Once Upon a Time: Hook's Dad Is On the Way, Plus Merida/Mulan/Ruby Fun — And Maybe a 'Rumbelle' Baby?

Once Upon a Time will take a closer look at Hook’s past — not to mention Belle’s belly — during Season 5, the show’s producers announced Friday during a New York Comic-Con panel moderated by TVLine’s Matt Mitovich.

Hook’s father will be introduced prior to the ABC drama’s long winter break — in an episode focusing on Colin O’Donoghue’s alter ego and Lana Parilla’s Evil Queen — the series’ co-creators told the audience.

“We’re going to see an adventure with Hook and the Evil Queen,” EP Adam Horowitz previewed.

Hook’s father, who has yet to be cast, will be seen in flashbacks examining the character’s childhood. “We’ll see Hook as a little boy,” affirmed EP Eddy Kitsis.

Speaking of young’uns, Kitsis and Horowitz also weighed in on the prospect of Emilie de Ravin’s real-life pregnancy factoring into her character’s Season 5 storyline. No decision will be made on that front until the latter half of the season, they said.

“One way or the other, something’s gonna get done,” Kitsis teased. Added Horowitz: “We’re very, very happy for Emilie, and the only thing we can say is that Eddy and I promise not to deliver the baby.”

The show bosses also confirmed the slightly different scheduling for this split season.

“We’re going to be airing 10 nights, with a two-hour night on Nov. 15,” said Horowitz. “And part of that episode is going to be a Merida adventure with Mulan and Ruby (played by returning players Jamie Chung and Meghan Ory).”

Horowitz reminded that the series 100th episode will kick off Season 5B in March. Asked for one word to characterize the springtime arc, Kitsis flatly quipped, “Hell!”