Scream Queens Recap: The Red Devils' Boss Is (Possibly) Revealed

It was every Chanel for herself during Part 2 of Scream Queens‘ Halloween trilogy on Tuesday, as Hester — who I’m pretty sure is becoming more bats–t with each passing week — worked her magic to land No. 1 behind bars for Ms. Bean’s murder.

Of course, this being Scream Queens, Emma Roberts’ character was locked up for all of five minutes before being bailed out by No. 3 and Predatory Lez (which was kind of a bummer. I was looking forward to a full-on Orange Is the New Black situation.)

As payback for her (alleged) treachery, Chanel No. 5 — who I’m fully rooting for as the next victim — was put on jack-o’-lantern duty in the Shining-style pumpkin patch. I got excited when the Red Devil showed up, but my hopes were quickly dashed when he took out one of the “Eiffel Tower” twins, allowing No. 5 to make a run for it. (Better luck next time, R.D.! Seriously.)

Season 1, Episode 5 ("Pumpkin Patch")But it’s the episode’s final scene that will likely have viewers talking tomorrow… or whenever they eventually get around to watching it on their DVRs or online. Could Gigi really be the mastermind behind all of the Red Devils?! (I was starting to doubt whether she even had a mind to begin with, to be honest.)

MAYDAY, ZAYDAY! | Though Grace and her rag-tag band of Scooby gang wannabes failed in their Zayday rescue mission — she got away all on her own — they did manage to stumble upon the Red Devil’s lair, where Gigi and Denise Hemphill engaged in a game of blind tasing. (Man, why couldn’t Chanel No. 5 have been there to play with them?) The group’s journey into the pit yielded little fruit, though we now know one of the Red Devils is maybe in love with Zayday, which might be a clue. Or not.

STEPMOMMY DEAREST | In relationship news, Wes and Gigi officially announced their coupledom after Grace caught them porking to the sweet sounds of “Black Velvet.” She eventually made peace with her dad’s new squeeze, but I think it’s fair to say that Dean Munsch won’t be accepting the happy couple anytime soon. (In other relationship news, it turns out that even Denise Hemphill has slept with Chad Radwell. She told him, “You got the right to remain sexy,” an encounter I would have paid any amount of money to see with my own eyes.)

Scream-ers, do you think there’s more to Gigi’s interaction with the Red Devil than meets the eye? Which Kappa are you hoping will be the next victim? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A says:

    I am stiil shocked that Gigi is the master mind behind all the Red Devil Killings but why does she want revenge against her old sorority after all these years?

    • Ltx says:

      That’s what makes me think she is connected with the baby. I don’t think it’s necessarily HER revenge, I think she’s just helping the real mastermind killer.

  2. BrightLight says:

    Long live our 60th president: John Fitzpatrick Kennedy Jr.

    • Thomas says:

      Chad Radwell is a douchey gem. That whole speech was hilarious, and just as I thought it couldn’t get funnier, Dean Munsch (rightly) questioning his intelligence and Hester’s pleased reaction at his ‘nice boobs’ compliment put me over.

  3. Jesse says:

    Stop hating on Abigail Breslin!

    • Josh says:

      For real! If there’s anyone on the show I want to die it’s Chad and Chanel No 1 can’t stand either of them

    • comeon says:

      I like Abigail but she just does not work here. The scene with the twins was really bad.

    • Joey says:

      Are you upset that she evidently lost the ability to act after she went through puberty? Although I will give her credit that she at least looked like she had a minute amount of talent when compared to the Eiffel Tower twins, Rodger and Dodger.

    • CMarie says:

      What?! Her character is terrible! I fully support her hopefully impending death.

  4. dan says:

    There should be a drinking game, every time Denise Hemsfield says, “I’m Denise Hemsfield of Secure Enforcement Solutions.” I hope she survives to the end, maybe even next season, she’s funny.

    • Joey says:

      Just a little correction: It’s Denise Hemphill. Niecy Nash is hilarious in this. I can only hope she makes it the entire season.

  5. Tom Tully says:

    Tried to watch it but I couldn’t get past the first hour. Life is too valuable to waste any of it on this, what could be best described as badly written tripe. It’s hard to conceive anyone finding this over-produced vomit humorous. Jamie Lee Curtis should be ashamed of herself for being a part of this abortion.

  6. Tom says:

    Is Lea Michelle’s character a Kappa? Can she be killed please? And then can they go back in time and get rid of Rachel Berry?

    • Thomas says:

      Yes Hester is a kappa. She may or may not die but it won’t be anytime soon. Now try to stop being a bitter, whiny loser, exit stage right and get a life. Thank you and you are welcome.

    • comeon says:

      Ha Hester is one of the more interesting character. Please glee fans get over your resentment of Lea and Rachel Berry. I mean really still pissy becasue she tried out for the lead in 2008? It is just sad now.

    • Will says:

      Definitely Chanel #3 & #5

  7. Andrew says:

    Aside from finding out that Gigi is involved somehow, this episode felt SO slow and boring compared to last week’s. I did like Dean Munsch’s HUGE liquor bottle, though…lol.

  8. Jerry says:

    This episode felt a little off and underwhelming compared to the others. Hopefully it was just a transition episode to get people in place.

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around Chad and Denise role playing and her telling him he has the right to remain sexy. Seriously, there needs to be a couple of takes of that on or the DVD set.

  10. Keltie B. says:

    Don’t expect for Chanel #5 to die so soon. She seems like the kind of person to kill than be killed. Also, Abigail Breslin may not be a household name but she is an Oscar nominee and i don’t think they casted her just to be Emma Roberts’ sidekick.

    • Fishstick says:

      She was a nominees when she was like 9 and she is a sporting character. She is like 6 or 7th in the credits so not a lead. And by the acting tonight she shoulnd’t be trying to lead the show.

      • Rook says:

        I don’t think she’s a bad actress, I just feel like she not right for the part and the writing is not helping her at all.

      • MFL says:

        Abigail B is def better and more fun to watch than Chanel number 3, the candle girl, the lesbian chic and the worst of them is Grace.

  11. Natasha says:

    I am trying to like the show but am kinda disappointed. In my opinion it’s pretty bad. I wanted to like it but just can’t. I’m only holding on to find out who the baby and the killer is. :(

  12. Resha says:

    Gigi totally makes sense as the master mind. She said her therapist says she’s stuck in the 90’s

    • lectorr says:

      I totally agree. Not only did her therapist say that she was stuck in the 90’s due to a traumatic event that occurred in that decade, but she also was revealed to be the squatter in the haunted house at the end of the last (second last?) episode… Just after they discovered that the baby was raised in that house. Personally I think she was the Kappa sister who helped deliver the baby/ stayed with the dying pledge/ watched over the baby while everybody else hid the body.

  13. Marco says:

    Lame, SQ, truly lame. The show so far hasn’t had The balls to kill anyone major, resorting to off the unimportant left and right and in some cases, even introducing them just to kill them off. Coupled with tone-deaf “comedy” I ain’t surprised word of mouth is so bad.

  14. db07 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed in the opening credits (that were only played for the first time in full this episode)… That in the beginning every character is shown as their name appears, and when Josh Hudson’s name pops up it’s the Red Devil on screen… May be looking way too much into it but just a thought??

  15. MelK says:

    what I don’t get is if Gigi is part of it why did the RD try to kill her at the sorority house?….She could have just stood there and screamed while the RD damaged the furniture.

  16. chlocoro says:

    I still think that Gigi is the girl that gave birth in the tub. The traumatic event is her being buried alive and her baby taken away. Which is why she is the ‘hag’.

    Also, in the last scene Gigi told the RD that ‘that got out of hand. He needs to be dealt with’ or something like that. Who is “he”. The only men that were in the cellar were Grace’s Dad and Grace’s boyfriend (sorry don’t remember their names). Anyway I think the ‘he’ is the other RD and what got out of hand was his attempted seduction of ‘ZayDay’. And we already know there are 2 RD’s who’s to say there isn’t more?!

  17. EB says:

    I think Gigi is the girl who was holding the baby at the sorority house, she raised him and the RD is the baby born in the bath tub. As for the other RD, could she have been dressed up as one during the scene where there were 2?

  18. Nick says:

    What Happened to Nick Jonas’ charactor? LOL. He says “WHat took you so long” and boom never saw him since!

  19. Nick says:

    When she says “He needs to go” Who is he?

  20. Steve says:

    Just throwing this idea out there, but what if GiGi was the girl in the tub in 1995, and the incompetent sorority girls back then buried her alive.Thus, she is getting revenge for having her baby taken from her.Also, i don’t think the tub baby is one of the killers.