Hawaii Five-0 Catherine Leaves

Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ring Pop

Is Hawaii Five-0 heading for another wedding?

Or could this episode just as well as have been titled “Ring, and Run”?

This week on the CBS drama, McGarrett took a major step closer to asking Catherine to marry him, by securing the ring with which he plans to propose. But in the midst of doing so, as seen in the sneak peek we shared, he overhears his would-be fiancee speaking Pashto on the telephone.

Is she planning to bolt on him, again? Steve wonders aloud as much to Danny, who not only is a solid sounding board — egging his colleague on to ask Catherine what’s up — but who also has his pal’s back, going so far as to confront Catherine himself. (BTW, I totally concur with Danny’s “house casualty” rule.)

Meeting up, Danny makes sure that Catherine knows how much better a man Steve is these days, with her back in town — “the best version of himself” and all that. As such, he asks point blank: Is she sticking around for good? “There’s nothing I’d love more,” Catherine answers, splitting hairs like a pro with her choice of words.

At episode’s end, Steve returns home from his latest bit of crimesolving to find Catherine waiting for him on the front step… with bags packed. Simply said/alleged, she needs more than a relationship can give her, she needs to be needed, the way he is every time his phone rings. And rejoining Five-0, “his thing,” isn’t the answer. So, she (allegedly) is off to Nepal, to assist earthquake victims.

Crestfallen, yet again, Steve points out that as much as she wishes she could be in “two places at once,” she is in fact choosing to be the place where he isn’t. And for that reason and more, he drives home, he can not wait for her this time. Catherine’s ride arrives, she and Steve embrace — “I will always, always love you,” she offers — and then she leaves, while he is left to pop open the ring box has had stowed in his pocket. And as he stares at its now-inert contents, the show cues up a “Best Of” highlight reel from Steve and Catherine’s entire courtship, from first meeting to derring-do, from kidnappings to lighter moments, and more.

Catherine entertains bittersweet flashbacks as well while en route to… wherever. Until, that is, she takes a secure phone call from a superior, asking the lieutenant if her cover story passed muster with Steve, and is she “ready” for her assignment.

“Absolutely,” she answers.

So, given the flashback-a-palooza, are we to surmise that Steve/Catherine is finished, done, over, finito, a dead parrot?

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  1. H50fan says:

    Tired of the writers and PL playing with the fans with this on and off relationship. Now there is a chance she may return again. Is like Pter is infatuaed with MB he seem cant let go of her. WHy dont let Steve move on. SHe i working undercover for sure maybe even for Doris, she once again is lying to him, and there is a chance she may come back even if Steve told her he may not wait for her???? the show can do better and this good bye was LAME!!!! I thought they were going to break up for good with no possibiity of her to return ever again.

    • EJ386 says:

      The thing is I don’t mind an undercover story and her coming back to Hawaii at some point needing help from Five-0. I like her character. I will mind if McGarrett takes her back at some point. Her deserves better and I don’t like them together

      • suzi says:

        I agree that an undercover mission that requires her asking for Five-0’s help is possible, however Steve taking her back depends on the purpose of the mission–I can see his sense of duty allowing him to make a similar decision as hers. Completely disagree about them as a couple, I thought they were perfect together, and I dislike this whole story line—why keep jerking both characters around.

        • Lynn says:

          I agree she has been the only female character that has fit his personality. The other “love interests” that came on and worked for 5-0 just didn’t have that same charisma as Michelle Borth has. I would love for her to be able to work out a contract with the show and be back on as a regular, so I hope this ending with a secret mission can be tied up so Steve is open to taking her back. The show is about the task force, not really his love life, but if they are going to try to make a love interest for him, I hope it remains Michelle Borth, aka Catherine.

          • Shawn MK says:

            Perfectly stated – I think 5-0 needs more strong female characters. The show is better with Michelle Borth, she pairs well with the other characters. I am a little annoyed with the quirky characters there are too many, especially with the addition of Danny’s nephew. I liked the other crime lab person.

          • April says:

            No Catherine needs to stay. We Love Her and Steve together

          • christine says:

            I would lovecatherine to come back and do a episode with kono

          • Rebecca Hopper says:

            I agree

          • Christine says:

            come on mcrollins fans lets get Catherine back the new girl will be on soon and we need Catherine to come back and fight for her man

          • in the beginning of episode five steve had a phone call which he told danny he thinks it might have been catherine i wonder if there there is some kind of mystery starting to unfold there

          • Vicki says:

            I totally agree. They are great together. This new girl is very pretty and kind of a tomboy which I think McGarrett needs right now but I believe that Catherine is his sole mate and they will get back together and eventually get married just like Kono did. Her and Adam are so cute together.

          • nobie says:

            me too. I really miss the chemistry between her and Steve, I am keeping my fingers crossed that eventually they will reunite. So far I don’t like the two new females on the show. They just don’t have any chemistry and don’t add anything to the mix.

          • well movie lets hop cath is back where she belongs with Steve soon

          • Nancy says:

            I completely agree – Catherine & Steve are perfect together, now Danny should stop being such a whiny baby ALL the time – he tests my Irish patience a tad. But I love love this show.

        • Rebecca Hopper says:

          I thought they were a perfect couple also. Either let them be together or find someone else for him. I’m tired of the writers having her run off every time her and Steve get that close.

          • christine says:

            well Rebecca if Catherine does come back I don’t think it will be for a while yet in the mean time we have this new girl coming on no one knows what is going to happen with that storyline perhaps she will be given more episodes so that Catherine is forgotten about but I think that ifcathrine does come back the writers will give her agoodstoryline and she will be back with Steve or maybe he finds out that she is in trouble and goes and finds her could be a twist with that phone call he had in episode 5 he told Danny he thought it was Catherine I don’t think he will forget her to quickly there is to much history between them

        • Cynthia Duval says:

          I agree 100%, Suzi~!

    • NQ says:

      Agree with you on this one. They should have made it a final break up between these two and let McG go on with his life and she go on with hers. I;m not sure why they insist on leaving the door open for Catherine to return at some future time because its just played out and tiresome now. Move it along, folks.

    • Nick dc says:

      Has anyone given thought about creating a new show with Catherine as the lead character? ( whether or not MB is cast) I’m just wondering if this is a setup for a spin off.

  2. Lee says:

    It needs to be over. She came back keeping secrets just like his mom. How many times is she supposed to be able to leave him and him take her back? Really looking forward to the first appearance of Sarah Carter’s character.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have to think it is o-v-e-r over. You don’t do that kind of flashback reel if it’s not over.

      • H50fan says:

        Really?U think so? But now we wont know who was the guy she spoke with inside the car

        • Stacy says:

          I don’t think the point of the man on the phone (at this point in TV writing anyway) was for us to find out who it was. I think we’re just meant to know that she’s doing something “important”. Steve’s view is that she ditched him for Nepal to feel needed generically, whereas we’re supposed to sympathize that she’s needed specifically for some mission she couldn’t tell him about.

        • Margo says:

          DON’T care!! after the ‘scripted’ ending. H0’s ratings are lower than the Muppet’s and the show just lost one viewer! Can’t move up in ratings that way producer!!

      • prish says:

        The husband says, “Why did she even come back then? Why not have left it the way it was? Now, it is another depressing thing. If I wanted depressing, I would watch the news. I want my TV shows to be entertaining, to be happy.”

      • Nicole says:

        That’s what we said! It felt very finale like and while they may have opened up a mystery for her, where she is going truly didnt matter. They showed closure in the flashback and noe everyone will at least move on to new relationships.

      • Stacy says:

        That was my instinct as well. A way to memorialize the relationship while justifying why she would leave, cementing her as a good person.

        • christine says:

          if anyone is to blame for the ending it is the writers I hope Catherine comes back even if Steve has a new gf his heart will always belong to Catherine I hope she returns later on and they get married

      • christine says:

        well Catherine is gone. this time for good so let’s hope Steve can move on with this new girl
        maybe they should bring Sarah into the show as regular cast member so she. and Steve can have a proper relationship and perhaps some time in the future she can have the ring on her finger it will be so nice to see Steve fall in love again

      • Mary says:

        I so hope you’re right, Matt!

      • Mike says:

        Why bother with giving her a legit reason for leaving then? Everyone is right here. If she’s supposed to be gone for good then there’s no reason to explain it. Either way Steve is devastated. Leaving it open ended does make this very frustrating.

      • Shannon says:

        The fact that Sarah Carter was cast back in September and the fans knew then this ship with Catherine had sailed, the writers are the ones who can’t seem to leave well enough alone. The flashback reel aside, they left the door open for her return. Again. (Was anyone else waiting for that car to blow up with Catherine in it? No? Just me. You’re all lying)

      • Lindsay says:


      • Akane says:

        She will probably be back in the end of the season with a baby, cliffhanger lol!!

        • Speck says:

          I never thought that, that would be an awesome twist!lol! I think that the statement about Catherine being perfect with Steve is accurate. I truly was glad she was and really disappointed and frustrated to see her ride off yet again. They are right though Steve’s sense of duty would have had him act in a similar manner. I wish they would quit jerking the couple around and let them be happy but I’m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt to see where the are going with all this, Steve and Catherine arent the only reason I started watching and its not a ‘make or break’ for my liking the show in general. hopefully they will keep giving us more reasons to watch.
          though I do wish they would just let Adam and Kono just be HAPPY for a while sheesh!

          • christine says:

            I don’t no if it just me who noticed but near the end of episode 5 when the team had finished the race they were in what looked like afield or something and the camera zoomed in on the top of e tree twice exactly the same you couldn’t see anyone but I wonder if they were been watched it just seemed a strange thing to do also Gabriel hasn’t been seen for a while I wonder if Catherine going again has anything to do with him

      • CocoPuffy says:

        I would have thought that had she not made that call. I think the writers were tugging at heart strings to set us up for the surprise turn. I think Michelle/Cath will be back. I think McRoll is still end game. I just hope the writers bring her back soon. They can’t drag this out….because it’s coming close to the point where die-hard McRoll fans won’t be invested enough to to care anymore.

      • Zack M says:

        Agreed. I would also be surprised if Steve believed the cover story or if in the end he just did not care. Seeing as he caught her on the phone speaking covertly he probably had a guess something other than what she was selling is up. I think though in the end he was out of cares to give.

        • Shannon says:

          I actually thought it was established in a previous episode that Steve spoke Pashto or at least knew enough of it to roughly translate? I was wondering if he knew what she said all along.

      • AJ Llewellyn says:

        I agree Matt. She is not coming back.I think they wanted to give it a definitive ending and that flashback reel said it all.

        • Nobie says:

          Would agree if not for the phone calls and Intel assignment. As much as you hate her, she will be back.

          • as much as i would like to see her come back nobie and i hope that she does i dont think there will be any future for them now that steve has this new girlfriend and it looks to be serious if he sleeps with her it is so sadthe way that the writers messed up the storyline between steve and catherine i would love for them to get back together if she comes back not straight away butby the end of the season but no one no what is going to happen dont no how many episodes there in this season but as i can only pick up bits i dont no what episode they are on

          • Nobie says:

            Christine , I don’t usually get attached to characters in shows but Steve and cat were different. Sorry you don’t get them up to date.

          • i no how much chemistry there was between them and i thinkthat i am being a bit negitive about it i love them together and i hope that she comes back for him i love them together i watched another american tv show where the romance was slow burning but he got his woman in the end so i hope if she comes back we have a big mcrollins wedding what awonderfull ending that would be if this is the last season just have to wait for sky 1 to air it i hope to have the dvd box set for christmas so i will able to watch it

          • how long is Hawaii five o I a break for over Christmas and the new year we get it on sky one on December 3rd yes can’t wait

          • AJ Llewellyn says:

            If she does come back, which I doubt, I hope she doesn’t go off and get major plastic surgery this time. yet another new face would be hard to explain.

          • what i dont understand is how did catherine no about konos wedding if she was in afghanistan

        • Nobie says:

          Would agree if not for the phone calls and Intel assignment. As much as you don’t want her, she will be back.

  3. ninamags says:

    I do feel really sad for Steve but, well, she was obviously more devoted to her work (whatever that is) than to him, so, whatever. Bring on the next girlfriend, if you must. God forbid there’s no romantic interests to waste air space on.

    That new lab tech is such a spaz.

  4. JAO says:

    I really like them together. Sad it didn’t work out.

  5. flower1petals says:

    I dont quite understand why they even brought her back. The story closed well when she left the first time. They didn’t have to bring her back, get us all excited ( well those of us who like them together) just to take her away and leave him broken hearted again. What was the point?

    • Nonatonga says:

      I do agree with you even if I dont like her. but you do have a point. I did not see a reason either to bring her back only for Steve to be heart broken again. and now it looks like if the writers want they could bring her back. Peter or the writers is not good, they like to play with the fans like that. Is like peter or he writers are infatuated with her. I mean this on and off again relationship is not working and is lame. Now we wll be wondering who was the guy she was speaking with on the phone. There is something certain she is working undercover and again lying to Steve. How many times he be heart broken? Bring on the new gf and lets see how will that develop.

      • flower1petals says:

        Yes, he does deserve better. I loved them together, but enough is enough, I wouldn’t want her to come back. Hopefully this new girl they are bringing in can make him happy.

  6. I just have to say ... says:

    Hate to nitpick, but Catherine was speaking Pashto, not Farsi. Steve even told Danny that he didn’t understand Pashto.

    Kinda glad to see Catherine gone, if for no other reason than closure for Steve.

    • Nonatonga says:

      But it looks for her story she could return if she wanted, they never realy say good bye to each other. Tired of Peter playing with the fans like this. I hope this time is for real. HOpe the new girl is much better than Lori and Catherine combined.

      • Nobie says:

        You said it perfectly. Many of the fans don’t like any female with Steve which is ridiculous. Lori was much the opposite of Katherine and fans didn’t want them close. I think the producers are trying to keep both viewer camps happy since both are so strong.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yep, fixed.

      • I just have to say ... says:

        You’re awesome, Matt. :-)

      • I. says:

        i think that the fans who like Steve and Catherine will be dissapointed with what happened I think that they should have closure on this So then they will be happy to see Steve with some new

      • christine says:

        what do you mean by fixed Matt that is not fair to say it could mean that Catherine isn’t coming back
        and none of us no
        what the new girl is like yet but it seems you
        have already made up
        your mind about her you obviously no more than we do so I isn’t fair to make a comment like that

  7. timetogo says:

    M I the only person who thinks there is absolutely no chemistry between Steve and Catherine. I am so glad to see her go. I will be really annoyed if they bring her back.. I am so looking forward to the arrival of Sarah. I think they will make a much better couple.

    • christine says:

      no chemistry have you been watching the right programs you only have to watch the series three episodes of you want to see chemistry I hope that Catherine comes back and we see even more chemistry between them she

    • Nobie says:

      I totally disagree, I think they had more chemistry than any couple on tv because it seemed so real. I thought there was more of a relationship because you saw it grow from a night whenever she was in town to him needing and wanting her and finally loving each other. She is a female version of him and he will never find anyone that understands what is important to him morethan Catherine and be able to share him with his job.

  8. Yasmin says:

    Really… why bring her back to have her leave again and that too with a lie. Why put Steve through all that heartache. I thought she was right for him but obviously work is far more important to her than the relationship. The flashbacks at the end of the episode should have been left as ‘closure’of their story and not with that call suggesting she is on an undercover mission and therefore no doubtSalaam Nosheen. Hope you and the boys are well. Just wanted to let you know that hasnain is now playing for Westwood Dolphins. Not sure if you’ve found somewhere for Rayaan or not. If not and he’s interested in playing for them I’m sure the will take him on. Best wishes always. Yasmin x be returning. Why can’t the writers have just let Steve be happy with Catherine?? Anyhoo I hope he moves on quickly and finds reciprocated love elsewhere.

  9. chanrin says:

    Oh God, please, no more Catherine already! the couple did not have any chemistry to begin with, and that on and off relationship isn’t doing both actors any service! What it is with PL and MB, why does he always leave an open door for her ?? Just shoo already!

  10. Kate says:

    Trying to keep the McRoll fans happy – bring her back but don’t close the door all the way… At least Steve got to say his piece in person this time and have some closure.

    • christine says:

      I think if she comes back again it will all be sorted out between them and they will get back together at some point maybe not straight away by by the end of the series she could even come back with his baby a little mcrollins

  11. prish says:

    The husband and I want to throw eggs. Well, they made this writing decision. The husband says, “He’s much better off, now. He doesn’t need someone who thinks she’s a teenager. Steve needs someone who wants to get married, not some kind of mission. They came back from Viet Nam and had families. I don’t know what she’s doing.”

    We are frustrated with what they are doing, here, and in Castle. I am beginning to think a desire to stick it to the viewers is greater than entertaining them.

    The husband says, “Stop ruining the careers of these actors. We are not masochists. Who would want to turn in to the shows?”

    • James says:

      It wouldn’t be drama if it was all rainbows and sunshine…

      • prish says:

        There are lots of dramas that are enjoyable, Chicago PD, Blue Bloods, NCIS-LA, Nash Bridges, Elementary, Mr. Robot, Rome, Suits, Person of Interest, Blacklist, previous Castle, most Mentalist, CSIs, and hundreds of others. It must have something to do with the story construction or dealing with characters or writing or directing or I don’t know what. Sometimes, some decisions just bomb. I share here in case some people working on the shows want real time, real viewer feedback.

  12. Bella says:

    Disappointed Catherine was the only pairing of Steve’s that I actually liked. Wish Catherine was staying I liked her too.

  13. Penny Lane says:

    I think Catherine’s leaving has a lot to do with all the crap going on at CBS. There have been too many female stars that have left CBS in recent years. Not sure what’s going on, but one has to wonder. Something will come out in the next few weeks.

  14. Angel says:

    I don’t like this whole secret mission and the stupid excuse for Catherine’s departure it’s not fair to her or Steve. I’m disappointed with the writers, I was happy that they brought Catherine back but they hardly showed her and Steve together. They should have kept her for good and bring her back to five o. I’m really not liking nor understanding why the writers wrote Catherine’s character out of the show and waste time on bringing someone like Jerry into the team. Jerry’s character needs to be a recurring one not permanent and now they’ve brought in Danno’s nephew Eric another male character. I hope they bring Catherine back and this time finish the story with Steve so that they can have their happy ending. I know a new love interest will be entering the show soon but I doubt it will last with Steve. Steve and Catherine have far too much history for it to just be over.

    Also, what has happened to Danny’s boy who is so sick? They’ve not even shown him or Danny going to any hospital or treatment and where is Gracie

    • christine says:

      well Catherine is gone now but I think there is more to this storyline maybe the man on the phone was joe white and Steve s mother is in trouble and he needs Catherine help to find Doris but Catherine was not allowed to tell Steve the truth and later on Catherine joe and Doris will come back and Steve will be told everything all about his mums past and Catherine and Steve will be reunited when he hears the full story about what happened f

      • Angel says:

        Would love it if that happened!

      • Maria Quinn says:

        If the man who called Catherine was supposed to have been Joe White, they would have had Terry O’Quinn, who’s played him since S2, as the voice on the call. The voice did not sound anything like him, nor was the voice supposed to have been modified/scrambled so you couldn’t identify it.

    • bj says:

      I agree about Jerry’s character, and Danno’s nephew. (Even less screen time for Max now, I guess.) Why bring in more male comic relief. Do they think that’s what people want? I think they’re going to shed even more fans now.

      Obviously Catherine is back in the navy now, in intelligence and she will go where she’s ordered to go. I wanted her to stay and go back to 5-0 too but since she doesn’t provide comic relief that’s not going to happen. What was the purpose of that scene in the basement office with Jerry and Kamekona and the nephew anyway?

      It was nice to see some of the old action on the boat but I guess we’ll be seeing less and less of that now too. “Send in the clowns.”

    • Maria Quinn says:

      Charlie, Danny’s son who needs the bone marrow transplant from Danny, will be back at least by Episode 606 (this was Ep 603); 606 is the Halloween episode. He’s only a recurring character.

      Gracie is also a recurring character. She’s supposed to be in the Halloween episode as well; I don’t know if she’s in either of the next 2–Eps 604 &/or 605–or not.

    • christine says:

      i think the writer used Catherine a little bit in series 4had her fill in for kono while she was off looking for. Adam they could have given. Catherine a job outside of five o and brought grover to help them or fiat managed with three instead they got rid of her and Jerry on board they should do a series like five o with all women with Catherine in charge and no men

  15. Sbrnakiss says:

    Good riddens. Horrible character.

  16. It does suck I loved the relationship. She stay in Afghanistan to deal with promise she made. She comes back and Steve happy you take away again. He can’t keep doing that I feel like this was the end. But I’ve learn never say never. However,new lover for Steve is need he needs to move on.

  17. Erica says:

    If Catherine’s leaving has anything to do with his mother, I’m going to be mad. That storyline was stupid, dragged on and brought nothing to the story or series!

  18. Hubert says:

    This info is worth everyone’s attention. When can I find out more?

  19. Jackie says:

    I hope she is not gone for good. If the roles were reversed would you be this upset. I am more upset that PL had her come back only to write this storyline. Her excuse not to work with five o again was lame. He did that to appease the fans who do not accept any woman but Kono in five O, but they accept the men. The Catherine I have seen the past years would have never left Steve a second time. So, in order to accept this new lady, he has us getting upset with Catherine so we will welcome the new love interest with open arms. Catherine lied to Steve once because of his mother and that nearly tore her apart She even told his mother she did not like keeping secrets from Steve. So, PL brings her back to only have her leave again and not being honest with Steve. All of this to bring in a new love interest. He did not have to paint this picture of Catherine. He could have created a job outside of five-0 for Catherine, consultant, but he chose this way.

    • christine says:

      I totally agree with Jackie on what she said in episode two Steve and Catherine were talking and he said to her thanks for coming home and Catherine replied there is no place I would rather be so it seems a bit odd for her to go again and pl did not say if she is gone for good I don’t when we will get it in the uk

    • Angel says:

      Agree with you. They did not have to portray Catherine in such a bad way just to make way for this new woman. I really wish they bring Catherine back and give her and Steve a happy ending

      • christine says:

        I think the new girl is a recurring actress but whether they will make her a regular cast member now Catherine is gone I don’t no but I don’t think we have seen the last of Doris or joe I think there are some big surprises coming later on

    • christine says:

      you are so right there Jackie the point you made about us getting upset withcatherine so we will likethis new girl but we will
      have to wait and see what happens we had lori then Ellie and none of it worked i think there is more to it than her just going like that I remember Steve telling Danny
      that he was with
      Catherine for a long time and he wasn’t ready to date any one else even if he has a relationship with
      the new girl his heart will always belong to

    • Well said I couldn’t agree more with you!!

  20. Trish says:

    Is that ring returnable? Because it seemed like he spent a pretty penny on it. Poor guy.

  21. christine says:

    maybe those flashbacks were a some kind of trick to make us think it is over between them

  22. Jackie says:

    Five O was at its best when you had the original team with Catherine and Joe assisting them sometimes. The addition of Jerry, and now Danny’s nephew has made it somewhat comical. The addition of Carver was okay but I would not be sad if he was gone. I like Adam and Kono but not as much as Steve and Catherine. It seems PL is more invested in this relationship than any other. The Yakuza storyline is getting old. They replaced the Wo Fat storyline for this. I do not have the same interest in Adam as I do for Catherine. If PL was going to make this a central storyline with Kono and Adam being in danger he could have teamed Catherine and Kono to find Gabriel. He did not have to send her on another secret mission. Kono and Catherine working together would have been a great storyline. Poor writing all in the interest of bringing someone new in Steve’s life which may not work out. I was not invested in season five as much as prior seasons and probably the same with season six. As I stated earlier, I liked the make up of the show with original five O team and was an avid McRoll fan. PL has killed much of my interest in the show with the poor handling of Catherine Rollins.

    • christine says:

      I agree with everything Jackie said even though I can’t get season 6 at the moment I am watching the earlier ones I liked the first one but not season 2with lori in it but season 3 is my favourite with Steve and Catherine they were a great couple they tried Steve and lori dint work he stayed true to Catherine even when she was not in the show Steve told Danny he wasn’t ready to
      date any one else so I don’t no what is going to happen with the new girl I would love to see Catherine come back in the future I did watch some episodes of series four but there were to
      many people on the team grocer and Jerry I
      prefer the original team just the four of them with Catherine helping out

      • Maria Quinn says:

        They never “tried” Lori with Steve in S2. They were only work colleagues. Only in the episode where Lori was written out did she admit she had (romantic) feelings for Steve. He made no such admission, at any time Lori was on the team, that he had (romantic) feelings for her.

        • Nobie says:

          It was a bad character the way it aS written lately. She and Steve was a great match and they will prevail!!!!

        • Nobie says:

          Lori had fallen in love with Steve and Catherine was on an as needed basis at that time but she was his go to girl even then. They do understand each other.

    • I. says:

      i do hope that Catherine comes back at some point she told him she will always love him so let’s wait and see

    • christine says:

      if you count max they now have max Steve Danny chin grover. Charlie Fong and Jerry and Danny nephew why do they need so many men on the show it was much better when they just had the four main cast kono is the only woman it seems to be very male dominated Jerry spent semto fit in on a full time he should only be a recurring act they managed without him
      before and do
      you remember how Catherine went
      under cover to get all that information on sato Steve needs her because she is one feisty lady she could have been a great asset to
      The series helping the team with her knowledge but they got rid of her in series four andbrought in grover and Jerry grocer is nice but not Jerry to many men

      • Nonatonga says:

        Charlie Fong as you can see, is no longer on the show. My guess is that Dannys nephew replaced him.

        • Stacy says:

          I suspected as much. I like the idea of adding Danny’s family to the mix, but wish we could still see Fong, even if they rotated episodes.

        • nobie says:

          Bad move on show’s part but they never gave him anything to do so I don’t blame him for not hanging on. He was so cute and I was hoping he would end up with Kono before Adam came into the picture. Will miss him!

  23. Noreen cunningham says:

    Hate the ending. Waited so long for Katherine to come back. Not the same without her. Loosing interest!👎👎👎

  24. KarenW says:

    I liked Catherine with Steve before she left the first time. If she would have come back a few months after she left and reunited with him, then I would be more sad than I am. But the “new” Catherine that came back I didn’t like at all. Her face looked messed up and her hair was long and stringy, it was hard to get past that But I don’t think I will like the new girl any better. I know this is sounding stereotypical, but she looks like a young, immature airhead. Hopefully she proves me wrong. But if not, then maybe she could be a nice rebound for Steve to have fun with and help get over his heartbreak before he meets the right one. I know Steve said he wouldn’t wait for her this time, but I wanted more of a closure. Maybe she will get killed on her secret mission and that will for sure close it for good, no chance of her coming back again for any reason.

    • christine says:

      I think she will be back at some time in the series she told him she will always love him so I think
      that she will come back
      with his mother or Steve will find out Catherine is in trouble and go
      and find her and bring her home

  25. Mary says:

    I love Steve’s character. He has the TV typical damaging childhood but unlike so many other characters it makes him more warm and open not less. I have to hope that Catherine’s return just solidifies that he does want marriage and a family. She opened him up to the possibility. She pushed him to grow as a person, out of his comfort zone of blowing things up.

    And it is official I read entirely too much into fictional characters lol!

  26. I am hearing the love story changes soon to Jennifer (Julie Benz’s) from SyFy’s ‘Defiance’. I believe she enters soon?

    According to TV Line, the 43-year-old is joining the show in the recurring role of Jennifer, “a detective from San Francisco who is heading up a task force modelled after Five-O.”

  27. Norma says:

    This show has definitely “jumped the shark”. A very old, tired story line with Catherine leaving.

  28. bkay says:

    I will stop watching the show if Catherine does not return. I get bored with just the basic characters. I do not like the way they had her to come back and then leave so quickly.

  29. Gloria Long says:

    I can’t believe that once again Katherine is leaving such a great guy like Steve. I understand what she was saying to him but you can be yourself and have your own life and still be there. As for Michelle. I was so so happy to see her back on the show and was hoping that all the negative stuff that was surrounding her when she was last here would have gone away and she would stay but I guess for some people when you get threatened and such you just can’t forget it. The poor woman hasn’t been o Twitter or FB because of all the negative the “fans” gave her. I don’t blame her one bit for leaving. There was no excuse for the treatment she got. I hope that in the coming shows Steve can move one and finally find someone he truly loves but Katherine will always be the one for him and I hope in the end that is where they both end up…together…forever.

    • Nonatonga says:

      I dont like Catherine I only like her in S1 and 2 when she was outside the team and stil in the Navy and not regular but recurring. There was no chemistry between them but also there was not appropriate the things she said on twitter to the fans, some time ago, she has to acknowledge she is a pubic figure and comments like that even to defend herlsef in some way they will backfire at her. As a public figure she had to maintain herlself and keep a certain image.

      Back to her story I believe the fault has to be aimed to Peter and the writers, as they kept playing with the fans of the show, writing Catherine story like this and now writing her departure the way it was done last nite. I believe it iwas done like this was that in order for the viewers to start liking the new girl, they have to write a story that ruined Catherine very much as a person and be seen as a very bad woman, who still kjeep secrets from Steve, and a woman like taht Steve does not deserve.

      Im sensing they did that in order the fans to end up really hating her for doing this to Steve once again, to leave him heart broken for the second time with a fake excuse and he bought it. an d Peter and the writers did this in order for the fans to start accepting the new lady in Steve life so the hate for Catherine wil be so much that any woman now who comes to Steve life will be much better than Catherine because what Catherine did is not acceptable, especially if she loved him that much. Think about it. The writers need to write a very bad departure for Catherine, a story so bad, all people end up rally disliking and hating her in order not to see her anymore on the show that way Im sensing they did that in order the fans to end up really hating her for doing this to Steve once again, to l eave him heart broken for the second time with a fake excuse and he bought it. an d Peter and the writers did this in order for the fans to start accepting the new lady in Steve life so the hate for Catherine wil be so much that any woman now who comes to Steve life will be much better than Catherine because what Catherine did is not acceptable, especially if she loved him that much. Think about it. The writers need to write a very bad departure for Catherine, a story so bad, all people end up rally disliking and hating her in order not to see her anymore on the show and that way Steve wont cling anymore onto Catherine and he can move on.

      • Nobie says:

        Totally agree. Steve used her as a ONS for several years and she took it because she cared. Then he didn’t even take her on a real date until she said something. She still took it. We never saw them just going out and having fun like he did last week, but she still stood by him. He never just cut off his phone when he was with Kat to just have fun. He never gave her any reason to think he was ready to give her a ring. She never complained about how much time he spent on his job. In real life, it’s hard to find someone that committed without any committment from the other party. I don’t mind his dating her but will be very upset if he commits to her. There’s no real natural chemistry like he had with Kat. Probably would not watch anymore.

      • Nobie says:

        We don’t all hate her!!! She will be back. Can’t wait for more of that McRoll chemistry!!!!! The new one is too Tom boyish, not feminine like Cat. Skinny too!

        • christine says:

          people are still going on about something that happened two years ago Michelle did not chose to leave the show they got rid of her twice so why can’t what happened in the past be left in the past

  30. Lori says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Catherine. Were that true, they wouldn’t have written a mini cliff hanger @ the end of the flashback-a-palooza. I think it’ll be something like Steve’s mom’s story. We just have to wait and see.

  31. Frank says:

    She’s done. Time for Steve to move on. He can do better.

  32. Kat says:

    This Sarah Carter woman looks awful and certainly not any match in any way for our man Steve. I say bring Catherine back. Why on earth did these writers write her character out of the show is beyond my understanding. Catherine and Steve belong together and I would love to see them get a happy ending together. Writers are you listening (reading) to this. Series 3 was the best with Steve and Catherine even the early episodes of series 4 but after she left Steve was left alone :(

    I don’t think I will be watching H50 when this new woman enters the show

    • Stacy says:

      “Looks awful and mo match for Steve”. She hasn’t even appeared onscreen yet, jeez! My concern isn’t for Carter’s acting, but rather how the writers will portray her character. They’ve not been kind to female characters. Only 1 out of 7 lead characters is a woman.

  33. Charles says:

    I think Catherine will return, she has a top secret assignment and she can’t tell steve. But even if she returns I don’t think that her and Steve will get back together, unless the reason she did this is enough for steve. But I hope she does return she is part of the show, which makes it great. More parts on the show for Catherine will be good

  34. Tessa says:

    I might be a bit of a buzzkill but I am of
    the Babyboomer generation and I was
    a serious Original 5-0 viewer so If the writers bring another luv interest into
    Steve’s life she won’t be around long
    Mcgarrett’s wife gets murdered.But I was really pulling for Steve and Katherine she was strong and afraid to
    put herself in danger with&for Steve.
    He needs a strong woman she fits that
    bill that other girl seemed to eager and
    needy to me.I simply did’nt like her at all.
    I was so happy to see Kat return I’m
    not happy now!! but I really hope to GOD
    They don’t cast that lawyer .

  35. BennyP says:

    I loved their relationship in the first seasons, but now when she is there with him and after a while she leaves…man, I don’t like this at all. Like most of you said, it’s an awesome show and I want me to be happy while watching it

  36. Tessa says:

    I meant to say that Katherine was’nt
    afraid to put herself in danger for&with
    Steve.Sorry for typo

  37. Jackie says:

    PL accomplished what he wanted with Catherine living again. For people to hate her and say Steve deserves better. Catherine backed Steve 100% . She was there for him many times for his job and personally. Supported him through Wo Fat and his mother. Now, people are saying he deserves better. Are we forgetting that they we’re both in the military and were able to sustain a relationship.
    Even when Steve left the military and Catherine was deployed they were separated for days and probably months. So, now her leaving is a problem. Her wanting to find something for herself is not the problem. The writers did not have to villianize Catherine. I am a Catherine Rollins supporter and do not buy in to this new girl. They described Catherine as the female version of Steve and were made for each other and now this new girl a nature lover and suppose to be perfect for Steve. Not buying it. Also, are we to believe that with Joe’s contacts that he would not get wind of Catherine’s mission and even Steve for that matter.

    • Stacy says:

      Joe doesn’t know everything about every military op. If he were looking he might have the contacts to find out, but he’s not looking. And I don’t think they villainized Catherine.

      • nobie says:

        I don’t think they villanized her since they let us know at the end by the phone call it was for an important reason and not her just running away from commitment. Kat was visibly upset that she had to leave Steve and I don’t think she knew this was coming when she talked to Danny. So it was something urgent that pulled her away. And it left the door open which made me happy because I know she’s coming back to Steve because they both have real love for each other which they will have for no other. Like Danny said she makes Steve a better person when she’s around (can’t remember the words exactly). That’s a lot for cynical Danny to say so that shows the love is evident. Reminder to myself…this is a tv show not real life. If I remember correctly, the Jack Lord/McGarrett only had one real love in his life. So does this Steve.

        • christine says:

          I no the break up wasn’t Steves fault but it got me thinking about what Freddie hart said to Steve I have seen you with leuitent Rollins it the real deal man don’t mess it up I think Catherine will return and Steve will realise it is the real deal and they will get back together

    • i think that as much as she loves him she didnt do much after she left the navy her job with billy went pear shape after billy died she joined the team for awhile but wasnt needed when kono came back and she needed to find herself again that is why she went to afghanistan and what happened there we dont no i think maybe it is to do with steves mother and because of his mums background whatever it is has to be kept secret because her being steves mum could put him in danger so maybe catherine decided to get and help his mum or team up with someone to find herger and she knew that if she stayed his life could be in danger so she left to protect him because if you remember when she was offered the job with billy she did not want to take it she told steve that she was really happy things were good between them and she didnt want ajob or anything to come between them so i think that she will come back and everything will be sorted out pl said that he wanted the doris storyline to be resolved this season as i said before even if steve does have a relationship with this new girl his heart will always belong to catherine he could have moved on in series 5 but he was not interested catherine was his first love and i dont think that he will forget her so easily

    • maybe pl thought that if they get back together straight away after her return it will get a bit boring between them so he sent her away to give them some time without eachother and bring her back later on when they are agood way through with fresh ideas and storylines for steve and catherine to have there own episodes where they are the main characters centered on them where there relationship takes centre stage and it builds up to them being together again and her being away makes them realise they they are meant to betogether

  38. What a way to ruin a character it was no Cath lying to Steve it was bad writing from Peter himself. He mchanged Cath in another Doris!!!……….Maybe this is a sick way from the writers that McRoll shippers gonna hate Cath for leaving Steve so when Steve new love interest shows up we all gonna love her because she makes Steve smiling again!!…….Or Cath is on a secret mission to find the truth about Doris Peter has said they will wrap up this SL this season.

  39. Azziria says:

    The only real reason I can see for bringing Carherine back for such a short time was to give Steve the chance to say his piece about not waiting for her anymore, thus clearing the way for someone new without Steve being perceived as a two-timer by the viewers. That plus the montage at the end makes me pretty certain that Cath is gone for good, whatever the final phone call suggests. Peter likes to leave openings to tease us – viz the heavy hints he dropped about a possible return when Lori left, and we haven’t seen her back yet.

  40. gyri says:

    Matt, is there any way you can find a translation of what was said in Pashto?

  41. JB says:

    As long as he has his various Chevys, he’ll be fine.
    Really, they product placements on this show are far too obvious. they always part the car so the emblem or model name is visible.

    • Maria Quinn says:

      Steve & the team drive Chevys (or mostly Chevys, as of last season). The car Steve’s been restoring at home is a Mercury Marquis, which I think is a Ford car. And that Mercury Marquis is actually the same car Jack Lord drove as McGarrett in the original H5O.

    • Stacy says:

      Not true. In Season 5 all the emblems were blurred because Chevy/GM was no longer sponsoring the show as they did in 2, 3, and 4. Haven’t heard any official details, but if we’re seeing logos, presumably GM is back in the game.

  42. Willis says:

    There’s this thing about men who choose women who remind them of their mother….

  43. Carolyn Scott says:

    let him go save her and they get married you could make a good show out of this how he goes over and saves her

    • prish says:

      That I like!

    • KarenW says:

      Works for me.

    • christine says:

      I think that this storyline has caused quite a s
      problem with the viewers whether you like Catherine or not it was the wrong thing to do they could have come up with something else for her departure that didn’t make her look so bad they need to resolve it soon either bring her back or kill her off but I hope she doesn’t did but most. Likely they will killer so that we will all like the new girl I can’t watch it at the moment because I live in the uk so I am just picking up bits from my phone

  44. gyri says:

    Done. About time.

  45. Beth says:

    Bring on Sarah Carter. I enjoy this actress and hope she has good chemistry with Steve.

    • Nobie says:

      Nope. They won’t have the chemistry like S&C. And how many females will understand when he has to leave her in the bed for his job or at a special occasion. Catherine did.

  46. ginger14 says:

    Thank goodness she is gone. I never liked her, not a believable actress.

  47. Jean says:

    This whole thing sucks!!!! I was so glad Catherine was back, dumb storyline, I’m out

    • christine says:

      I just read a story line by Matt Carter Hawaii five o and he said that Catherine is doing some undercover work for a while so there is a chance she could come back as they want to resolve the mcgarret romance is resolved by the end of the season
      there is no word on a season
      7so the show will have to resolve this soon

  48. Carlos Lee says:

    I like Catherine and Steve together. I thought she was good strong female character on the show. Oh, well. It is only a show.

    • joe says:

      I think the show’s writers or producers quit playing around with Steve and Catherine’s relationship. Either settle a contract with her or let her go. She and Steve have good chemistry together but it’s sickening to watch her leave show up and then leave again. I also think fans of the show are getting tired of their yo yo relationship.

  49. CJ says:

    I was completely ready for Catherine &Steve to finally commit to each other with an engagement finally! They make a perfect couple. Dragging it on & on is stupid. With all the killing in the show, we need some fairy tale endings too!

  50. Becky Rose says:

    How can I bring her back n then let her leave again? I don’t want another girlfriend, she is who he needs!!!! Get rid of the bald guy. I could care less about him. Or Jerry. Bring Michelle back full time.

    • christine says:

      to many people on the team now need to get back to the original cast get rid of Jerry they couldhave given Catherine a job not directly with five o but some kind of intel work she helped them before with different things it would have been nice to see Catherine and kono do something together

    • Missisjoker says:

      She is NOT the best choice for Steve, in fact, she is not even a good one. Steve needs someone loyal to him, someone who will not abandon him at a first whim. Sure, she put herself in danger for him- but so did every single member of 5-0 and many other people. if she can’t “find herself” next to Steve, she has no reason to be in the show. Besides, MB is a very bad actress. But alas, director seems to favor her- or parts of her- so he keeps bringing her back for no reason.