Post Mortems
Once Emma Hook Breakup

Once Upon a Time Bosses on Emma's Next Move, Belle's Mission and More

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emma popped a question at Hook, Belle got an eyeful, a new villain made himself known and a “dead” friend resurfaced.

After moderating the Once panel at New York Comic-Con on Friday — at which we screened this week’s episode, “Siege Perilous” — I asked series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis about the biggest twists, and what’s next.

WILL EMMA TAKE ‘NO’ FOR AN ANSWER? | Challenged to profess his feelings, one way or the other, for newly Dark Emma, Hook answered, “I loved you,” past tense. Will she let that stand or push the issue?Her next move is a well-placed mixtape,” Kitsis quipped. “No, Emma’s next move is more like Hook is going to make the next move, finding out who she is. Hook has spent a long time pursuing a Dark One and thus knows a lot about Dark Ones, so his main goal is saving Emma from herself.” As evidenced in one of the producers’ favorite moments from the episode — when Hook sees through Emma’s romantic machinations and asks what the Dark One is after — “The internal conflict remains a huge thing for her,” Horowitz said. “She is dark, but she does have feelings for Hook, and those things are at war within her and really are pushing her in the action she’s going to be taking next.”

MUST WE Once-Charming-ArthurALREADY MOURN THE CHARMING/ARTHUR BROMANCE? | After all, it has been revealed in both timelines that the king is not as noble as he may seem, having pinched the crimson toadstool from Charming during a Camelot quest and now pulling the wool over the Storybrookers’ eyes, even if it means sacrificing the occasional pawn along the way. “It’s a tricky one,” Kitsis noted, “because you can tell that Arthur and Charming would be best friends in another world. But Arthur is doing what he thinks is best for his kingdom, and Charming has to do what’s best for his family, and that’s going to put them at odds.” Added Horowitz, “Arthur isn’t a villain in the pure sense of villains that we’ve had before. What we saw is what we’ll continue to see — a man who’s really conflicted and is driven by doing what he thinks is right, and what he thinks is his destiny.”

LANCELOT IS ALIVE? DID WE KNOW THAT…? (IT’S ALL VERY CONFUSING.) | Horowitz, at my request, recounted how in Season 2 it was revealed that the Lancelot with whom Snow White reunited was actually Cora using a glamour spell. Regina’s mother then gloated that she had killed the brave night. Or was she full of hot air? “A lot of that will be clear in next week’s episode,” Horowitz assured, when we take a deeper dive into the tempestuous affair Arthur told Charming about. “We’re going to learn a lot more about Lancelot’s past and the iconic love triangle involving him, Arthur and Guinevere.”

WHAT IS BELLE TO Once-Belle-JarMAKE OF RUMPLE’S VANISHING? | For no sooner did the rose reveal to her that he was awakening from his coma, she arrived at his bedside to find him AWOL. Will Belle set out on a search? “Oh, 100 percent,” Kitsis previews. “She knows he’s been taken, she thinks Emma is behind it, and she’s going to go look for him…. Belle gets really strong this year.” Horowitz echoed that sentiment, saying: “Belle is activated now. She knows he’s awake and she’s determined to find out what happened.”

As for Rumple’s level of helplessness now that he has a clean heart/is a “blank slate,” Kitsis put it at a 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10). “He has no magic, but he carries the wisdom of everything he’s gone through,” the EP said during the panel. “At the same time, he still probably wants to run rather than fight.”

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  1. laurelnev says:

    I still love my show, but I’m still not loving this season. So Lancelot is alive now? And Arthur is bad? I DO hope they’re not going to disrespect Le Morte de Arthur TOO badly with this upcoming story. (They’ve already reduced the Brave Robin Hood to a milquetoast cuckold.) The only things I’m really digging about this season is Regina, Belle, and the upcoming return of Red. And I’d still REALLY like to see Snow and Charming find their brains one day. They seem to lose more grey matter with each passing episode. Looks like OUAT will be a 2nd half team again this year!

  2. Claire says:

    Are we really sacrificing who Emma is so that we can redeem Rumpelstiltskin? Gross.

    • laurelnev says:

      I’ve been getting a lot of flak for not being into this whole Dark Emma thing. I’m glad to see I have some company. Emma was already a nuanced character; Dark Snow was far more interesting than Dark Swan will ever be, imo.

      • Claire says:

        I don’t think Dark Swan is very much like Emma. We don’t really see much of her struggle in present day, and we already saw that all roads lead to her becoming the Dark One in the first episode of the season. To me, seeing how far she’s fallen is just using her in Rumple’s redemption arc, and now she is even going to be the one to force heroism on him.

        Plus, we already saw the Dark One abuse Belle until even RumBelle shippers were upset with how horribly he treated her. I don’t want them to do that over with Captain Swan to make Rumple’s treatment of Belle seem less awful. Emma was better than the manipulation she’s been using on her loved ones this year, and I don’t blame the dagger. I blame plot-driven storylines and the men in charge for not caring that they ruined a bunch of strong female characters to get to this.

        • buttercupscarlett95 says:

          Glad to see I’m not the only one who dislikes Dark Swan! Emma was such an interesting, layered character, and what made her admirable was that, despite all the tough things she went through, she remained a good person. Now they’ve completely dumped that wonderful, refreshing character and turned her into a cookie cutter villain. She doesn’t even have the style and humor Rumple had. She’s just emotionless and hollow, following the Dark One’s orders mindlessly. Why does she want to use that sword to “snuff out the light”? You’d think she’d at least hesitate on that one and argue with the Dark One. But no, she’s all in on this ridiculous plan for . . . reasons. Do all the strong women on this show have to be tarnished like this? Look what they did to Snow last year with baby Lily.

          I’m pleasantly surprised Killian didn’t go the Belle route. Guess he saw how foolish it was for Belle to coddle Rumple. Glad he isn’t putting up with Dark Swan’s crap.

          • Emma was never interesting. As long as the show and fans like yourself were unwilling to admit to the mistakes she made and the crimes she had committed – up to Season 4 – she will always remain an artificial character to me.

          • Mariana Vidal says:

            That is your opinion and as such it is valid. However, some of us do not agree. Emma is and always has been a wonderful character. Before this absurdity of making her the dark one she had her place as the very independant and capable Ms. Swan, who also happens to be the charmin’s beautiful daughter; her own person and a wonderful person at that strong, reliable and nobody’s fool.

    • Rebecca says:

      Especially since Rumple could’ve avoided the whole Darkness escaping by staying in New York. The dark one had no magic out there. He only returned to save his own life since he was dying. Why is no one resenting him? He had a chance to die so the dark one would not hurt his loved ones and apparently they weren’t worth it.

      Personally, I’d like to see “Clean” Rumple realize this and sacrifice himself for Emma and the crew. It’s not that I want him to die, it’s that, at this point, that action is the only one that could make up the all the things he has done. It’s time he actually fought and defeated his own selfishness and cowardice instead of being forgiven time and again despite not changing his ways.

      Rumple’s basically rewarded for being a selfish jerk and Emma gets kicked in the teeth for actually being a hero.

      • Nicole says:

        Welcome to our world. Regina and Hook have had endless amounts of happiness. You can argue Hook isnt as “bad” as Rumple but Regina? No way!!! She’s destroyed entire villages filled with families. I’d say Rumbelle fans are in need of a redemption arc….at least for an
        episode or two. So please, be kind and let us enjoy it while it lasts…cuz it won’t! Lol.

      • zumpie says:

        I could not possibly agree more. If they do gift Goldemorte with being a hero, then that’s disgusting. He’s once again ruined Emma’s life and once again isn’t having to be held accountable. Plus, I’ve been saying he should’ve stayed across the town line (or they should’ve just pushed him there) all along.

        What’s interesting is Belle’s also partially responsible for poor Emma’s current state.

      • Kevin says:

        Emma is suffering the dark side because of what snow and charming did to her as a child. Remember, she had both light and darkness in her and it was unknown which side would take hold.. and snow and charming couldn’t take that so they performed an evil act to try and remove the evil from Emma. What we are seeing now is the consequences of this act.

        Also, Rumple stated, it he dies, the dark one doesn’t, the dark one continues and it’s actually Rumple himself who holds it back, that was why he came back to storybrooke to save his life to not allow the dark one itself free. It’s also why Emma used the dagger the become the next dark one herself.. The entity dark one is too evil and needs someone to control it.. and that someone get’s corrupted by evil in the process.

    • Nicole says:

      I sooooooo hope we are!!!!! Killian’s speech about how he was the villian in the Milah arc was a Rumbelle fans dream!!!! Then to have Dark Swan wake Gold…I know our ship’s happiness, if given, won’t last long, but I’m gonna ride it for whatever we can get! #shipRumbelle YAY!!!!

    • ladylavinia1932 says:

      Yes. Because if you’re going to continue to bash Rumpel, you might as well bash everyone . . . including the overrated Savior named Emma Swan. She has also committed crimes and made mistakes. But I guess you’re going to continue to pretend that she is blameless.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Claire, it is not a matter of sacrificing Emma. The beautiful savior will have to come back to her own eventually. Let us remember that the show is about these characters getting their happy endings which were taken away by the former Evil queen. Emma chose to take darkness into herself in order to save Regina and Rumple who by the way, also deserves a happy ending with the lovely Bell in my opinion, they all do; if not by their deeds, be it by the fact that we, the viewers who love the show, wait in anticipation of all these wonderful characters being happy ever after.

      I do agree that the writers have been taking us through a very dissapointing session right now but I do hope that things will get much better. We all know how brilliant the actors are and it is just a matter of giving them better material to work with. In sum, Emma looks mediocre as the dark one simply because she does not belong there; she was born to be the savior and the mother of that adorable prince Henry Daniel Mills. Good and Evil are not equal forces, good will always obliterate evil. Therefore, Emma will come back to the only role befitting the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.


  3. Rebecca says:

    Okay so….. I’m confused. Was that a CS breakup? This entire article feels like a non-answer to that part.

    • Val says:

      No it isnt. There is still a love story happening between them. And Hook doing all he can to save the woman he loves… thats still in the story and narrative… they are still the story they are telling and being a couple in development.

      • Rebecca says:

        “And Hook doing all he can to save the woman he loves… thats still in the story and narrative… they are still the story they are telling and being a couple in development.” Not sure if you’re watching the same show as me….. Considering he told her he LOVED her (past tense) and that he can apparently only love her if she’s good. True love is unconditional. Belle at least loved Rumple even AS the Dark One.

        • Val says:

          Belle didnt know Rumple before the DO.
          We ALL know Emma for four years – is this the real entirely the Emma we know? no not really. There is Emma and their dark curse in her.
          Emma says she is better, she isnt better. She was better and best when she was the Emma Swan. There is MEGA difference here.
          Also Hook knew Emma/DO was there to manipulate him and playing a game. Love is a weapon coming in theme.

          • Jen says:

            Emma is still Emma, even though she’s also the Dark One. Like Belle said to Rumple in S2, “There’s good in you. I see it. I’ve always seen it.” And Regina said to Dark Emma last episode, “I know you, the good you. It’s still in there.”

            But Hook doesn’t seem to feel that way so far. He wants to separate ‘Emma’ from the ‘Dark One.’ He wants to believe they’re two different entities, even though that’s the last thing Emma needs. She needs someone to believe in her and KNOW she’s still the same person deep down. She needs someone who isn’t afraid of her.

            It’s like if your family member is an addict. You know the addiction causes them to do terrible things, but you also know the addiction is NOT them. It’s just a part of them. You can accept it and try to help them, or you can protect yourself and give up on them. Neither choice makes you a bad person.

            I would be fine with Hook giving up on Emma if it were really about protecting himself, the healthy choice. But it doesn’t seem like it is. He made it clear: “I liked your walls. I liked being the one to break them down.” She’s always been more of a conquest to him than a girlfriend…he’s a pirate after all! He lives and loves obsessively. He wants the power, and now that everything’s swapped, Emma is the villain, she has the power and he has none…he’s uncomfortable. And probably scared.

            Emma needs someone who isn’t afraid of her. I would say she needs a Belle to her Rumple, but that’s unhealthy too…so much manipulation! Emma needs someone who’s an equal match in power. Someone who can accept her as she is without letting her manipulate them. I hope Hook can get over himself and step up, or bow out and let someone else help Emma through this. I can’t wait to see where they go with this!

        • Rebecca says:

          Love isn’t everything.
          Look, at Hitler. Are you saying that his true-love wouldn’t have second thoughts about being with him after all the horrible things he did?(Assuming she defined the things he did as horrible and was even remotely “good”)

        • Lynyrd says:

          “Belle loved Rumple as the Dark One” – and look where that got her. It left her broken hearted, feeling like a fool, and scared of the man she married. Rumple was never going to fight back the darkness, because why would he? He had power AND love, and it wasn’t until Belle finally realized that her love alone was never going to be enough and she banished him that Rumple realized it doesn’t work like that (and he still tried to use manipulation and the author to get his way).

          Killian drawing his line in the sand was the best thing he could do for Emma Swan, because she is still in there. He made it clear that she doesn’t get it all – she doesn’t get to be the powerful Dark One that wreaks havoc AND have his love. He will fight for the woman he loves, but that woman isn’t the Dark Swan.

          Saying that Killian should accept Emma no matter what else is going on, is like saying that Emma should have just blindly accepted him when he was in full Captain Hook mode, or that Henry shouldn’t have tried to break the curse, because he loved Regina. Love doesn’t work like that.

          Rumbelle is the prime example for why Killian’s actions were the right ones. It will hurt them both in the end, but it will also give the pieces of Emma that are still HER something to fight for. Rumple never had that.

          • Val says:

            EXACTLY. And also read the tv line article on what the articles says and why… about Hook and Emma.

          • zumpie says:

            Chiming in to agree as well. Rumbellers who use this argument are also sending a verrrryyyy dangerous message, especially given how abusive Rumbelle is—-using their argument, if your beloved is a drug addict (which is most analgous to this situation)—you DON’T simply “accept that, because that’s who they are”. You work really, really hard to help them see the light and overcome their addiction. And sometimes that’s very much in the form of tough love.

            Likewise, if they’re abusive or lesser, have an anxiety disorder that causes them to act inappropriately, you don’t just say “well, but that’s who they are”. You either get away or you get them help or try to help them. Which again, doesn’t generally consist of holding their hand and telling them how down with their bad behavior you are.

            The most interesting part of this argument is that Hook’s behavior here is closest to MiniBagel’s…who also was horrified by his father’s new bad actions and demanded his father change (i.e. go to the LWoM) or lose him forever. Crumpled Pigskin chose power and then spent hundreds of years inflicting pain on others to reunite with Bagel again.

            Hook’s working to make sure Emma doesn’t make the same mistake. Belle simply enabled Rumple, culminating in all we now see

        • Kevin says:

          Hook fell in love with Emma Swan, not the dark one. The dark one is basically someone with Emma’s memories. So Hook does not love the dark one, he loves Emma.. big difference.

          Belle fell in love with the dark one Rumple, can she love non dark one Rumple? That we have to see, because he should be a different character now.. one that is very cowardly, can Belle basically love the coward Rumple?

  4. Val says:

    Heartbreaking Emma and Hook scene. Love is a weapon being used.

    Hook loves Emma. But as we all know and can see – this is not entirely Emma, she isnt better like she said. She was better and best when as the Real Emma Swan we love.

  5. Lisa says:

    I hated the episode!!!!My Captain Swan heart is almost broken….so much pain!!!!!

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    Ok i liked this episode the hook swan scene was sad because he knew that she was after something and she was since she said she worked hard for the sword which she used to wake up gold
    Also seeing now that Arthur is the villain and as this article says not in the real sense but for his kingdom and people I look forward to see what happens that makes everything tie together and why he lied about having the mushroom and the dagger completing Excalibur

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    Emma Swan’s smokin’ HOT dress is back.

  8. Ivy says:

    My main takeaway from this season so far: I REALLY miss BBC’s “Merlin.”

    • Nancy says:

      OMG LMAO I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is taking that away from this season of OUAT. Every time they refer to King Arthur and it’s not Bradley James I get a little sadder

  9. I just have to say ... says:

    Someone really needs to explain how in the h*ll Arthur knew how to drive the truck. I don’t buy a quick “steer with this, press this to go” – even if I did miss it.

    • Michelle says:

      YES!!! And looking at the age of that trucks I bet it was a stick shift!

    • Jessica says:

      Haha! I said the same thing during that scene.

    • Kevin says:

      Better question, how in the world did the guy survive being hit square in the chest by a 2X4 from a speeding truck probably doing 40 or 50 mph while he was on horseback charging straight into it? And he walked away without a scratch?

      Uhmm idk, but I would think his ribs would have been shattered, lungs punctured and died.

  10. Nicole says:

    I liked this episode because Hook reminded the viewers that Rumple wasn’t a bad man to begin with. He was under a curse. He did good things (stopped the war, saved the children)with the dagger at first but then he succumbed to its darkness.Regina burned down villages with children in them, killing them and their families. I dont see how either character is more likeable than the other. In real life I wouldnt be friends with either of them. In tv land though my favorite couple is Rumbelle.

    • zumpie says:

      Errmmmm……Rumple also extracted a significant price for ending that war, so it wasn’t about altruism, it was about enrichment and enslavement. His son already hated him by that point. Additionally, while he wasn’t always bad, he was a selfish coward and he did also commit arson, imperiling everyone in the castle and murder to become the DO…..

      And no, that wasn’t solely to protect MiniBagel, nor, even if it was would that make it okay….because if you feel others should give their lives so MiniBagel could live, then you’re saying his life is more valuable than theirs are.

    • Sharon says:

      Well said.

  11. DarkDefender says:

    While the Camelot stuff seems a bit of a bore, the whole dark swan story is the best they have done yet. I thought it was a solid episode.

  12. prish says:

    The husband says, “I know what she’s doing. She’s going for the Spock look!” Why is it Snow White seems to leave her long, cute, curly hair in the past kingdom? We’ve got to tell Sephora to open in Storybrooke, with all their fantastic curl products. She looks so darling in her long hair, our perfect fairy tale princess. We like fairy tales in the present, too.

  13. prish says:

    The husband says, “I know what she is doing. She is going for the Spock look!” Why does she seem to leave her long, cute, curly hair in the past kingdom? We need to tell Sephora to open in Storybrooke, with their wonderful curl products. She could wear her fairy tale curls in the present, too.

  14. Tee says:

    How on earth does Arthur know how to drive a pickup truck?!!!???!!!!

  15. MEg says:

    I’m enjoying this season so far and (in an episode I thought I wouldn’t like) I think this episode pushed the story along. Sometimes you just need episodes to do that and this one flowed rather nicely even though I’m not usually into Charming episodes. I think the only question I’d ask is do they not have surveillance in the sheriff’s office at all anymore? Or , better yet, why is no one ever there when visitors come? Good episode and this season is good thus far.

  16. Ginger Snap says:

    The “Emma as The Dark One” is necessary to keep the story interesting, but it fails because Jennifer Morrison just isn’t a strong enough as an actress to carry it off. I don’t buy any part of her performance. I wince whenever she tries to play the bad girl.

    That said, the concept is a good one. In every one, here exists the potential to choose evil. Clearly, Emma has chosen evil, and as with Rumple, power is a difficult drug to resist.

    Never have been a CS shipper, so I don’t care if Emma and Hook ever get back together. Since their love affair was always a forced thing by the writers, I would be quite happy to see Hook develop a love interest with some other female character and ride off into the sunset. I vote for Ruby.

  17. Ellie says:

    Hook still loves Emma. He doesn’t love the dark one. And that was the dark one manipulating him. He literally said last episode “the woman I love”. I’m sure some people would love if he was, but he’s not stupid. He knows the dark one was trying to manipulate him. By not telling her loves her and using the word “loved”, he managed to get through to her for a moment, and gave her another reason to fight against the darkness that is wanting to take over her. And with other articles and writers/actors comments on him, he does not see her as a conquest and truly does love her. I see a lot of people are jumping to conclusions, and it kind of annoys me. I’m sure 5×08, will be proof that CS are okay.

  18. Linda says:

    Look at it this way too. Rumple’s heart turned black and he almost died. As Hook said Rumple was a coward but a good man until he let Darkness overcome him. He does not want same thing happening to Emma.

    And Dark One inside Emma was trashing past Emma and has been implying that she is better the way she is &needed to change. By saying he loved her, he is saying the real her was and is worthy of love, and she didn’t need to change. He is trying to get her to believe in and fight against the DO posessing her. The others except David don’t even seem to be doing anything in SB to bring Emma back. Just trying to confine damage DS is doing.

  19. Sassafrass says:

    Ok my dear friend Matt, tell me your thoughts on the dark-not-rumple in Emma’s head saying that Emma “crushed Hook’s heart even more” at the end of the episode? It seems odd and very specific that they chose the term “crushed” in reference to his heart when, ahem, someone’s heart needed a good crushing in order to get back to storybrooke. Which would mean someone else’s heart is now in hook’s body….possibly a split Emma heart. Which sounds all far-fetched but then Jane Espenson’s tweet about Hook’s heart being on the line? COME ON NOW.

  20. ritabug30 says:

    Love love this episode! It was horrible to see Emma using Hook, I know however their relationship will survive this. Great season so far, great episode. What is Aruther up to? Is that really Lancelot? I hope so

  21. Gail says:

    So will the jail security camera show Arthur giving the poison to his squire ? That was the camera that showed Wicked Witch off her self after being hexed by Rumple. Or will David have forgotten to turn it on or change the tape or something.

    • Kevin says:

      That’s the plot twist, Arthur doesn’t know about that.. Probably 4 or 5 episodes David will review it on the security footage, but this won’t happen until they for some reason don’t trust Arthur.

  22. Amelia says:

    Great article hook and Emma will overcome this that’s true love for you. Hook will not enable her to stay dark but fight for Emma swan. The last request she said was get the darkness out of me and that’s what he is doing bringing Emma back! Hook will never give up on the woman he loves! True love will overcome anything #captainswan great article

  23. GraceM says:

    I always thought Lancelot was still alive. II nevertook Cora’s word for it.

  24. Maria says:

    I love Hook and Emma’s relationship and I was very pleased that he was strong enough to cut her off and not appreciate this bad phase of her life. He showed her that she can’t have everything, she has to make a choice, and I think that’s gonna be important later when she decided to come back to the light. No matter what, this two are true love so they’ll overcome everything!
    And I’m so confused with this Lancelot thing! Hopefully next episode will clear that up.

  25. Caterina says:

    I loved this article I am so excited for this season and can’t wait to see what is next for my babies #CaptainSwan

  26. Sue Daniels says:

    Hook & Emma are the characterrs I feel the strongest about and have the greatest attachment to. Their relationship is my favorite part of the show. I was so proud of Killian on this moment. He will not settle for less than the woman he loves. While this will be painful, true love will conquer. Of this, I have no doubt. It will be a beautiful journey to reclaiming it… And her.

  27. says:

    We want Emma to come back to good side

  28. It's Delovely says:

    Thanks for asking about whether Belle will be searching for Rumple. I know that Belle is smart and would figure out that Emma has him, but it’s nice to hear that we’ll see that play out.

    I actually really enjoyed last night’s episode: it had a good balance of characters and stories. So happy that Rumple is awake! Hope that Belle finds him soon and that we get some scenes between the two of them.

  29. Seth says:

    I’m just wondering how Emma cast the curse because it requires killing the thing you love most. Herny, Hook or her parents aren’t dead, so it doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, with the whole memory wipe, she could have just gone around being regular Emma and none would have been the wiser.

    • I too have wondered how she did it. After seeing episode 4. Maybe she and Hook consummated their relationship in the rose garden, she became pregnant and promised the child to the darkness. I surely hope not as Killian would never forgive her.

  30. writeseth says:

    How did Emma cast the curse? That curse requires killing the thing you love the most and no one she loves is dead.

  31. Rumbelleforever says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing Adam, Eddy, writers, etc, etc., calling Rumple a coward. What other character on this sinking ship of a show sacrificed themselves for every ungrateful person in the town of SB? Hmmm…..that would be….No One, EXCEPT Rumple. As far as I see it, Hook is the biggest liar and coward of them all and the “jump the shark” moment of this entire series was the killing of Baelfire who was the main thread for the entire Season 1.

    • zumpie says:

      Actually pretty much all of them have repeatedly risked their lives to save everyone else (including Goldemorte). And since none of them would even be in SB if Crocodummy, Sr. hadn’t manipulated events for them to be there, well he pretty much owes them all, for eternity. He’s a coward and has always been written as one. I tend to think A&E know more about the character they created than you do.

      Also, killing off a plot contrivance is what upset you? He’s been dead for almost two seasons, now. Go watch something else if it bothers you so much. It’s just pretend, anyway. Plus, you do realize it’s a show about Emma, with Rumple as a supporting character, right?

  32. browneyegurl says:

    Seriously everything they got wrong with Emma they got right with Hook. Your significant other is making unwelcome sexual advances? Make it clear it’s bothering you and walk away. Is your partner emotionally blackmailing you into staying with them? Stand your ground and say no. Do they want you to accept their problematic behaviour? Leave them until they start behaving. I’m glad they’re not trying to paint S5!CS as romantic but at the same time why didn’t Emma do this when Hook was the problem?!

  33. Sharon says:

    Rumple didn’t disappear, he freakin ascended. He’s finally at peace with the Ancients where he belongs.

  34. Sharon says:

    I for one absolutely LOVED this past episode. I especially enjoyed how this episode contained a lot of long scenes between characters that were full of good dialogue, that something that tends to become scarce for most shows once they surpass three seasons it seems. So to have such good dialogue in this past episode was very refreshing.

    And to everyone who is over analysing this FICTIONAL TV SHOW: Calm your tits. It’s just a show, folks. Stop preaching to the Rumbelle fans that their love for said couple is realistically unhealthy and blah blah blah. Sure, it is, but once again…it’s just a show. Let’s keep things in perspective now.

    If the writers were wanting to shock people with waking up Rumple, then they certainly succeeded with me. I truly didn’t see that coming. I thought we had a few more episodes to go before Rumple awoke, but I’m delighted we won’t need to wait any longer. I’m also extremely excited that Belle will be on the hunt to find him and will be given the chance to show how strong she really is.

    As for Dark Swan, I think people are missing the point that DS is supposed to be hated. We’re not meant to like her…her character as the Dark One is supposed to be unlikable. Kind of like Cora. As for how well JM is playing the part, I think she could be little better, but overall I think she’s doing fine and portraying the ‘coldness’ of this Dark One quite well. Anyway, for anyone who is actually worried that she and Hook will breakup or whatever – please. There’s no way that those two won’t get together in the end. Seriously, people…

    Anyway, the first two episodes were on the slow side, but last week’s episode made up for it, and big time IMO. I loved every second of it. Can’t wait for more!

  35. Nicole says:

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK-SPOILER ALERT-CAUTION-I knew it wouldnt last f Rumbelle. Pics from set show Killians name on Excalibur. He is fighting Gold. Looks like Killian is the Saviour. Nice for Captain Swan shippers. Sad for Rumbelle fans. :(

  36. Malak Sama'a says:

    My hopes for Once Upon a Time is to have a less tragic/dramatic love stories. I honestly love the slight romance, in which we-the viewers- sense the chemistry between the characters either through their facial expression, eye contact, some of their words or situations rather than having the whole romantic feelings pour outside causing tears, whining, broken promises, tragic sacrifices, etc. In my mind I eleminated Robinhood (since ever) and now Hook, alongside belle and Rumple of course (their story lost its spark to me). I, however, liked the change that occured- for a very brief time sadly- in Snow and Charming’s characters in ep 23 of the previous season. I think we need some constant evil characters, not in terms of pure wickedness that cause distruction, but in terms of character’s priorities. We could suggest evilness through a self-serving character that couldn’t be trusted. I’m hoping Arthur’s character will be close to what I have in mind. I’m also hoping for King Swan lol…..

  37. Mariana Vidal says:

    I am delighted to see that Rumple is no longer the dark one. However that does not mean that I am enjoying Emma’s predicament. She is the daughter of Snow and Charming for heaven’s sake and the writers are not showcasing the gifts of this talented actress to best advantage. Why is it that Regina looks positively regal and totally convincing as the evil queen and Emma appears as a cartoon of something evil? Producers please, please wake up! If you inted to continue with precious Emma as the dark swan, at least do something different with that horribel white hair of hers it is not becoming at all.
    Please don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated and delighted with the show I have been fan from day one because the actors are positively gifted and masters of their craft but the material provided so far this season is mediocre. How can you try to sell us the idea that King Arthur is the bad guy? Mariana

  38. I enjoyed the episode 4. However, I am somewhat disappointed that King Author is portrayed as a villain. He has always been most loved in mythology, so having him become dark is just too far out of character. As always, Hook and Emma are the main reason I watch the series. I adore them. I love the scenes between them. Hook interacting with Henry was darling, but the writers always seem to cut the scenes so short when Hook and Emma are together. They should have taken advantage of the rose garden with the two of them alone, having the opportunity to really embrace and confess their deepest feelings for one and other. We have yet to hear Hook tell her that he loves her. Only after she becomes the “Dark One” does he say he “I loved you”. We followers want to see more in depth romance and dialog between them that last more than a couple of minutes . No problem with Robin and Regina, so why not Hook and Emma?

  39. Jennifer says:

    I am in love with once upon a time I have been watching it since it first can out to Australia which was i think 3 or 4 years ago so I would have been 10 or 9 and I’m 13 now and I’m only on season 4 and I really want Emma and Hook to have a very happy ever after

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      I am with you all the way Jennifer, I love, love, love this fantastic show and I want a happy ending for each and everyone of these characters. I am very disspointed and down right depressed about the fact that Rumple is the Dark One again. The premise is totally absurd. Why go through the trouble of making his heart pure white if he was going to revert to darkness? No, no, no, no!