Dominion Season 3 Spoilers

Dominion Cancelled at Syfy

Looks like Lucifer won’t be coming to Dominion after all.

Syfy has cancelled the supernatural series, based on the 2010 film Legion and starring Christopher Eagan, after two seasons, our sister site Deadline reports.

“Led by [creator] Vaun Wilmott, the talented cast, producers, writers and crew of Dominion have done a tremendous job bringing this ambitious, cinematic series to the screen over the past two seasons,” Syfy said in a statement. “We thank them, as well as our producing partners Universal Cable Productions, Bold Films and Film Afrika.”

In a post mortem interview with TVLine, Wilmott revealed that Lucifer would be “the big bad” in Season 3. He also hinted at a potential new setting for the show.

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  1. Candice says:

    Wow, I’m literally watching an episode of Dominion right now as I read this. Oh well, I still have about 7 more episodes before the show ends for me.

  2. Dean says:

    Not surprised the ratings weren’t enough to earn a new season. Shame that like most abruptly canned shows this had to end in a cliffhanger.

    • Heather says:

      This cancellation was not about the ratings. If it was, Defiance should definitely be cancelled next because it was tied with Dominion at the end of the season with an average demo of 0.25.

      12 Monkeys aired earlier this year before summer with an ending average demo of 0.25. Renewed for a s2. I do happen to like this show.

      Syfy also renewed other 1st season shows with lower ratings including, Bitten, who is getting a s3 with an ending s2 average demo of 0.15.

      So no – this had to be about cost production not the ratings. Which sucks because Dominion was one of the better shows this network carried. Most of their shows I hold no interest for and I worry I will be sitting in the same seat come next year for 12 Monkeys being denied a s3. Ratings are only likely to go down after a first season and if cost is the primary issue for this show too, I am seriously considering waiting to only watch after the season is over and I know the show’s fate ahead of time.

      • Ldp says:

        Syfy screws me again. If I like a series, these folks are sure to cancel it.

        • That is exactly why, more and more, I only watch shows that have announced the last season before the season begins, like Haven. I’m so tired of cliffhangers that are unresolved. And it’s not just SyFy. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and, worst comes to worst, paying for a whole season on iTunes, I can do just that.

        • Anna says:

          Agree. I will watch Killjoys but nothing new unless on several years to invest time.

      • boobookid says:

        I feel you ..😠

      • James says:

        It had to do with angels and because how America has become cant say God unless you add Dam at the end of it cant pray cant have anything to do with the Bible any more with out some repercussion in the next 10 years i see us having secret undergrood church service if the god Lord dont come back before then

      • Hat Thomas says:

        Smart move. I may echo that advice.

      • james says:

        u guys should come up with something movies shouldn’t just end because of low fund or ratings for where there is a will there is a way and when there is a movie there are people to watch

  3. Jerry says:

    Interesting that we heard about this so soon after the finale, but still no word on Defiance’s fate. Soon I hope!

  4. justsomeguy says:

    This could possibly mean a season 4 of Defiance?

  5. Katie_Mead says:

    Completely unsurprised, yet still disappointed.

  6. Morgan says:

    Guess I really am done with Syfy channel. This was the last Syfy show I still watched, post SANCTUARY, so I goodbye Syfy.

  7. thisismenow says:

    SyFy where shows go to die.

  8. Sara says:

    This flat out sucks. This was a great show, that just kept getting better and better each episode. It was a great ride while it lasted. I look forward to what the people involved with the show do in the future. They are all so great and were very giving to the fans.

  9. Yes, lets hope a new setting might refer to a network that don’t have their own heads up their backsides. SyFy have just lost themselves a lot of viewers, they have pulled this too many times with too many good shows I’m afraid..

    • Brian Fire says:

      Dominion LOST viewers…not SYFY. Thats why it was canceled. This show didn’t cost that much to make. Too much green screen and too many cheesy lots will kill a show everytime! SYFY will keep going strong.

    • Mertle says:

      I miss Dominion Already. The best show on Sci Fy gone .

  10. The show was really poorly constructed, with talented actors, and slow, flawed story lines. The dialog was predictable at time, and was painful to watch. Nearly every story turn was predictable. “God Left…” ; what? That makes no sense. Left … where? Where is heaven? Can you fly with wings to it? How stupid.

    I loved the show’s potential. Maybe next time, they can hire a professional writer.

    • Brian Fire says:

      I agree and am surprised how many folks actually thought this show was good. it just got worse and worse. IF there is ONE criticism that seems to be universal about SYFY…they tend to have an abundance of “B” movie actors. They aren’t horrible but with weak scripts and poor direction…a show is WELL on it;s way to the can. A 40% drop in viewership tells all. I too loved the shows potential and wrote the producers about bringing on better writers. All the heat…STILL lives in the trailers from the first season. Opportunity missed.

  11. KateMcQ says:

    Bummer. I thought it ended strong, and I was looking forward to season 3.

  12. m3rcnate says:

    DAMNIT! I really liked this show, the cast and even the mythology. Damnit.

  13. Damn. This show was really awesome in S2. Sad about this

  14. sam says:

    this show was my best show on syfy… could they have done this….(crying)…..I HATE SYFY

  15. d burns says:

    I personally felt that Dominion Season 2 was far superior to season 1. it was going from strength to strength and finally the season finale left us with a great cliffhanger. Lucifer resurrected, Noma jumping sides, Possibility of Helena being new location.
    Syfy you have let down Dominion’s legion of fans. probably one of the best, most anticipated finale’s ever! was so looking forward to see Lucifer unbound.
    If ever A TV show deserved another season, it was, Dominion. Please reconsider your rash decision and give Dominion another chance.

    • Santo says:

      Well said

    • Kh says:

      Here, here!

    • Shawn says:

      I agree 110%. Shame on you SyFy. You put on all those other ridiculous shows on and cancel the only 1 I tuned into your channel for. “BRING DOMINION BACK” !!

    • Raphael Bosso says:

      I totally agree with everything you said. If they were to cancel the show, they could, at least, have given it an ending, even with only 2 seasons. It is not worthy to let the millions of fans around the globe with no answers. I’m brazilian and I loved the show, and I think all the fans deserved better from SyFy channel. I endorse your asking. SyFy, please reconsider your decision.

    • Michele says:

      I agree with you they need to bring Dominion back it was a awesome Show I looked forward to watching it every week I even recorded episodes So if i missed it i could still keep up with what was happening. Please put season 3 on syfy.

    • Cas says:

      Totally agree this show was better season 2 and had loads of promos and shows not scared to kill of main characters, th BinStfy has dropped the ball on this one

  16. Miranda says:

    All I want is assurance that another network will snap at the chance to cast Tom Wisdom in another, hopefully better show now. The man is GORGEOUS!

  17. Santo says:

    Load of crap done with syfy

  18. Juliene Couture says:

    So sad that they are ending the series without a good closure for the fans of the show. Maybe a series finale movie? Here is to hoping that Syfy will find a way to appease the fan base of this remarkable show.

  19. One of the best mini-series I’ve seen in a while. I always looked forward to every episode, and was really looking forward to season 3. I can’t recall a single movie, even the Exorcist that places both Lucifer and Saints Michael and Gabriel face to face on the big screen. Not one!. Even though this show was in my view similar to Milton’s Paradise Lost in terms of what I really believe in terms of story line. It was in fact inspirational, fun to watch, and kept me looking forward to the next episode. The show was for everyone, no matter what you believe. It will be sadly missed!. Good luck to everyone who made this show spectacular, from the creator, Vaun Wilmott, to the actors and crews, from both seasons. I would be great if Vaun Wilmott could do a movie, with the same actors, just to bring the story to a final conclusion. But it’s only hope.:).

  20. Gerald says:

    This sucks. But I have to say I was Very disappointed how they ended a few major characters lives. I would have still enjoyed a season 3.

  21. David says:

    This sucks. I really enjoyed Dominion. The cast was pretty awesome.

  22. alex says:

    That sucks, show was great.

  23. NOOOOO Why does Syfy keep doing this? I loved this show and really hope another network picks it up.

  24. Timbo says:

    Unbelievable!! this was the worst news to wake up to..Was sure of a season 3 with a cliffhanger like that?? Shame syfy..

  25. Fiona says:

    Such a bummer! I hope we’ll get some kind of wrap up on the story in some form? Maybe?

  26. Cris says:

    This series had so much potential. I hope Netflix picks it up or something.

  27. Troy says:

    How damn were they to get a new season of dominion? with those ratings so ridiculous, ah that is like the Fairytale Ended: Father never came back to Earth and all were SuperFriends of the Devil and all them were happy ever after . XD what pathetic plot in Season 2…the first episodes of S2 were so promissing. but lucifer? Really? no, thanks.
    I hope Defiance back, at last promoved real values and equality with original and broken stories.

    • Heather says:

      Defiance is cancelled too.

      And while you feel the need to diss the ratings of Dominion, which admittedly dropped from its first season, just know Defiance tied with it in the average demo, lol, : 0.25.

      Also SYFY renewed their other shows with lower ratings than theirs.

  28. Ray says:

    Go to Netflix on Twitter,Facebook or Call. Help Us Save Our Show. This show is amazing so help save it.

  29. The Watcher says:

    Never got into Dominion, first episode just didn’t sell me on it.

    That said, hopefully Defiance gets another season now.

    • Heather says:

      Defiance – cancelled.

      It ended its season run with the same average demo as Dominion: 0.25

      Since SYFY kept other shows with lower ratings, it was not about that. It was about money and the cost of production. Sucks.

      • Brian Fire says:

        You KEEP posting about HOW much the show cost. BOTH of these shows are LOW budget…and LOOK low budget. Cost wasn’t what killed them. HBO has the most expensive show ON…but it is performing OUT of the roof!

  30. And yet the awful Z Nation continues….

    • Shawn says:

      I had NEVER even entertained watching any shows on SyFy Channel, but One Thursday night I was flippin through channels and caught a clip of Dominion and I was hooked. NOW SYFY you take it away. I need my Dominion fix DAMNIT!!

  31. Heather says:

    I hope fans will check out the petition circulating places like FaceBook and Twitter. It is a petition trying to get Netflix or another source to pick up the show for at least one final season or mini-arc. This show needs proper closure. So far it has gained over 2k signatures within a few days. The minimum goal is some where around 2500.

    I was VERY disheartened to find put last night that Dominion was not given a s3. Syfy has a lot of cheap and boring shows that hold no interest for me. It is rare that a show crosses its path that I invest in. Dominion was at the top. What is even more discouraging is to know this was NOT about ratings. It was about money -cost production. Do not insult my intelligence SYFY because you renewed other shows with much lower ratings or kept ones tied with ratings to Dominion.

    Obviously it is business for these network execs who do not give a fig about the stories and I doubt they know or even care that this show was left on such huge cliffhangers without any proper closure. It is about the numbers and dollar signs for them. I think this truth is leading me to consider to not bother watching anything live anymore. I think I would rather wait it out and get invested in shows after – with multiple seasons already released.

  32. Pat Martin says:

    I can’t believe my angels have been cancelled. This was one of my ‘don’t miss’ shows each week and that list is not very long. I started out hating Gabriel and rooting for Michael and of course that shifted over time. I won’t waste time comparing shows or costs. I will still be a SyFy fan but have a lot less interest (and beefcake) now since I’m deprived not just of Tom Wisdom but Grant Bowker (Defiance). Sometimes originality is rewarded and sometimes not. Shame on you, Syfy, for disappointing your fans.

  33. Drew says:

    I am sooo mad. This has been my favorite show since it started. All those cliffhangers left unsolved. Wow, Syfy has really disappointed me once again. This was their best show. Idiots.

  34. Susan Steele says:

    Totally pissed that this show was cancelled over Defiance! Vaun Wilmott, cast & crew did a great job with this innovative story. SyFy exec are a bunch of ###!!!!.

    • Heather says:

      Defiance – cancelled.

      It ended its season run with the same average demo as Dominion: 0.25

      Since SYFY kept other shows with lower ratings, it was not about that. It was about money and the cost of production. Sucks.

  35. unchienne says:

    I loved the concept, but it was (as many things are at Syfy) executed with the same finesse as their hits “Sharknado” and that one with the sharktapus or whatever it was. The two biggest successes for me were BSG and Farscape. I’ve come to enjoy Haven, but I admit that a lot of it was not the finest in television…just guilty fun. Of course, it’s cancelled too. I’d was really jazzed about Defiance, but some sort of spark was lacking there. I don’t know what it was, but though the right moves were made, the show just ended up being “bleh.”

    Really wish Syfy would become the rescue network like Netflix has. Would have loved seeing Moonlight, Reaper, or Firefly on the network. Or maybe it could springboard some of these one-shot animes. In my dreams, they launch a Vampire Hunter D series. *drool*

    Nope. Just waste millions on crap. Helix. Omg…like a really long extended version of Prometheus. They touted Dark Matter so hard like it was going to be this super dark, nail-biting mystery and it instead comes off like a slightly gritter version of Andromeda. The list, unfortunately, goes on…

    • Brian Fire says:

      Exactly. They need to stop using the writers they are using. Same recycled type of plots…same B movie acting and weak directors. There are too many shows that hit the mark…again and again to get caught up with a weak show like this.

  36. Jeff Mad says:

    I guess its time to take Syfy channel OFF my line up of shows to watch.

  37. Steven Van Adel says:

    Really enjoyed this show from Ottawa , Canada my wife and i watched every Sunday Night , disappointed its not being renewed Arch- angels Micheal and Gabriel played there parts exceptionally well ( couldn’t get enough of the show to bad we where looking forward to the new series and where telling are friends about it who where starting to watch it ,, i think it needed more time to catch on big perhaps plug was pulled to soon Management error

  38. jan says:

    For the life of me I cannot see the reasoning for this cancellation. Like most GOOD shows the first couple of episodes of a first series can be slow but its usually an indicator of a sound foundation for future storylines to be based on. Dominion was one of these. Series one proceeded to become better and better weaving an in-depth unique story. Season 2 went into orbit and for the first time in years I anxiously awaited the each weeks episodes. One of the best, original, beautifully written, quality sci fi shows on TV for years and then Boom!… Gone!!
    Dominion cancelled on several storyline cliffhangers and yet predictable, repetitive,dumbed down CRAP is kept on, season after season – UNBELIEVABLE!

  39. Mimi31 says:

    Totally disappointed that the only good show they had has been cancelled. And Season 3 would have been a great season.

  40. suat says:

    too bad i enjoyed viewing it

  41. Joy Leona says:

    I liked Dominion. Loved Tom Wisdom as Michael the Archangel. Real put out at Syfy for canceling it after 2 seasons. Don’t think these other Syfy series like Defiance and others are any better.

  42. It’s always the good shows that get cancelled!!! I hope they change their minds about season 3.

  43. Fae says:

    Awww! Man,please dont cancel Dominion,pretty please!!!

  44. Taiwo says:

    No! No! No!!! I love that show so much. Please don’t take it away. Its bad enough it had to end in a very suspenseful way

  45. Raphael Bosso says:

    I agree with everything most of you said. If they were to cancel the show, they could, at least, have given it an ending, even with only 2 seasons. It is not worthy to let the millions of fans around the globe with no answers. I’m brazilian and I loved the show, and I think all the fans deserved better from SyFy channel. I endorse the many askings. SyFy, please reconsider your decision.

  46. david says:

    Bad news fr me realy loved it
    I hope and plead that they renew it

  47. Janit says:

    Oh what I’m gutted literally just finished watching the last one last night :(
    Got all excited about when it’s starting again so went to trusty Google to find this out …. and nah not cool ,cancel Olympus that barely held me attention in the first scene let ago month .

  48. Sinitta says:

    just found out about dominion recently and have finally caught up on both seasons. AMAZING!!! I am very disappointed to hear that she show has been cancelled come on SYFY you still have a cult following ive already started turning people on to the show you cant cancel now you could at least do 1 more season and conclude in the third