribly.

  30. Amy says:

    Kinda bummed about this. ANTM was trashy escapist TV but there was a certain joy in the cray-cray and the smizing and the booty tooch. Thanks for the memories Tyra and co.

  31. Boiler says:

    They have about 4 or 5 more that need to go. They cancelled the good one to keep shows whose ratings are diving. Think CW needs to go away, they are totally lost

  32. The Watcher says:

    Nothing against this show in particular, but I didn’t watch it so I’m kind of happy that another spot on the schedule has opened up. Hopefully it’ll be put to good use.

    Sorry to all the folks who liked it though.

  33. Two shots of everything... says:

    Getting rid of the J’s – I stopped watching. Adding guys just did not work. Sorry to hear it, but not unexpected.

  34. Abe Froman says:

    Interesting how Tyra makes it sound like ending it was her idea.

  35. Grace M says:

    I have a feeling that in the next couple of years, reality shows will be gone all together. The trend for the past few years has been superhero type shows, with rebooted/remade shows in there now.

  36. bridyyc says:

    Dayum! Now where am I going to watch starving bitches go off on each other for an hour a week?

  37. arial2 says:

    Stopped watching after the Js and Nigel were fired to “make the show more interesting.” Felt like ANTM jumped the shark with that move. They were real and way more interesting than any of the arrogant, smug replacements the next year, like Andre Leon Talley. As far as I’m concerned, the show never recovered.

  38. Jonhy Torres says:

    I stopped watching ANTM for a few seasons, It should have been cancelled about 5 years ago.

  39. Jaci says:

    I will miss the show. I’ve watched it from the start.

  40. Jonathan says:

    22 cycles and nary a top model in sight

  41. Destiny says:

    Yes it is time for it to end. Never liked having the guys and girls together. The judges are bad and the models are silly and not worthy to be on the show, much less America’s Top Model!

  42. Wyatt Clough says:

    22 seasons! What is this ‘Bonanza’?

  43. Nero the TVfiddler says:

    First NBC canceled the Jack Benny Show, then CBS canceled Bonanza, and ABC canceled Laverne and Shirley.

    I could live with all that – but this is the last straw!!! CW canceling Next Top Model?!! This is an absolute outrage!! How could they do that?? Where will we find quality television on broadcast TV without Next Top Model?

    How will we find out if male model and part time bartender Tyler was ever going to get together with female model and part time yoga instructor Britney??

    How can we go on without knowing what was going to happen in season 23?? I bet season 23 would have been far different than the prior 22 seasons of this outstanding series. We could have been enlightened and vastly entertained. Now? We have nothing… except the Bachelor and Dancing With The ‘Wanna-Be’ Stars.

    Oh well – next thing you know, they’ll tell us that broadcast television is going downhill and facing consolidation. But don’t believe them – the best is yet to come. I just read ABC is piloting a new series based on ‘My Best Friends Wedding.’ See- another relationship show. Just what we needed.

    That faint sound you hear is the sound of a violin playing as Rome burns to the ground. This is how all dynasties and empires and industries come to an end – not with a bang, but with a whimper.

    • CarmenO says:

      Too funny! Let me guess, you are over 21. LOL

      • Nero the TVfiddler says:

        That would be correct! I am ‘a bit’ over 21! LOL

        Jack Benny and Bonanza were much before my time, but I am a fan and perpetual student of television, so I tend to try to look back and compare what we now call ‘the new television golden age’ of today’s television with what really was television’s golden age back in the 1950s and 1960s… and into the 1970s.

  44. CarmenO says:

    Not surprised. Tyra got rid of the people with talent (Nigel and Jay Manuel). Brought back the creepy J and the even creepier goth fashion expert (who does the most unfashionable goth impersonation imaginable, which makes me wonder if she can’t even do goth, how the heck can she be well known in the fashion world) and the guys. Everything went down hill after the short time when they were doing high fashion, At least this season we didn’t get psycho female models.

  45. Deeshanti says:

    WOW. Had no idea ANTM went off the air this Wednesday! Did they finish the cycle and who won? I was wondering why the show didn’t air tonight because last week it came on Friday nite! I missed it on Wednesday nite because I thought for sure it was airing tonight. Oh well, will miss my fav show I’ve watched for years. Guess will have to watch the reruns on cable!! One upset fan!! 😮😏😞😢😥😏

    • Chaz says:

      I was wondering the same thing. My family and I were lookinh for it on Friday. They just snatched it off the air right in the middle of the show. Ugghh…

  46. Andee says:

    Dum Dum acting as if it was time. It’s all about the money. Since I was a child, I’ve always thought that models have the dumb vacant look. “Uh duh! I think I’m cute, but I’m dumb!” Smize? That means use the dumb, vacant look. The judges have always been vapid wannabe’s. That Mr. Jay. Hah. You couldn’t win with him. He had to wait to hear what the contestants said to rip them to shreds. If you said yea, he said nay. If you said nay, he said yea. True hallmark of someone who doesn’t have a clue. “You didn’t think about it.” “You thought too much about it.” Dummy. It was abusive. You’re working with young ones who usually haven’t learned to stick up for themselves yet. The ones who dared to show some spunk got the axe. It made me mad all the bright personalities that got squashed and just took it. Those young ones are impressionable. How terrible they way they were treated! I am so glad I was poor at that age. I fought to earn money, get my BA and MA, and get a regular job. When I was in college, I had people ask why I didn’t do modeling. I said, “Because I’m too short (I’m 5 foot 6″) and I think it’s dumb.” I worked food service in a hospital and loved it. I got fed, and got to work with people. Real people. What could be better than that?

  47. debbie says:

    Tyra rocks! So many lives changed because of her. I’m not talking just about the winners but everyone she has ever gave corrective criticism to…I hope to meet you some day.

  48. Chaz says:

    I’m super upset!!Why would they cancell right in the middle of the show!!

  49. Anisa says:

    Not too surprised. The show’s first season had over 6 million viewers, now they’re down to only a little over 1 million. It was only a matter of time…I’ll miss it though :(

  50. Lillie says:

    It is about time. All the class went out the window with Nigel,Andre and the Jays. It has become one step above bad girls club. What the hell were thinking. It has nothing to do with real modeling an ymore. More like a mini sex club.