Castle Nathan Fillion BreakUp

Castle's Nathan Fillion Talks Break-Up Twist: The Goal Is to Bring Back the Show 'Everybody Fell in Love With'

Castle‘s title star apparently cocked his own eyebrow upon learning that the ABC series’ new showrunners, Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, planned to break up Rick and Kate two weeks into Season 8, less than a year after their on-screen wedding.

“First of all, I asked them if they were high,” Nathan Fillion quipped to TVLine on Saturday night, at The Paley Center for Media‘s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog reunion event. “Second, they reassured me that what was going was they wanted to get back to a time when people were rooting for the couple, rooting for them to get together, to do something.”

So with Beckett (played by Stana Katic) keeping her husband at arm’s length while she secretly pursues a deadly agenda — the search for Bracken’s high-powered partner — Castle is left to do what he can to “win her back” by, as sampled in last week’s episode,STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION recreating the crimesolving camaraderie that first lit a fire under the couple’s “Will They/Won’t They” tension.

“People had a desire, a wont, for them to fight for something,” Fillion observes. And in finding this way to restore that dynamic, “I think [the showrunners] did a really good job.”

Asked how Castle will be different with its marrieds now separated, Fillion pointed to a return to the procedural’s lighter days/episodes.

“One of the things that Terence and Alexi are really big on, and I agree, is they don’t consider Castle to be a drama,” Fillion said. “It’s never been much of a drama; it’s far more a comedy with dramatic and heartfelt moments. And they wanted to bring it back to a time when it was funny, when it was great, when it was the lighthearted show that everybody fell in love with.”

And if this new set-up — Rick operating as a private eye, with daughter Alexis’ assistance, while Beckett, Ryan and Esposito chase cases — means better “utilizing the wonderful, talented actors we already have on the show,” that’s the best of all worlds, Fillion said.

As for the other shoe yet to drop — the next “shift” to come for Rick and Kate, in the fall finale airing Nov. 23 — Fillion had nada to tease: They haven’t told me yet, so you already know more than me!”

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  1. Big Mike says:

    So they couldn’t have made it more comedic and less of a drama without this ridiculously nonsensical storyline?

    • lkh says:

      I really think that the evolution to being ‘lighter’ as he states or more comedic and less dramatic is really not what attracted fans. He, Castle, was intelligent, clever and had great dialogue-he morphed into a fool. They have on occasion had just ridiculous episodes–last week not so bad-a little silly, but please next Monday no goofy Castle. You can sell that anymore, no one is buying at this stage. Fans have taken this abrupt change very seriously and it deserves to be addressed seriously.

      • lkh says:

        Actually, a bit of an edit–fans, whatever–it’s really the story that deserves better treatment.

      • Just one thing says:

        Evening, lkh! I have a hard time seeing where these guys are coming from. Going back to the “light stories” and “comedy” is counter-intuitive to breaking up the main couple and shrouding it in complex, high-stakes drama.
        It just reeks of an excuse to separate Castle and Beckett, and the actors who play them. Only in this new direction, Castle gets to play with Alexis, Ryan, Espo, Ha(y)ley, super fun guest stars, and occasionally Beckett. Sometimes.

        • lkh says:

          Hey JOT! Unfortunately, I think when they say light stories, they’re talking ‘bring in the clown’. Remember the confident, clever, witty, intelligent banter, dialogue, quips and,–I’m starting to tear up :[ Now ‘light’ translates into something very unpleasant. Someone here has made the point that the episodes just jump around, no continuity-just leave these traumatic events hang for a few weeks–maybe January we will be back to them. Something very serious, unnerving happens, and we just throw in a few goofy episodes, prat falls, silly hats, you know, ‘light’. That was season 7–not a good idea.

          The focus should be on both the characters figuring out why they ended up where they are (besides a bad idea from the writers). Both characters theoretically ’caused’ this to happen. The story lies in the resolution of those issues. Clown boy keeps trying to get her attention so she will fall in love again, and she’s told him at least a dozen times that she loves him. Her demons, I dunno how to ‘unwrite’ that character confusion.

          OMG, I think he’s wearing a silly hat on Monday.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Exactly. And, yeah, he wears a sombrero on Monday….with a goofy, oversized grin. The only hat I have liked seeing Rick/Nathan in is a fedora (Blue Butterfly and the Indian Jones hat in the mummy curse ep).

          • lkh says:

            And just to add confusion and fuel to this fire, I liked the first two episodes (8/1, 8/2)–I know, y’all hated the last 5 minutes. But 8/3 is not what needed to happen to follow those two.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I’m with you, lkh. Ep 3 was a disappointment. Now that they’ve chosen this arc they could do so much with it. Hope on….

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Nathan has indicated his preference for the comedic aspects of Castle (both show and character) in just about every interview of his since the show premiered. I can’t help but think some of the direction Hawley and Winter have taken is influenced by him. I certainIy think that much of the goofy side of Rick is due to how Nathan chose to play scenes with directors letting him for the past few seasons. Rick was playful early on but never stupid, child-like but not childish.
        I disagree with his description of Castle that “it’s never been much of a drama; it’s far more a comedy with dramatic and heartfelt moments.” I would say the opposite. The show began as a heartfelt drama with comedy and very likeable characters. But the comedy was not broad, silly, slapsticky stuff. As lkh said above, it was intelligent and clever. The dialogue was witty and bright. And the episodes blended that with intriguing COTWs and character background. One of the extraordinary things about the first few episodes was how quickly viewers got to know the main characters. They seemed real even if the premise of a writer shadowing a detective was a bit unreal.
        If Nathan is correctly representing what the new show runners said to him then they are wrong. You do not return to “lightheartedness” by introducing a deadly threat to your leads causing one to leave the other in an attempt to neutralize that threat while keeping the other as safe as possible.

        • Hege says:

          I have always viewed Castle as more of a comedy than a drama. Their strenght is the lighter episodes. The drama is usually not that good. This new storyline is awful.

          • Please. Their writing on the comedic episodes is pathetic. They claim that Castle is smart enough and disciplined enough to write over two dozen best selling books in his backstory and then portray him as a gullible buffoon who believes any dumb superstition or conspiracy theory. Bigfoot? Really? Their idea of comedy is like the sitcoms I quit watching because of their dependency on having a character that was too stupid to make it in the real world but somehow still managed. Think Ted Baxter from the old Mary Tyler Moore show or Joey from Friends.

        • Cat says:

          CastleBuzz says: “I certainIy think that much of the goofy side of Rick is due to how Nathan chose to play scenes with directors letting him for the past few seasons. Rick was playful early on but never stupid, child-like but not childish.”

          I have to agree that it is because of how Nathan plays the scenes. I once thought it was the writers’ fault, but then I saw Nathan on an episode of “Dinner with Tiffani” (Tiffani Theissen) on Food Network. He acted the same clownish, juvenile way with the people at the dinner table. Even to the extent of pointing out how witty and clever he thought he was being with his remarks to Tiffani…the other guests on her show looked like they wanted to leave or throw him out.

          • Ellen says:

            Guess you watched a different version of that episode than I, and everyone else I know who watched it, did.

          • Really? says:

            I agree with Ellen, nothing like putting YOUR personal spin on something and pretending like YOUR version is how it happened. Wow…SMDH

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Jeez, Ellen & Really? — isn’t that what you’re doing? isn’t that what we all do?? Our perceptions of the same events differ. It’s not a majority rules decision. I tuned in for a bit of the show and couldn’t watch more than a minute at the dinner table. I’ve come to the conclusion about Nathan from numerous interviews, appearances, and tweets that he is a rather immature man, teen-age humor and all.

      • I agree lkh the fans do deserve better but I don’t think they care as I witnessed in the episode 4 preview. So, Castle says “There’s no greater betrayal than a lie in a marriage.” That may be true. However, a showrunner betraying the fans isn’t great either. This whole forced break-up of Castle and Beckett by not just resetting the characters but actually attempting to reshape them is a huge betrayal of the story that has been building for many seasons

        • Louis E. says:

          If the relationship is not stronger than the pressures against it trumped up by the showrunners,then we’ve been sold a lie.

        • Jessica says:

          Yep I agree 100% they can’t just go backwards after having them be together for 3 years and now they are not is just dumb and it’s the main reason I am not recording Castle or watching castle anymore I will stick with NCIS LA and blindspot instead

          • pnw says:

            I’m with you. I’ve quit recording/watching it due to the current storyline. Many people I know have also quit watching. We had designated one person to let us know if the show improves and Rick and Kate get back togoether, but she quit watching too.

          • smartysenior says:

            I stopped watching during the entire Kate’s mother melodrama and again this season when she ran off to do dark secret plot stuff. I watch the recaps and when it gets “back to a time when it was funny, when it was great, when it was the lighthearted show that everybody fell in love with” then I start watching again. I’m super glad to see Nathan describe the show like that, I didn’t think the writers knew it was supposed to be fun.

          • Cynthia says:

            I was clicking back and forth between NCIS,LA, my first love and Castle because they. show at the same time in mt area;different stations. Very frustrating ’cause I got all of neither.I am crazy about Castle and was even do that cable jumping, but if the whole story line changes. It took seasons go get Castle and Beckett together while we waited and hoped. Then she got married “for real” and BOOM, there goes the show. I adore Nathan Fillion and will hope to come back when he’s really the Rick I know and love.

        • Rba8888 says:

          Totally agree well put!

        • Marie says:

          I love the Castle show no matter what they do….Castle is cute and charming and Kate is beautiful and I love the chemistry between them. It would be cool if they got married and investigated cases together…I love the mom, and the daughter and the two other detectives that help Kate out with solving the cases. It’s such a great show…one of my favorites on TV.

        • Big Red says:

          I agree.

      • Georgee says:

        You are right that not what the fans are upset about. On 8/5 of this year Hawley stated the show will always be about the love affair between Rick and Kate. Now that a little been left out of the bag about episode 7 (mr & Mrs Castle) and there marriage being a large part of that love affair are going to leave that out. In feel that in episode 6 (The Last Seduction) Kate seduces the ghost, kills him and call Ricks stepmother in to clean the drapery ( remove the body) at that point Kate has no reason for not going home to Kate and celebrating there first year of marriage, that would really be a positive for the fan base. That all goes back to are we being lie to about the real reason for the split? One other little thing episode 5 the Nose is (211) episode 6 (The last Seduction) is (213) what happened to (212). The show runners stated that are working at sprint speed to fix the problems of episode. You need to bring Kate back home to Rick ASAP, so you can bring the fans back if you really care.

        • geordie boy jimbo says:

          yes georgie i totally agree with your article (october 11 2015 2 57 pm) BRING KATE BECKETT BACK HOME TO RICK CASTLE ASAP!!! or otherwise if not this will be a huge betrayal to the loyal fans by the showrunners writers and ABC STUDIOS

        • She wants to leave, kill her off, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Tired of this not wanting to get back with him. Its dumb and boring. Move on.

      • maddy says:

        I agree in partial with you — in particular, it was that Castle was intelligent, clever and had great dialogue, and has morphed into a fool. Absolutely agree with you on this one. In fact, this is the main reason I have stopped watching — I just cannot deal with how stupid he’s got within the last few years. This is also a tangent problem to a lot of things people have picked up, that is the relationship with Alexis. Because Castle has got so stupid, Alexis has got quite smarmy and ‘I know better than you do, Dad.’ And I think that Castle’s de-evolution has been the root cause of this problem.

        that said, I think there are two formats Castle as a TV show does well. They do the dramatic action packed episodes like Alexis kidnapped very, very well. — I think, mostly, because it gives Castle something to DO. The other format they do quite well is the parody episodes — the X Files parody, for example, was just great.

        I think all of this boils down to Nathan. Nathan seems to do best in the dramatic darker Castle episodes, and when Nathan gets to just be a big geek and talk about sci-fi. Nathan is a fine actor, but you can tell when he’s bored. There might as well be a cardboard cut out of him standing there with his voice called in through his iPhone for quite a few episodes. You can tell when Nathan just does not even care about being there.

        TL;DR: When Nathan is engaged, I think you can tell — he brings everything to the table and he’s fantastic. But more and more over the last few years with how stupid Castle has got, I just feel like Nathan is half asleep and really, really bored — and only showing up for episodes where he cares. The rest of the time, he’s a cardboard cut out who just sits there spouting gibberish.

  2. Melissa says:

    Well, you failed.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Lol agreed.
      Yet again; You can have a show with a couple in a relationship and it still be sexy and fun and full of spark. What must these Hollywood writers relationships be like if they consider being in a couple to be such a bore that it can never be written? That they have to break the couple up to have more “will they won’t they”.
      It might have been simple but I would have much rather this show come back and start its new season and Castle and Beckett are happily married, and take on this threat together as a team, and be badass and still fun and flirty and with great comedy. How about a TV show represents happily married couples that still have that flirty spark with each other.

      • Marcie says:

        Exactly. I wish they were going your way.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        I don’t mind the new drama of another Big Bad or the split, but there’s a responsibility to treat it seriously now. By that I don’t mean every ep has to be deadly and darkly serious, but the situation has to be addressed in every ep between now and the story arc’s resolution. To me this was the big fail of Rick’s disappearance in season 7. You do not introduce such a life-altering event as a person’s disappearance on their wedding day without handling the fallout very carefully and completely. Again, there can be a mixture of lightness and seriousness in the following eps, but the elephant in the room has to acknowledged, developed and resolved in a satisfying way.
        I agree with m3rcnate. If your goal is lightheartedness and spark, Hawley and Winter should have kept them happily together with the only “drama” in their lives being how to handle Beckett being captain and the only question of WTWT being how Castle will still get to work with her.

      • A.F. says:

        The writers here should have a look at Bones. They did just what you have written about and on that show, we still have a very likebale, funy, sexy and not stupid couple as the leads. Yes, Bones needed some episodes after the wedding to get the feeling right, but after they got it they stuck to it and it was for the most part a good experience.

        • EL says:

          The comparison to Bones brings bacl the memory that those showrunners said exactly these words — ‘they wanted to get back to a time when people were rooting for the couple, rooting for them to get together’ — in the hated season 6 with the Hannah arc and lost 40% of their viewers.

        • Betisa says:

          We should not blame the writers only. I think they are doing what SK and NF allow them to do. I don’t think it was the writers’ idea that they spend less and less time together on screen.

          • lila1star says:

            Did you read the article and how it mentioned NF surprise at this? SK and NF do not have the power to over-ride the writers. It is the writers idea! I really hope your point is not headed to the rumor of the two leads not wanting to act together. Even if true–they are actors and do a lot of acting they may not like. It is their job!

        • LIzzie says:

          I think all of the fun went out of Bones when the leads became a couple, they are an example of how it just does not always work after the suspense ends.

      • Denyse says:

        I agree with you. It says above that they want the fans to root for them again. How dumb. We always were it also said they split them a couple of episodes into the season. Wrong.. first show. I stopped watching because of it. I’ll probably miss the whole season because they will be stupid enough to drag this rediculous story line out. She left him to keep him safe but they can still get to him. The whole thing is stupid. They will waste the whole season on nonsense. Such a shame really

      • Blurgh says:

        Right! There was nothing wrong with their marriage.How ridiculous to break them up already.

      • Leisa says:

        It seems like the writers don’t know how to write stories about a married couple that is what you said…fun and flirty with a spark. I think it can be done, but they apparently know their own limitations so they come up with this new twist. I love this show but I was ready for great stories about a married couple who still have the energy and fun. This new arc is bleh in my opinion.

  3. Alisha says:

    Ridiculous. So they’re basically accepting that they dint know what to do so lets just break them & go back to the earlier seasons. Do they realize how dumb that sounds? If we wanted that, we can just rewatch s1-s4 tyvm.

  4. Linda says:

    Sorry still not watching. Dumbest move ever. Could have brought humor back without divorce. That isn’t funny in my book. Epic fail.

    • S. says:

      Love that you’re not watching but you gotta come tell us all about it, Linda. If you’re thinking about coming back at some point, fine, but if you’re pretty sure you’re out, why are you wasting your time or anybody else’s? Why bring the negativity to a show you’re not even watching right now? How could you possibly know if it was any good? By the way, they’re not getting a divorce. You’re clearly not even reading the various TVLine articles clearly, never mind not watching the show. The idea of a breakup is not really a breakup anyway. At least not that we know of right now. I’d be stunned if it were. They’re clearly still in love, Rick wants to be with her and she’d be with him if she weren’t afraid it’d get him killed. So not a breakup basically.

      • Just one thing says:

        Does your finger ever get tired from all that wagging?

      • John Z says:

        Hey we are all entitled to make comments. So I am here making comments, I cant bring myself to watch the forced break up crap story line. But I loved the show, and it hurts to see what was the best written and acted show on TV, that was the highlight of our viewing week, is now painful to watch due to all the above comments. Its like watching a loved one, who is now self destructing, you still want to help, and keep coming back and not walking away, but it is still just as hard.

    • Rusty says:

      As much as I agree with the sentiments of everyone not wanting the show to succeed with this new story line, if you don’t have the little box that tells them what you are watching, all of the bitching is not going to effect anything.

      • lkh says:

        the issue is, people do want it to succeed–it may not, but that’s nobody’s wish.

        • Lisa says:

          The actual problem is that “people do want it to succeed” as long as it fits their criteria. In essence, what I’m seeing is tantamount to turning down food you haven’t tried, because you weren’t the one that cooked it. My thoughts are that we don’t know how this will work. NO, it doesn’t fit the criteria that people want of Beckett & Castle together, but we really don’t know how it will work out. We won’t know until we give it a fair shake without preconceived ideas of failure. There’s still the potential of failure, but you could also be pleasantly surprised to learn maybe it could work. Prejudging guarantees failure, even when something could have succeeded otherwise.

          • Fred Bloggs says:

            People have taken the first bite and it left a bitter taste in their mouth. Why should they then finish the meal?

          • Lisa says:

            What I’ve seen on here is that people took 2 bites, liked it, then they saw the onion that they “don’t like” (although it tasted just fine until they saw it). So, because of the sight of the one small diced onion that they were already convinced they didn’t like, they declare they don’t like it (but it still tasted fine to them). It was only the knowledge of an element that they had a preconceived idea about, that changed their mind, not the actual taste. Thus they miss out on something they actually were enjoying.

          • lkh says:

            Is this from The Joy of Cooking? the 75th anniversary edition, right?

      • Rusty says:

        As I wrote “with this story line” Not with the whole show. If they see viewership drop dramatically for 4 weeks until the fall hiatus. It might just show them how displeased with the story line everybody is. But like I said, you have to have that box that counts.

      • Celina says:

        We don’t need the box. The ratings are horrible… and I actually wants to fail, because I prefer the cancellation before it gets any worse.

  5. Court says:

    No one fell out of love with the show when Caskett were together and happy. If anything that made people want to watch more.

    • iammusic says:

      No, a LOT of people fell out of love with the show. With the fact that they barely interacted onscreen and had pretty much no chemistry when they did? With a severe lack of lighthearted cases and Castle just being an annoying character?

      At least that’s why I stopped loving it two years ago.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Yes, in part, but a case can be made that that happened only after it became apparent that the writers lost the edge of writing the characters’ evolving relationship as intelligent and witty. At the same time, Nathan seemed to withdraw a bit, perhaps got bored or whatever, and Rick grew into a sillier and less effective character. I short, IMO, it was the failure to maintain the integrity of the two characters once they were together that turned off people.

      • Herbert Ivan says:

        Are we commenting on the same show? Nah.

  6. Grace says:

    Fillion is a liar and an idiot.

    • Betisa says:


    • Ellen says:

      I don’t think any of the actors deserve that kind of disrespect. You’re calling someone a liar with no evidence. That’s libel for the record.

    • Betisa says:

      at least Nathan give his face for the show. What about Stana? she always disappears when things go wrong.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        LOL the problem is when Nathan opens the mouth that’s on his face! Remember his “don’t worry, be happy” comment last spring b/c he had re-signed. So full of himself.

      • Daniela says:

        Like when she got married during negotiations. What a silly time to get married. I mean really. I have always liked Stana but she lost my appreciation when she chose to do that. I don’t understand her anymore, she used to be so part of this show and it seems like she isn’t anymore. It time for her to leave I hate saying this because I still somewhat like her.

        • Betisa says:

          What I don’t understand about Stana is that she has been on holiday for almost 15 days in Europe!! She is the producer of a show that it’s in trouble, she should be here, working!

          • Just one thing says:

            Are you her travel agent? How do you know how long she was out of the country?
            And how many more people need to understand that “producer” does not = “executive producer?”

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Huh? Her marriage was planned the summer before (2014) when she and Kris were in Croatia and made arrangements. How was she supposed to have known when ABC would get around to negotiating with her. Moreover, she has reps who negotiate for her. As it was the wedding was squeezed in between the final filming of Castle and the start-up of The Rendezvous shoot, which was timed for her. I’m sure her time off for her trip to Milano and Paris (probably their honeymoon) was in her contract.

        • Kim says:

          Seriously!! Did really just say she shouldn’t have gotten married when she did? I am sorry I don’t judge others but wow!

          Negotiations were probably not as last minute like she said. She probably knew she was resigning just waiting on the final contract? Either way she can get married anytime she damn well pleases!

          • Robert Frost says:

            After the last shot of season 7 was done Stana posted on twitter that 7 years was a good run. I personally don’t feel that she was prepared to come back. That would make sense if she planned her wedding AFTER the show closed. I don’t think she thought it was going to be renewed.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Wow. Just… wow.

        • lkh says:

          Well, there’s a great example of none of your damn business.

        • Rba8888 says:

          She has hinted at having a desire for the show to be cancelled for a few seasons now. It seems every interview she can be bothered to do its I’m pretty I’m bored it’s time everyone go their own way blah blah blah she is pretty but with my two cents the show has run its course end now please!!! And please try something new rather than cops chasing a bad guy for doing something illegal. So tired of that. Kinda just done with TV its all most undesirable.

        • Margarette says:

          Are you saying, if you were in her shoes, you would delay getting married until the end of the show? Which could be tomorrow or on 5 years. I don’t think so

    • Annie says:

      Uncalled for and inappropriate.

    • castle lover says:


      i’m sorry that you feel that way about him. i can’t say one way or other,
      1. i don’t know him and 2. i don’t have any evidence to go either way..
      it’s a shame that someone has to feel that way, but i guess it does happen, i just hate it!

    • emily says:

      no you’re an idiot. Fillion is awesome

  7. CM says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  8. CM says:

    They certainly got their wish. People are in fact rewatching season 1, season 2 and season 3.

  9. Doris says:

    Castle! We are talking about Castle! Well, good luck with that! It’s not working😔💤

  10. Kelly says:

    I want two things:

    1. Castle and Beckett as a fun, happily married couple and…

    2. Castle, Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan working together as a team to solve crimes.

    Right now this show is giving me neither. They took the best parts of the show and virtually erased them from my screen. For a “comedy” I find it very, very sad.

    • srieley says:

      Completely agree

      • annek says:

        But according to AH and TPW all the negativity has stopped and fans are now on board with this new direction. I think they should peruse these comments, fb, message boards, etc and stop patting eachother on the back. They are kidding themselves. Isnt the aim to keep your fans happy, not angry.

        • Mary says:

          I totally agree! They can’t possibly be retaining fans! They’re losing them! As stated above…Stop patting yourselves on the back and FIX THE SHOW!

        • jahoney1 says:

          Castle has been dead in the water every since this story line started. A drop of 25 percent in the demos 18-4 ratings. It is down to a 1.1. Could very well drop below a 1 within the next two episodes. A sad way to end a good show. If these two show runners and writers expect to make career steps up into the big leagues of CBS, cable tv, and NBC all of who have more money, the top rated shows on tv etc. This was definitely not the way to do it.

          • Barry says:

            Andrew and Terri — Here’s some breaking news for you from CNN — DENILE IS NOT A RIVER IN EQYPT. When did you 2 become sunshine-pumpers — do you now not know the meaning of integrity/honesty. These two clowns have ruined the outstanding show you both created. Where’s you pride!!!!

    • Cynthia says:

      You are SO right!We all know who’s the most talented, versitile actor in the show and it isn’t. a she. With a couple of red haired exceptions.

  11. Tammy says:

    Sorry but this story line is silly. I think making Castle a PI was the wrong move. He needed to be back in the police station assisting with the cases vs having the couple split up.

  12. ndixit says:

    It’s hilarious how the execs has basically stated pretty clearly that they had no idea how to write the characters when together and they regressed the relationship and the characters as a result. At least Fillion’s instinctive was the same as ours.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      If his first “instinctive” reply was really what he said, then he had an obligation to stand up for what he thought was the right way to go and try to change the minds of the show runners instead of being easily “reassured.” On screen he looks like he’s enjoying the season so far, so I doubt he objected to the new direction very much if at all.

  13. Gaby says:

    “People had a desire, a wont, for them to fight for something”
    No, we didn’t. Not like this. We wanted to see them fighing side by side, growing as persons and as a couple. We were ready to see them taking on the next stage of their couplehood, not revert back to how they were 5 years ago. If I wanted to see that, I’d just go and get my DVDs. FFS.

  14. Nicole says:

    People could still watch the couple fight for something….together. They are at the best when they work together. You can’t go back in time and erase what they had so you can’t go “back to the fun early episodes” while ignoring all the history….especially with a lame reason for breaking them up.

  15. Becca says:

    Time for Castle to end.

    • diya says:

      I’m pretty sure castle will be cancelled after this season, if they r lucky they might get a shortened final season to cover up this mess.

  16. Gaby says:

    “They haven’t told me yet, so you already know more than me!”
    Isn’t the fall finale episode the 8.08? Didn’t they *just* finished shooting it? How can he not know?

    • Kelly says:

      I believe they’re up to 809 or 810…so how does he not know what the big fall finale is that the show runners keep telling us to hang in there for? I feel like the fans are getting played here…much like when the new show runners promised that they knew the Caskett love story was the core of the show, only to destroy it in 3 episode. I’ve always loved Castle. I want to continue to love this show but they’re making it almost impossible. :(

      • ndixit says:

        Maybe this interview happened a while ago? That’s really the only plausible explanation to why Fillion may not know about what happens in 8×08.

        • annek says:

          This happened at Paley i believe so this weekend. The “epic Mr & Mrs Castle” for the most, part complete. Must be great if he didnt notice a shift in their relationship? AH strings us along again…

      • CastleBuzz says:

        He knows, has to. The interview was Saturday night, last night. He should have just said ‘my lips are sealed.’ He’s spinning, trying hard to put himself in the best light possible.

    • Kris says:

      I think he’s just going through the motion…he probably doesn’t know/care what ep they are filming…all the same to him.

  17. Maryann says:

    I remember the original Hart to Hart. I was looking forward to a season of Castle and Beckett like that, working together to solve cases, not trying to get plotlines out of their relationship. My favorite episodes are the serious, dramatic ones, and the whimsical ones, like when they basically went back in time to the forties. The new showrunners fail. I have not watched this season and will not be watching unless things change.

  18. Annie says:

    I give Fillion credit for trying to make sense of what the show runners are doing but the cause of the split is so ridiculous and badly executed that fans aren’t rooting for Castle and Beckett but just waiting for the silliness to end. It’s really too bad that TPW/Hawley didn’t choose instead to focus on developing interesting, believable cotw. That would have been a way to get Rick and Kate into “fun” situations that gave them something interesting to do.

    • Brad says:

      Lol Iam rooting for castle to find someone better

    • Suzanne says:

      You make a really good point about the execution of the plot. The set up felt very contrived/forced. We have Beckett leaving Castle to try to “protect” him, but her simply leaving him doesn’t do that at all. She intimates to him clearly that this is WHY she’s leaving and yet he feels he has to “win her back”. They end up being contrived excuses that don’t hold any water and are merely being used as a device to get them into lighter more comedic situations. In this last episode Castle specifically makes references to how he won Beckett the first time and he needs to do that again (only the viewers have already seen those episodes in previous seasons).

      • L8wrtr says:

        Exactly. Everything about this is contrived and forced. Sadly, when they get back together, it will feel just as, if not more forced and contrived, because what man in his right mind takes a woman back after all of this?

  19. Teri says:

    Nathan never wanted Caskett together in the first place. He likes the silly, goofy Castle whereas that is not what Castle fans want to see at this point.They want to see a grown up man romancing the love of his life having a wonderful life together. Why does it always have to be so stressful? Marriages can be happy and Castle fans want to see some drama, but not with Caskett.

    • mine says:

      people say they are done with the show not watching and blablabla but they are the first ones to comment on any article that comes out and first ones to tune in and then tweet hate to the writers and the crew if you hate the show and stopped watching why do you have to comment on each and every article saying the same thing just stop watching instead

      • Betisa says:


      • taran63 says:

        Free will, and it’s fun to criticize something and see if others agree with you. Do you not get the point of the Internet?

        • Deedara says:

          “Free will, and it’s fun”! Well said!

        • abcd says:

          I’m with you. I do watch when I’ve run out of other things to watch, but I honestly don’t care if the show ends. I’m here for the validation of the reason why I don’t care. It’s entertaining!

      • Louis E. says:

        You assume too much.I am still watching Castle,but if something happens on a show I can not accept,I STOP watching,but still comment negatively when I see the show discussed.When a show betrays you you have a right to stay angry and vocal.

      • L8wrtr says:

        Because we’ve watched 7 seasons of our favorite show.. because it hurts that this is happening, and because in threads like this, we can connect with the others who are just as angry and upset, and clearly, there aren’t just one or two of us.We have just as much right to say how upset we are as you have a right to say you like this slop that they’re putting out now..

        • John Z says:

          100 % agree. I actually do take some comfort and being in the company of others who feel the way i do. And are almost grieving as a group on these threads.

    • mine says:

      sorry this comment was not a reply to you it was for another poster

    • I just have to say ... says:

      That’s true, but Fillion has also said, multiple times, that he was wrong.

    • Drat says:

      If you want romance between Castle and Beckett, then Fillion is miscast.
      If you prefer the dramatic episodes, Fillion is miscast.
      If you prefer the comedic episodes, Fillion is miscast.
      There is something very wrong when a 40 something year old man has not learned how to romance a beautiful sexy woman.
      There is something lost in translation when a 40 something year old man mistakes silly and goofy for fun and comedy.
      There is something wrong when a 40 something year old man thinks that making ugly faces and widening his eyes is dramatic.
      FILLION IS MISCAST, period. Why did the big guy choose acting as a career anyway. He cannot act. He mugs.And even that is off the chart goofy.

      Finally, when the show runners must insert themselves week after week to implore fans to stay with the show, there is something very wrong. The episodes and the writing should speak to that and then begging would not be necessary.
      They should refer to Webster for definitions of fun and funny. So far I have not even smiled at this cartoon of a show.
      Stana give me a heads up when you decide to leave the mess, I’ll be going with you. I am trying to hang because you are still a cast member. But girl they must do better by your character or I must desert you too.

      • Castlefan says:

        I largely agree with this – although I found Fillion far more convincing at the start. It’s got goofier over the last couple of years and that’s not my kind of humour. I’m now mainly watching for Stana and Susan (when they give her a scene).

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Good post, Drat. I don’t know what happened to Fillion. As Castlefan says he was convincing in the first 2-3 seasons, uneven in the 4th, and looked mostly bored unless he was hamming it up in the 5th through the 7th.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Nathan can totally act, if you look at his other work well before Castle.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          If you’re talking about Firefly, I couldn’t get through one ep of all the stilted acting and silly dialogue. As for his work on soaps, those actors are a dime a dozen. Very few rise above what anyone can do.

        • Primum Non Nocere says:

          Nathan can act…look at his work in the earlier seasons and his work before Castle (the lovely “Waitress” is a great example) and you’ll see he is a great actor. But sometimes, an actor is just as good as the writing and the directing allows him to be.

          What ends up on our TV screen is what the director/showrunner want us to see.Period.
          I don’t believe one sec. that Nathan has such clout that he can dictate the ways some scenes are filmed (JMO of course).

          But I must agree that it boggles the mind how his character has evolved over the years.
          I began watching Castle because of Nathan, but for the last couple of seasons, the Richard Castle I loved (the sexy, witty and ruggedly handsome writer), has nearly ceased to exist. He went from a man I loved watching to a bumbling buffoon that makes me cringe. *shakes head*

      • Laura says:

        I agree with you , 100% but both actors have destroyed their characters. Look at Beckett , she is 90 % Stana and not the character we met in the first 2 seasons.

      • Kim says:

        I could not imagine anyone else, but Nathan Fillion being Richard Castle! Goes the same for the rest of the cast. Together they are magic when given the opportunity. It’s why I tune in every week And rewatch whenever I can!

        • Annie says:

          I agree. The Castle cast is one of the best ensembles ever. Unfortunately, the material hasn’t matched their talent the last 2-3 years.

        • John says:

          I agree. The cast is great. The writing sucks. This “jumping the shark” that the writers seem to think is necessary is just stupid. Go back to the serious but fun that we all fell in love with.

        • Suzanne says:

          Very few actors can rise above poor writing and poor directing. If either of them or both have over the years had their characters morph into the the actors own personalities, then it is the writers who are not doing their due diligence in differentiating them and being true to the voices of the characters instead of the actors that you are writing those characters for.

      • lkh says:

        Really, a little tough on NF. Actually, I thought he was spot on the first few seasons–for sure season 1–things have gone south, but his degree of contribution to that change is not clear to me. The question I always have is whether or not someone is acting-or just being himself. I’m not sure about that percentage either-but in rl he is a bit like Castle.

      • abcd says:

        I agree. Fillion is an emotionally stunted pretty boy who knows how to make friends in high places. I’ve never been impressed.

      • Patty says:

        Drat – I agree with you. Thanks for your comments.

    • Bella says:

      I never wanted them paired up in the first place, so I’ll still be watching.

  20. LLJennings says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I fell in love with the drama and romance of the show. The funny aspect is really not that funny to me. And once the will they/won’t they is over and it’s decided that they will, I want them to stay together! That’s the whole point of waiting all that time fore them to get together. Things only started going downhill for me with the season 6 finale.

    • Deborah harvey says:

      I agree they mess up show when the wedding didn’t take place and the wedding episode was good but green scree mess up I am going to stick with it until the end

  21. Shutterbug5269 says:

    And in so doing they have killed the show. TPW & Mr. Hawley if you are reading this: WE DID NOT WANT THIS.


  22. Kim says:

    Aren’t they filming the episode “we know more about” right now??

  23. Are the writers out of their minds?????? Leave well enough alone!!! Castle & Beckett married & together the way it was. This is my favorite show & with your changes I won’t be watching!!!!!!

  24. Kim says:

    I am more confused

  25. RS says:

    Well, I’m one of those people who was actively disinterested in the show until mid-season 4 i.e. when we were well on the way to imminent coupledom (I actually tried to start with the premiere that year and then I found out she’d had a boyfriend when he said he loved her and I nope’d back on out), so…them being in love and demonstrating their excellence in relationshipping is the show *I* fell in love with and I’m not coming back until it is that show again.

  26. ndixit says:

    There are a few things I agree with. One, I do agree that Castle is not an out and out drama. What differentiated it from other dramas when it started was the light tone. This in turn made the dramatic episodes better because those episodes were rare and you knew that the stakes were high for the characters. But everything else is BS. How exactly are we going to root for a couple whose reason for separation is completely self-inflicted? Because all I think right now is that Beckett is just not mentally equipped to be in a relationship and Castle is better off far away from her. I don’t think that’s the react the execs want.

  27. Jooshua says:

    No matter what happens with this show, people hate on it. People would complain “The show is called Castle, not Beckett.” So they gave Castle a big story line.. and everybody hated on it. People complain about how good the show used to be, so they try to get back to that dynamic.. and everybody hates on it.

    • BM says:

      The reason why I disliked the much of S7 was because it was all over the place, not because of the focus they put on Castle. They should have gone and explored it, not hopped from that to marriage, to separation at work, to Beckett needs a new challenge. In the season 1-6 their relationship started at one point, ended at another, in S7 it dealt with 4 or 5 things and none of it was seen through.
      Personally, I’m not a fan of a will they/won’t they drama. What I liked about Castle was the fact that they had a plan and that they got together and that they didn’t draw it out endlessly but it all made sense and tied in nicely and once the obstacles were gone, they were a couple. And there are ways to write a couple, you just have to step back, check off one box, make a cut and start anew with a new outlook and a new relationship. You need a different approach when writing a couple, a new set-up and you have to shift your attention.
      Scenes which were shot in the precinct before should maybe be shot at home now, they should talk about cases at home, about things that bother them about the cases and that needs to be mixed in with their personal lives. The pattern needs to shift. And if you manage that, then you can make the show fun even with a married couple. I don’t think it’s the will they/won’t they people fell in love with and you don’t need that to add spark and chemistry to a show. (case in point Madam Secretary; absolutely love the dynamic between that happily married couple)

      • BM says:

        And the small gestures and touches and looks between them which were there for (most of) S4 and 5 and also S6 have absolutely nothing to do with will they/won’t they and that is what I missed for most of S7 and that is what I would like to see again, only more of it. A stolen moment at the precinct here, a touch there, a meaningful look here… I think that was lacking more than the “fun” aspect.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Good points, BM.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Meant to add: someone should ask Fillion why Rick of the last 2 seasons never initiates contact with Kate. The cupcake with the bracelet inside was the first romantic gesture from him in a long time.

          • Just one thing says:

            The cupcake and bracelet was scripted. Conversely, Beckett’s consistent use of “babe” and reaches for his face/neck likely are not scripted.

          • lkh says:

            yes, that’s her term. Why do people think putting a bracelet in a giant cupcake is romantic? The bracelet was really nice, considerate, etc but digging in a cupcake is not romantic–ugh, in the am, ready to start a new job, blah, blah

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I should have said “the first gesture that was supposed to be romantic..”

    • fran says:

      I do not care what they call this show. But the point you are attempting to amke by using the name of the show as reason to justify Castle storyline, the fact remains that Castle’s storyline was a big fail.
      You have blinders on if you cannot not understand, 7 years in, that the show called Castle would not been a success without Stana.
      Can you spell Firefly?

      • Just one thing says:

        There are plenty of amazing series, starring many talented actors, that only last one season. So Firefly is not some uniquely massive failure. And there’s no denying Fillion’s popularity or his contribution to that cult hit.
        Likewise, there’s no denying Katic’s respective popularity within the Castle franchise and her contribution to this cult hit.
        That’s my diplomatic post of the season. I cannot promise there’ll be any others.

      • LIzzie says:

        Stana is the glorious one, or rather Kate is, as acted by Stana. I did like Castle when he switched from frivolous boy to a man trying to win a woman’s heart, but from the episode of the cancelled wedding due to missing groom, the show has gone so far off the rails. That whole story line seemed to be about covering for someone’s contract holdout. It is likely time to call it a day, although still love the actual comedy from Esposito and Kevin

  28. Betisa says:

    The more they talk the more they exposed to criticism.

  29. Linda Albers says:

    we were fine with the way the show was.

  30. ….Only watching now for STANA ! Otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye ……
    Looking forward to Ms. STANA KATIC’S next adventures, whatever & wherever
    They may be …………

  31. Bella Cintron says:

    Disappointing to say the least. Writers and staff get upset when fans post unfavorable reviews but who gets married to split up months later? Oh wait the KKK’s of reality tv. These writers better but these characters back together and move their relationship forward. Or is it that the two new producers really don’t get along and this was the best way of giving them separate story lines while still having them as co stars? What a waste of resources , actors and a talented production company. I say bring back Andrew and Terri and have them breathe new life to this series. Heck Fans would be more than happy to suggest LOGICAL plots that would get Kate and a Rick’s juices flowing and the chemistry evident again. In Spanish there is a saying “estan sin ganas!” Which means they’re not really feeling or interested in what they have to do , they’re just going through the motions. Way to mess up a really great show! So depressing to watch it should be euthanized.

  32. lame says:

    The premise chosen makes Beckett look like a Bipolar manic obsessive. And has fans wondering how and why Rick should take her back. Beckett is doing the same as Meredith, she is becoming the new refried twinkie.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The more that anyone connected to this show opens their mouth (Winters, Hawley, Fillion) the worse this gets. The only one with any sense at this point is Ms. Katic – who at least has the decency not to insult us (so far) with her version of “damage control”. One can only wonder if she really knew what she was signing up for…besides the money. She does not strike me as stupid or obtuse….which so far…the 3 Men Talking do appear to be. They are so out of sync with the majority of fans at this point, that it is just becoming laughable. I did not think it possible….but they have truly made me begin to detest a show and characters I once loved. Can they really be that out of touch? Apparently so.

    • Audrey says:

      Totally agree on everything you said.

      And lol @ “you already know more than me!” Don’t play dumb with us.

    • Ellen says:

      Ms. Katic knew exactly what she was signing up for and looked forward to more interesting material to work with based on the new storyline.

      • Waleed says:

        Oh please Stana only cares for herself. Not the show, not the caskett. She wanted an independent story for Beckett and less time with Nathan. And least romantic / intimate scenes. More holidays and more pay. She got all what she wanted.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yes, that totally makes sense. ABC signed NF first, leaked the news about said signing and started hunting for new showrunners because they wanted to bend over backward to give Stana Katic what she wanted this season.
          Makes perfect sense.

          • lkh says:

            itchin’ for a fight, eh?

          • Just one thing says:

            Itching for some logical arguments.

          • Harvey says:

            Stana had said her character’s integrity would remain as before, it hasn’t remained that way, not for the majority of the fans.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sorry, Harvey. I don’t remember reading that. I’ll revisit the Deadline interview at some point to see if I missed it.

          • I just have to say ... says:

            I agree with Harvey; Beckett has lost character integrity in my eyes. Not sure who is to blame for it: the writers, the actress or a combination of both.

          • Just one thing says:

            If people want to believe that any actor would be willingly involved in their own character’s assassination, that’s cool.

          • lkh says:

            She is the actor–I doubt that she’s in the writers’ room putting together the script and she’s probably not doing much of the directing. I suppose she contributes a line or two, her own physical input, but again, she’s the actor–just saying the lines. She didn’t destroy this character’s integrity.

          • L8wrtr says:

            @lkh SK is a EP on the show now, so actually, yes, she very well may have a say in the direction of the storyline, and when an actor eventually elevates from cast-member to EP on a successful show, it often includes creative input. Even if this isn’t her specified direction, she (nor Nathan) are without influence or power to alter the direction.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Incorrect; Stana (like Nathan) is just a producer.

        • Kiario760713 says:

          R u out of ur mind.

    • ndixit says:

      I’m sure you will here from Katic soon enough. Its not as if the actors are going to badmouth the execs.

    • mine says:

      don’t make stana out to be some innocent person in all this she knew exactly what she was singing up for……………… i love sk but please both Nathan and stana knew why !!!!
      abc just gave them a huge pay check which they could not refuse that’s it !!!!!!!!!! when sk was announced producer of the show people were ecstatic ,………………and said that season 8 was going to be good because she was going to make the show like it was before ,………………… now it tanked she is innocent yeah right???!!! i love stana to death in castle but some times it just gets overboard by some everyone should take the blame in this

    • Just one thing says:

      I think it’s interesting that people believe Katic knew what was ahead for S8 while she was abroad, and following a likely short chat with newly appointed showrunners who had yet to meet with their team of writers.
      But they also believe Fillion doesn’t know what’s happening in an episode that’s either in production or post-production.

      • Harvey says:

        lol! It’s also interesting how you just want Stana to be one who didn’t know anything at all about the first two eps even and was only following the writers after a small chat, which didn’t have anything about the break up of course while Nathan knew about everything, lol.

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t necessarily think Fillion knew how the new season would develop or flow, but I have a hard time believing he was completely clueless.
          Thanks to Molly Quinn’s tweet during contract drama – which I believe she quickly deleted the same day – we can assume she re-signed with the show shortly after Fillion and well before Katic or anyone else (besides maybe Susan Sullivan).
          So, given how contract negotiations drama mounted, and even with Katic’s claim that it wasn’t as dramatic as the media claimed, it stands to reason that the network was planning on moving forward with a new season of Castle that at LEAST featured Castle, Alexis and Martha.
          If people want to believe that Fillion and others associated with the show had ZERO idea how this season’s focus would land, that’s fine.
          And I’m not saying Katic didn’t have an inkling. (I suspect everyone knew about the logistics required for the show to move forward.) I just highly doubt she knew Beckett was (once again) going to be an antagonist to their relationship until later in the summer.

          • Harvey says:

            Oh I am not saying that either. Nathan would definitely have had known a lot when he signed, but I think Stana would also have known maybe as much as Nathan did by the time she signed. She doesn’t seem like the person who would sign without even knowing what’ll happen by the end of the first two parter episodes. It could be she didn’t imagine the reasoning being so flawed in Beckett leaving.

          • Just one thing says:

            So we are in agreement that the possibility exists that Katic was unaware her character’s integrity would take such a hit. Great!

          • Harvey says:

            Yeah I guess we are in that agreement, but then there is also the possibility of Nathan even not knowing the reasons being so flawed, I mean when it comes to possibilities of course, lol. The odd thing is, she didn’t talk about caskett’s integrity all that much and it could be that she thinks that this is within her character’s personality maybe. Anything could have happened, but I really don’t think any of them had way more of clue to what would happen by the time they signed.

          • Just one thing says:

            Just to clarify, my earlier comment about Fillion knowing about an episode in production or post was referring to his comments about the fall finale.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I haven’t a clue who knew what when, but I agree both leads as well as other cast members had some inkling of what was coming up in the first two eps. I’m not ready to give up all hope that AH and TPW plus the writers won’t succeed in getting themselves and the characters out of this situation. And I’m hoping they do it in a way that explains Kate’s rationale so “fans” can stop assigning her all sorts of mental illnesses.

          • Liz says:

            I’ll direct you to Stana’s tweet when she signed on, in which she explicitly said that, after talking to Hawley and Winter, she was excited about the future plans for Beckett. And the Deadline article from two months later where, again, she talked about her confidence in the writers’ ability to protect the integrity of Beckett, and where she was particularly promoting the storyline of episodes one and two.

            I’m not saying that there’s no possibility that they didn’t know the entire scope of the season going in, but there’s really no need to victimize someone who clearly signed on for this storyline intentionally. Perhaps with the promise of a payoff we don’t know about yet, and whether or not that shapes out is a whole other issue, but, as quiet as SK’s been this year, promo-wise, she’s made it pretty clear that she’s backing this storyline.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m not victimizing anyone.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Have to agree with Liz on this, but with this caveat — perhaps Stana doesn’t see Beckett’s going after the Big Bad at the risk of her marriage as a loss of her character’s integrity. I don’t. Whether it’s a return to the rabbit hole or not, whether it’s wrong or right, Kate’s rationale make sense to her now. That’s how Kate has always acted. The writers need to come up with a resolution that allows the fans to make sense of what she has done. Both main characters should come out looking better for this ordeal and their marriage stronger.

          • Liz says:

            Thanks, CastleBuzz, that’s exactly what I was trying (and kind of failing) to get at. Just because I and a lot of other fans don’t enjoy exactly how this storyline has shaped out, doesn’t automatically mean that nobody does, and certainly doesn’t mean that the cast doesn’t. Especially given that they have more details than we do.

            Also, I tend to agree that it’s not a loss of the character’s integrity; my only qualm with the whole thing is that I’m having trouble seeing the point of it, but I’m cautiously optimistic that the writers can pull it all off in a satisfying way I just haven’t quite put together yet.

          • lkh says:

            It may be the approach, but Beckett (SK’s performance) seems a lot more miserable and devastated than Castle (NF’s). Castle just seems like he has an angry look on his face, wrinkled brow sorta thing. Don’t know if that intended or just his range.

          • Liz says:

            Haha that’s interesting, I was actually finding myself thinking just the opposite last week! The whole time in the cell, I was going, “Why doesn’t Kate seem more upset about this??” I find both actors to be phenomenally talented, so I couldn’t tell you if it was intended or not. But I’m definitely hoping for a storyline explanation.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            You’re welcome, Liz. I reread your first post in this segment and realized that I wasn’t so much bringing up a caveat as I was restating what you wrote more bluntly. You got your point across. I too am cautiously optimistic, at least most of the time…until I see Rick in a sombrero. ;)

      • mine says:

        both of them knew ,and they r just playing ignorant

        • Just one thing says:

          Katic hasn’t really been playing anything but that softball PR chess move with Deadline back in July. Since then, it’s been crickets from her.

          • OyWithThePoodlesAlready says:

            Well she was busy vacationing in Europe while they shot the fall finale.

          • Just one thing says:

            If the episode they filmed while she was away is a Beckett-lite or Beckett-free fall finale, are people going to believe that’s her fault?
            I’m starting to think the answer is yes.

          • Liz says:

            “Softball PR move?” Where she tacitly endorsed the storyline and its protection of the integrity of Beckett’s character? An interview that took place just before she started filming XX, and during which she promoted the storyline of the two-parter? Look, I’m not saying that she definitely approves of the direction it’s taken, but there are ways to indicate your displeasure with a storyline, and specifically mentioning the writers’ ability to protect your character’s integrity isn’t the way to do it. (See: Sleeper, where the entire cast was conspicuously silent on the direction the storyline took.) To imply that she was duped into this is a disservice to Stana’s intelligence, and is certainly a disservice to her honesty. I know that a lot of people (myself included) aren’t huge fans of this storyline, but there’s no need to project that displeasure onto everyone else, least of all the cast.

          • Just one thing says:

            Katic doesn’t have a history of bashing the writers or storylines, including the Season of Castle, or a reputation for going against the company line in interviews, so I’m not sure why people – fana or otherwise – would expect her to do any of that before the start of the season.

          • Liz says:

            Oh, sorry, for sure she would never outright bash the storyline, I didn’t mean to imply that. But there are many ways to promote the season without tacitly endorsing the storyline. Even during the Season of Castle, the line was about how she was excited for her castmates to have some opportunities to shine, or it was pretty much dead silence, which she could have easily employed here. “xyz is happening in the premiere,” or speaking in generalities about the season, is very different from talking about the writers protecting the integrity of the character, the exciting things about the cosmic realization of the relationship, etc. If you’ve read the script and you feel like the writers have ruined Beckett’s character, what’s the point of then doing an interview and explicitly stating that the writers are out to protect Beckett’s character? You could just as easily not say anything about it at all.

          • lkh says:

            I think it’s her preference not to say much at all. And, I believe it’s also her nature to not be unkind or rude or insulting or even negative–at any cost.

          • Liz says:

            Of course! And I don’t mean to imply that she would be rude, or anything. But if we take a look at the Deadline interview specifically, what’s the point of even mentioning the writers maintaining the integrity of Beckett’s character if you don’t believe it to be true? It was July. Nobody knew about this storyline yet, aside from cast and crew. You could just as easily say nothing about it at all, and have the effect of the article be the same. My point isn’t that Katic is the instigator of the storyline, or anything, or even that she wholeheartedly approves. I only mean to point out that, just because a subset of the fandom seems to dislike the storyline/believes it to be character assassination, doesn’t mean that the actor does too.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            What Liz is saying about Stana’s Deadline interview is what gives me hope that the character of Kate Beckett will come out of this storyline fairly intact, that her decision will be explained sufficiently that most viewers at the very least will be able to say, ‘OK, I wouldn’t have made that decision but I can see why she did.’ If the explanation that I think (hope? pray?) is coming eventually, the character’s integrity will survive. That may be what Stana was indicating in the interview.

    • Harvey says:

      lol! Majority are hating Beckett’s move and saying it was selfish, while Stana said it would protect her character’s integrity. So it’s fair to say, Stana was no different.

    • A.F. says:

      Nathan has a contract, wouldn’t you think that it isn’t far fetched to guess that somewhere in there it is stated that he has to talk positively about this show?

  34. Vanessa says:


  35. JImN says:

    Yeah, I can see how the first 3 episodes are a laugh riot. That second sneak peak for e4 that’s a side spliter as well. Good to know.

  36. Brad says:

    If they want to bring back the show everybody fell in love with can they bring back josh or castles flight attendant or a new love interest for castle part of will/they won’t they is jealousy

    • fran says:

      Most fans are pleading for a return to Caskett. Not me. Once they became a committed couple the romance disappeared. Things were just so awkward. They hardly touched. Castle developed an allergy from romancing Beckett.
      I like the separation but it is the writing that is bad, very bad. Beer Pong + 49 year old father in frat house with naked daughter= Ugh, Gag, Projectile vomit.
      I also would like a return of the Josh character. That handsome fellow could romance the sweet out of sugar. He and Beckett made quite an attractive and irresistible couple. Castle could return to the flight attendant type because the romance was not serious and Nathan just cannot do romance.
      Then if Stana leaves, let her ride off into the sunset with Josh and give Nathan Castle PI. That would last about as long as Firefly. But he would be happy for a few weeks.
      Whatever, just get Castle away from Alexis immediately. That is getting weird.
      Next they will have to cast Child Protective Services in the series..

      • lkh says:

        not what I wanted to think about–lol

      • Brad says:

        They need to go back to season 1 playboy castle who was funny and didn’t have to win anybody

        • CastleBuzz says:

          LOL You must mean the first half of the first ep, not season 1, since Rick has been trying to “win” Kate the entire time.

      • castle lover says:


        the Alexis/castle scene was weird on so many levels and when i saw the promo, i was just shaking my head thinking, what the he!! has this show turned into now……not cool. i was just glad that it don’t last too long, but the images where still disturbing to me. i think the reason i liked the esp because it was so unbelievable. i was laughing at how “bad” it was and not at the acting in it. and for me i think they are trying “to hard”, all of them, let the show flow some…..i just hope they can get out of these mess before it gets any worse, oh wait i don’t think that it really can!

      • abcd says:

        Chuckle. BTW, Victor (Josh) Webster’s show, Continuum, just aired its last episode. Maybe they can snag him…..

        • Just one thing says:

          Wouldn’t it be something if Beckett has to run off to Haiti with Josh, thoroughly decimating Caskett and leaving Castle free to be the fun-loving playboy he was always meant to be?
          It would be a final blow to the series, but at least they might both finally be happy.

  37. Brad says:

    Also if they are bringing back the show we loved get rid of wig

  38. Tom says:

    See, this is my problem with Castle. If he’s going to talk about anything else at a Dr. Horrible Reunion he should be talking Two Guys,A Girl, And A Pizza Place.

    • Tom says:

      And I see nobody’s mentioned Dr. Horrible other than the setting and technicality me.And FSM forbid that OTHER show he was on, something about flies that are serene and on fire

  39. Sharon says:

    Love ya Nathan, but no. Stop trying to apologize for this disaster, which started with the car crash and has spiraled downward ever since. Looking forward to seeing you in a Spenser remake as Caskett needs a casket.

  40. skrable2 says:

    I feel a little sad for Nathan Fillion there, trying to back the company line.

  41. James D says:

    I’m a pretty optimistic dude so but it’s kind of hard to remain faithful, i will continue to watch out of curiosity and I’ve watched for seven years I might as well see it through even if I don’t see the logic behind this story line, not sure why you can’t have lighthearted, funny episodes with a happily married couple. I don’t understand the break up either TBH one would assume after all the craziness this couple has been through they would trust each other enough to 1) be honest with one another 2) be willing to take on the fight together. Especially how last season ended with them seemingly very happy and content. the breakup seems forced and random too me and thus isn’t an effective thematic tool in my mind. I personally don’t have a problem with Castle as a PI with Alexis i rather enjoyed it, but the idea of him “winning her back” kind of makes me want to vomit ( was that TMI) as does throwing out years of progress Beckett made as a character i.e the whole obsession thing. but like I said I’m going to try my darnedest to be optimistic. easier said than done right?

  42. N says:

    I just watched the Alt. Universe eppy. They got married and I loved it!

  43. Coco says:

    Lol all these interviews are even worse

  44. Bob says:

    I’ve stop watching, and took a sledgehammer to all the castle DVD i had. I’m done with this, they’ve beat the original Heroes run on how to destroy your show.

  45. prish says:

    Castle and Becket could have had a kid, with her fighting crimes while pregnant. That would have been a year’s worth of fantastic episodes. She would be the perfect “can do it all” gal, and Castle having already raised a kid, successfully, could have shone with wit and crime solving brilliance. Here, we had a marriage with no one invited…silly…a separation coming from nowhere for no reason…duh… I hope someone grabs ahold of this series and shakes some sense into it. Where are the cautious big bucks when you need them?

    • LIzzie says:

      I think a baby on the way would help the show and the relationship because of the changes people have to go through with a baby on the way, even if the birth is the end of the series, in the finale. Kate as a mom would be the greatest, and it lets her continue her life story as a mother, having lost her own and been the daughter without the mother, now she could be the mother of a new human, and find out what that means. Kate has a lot of depth, and although the cleverness of this show (as it has ebbed and flowed across the seasons) has been fun, the intense emotion of her life has been at the core of this show, as has the connection of Castle to his daughter in the early-mid years (before that stupid live-in boyfriend nutcase phase). His connection to his role as a father has been a key strength of his character, and to see him get the chance at another round of real life, with a baby on the way, would be more fun than some purposeless silliness. I love the silliness of this show when it is clever and quick and we are all in on the mocking, but just abject stupidity to fill an hour – no thanks. I like Castle in the precinct, not as a PI, I like it when he hangs with the guys and all of them are in love with Kate to some extent.

  46. prish says:

    The husband says, “No, the fans won’t be pleasantly surprised. They don’t want anything to do with these writers.”

  47. peterwdawson says:

    This really didn’t help the misgivings about this last season.

  48. prish says:

    Pleased? We look to being agog and exhilarated at what they come up with. Here’s hoping it comes together.

  49. Ellie says:

    This doesn’t sound enticing or exciting at all with anything for most of us to be looking forward to with their ‘marrieds being separated’!

  50. Sheena says:

    Can’t we bring back terri to be in charge. clearly she had a deeper understanding of castle

    • Primum Non Nocere says:

      Ahem, Terri and her SO wrote the goddamn awful “For Better or For Worse” where they merrily destroyed Beckett’s one and done status. So, no, I don’t want Terri back..nope..