Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ring Pop

Hawaii Five-0 Catherine Leaves

Is Hawaii Five-0 heading for another wedding?

Or could this episode just as well as have been titled “Ring, and Run”?

This week on the CBS drama, McGarrett took a major step closer to asking Catherine to marry him, by securing the ring with which he plans to propose. But in the midst of doing so, as seen in the sneak peek we shared, he overhears his would-be fiancee speaking Pashto on the telephone.

Is she planning to bolt on him, again? Steve wonders aloud as much to Danny, who not only is a solid sounding board — egging his colleague on to ask Catherine what’s up — but who also has his pal’s back, going so far as to confront Catherine himself. (BTW, I totally concur with Danny’s “house casualty” rule.)

Meeting up, Danny makes sure that Catherine knows how much better a man Steve is these days, with her back in town — “the best version of himself” and all that. As such, he asks point blank: Is she sticking around for good? “There’s nothing I’d love more,” Catherine answers, splitting hairs like a pro with her choice of words.

At episode’s end, Steve returns home from his latest bit of crimesolving to find Catherine waiting for him on the front step… with bags packed. Simply said/alleged, she needs more than a relationship can give her, she needs to be needed, the way he is every time his phone rings. And rejoining Five-0, “his thing,” isn’t the answer. So, she (allegedly) is off to Nepal, to assist earthquake victims.

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Crestfallen, yet again, Steve points out that as much as she wishes she could be in “two places at once,” she is in fact choosing to be the place where he isn’t. And for that reason and more, he drives home, he can not wait for her this time. Catherine’s ride arrives, she and Steve embrace — “I will always, always love you,” she offers — and then she leaves, while he is left to pop open the ring box has had stowed in his pocket. And as he stares at its now-inert contents, the show cues up a “Best Of” highlight reel from Steve and Catherine’s entire courtship, from first meeting to derring-do, from kidnappings to lighter moments, and more.

Catherine entertains bittersweet flashbacks as well while en route to… wherever. Until, that is, she takes a secure phone call from a superior, asking the lieutenant if her cover story passed muster with Steve, and is she “ready” for her assignment.

“Absolutely,” she answers.

So, given the flashback-a-palooza, are we to surmise that Steve/Catherine is finished, done, over, finito, a dead parrot?