Walking Dead Boss Reveals Why Rick and Jessie Haven't Had Sex Yet

Walking Dead Rick and Jessie

Seriously — shouldn’t Barry White be playing by now?

Given that The Walking Dead killed off Rick’s wife seasons ago, and Jessie’s late husband was more interested in smacking her around than knocking boots, how is it possible that the pair have yet to seal the deal? Simple, executive producer Scott M. Gimple tells TVLine. They’ve been less interested in getting laid than in not getting laid to rest.

“I’ve been in scary situations — car crashes and things,” he muses, “and, in the immediate term, your mind is on other things.”

Plus, for not only Rick but his whole group of embattled nomads, amenities like beds and showers and roofs can feel as strange as they are lovely. “They’ve found this place of safety [in Alexandria], and it’s super-weird for them,” says Gimple. “They’re going to live wholly as human beings — physically, emotionally, sexually — but they are coming out of a very long journey where they weren’t exactly living like people. So there’s a transition there.”

However, once that transition is completed, Rick and Jessie are totally going to hook up, right? Isn’t she his new love interest? “You could call her a love interest,” Gimple allows. “There’s a connection [between them] on a lot of levels. But Jessie does have her own story and her own arc. Rick is part of that, but Rick is not the arc.

“It has everything to do with how desperately she wants to become a survivor and someone who can protect her family on her own,” he continues. “She’s not looking for someone to do it for her.”

What’s your take? Are you rooting for Rick and Jessie to pair off? Or were you hoping he and Michonne would couple up? Hit the comments!