Once Upon a Time: Hook's Dad Is On the Way, Plus Merida/Mulan/Ruby Fun — And Maybe a 'Rumbelle' Baby?

Once Upon a Time will take a closer look at Hook’s past — not to mention Belle’s belly — during Season 5, the show’s producers announced Friday during a New York Comic-Con panel moderated by TVLine’s Matt Mitovich.

Hook’s father will be introduced prior to the ABC drama’s long winter break — in an episode focusing on Colin O’Donoghue’s alter ego and Lana Parilla’s Evil Queen — the series’ co-creators told the audience.

“We’re going to see an adventure with Hook and the Evil Queen,” EP Adam Horowitz previewed.

Hook’s father, who has yet to be cast, will be seen in flashbacks examining the character’s childhood. “We’ll see Hook as a little boy,” affirmed EP Eddy Kitsis.

Speaking of young’uns, Kitsis and Horowitz also weighed in on the prospect of Emilie de Ravin’s real-life pregnancy factoring into her character’s Season 5 storyline. No decision will be made on that front until the latter half of the season, they said.

“One way or the other, something’s gonna get done,” Kitsis teased. Added Horowitz: “We’re very, very happy for Emilie, and the only thing we can say is that Eddy and I promise not to deliver the baby.”

The show bosses also confirmed the slightly different scheduling for this split season.

“We’re going to be airing 10 nights, with a two-hour night on Nov. 15,” said Horowitz. “And part of that episode is going to be a Merida adventure with Mulan and Ruby (played by returning players Jamie Chung and Meghan Ory).”

Horowitz reminded that the series 100th episode will kick off Season 5B in March. Asked for one word to characterize the springtime arc, Kitsis flatly quipped, “Hell!”

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  1. Jada says:

    There’s been no spoilers of a Rumbelle baby, you’re just assuming that because Emilie is pregnant. You’re baiting with that title.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I fear that A/E are going to transfer Zelena’s baby to Belle :(

    • Eva says:

      Oh I’d love that, tbh.. That baby plot is so sick so Id rather Belle has it instead of Zelena. (just an OQer’s wishful thinking..)

      • Rebecca says:

        But it’s also going to be a lot more sicker to have Belle carry someone else’s rape baby. Just EWW!!

        • SAGE says:

          Agreed, somehow doing that to belle would be very wrong on so many different levels. It would be alot less complicated to hid Emilie pregnancy through large bags and camera angles than to go down that route.

  3. Lysh says:

    I’d love a good old fashioned hiding an IRL pregnancy hilariously and obviously behind various things. But it would also be nice for Rumple to get another shot at fatherhood.
    I’m excited for more Hook backstory. And the 100th episode.

    • liz says:

      Me too. Belle’s always at the shop so that counter and cash register would come in real handy. And she could take to carring round really big hand bags…

    • Ellie says:

      Me too! The same way they did on “How I Met Your Mother”! it was hilarious!!!
      And if they choose to write it in, I am not so keen on Rumple being a Dad yet. He hasnt redeemed himself in any way. It would be interesting if the writers did what the poster above “Rebecca” said, and somehow switch Zelena’s baby to Belle, but it might make too many plot complications.

  4. Val says:

    Underworld and Davy Jones? i assume

    Cant wait to meet Hook’s dad.

  5. liz says:

    Woot woot. Excited for all this!

  6. Val says:

    ED QUINN for Hook’s daddy!!!

  7. Kaia says:

    Wait, so Hook’s dad will have something to do with the Evil Queen back in the day? I wonder how that’s going to make sense since Hook and his family lived hundreds of years before Regina was born.

  8. Yay for Hook backstory!! I’m so excited about it and about seeing him as a little kid. I really hope this means we’ll also see Liam (Bernard Curry) again!

  9. Jackie says:

    So glad we’ll finally get Hook’s backstory and see him as a child! I don’t like it being in an episode where Regina figures prominently, though. Why do they keep sticking her in EVERYTHING??

    • Rigerty says:

      Perspectives are funny. To me it sems a lot more like this season is devoted to forcing Hook into scenes and stories with characters he doesn’t belong in for the sake of pretending he’s suddenly relevant beyond playing the love interest.

      • Katie Shell says:

        This season, last season… I guess that’s part of the OUAT formula, Dark One love interest with little other relevance to plot. I’m sorry did I say that out loud. They’re fine, just so much more interesting stuff happening with others that haven’t been fully explored.

      • LindseyF says:

        I mean, he’s been a whole more relevant than Belle, who is literally only there because she’s Rumple’s love interest. Like there’s not even another plotline they’ve had her in – Hook’s original storyline was getting revenge on the Dark One/Rumple and it’s been referenced time and time again. She will probably spend most of this season in random scenes researching things for random people. The writers did not plan to have Belle as a regular on the show and with the amount of screentime she gets compared to the others, it shows and I really do like Belle, so I find that incredibly sad. Anyways, with Emilie’s pregnancy, I guess that won’t be changing. :(

    • JC says:

      Because they’ve been sticking Regina in everything since S2, when the writers apparently decided to make her the star of the show. And because when they don’t, her devotees burn up forums with, “Where was Regina??” LOL.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Pass……….. *yawns* The only way I’d be interested in this episode is that it would mean that they’re FINALLY killing Hook off. I mean, Cora got a ‘background’ episode before she was killed off.

    • Val says:

      This comment is yawning

      • Ginger Snap says:

        This comment is yawning.. Just more Hook as the boy toy with the gu-yliner..

        And Jennifer Morrison as the Dark One is a waste of air time. Her scenes with Hook are awful. She ain’t Robert Carlisle.

        Can we just retire the two of them to Neverland?

        • Kerry says:

          I absolutely love Rumple as DO and love the way they have incorporated him in the episodes so far in this role! Everyone entitled to their opinion but I think Jen is doing a great job given she has to take an established character and change things up! Plus her DO will always differ! Agree love Robert Carlisle though which is why I’m thankful for his role in steering Emma!

    • Nicky says:

      Same with Graham AKA the Huntsman. He got his backstory before he died.

    • zumpie says:

      Oh geez-louise, this again? Every season the Dear BagelSwenners attempt to insist Hook’s for sure gonna die this season. And they’re inevitably wrong. However, I could buy Hook might “die” that’s what finally spurs Emma to renounce her DO powers….but sorry, dude, CS is endgame and you might as well accept it

  11. mirbdby says:

    Unless Belle’s baby is Will’s, the show will have officially jumped the shark. If there must be a Rumbelle baby save it for the series’s final episode, when everyone gets a happy ending.

    • It's Delovely says:

      Making any hypothetical Belle-baby Will’s would be super shark-jump worthy, though. It would dredge up a pointless love triangle/barely-a-storyline that was hated by a lot of fans. (They’re already pushing it with one hugely unpopular pregnancy with the Zelena mess.) Plus, Michael Socha is not on the show any longer, so I really hope the writers don’t go there. I’d rather imagine Will reunited with Ana, his True Love. If they’re not even addressing the pregnancy until the second half of the season, I don’t think the timing would work for a Will baby, anyway.

      If they write in EdR’s pregnancy, I hope it is a Rumbelle baby and not some creepy Zelena-switch that I’ve seen theorized. It would just make the Zelena pregnancy story even more cringe-worthy to foist it upon another unsuspecting character.

    • LindseyF says:

      Will is not even on the show anymore. I don’t think it can be a Rumbelle baby unless Rumple and Belle get back together by the end of this arc (which I don’t think is happening since they keep reminding us that Belle has not forgiven him yet) AND they do another time jump for 5B. And creatively speaking, I think after Neal Nolan and the Robin/Zelena baby, they’re mostly likely not going to introduce more kids. They’re a real drag on the plot. Save it for the flashforwards at the end of the series. If it was Jen, Ginny, or Lana, they’d probably have to write it in, but Belle doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time anyway so they should go with clever camera angles and large objects.

  12. Lisa says:

    I am so excited about Hook’s background!!!!!He is my favorite! <3

  13. N says:

    Hell??? Ohhh wonder who’ll play Hades

    • ninamags says:

      The actor who voiced him on Hercules. His name escapes me at the moment. James something??

      • WOODS! James Woods. Seriously!

        I don’t see anyone else playing Hades, Unless, it’s Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley on SPN. I mean, other famous movie actors can play Hades in the movies, but when it comes to Disney. My hope had always been wishing if anyone should play Hades, it should be James Woods. IDK someone else playing him wouldn’t work for me. And since, Regina mentioned the Underworld in 5×02 episode. It seemed like I was right. Hades isn’t that far off from coming to SB now. Anyways, Woods likes playing Hades. Well I, at least still hope he does. I blame him bc of the KingdomHearts games that’s why it should only be him, if not, then Sheppard but, you know what? I can’t decide! Don’t make me choose again. I’m already confused. I mean, Woods could still pull it off, I mean, live-action would work. IDK I just thought by some miracle, Woods would show up on OUAT and then all of a sudden, he’d say, “Well, whadda know. Storybrooke looks like a small Underworld, after all.” and then we’d know, he was reprising his most-notable role again.

        • zumpie says:

          Assuming the write the role in a similar manner, James Woods so enjoys playing Hades that he has assured Disney he will ALWAYS make himself available to reprise,, any time they ask.

          And yeah, it would be magical….though I always wanted Hades as the ultimate BB in the final season….though maybe we’re looking at Emma as Megara, now and Hook as Hercules—-or the roles reversed….(Hook IS the snarky one, after all)

          • Yes, I completely agree. If he doesn’t show up I’m going to break my computer and give Adam’s twitter a talking to XD I’m kidding. After seeing Woods on (Ray Donovan S1) it was awesome, now I’m just confused as the last time I commented on this article.

  14. There is no unit of measurement that can adequately describe how little I care about seeing more of Hook, his childhood or his father. And considering the first 2 episodes were very Hook/Emma focused and OUAT got pathetic viewership for the premiere with only 5.93 million viewers and a measly 5.38 million viewers for the 2nd episode, I doubt this will bring viewers back… more likely drive more of them away.

    As for working Emilie’s pregnancy into OUAT. If they do, which has not been determined, and Emilie is still quite thin, I’m not holding my breath for them to write anything that “Beauty and the Beast” and/or RumBelle fans want to see. Knowing the sadistic/sick writing of OUAT, it is quite possible that NewBelle (ie, season4&5 out of character Belle) will be pregnant by Will, Hook or some other random drunk, since Adam and Eddy have made Belle’s mind twist to believe that cheating is okay as long as she doesn’t love the guy. It is also possible as mentioned in other comments here, that Adam and Eddy will have Zelena’s baby (who is a product of raping Robin or Rumple) planted into Belle’s body, so that Belle carries a rape baby — it’s truly sick and disgusting, but that kind of vile writing seems to be what OUAT does in recent seasons.

    One thing is certain, if RumBelle would have conceived a baby prior to the banishment, then Belle should be showing, because there is now more than 12 weeks since, because they had 2 6-week flash forwards, plus there was all that time Belle was running around with Will in S4B. And in BTS pics for ep5 (3 episodes from now) where Belle says Rumple is “still missing,” Emilie/Belle was still thin as a rail in that bright green mini-dress.

    Aside from erasing season 4 and what’s happening with season 5 NewBelle [which won’t happen but should], or having that Belle has been impersonated by somebody since end of 3×20, the only way they could make a RumBelle baby plot seem at all reasonable in the time frame of Emilie’s pregnancy is to have a flashforward of a year, showing RumBelle somehow reconciled, and Belle pregnant, but of course as typical for them, they probably wouldn’t show any of the reconciliation process of how RumBelle got passed Belle abusing Rumple, cheating on Rumple and abandoning Rumple when he needed her the most. …oh, but yeah, they’d still have Belle mad at Rumple regardless of all the awful thing she’s done and the lies she’s told him.

    By the way, are we taking bets on the odds that Rumple goes missing when yet again Belle is not paying attention to him because she finds something better to do with her popular friends then actually abiding by her promise to be there for Rumple in his weakened health condition? She spends one day with him out of 6 weeks of a coma, and thinks that’s good enough. This writing is a slap in the face of real people who actually take care of their sick loved ones.

    • Oh, and one more thing, Robert Carlyle (Rumple) and Emilie de Ravin (Belle) won Once Upon A Fan Awards for Best Actor and Actress last Sunday, and season 5 focal point Jennifer Morrison (Emma) didn’t even make it passed the semi-finales, which shows that Adam and Eddy are yet again betting on the wrong horse.

      • buttercupscarlett95 says:

        What is a Once Upon a Fan award & who voted? Sounds like something someone made up on the internet. I doubt OUAT is taking official polls of its fans, and I highly doubt Belle, who gets little screen time, is more popular with fans than Emma, who is the star of the show. Rumple, of course, is a main character and always amazing, but, again, I’ve never seen an official poll of fans by the show. Jen Morrison has been nominated for real awards, like a Teen Choice nomination for best actress. I believe she and Colin O’Donoghue were nominated for best kiss for Teen Choice, too.

        • Rebecca says:

          “Jen Morrison has been nominated for real awards, like a Teen Choice nomination for best actress.” Aw, it’s cute that you think that’s a ‘REAL’ award. Because it’s not. It’s an award show for high school kids to vote for the ridiculous ‘swoonworthy’ events on tv/movies hundreds of times because they have nothing better to do with their time.

          Meanwhile…… Robert Carlyle has won (and nominated for) multiple BAFTA awards for various performances, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and them Emilie won a SAG award with her cast as ‘best ensemble’ for Lost…..

          The only awards JMO has ever won was for some random Denver film fest for Star Trek ensemble. And she was barely in that movie in the first place. Everything else she’s been nominated for/won were awards I’ve either never heard of or crap ‘awards shows’ that people/viewers can vote for hundreds of times. So don’t flatter yourself in thinking that Jennifer Morrison is a better actress than Robert & Emilie. Because she’s not.

          • zumpie says:

            And yet, if you’re going to play that game—-Ginnifer, Lana and Josh have all won far more awards than Bobby or Emilie. Personally, I find Carlyle kinda overrated—and he lags far behind most of his film costars in the UK (both Tom Wilkinson and Jonny Lee Hooker have received vastly more acclaim and far more critical and mainstream success). RC was possibly the worst Bond villain ever and then out shown by his co-stars in his other, better known stuff.

            TBH, Emilie’s probably the weakest regular cast member (besides Jared) on the show. I still imagine Rumple being played by, say, Alan Cumming and how much better it would be. Carlyle just chews the scenery and giggles

      • Val says:

        @Nicole – What a bitter Rumbelle shipper – rude as always

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Thank You. couldn’t have said It better.

    • Lacey says:

      I just want to point out that the first episode, OnceABC promoted Merida, Arthur, Camelot and Dark Swan, the second episode Regina as the savior was promoted (Regina Centric), CS was not even promoted so how can you say that CS was the cause of the ratings when they were not promoted? The general public didn’t know that CS was going to have scenes because CS was not part of the promos and articles that tv personal posted. If you look at a lot of the articles and promotion that were posted before episode 2, they were boosting Regina being the savior.

    • JJ says:

      In the Rumple/Belle relationship, you see Rumple as the victim? Wow, cognitive dissonance never ceases to amaze me. When did Belle cheat on Rumple in your opinion? are you talking about dating Will? She and Rumple were broken up. Seeing someone else after a break up isn’t cheating.

  15. don says:

    Season 1:it’s almost impossible to travel between realms, you have to create an immensely complicated dark curse and practically raise someone to be evil enough to cast it and spend hundreds of years doing this
    Season 5:we’re thinking of going to the enchanted forest for a weekend anyone want to come with?

    • B says:

      There’s no contradiction. In Season 2, it was stated explicitly that only travelling to a land without magic is difficult; transporting between magical realms is easier. Storybrooke is now magical.

  16. abz says:

    Can’t wait. I hope this means they’re gonna bring on Hades. Been waiting for them to do Hercules for a long time.
    Looking forward to some Hook backstory. I also hope they make Hook/Colin get a haircut. The current style is distracting–very Justin Beiber-y.

  17. Looking forward to the Merida/Ruby/Mulan sl.

  18. Carrie says:

    I’d like a Regina hiatus, please. Give the other characters some screen time without her.

  19. Linda says:

    If they cast Hercules would be funny for Kevin Sorbo to reprise HTLJ role. I am looking forward to Hook’s back story

  20. Kerry says:

    Looking forward to the hook back story and learning more about Killian! It’s a tough job having an ensemble cast, everyone has their favourites and the writers try to balance that so far I’m loving season 5 already exceeding season 4 for me! Looking forward to get more context on what turned Emma dark and what will come of Mr Gold!!!!

  21. TrueLove says:

    I am so excited for this season!!! I have a feeling its gonna be my favorite!! Jennifer Morrison is doing such an incredible job with Dark Swan and FINALLY we are getting more backstory of our favorite Pirate! It was about time! Hook/Killian is the best and most interesting character of OUAT and its great to finally see the fan favorite get even more depth to his already perfectly written character!! I am so excited to see what’s next for Killian and Emma. Those two share the most beautiful scenes and have without doubt the most magical chemistry on the show!!

    • Alauna says:

      U got that right!! Amen :’) He is definitely THEE BEST character in OUAT. And perfect just the way he is! CS is so adorable, I don’t understand people who can’t grasp it!? He just compliments Emma So well, he’s great for her… And her for him.

      • Maddie says:

        “I just don’t understand people who can’t grasp it?!”

        Probs because he tried to kill her and her mom but y’know¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • zumpie says:

          Sorry, Dear BagelSwanner, but no, Hook, never EVER tried to kill Emma or Snowy-Megz. At Rumple’s cell, it was Cora controlling things and TBH, had Hook helped Emma (who had already left him to die, twice), Cora would’ve killed them all, on the spot. So Hook could live and figure Emma would figure a way out (it was in the EF, after all and Emma had magic/was resourceful) or they could all be dead instantly.

          BagelSwanners like yourself not only continue to dwell pathetically in the past (seriously, this was season 2), but also overlook that Hook literally “had no choice”. When a Crocodummy merely makes that statement, we’re meant to take it as gospel truth (despite an apparent abundance of options before them), but Hook doesn’t get that?

          Emma and Team Princess were out in a matter of minutes…neither Hook nor Cora seemed especially surprised to see them. It was a tactic to delay them. Seriously, try harder. And newer!

  22. FINALLY!!! Glad to learn that we are going to learn more about Hook’s backstory, been waiting a few seasons for this. This season has been great so far and I am super excited to see #CaptainSwan on my screen for the rest of the season!

  23. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting so long for Hook’s backstory. I can’t wait to learn more about his family and where he’s from. He and Emma are my favorite characters on the show.

  24. Shayla says:

    I so excited to see hook as a boy, and his father.

  25. JJ says:

    Why is it so many OUAT fans feel like they can only root for one character or one couple, and feel that they need to tear down other charactesrs/couples to make their favourite look better? It’s an ensemble show, the better all the characters/couples are, the better the show. Nothing wrong with enjoying more than one character/couple.

  26. Ysambre Loc says:

    once upon a hook ..Again..byebye OUAT

    • Val says:

      I watch a show called Once upon a time, with a character called Hook in it with others. But hey i am happily watch more Hook. Even better!

  27. Alauna says:

    I’m Thrilled we will get to see Hook’s Father & him as a young lad. Can’t wait to get more in depth with his character etc. :3 Whoo! As I’m So thankful for all the Amazing CS moments and tear jerkers, Captain Swan is by far the best ship I’ve ever seen. *personal preference* But Haters gonna hate…. I just don’t understand Y Alot of you have to be so rude, why can’t we all just be happy for one another… I’m happy for all you OQ shippers out there for example. No one needs to “Die off” just to suite You. You don’t like it, I suggest not watching. –

  28. Mel says:

    OMG Great news ever, I can’t wait to meet his father and more of his story. Finally some flashback to our favorite pirate

  29. J.Eyre says:

    Yay! Finally… Hook’s father and childhood. I’m so happy!! I love Killian Jones

  30. Clarie says:

    I’m very excited to see Hook’s backstory and of course my favorite couple Hook and Emma very intrigued to see how their relationship will play out now that she is the Dark One Love will always find a way :)

  31. I’d love to see Hook’s backstory. He’s fantastic and I think it’s long overdue.

    I have to agree with some of others about dark swan being painfully bad. I love JMo but this storyline is so melodramatic and the acting is just a bit too over the top for me. Also, I have serious concerns about Jennifer Morrison’s significant weight loss this season. I remember her reacting to comments about her looking pregnant in the finale (which is insane because she looked great) and since then her weight has dropped to an unhealthy level. She’s skin and bones now and the dark swan hair and make up make her look even more severe. Time for her to pull it together, lots of teens look up to her and the image she’s portraying right now isn’t healthy.

  32. Ana says:

    Can’t wait to learn more about Killian’s past & parents and seeing him as a boy. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time :) Wonderful news!!

  33. Sharon says:

    I hate what they have done to the beauty and the beast story in seasons 4 and 5 of this show, I only started watching this show because i’m a fan of beauty and the beast and Robert carlyle, but they have taken my favourite childhood fairytale and ruined it, I thought that after zelena used the dagger to control rumple and make him try to hurt people in s3 that it was only natural for rumple to want to rid himself of the dagger’s hold on him so that he couldn’t be used again especially against anyone he cared about and belle does the crappiest thing by betraying rumple by using the dagger on him and not even hearing him out and then shacking up with will, not to mention constantly trying to change rumple since the day she met him, the whole point of the beauty and the beast was not judging by appearances, there’s more to someone than what you see up front and beauty loved the beast regardless of his faults and she didn’t try to make him change because she didn’t have to because he became a better person for his own sake and for her when he realised he was in love with her and to bring in a baby to the rumbelle story now would be making an even bigger mess out of it