Castle Recap: Secrets and Liars

Castle Season 8 Recap

This Monday on ABC’s Castle we got our second example of what a post-breakup episode looks like — for better, or for worse?

Starting the hour off, one got the sense that Martha popped up at the 12th to speak for the audience, asking Katherine a more polite version of “WTF?!” After Beckett asserted that no divorce is in the cards, Martha urged her daughter-in-law to be honest — “with yourself, and with your husband.” As she reminded, “My son is a lot of things…. but he is someone you can always count on. And that’s a rare thing, kiddo.”

From there on, we had a version of last week’s episode — Rick scrambling to find cause to horn in on a breaking murder case, with Alexis at his side — though this time around Espo and Ryan got considerable more screen time, as the former nudged his cash-strapped partner to buck for a promotion by taking the sergeant’s exam. Ryan wound up copping the last available slot, at first keeping that fact a secret from Espo but later ‘fessing up. All was good in the end, when Beckett told the two “bozos” their captain surely could finagle an extra exam slot.

Speaking of Ryan, whose wife Jenny is expecting their second kid, and who already moonlights: This episode introduced the fact that Rick is slipping his former cohort $500-a-week to feed him leads on their murder cases. Rick defended the arrangement by arguing that Ryan isn’t trading in state’s secrets, but still — a bit icky, right?

The Case of the Week took some odd turns — the victim Rick thought to be a reclusive author in fact was a pathological liar (thank God someone made a Jon Lovitz reference), and thus may have been whacked for also claiming to be an Irish gang member. But just when it appeared the motive for murder might be “valid” (i.e. to cover up a City Hall official’s secret slush fund), it turned out the wife did it, irked as she was to have wed a faux author :-/

As for the LOKCSAT sitch, Beckett semi-surreptitiously pored over old newspaper articles about the Bracken bust before enlisting a CSI to run some tests on the heroin seized from Vulcan Simmons. But to what eventual end?

What did you think of “What Lies Beneath,” the 89 percent of you who are still watching?