Chicago Fire Recap: In the Family Way

Chicago Fire Season 4 Premiere Recap

Oh, baby, is Tuesday’s Season 4 premiere of Chicago Fire an eventful one for Dawson and Casey!

Picking up after last May’s cliffhanger, Dawson arrives at her ex’s place to find Katya’s body. She immediately calls P.D.‘s Antonio for help, and he and Voight hightail it to Nesbitt’s club. They don’t quite arrive in the nick of time, though; shots have been fired and a bloody Casey has already pummeled Nesbitt. He claims he’s OK when Dawson shows up, but her shell-shocked face upon witnessing the scene of the crime says everything about what he had to do to survive — and it was all for nothing.

Antonio informs Casey that Nesbitt was working as a criminal informant for the FBI, so he’s a free man. The firefighter is, rightfully, outraged and convinced that the C.I. has Katya’s notebook with the evidence they need. He tries to play it cool at work, but when he drives into a car a little too eagerly to get it out of the firetruck’s way, it’s clear he’s still haunted by what happened.

It takes Casey seeing Dawson’s burnt uniform, which was severely damaged during a call, to pull him out of the darkness and make him realize what he could have lost — and what he can still have. He marches into Molly’s and walks right up to his ex-fiancée.

“Being with you, that’s what makes sense,” he tells her. “May be the only thing that does. I’m never going to let you out of my life again.”

In response to this, Dawson blurts out, “I’m pregnant,” and Casey’s teary face is so overjoyed at the news, I might have made an audible “awww” sound.

While things are taking an upturn for “Dawsey,” Severide gets demoted after the rescue squad’s high rate of turnover raises a red flag. Capt. Dallas Patterson (played by Scandal‘s Brian White) takes over the top job and immediately starts to cause tension on the squad. He makes it clear that attending a get-together on his boat is mandatory, which doesn’t still well with Severide, who instead spends the night with a woman (Continuum‘s Rachel Nichols) he met at a seminar for troubled managers. (At this point, I’m pretty sure Severide could step into an empty room and find someone to hook up with.) Then he tells Cruz that he’s not coming back to Firehouse 51. “I wanted to learn from you,” Cruz responds. “You go, I go.”

Elsewhere, a new candidate, Jimmy Borrelli (The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen), arrives now that Dawson’s a full-fledged firefighter – well, until she announces her pregnancy. Jimmy gets off to a bad start when his prankster brother drops him off at the station, wrapped in plastic and reeking of alcohol. (Did anyone else notice a little somethin’ somethin’ between Jimmy and Chili when she offered to free him of his constraints?) Boden sends him home with orders not to return. But Jimmy manages to get his job back by apologizing to the Chief.

On the paramedic front, Brett and Chili get attached to an infant after the mother dies during a call. Chili even goes so far as to reach out to Dr. Halstead at Molly’s so they can get confirmation that the baby survived. (It did.)

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Fire, P.D. and the upcoming Med are ending every episode at Molly’s this season, which is a nice way to tie the three series together.

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