S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Saved the Date!

Agents of SHIELD Jemma Portal

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fitz tried to help Simmons re-acclimate to life here on Earth, Coulson worked to save Lincoln from the ATCU and Hunter put up a good fight to join a (very) bad crowd.

FIGHT CLUB | In the name of hunting Ward, Hunter reaches out to a bloke who has connections. But in order to get a meeting with his friend’s friends, he will have to endure a brutal donneybrook in an underground fight club. May meanwhile is left to linger in the background, lest the sight of a “tiny Asian woman” kicking all kinds of ass set off alarms. (Fortunately for viewers, a couple of goons get too handsy with May, so she leads them into a back room and whales on them as only she can, promising to keep the beatdown their little secret.) Hunter meanwhile finds himself brawling with his friend, who with the help of some brass knuckles he is able to bludgeon (to death?). As a result, Hunter moves deeper undercover — as HYDRA’s newest recruit.

TRADING PLACES | Lincoln is on the lam and it’s especially hard for him to hide given that Rosalind Price has plastered his face all over the airwaves alongside the headline “Alien Threat.” Lincoln ultimately reaches out to his AA sponsor, only to see the well-meaning guy rat him out to the ATCU. Coulson meanwhile finagles a meeting with Price, whom — after admiring her own, unnamed but male, convertible — he chastises for going about her Inhuman hunting the wrong way. Price has the upper hand, in that she knows about Daisy. But Coulson isn’t about to let the ATCU get its hands on either Daisy or Lincoln (who BTW shared a kiss during the manhunt), so he instead gives himself up, as a resource for Price to tap into.

HOME, SWEET HOME…? | Simmons wasn’t just a bit woozy after her out-of-this-world escapade, as she adjusted back to Earth’s gravity. She also seemed hyper-sensitive to sounds and sensations — to the point that a vibrating cell phone sounded like a jackhammer to her, though she kept this side effect hidden from others. Fitz did his best to ease her back into Bus life, and then capped his efforts by following through on the dinner reservation they missed all those months ago, the night she got sucked into the monolith. Jemma is touched by the gesture, yet she can’t help but be distracted by her environs, until she ultimately breaks down there in the restaurant. Later, in the episode’s “bonus” scene, when Bobbi finds her fiddling with the portal fragments, Jemma declares — very much a la Jack Shephrd — that she needs the portal fixed because has to go baaaaaack!

What did you think of the episode “A Wanted (Inhu)man”?