How Did Arrow's Canary Suit Up So Fast? Is Quantico Hair Criminally Good? Where Are Grey's Kids? And More TV Qs

Arrow Black Canary Costume

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Quantico, Scream Queens and Arrow!

1 | Who has a good memory can remember the last time Hawaii Five-0‘s Kono and Adam weren’t in danger?

2 | What’s the consensus, Fear the Walking Dead fans — was the seaweed at the end of the finale toxic, or did it just happen to float into the shot? And is anyone not assuming that the plane we saw in “The Dog” is the web series’ Flight 462?

20Qs-Once-Excalibur| Eagle-eyed Once Upon a Time fan @SoooHooked raises the question: Why is the engraving on Excalibur different/farther down the blade than when Arthur first removed it? Also, are we to believe Henry is cool enough to listen to Yaz? And who used said song, “Only You,” best: Fringe, The Americans or Once?

| On The Good Wife, do we really believe that even in the wake of the election-fraud scandal, there are not a few major-money clients who’d line up to hire Alicia?

Quantico| In the battle for hair supremacy at ABC, is Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra poised to challenge Nashville‘s Connie Britton? (But how is her mane so buoyant after waking up in the rubble and going on the run?!) And does the fact that every trainee has a major secret make the FBI look really bad at their job?

| Admit it, Leftovers viewers: Upon watching Season 2’s bizarre childbirth cold open, you double-checked your program guide to make sure you were watching the right show, yes?

| On Homeland, is Carrie’s smart, sexy, even-tempered, sexy, thoughtful, sexy German boyfriend too good to be true? Also, he’s quite the stud, no?

| The Affair‘s full-frontal male nudity: totally necessary?

9 | Did Castle not quite explain how the murderer got boosted up to the air duct by a guy who was in the cell next to hers? And how did she then pull him up?

10 | Can The CW send out Flash hankies for when Grant Gustin makes us cry? But what was with the flyers announcing that “Flash Day” is “tomorrow” — not the most efficient use of paper, is it? Can’t hand them out any earlier or the day of!

Agents of SHIELD11 | How does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. guest-cast Peter MacNicol but not as Fitz’s father? And was May’s father’s house address  a little Easter egg, à la her Bus locker number?

12 | How many more Grinder episodes until Dean’s “But what if it isn’t?” shtick can’t carry the plot?

13 | Are the people at Fox Standards & Practices even listening to the Scream Queens dialogue? How are any of Chanel’s lines making it to air?

14 | How did Arrow’s Laurel suit up so quickly — given all the buckles and the snugness of her leather costume, plus the heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick — upon discovering the “ghosts” wereArrow Hal Jordan attacking City Hall? Who did the worse job at hiding a significant prop: Oliver leaving the engagement ring in a bowl of marbles or Vampire Diaries‘ Damon stashing the moonstone in the soap dish? Finally, how many of you spotted Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the Coast City bar?

15 | Could Nashville‘s Deacon have been any more insufferable/selfish/cruel to Scarlett as she struggled with her mother’s imminent death?

16 | Did this week’s Empire get anyone else thinking about how much gold the show could mine out of Cookie and Anika being allies?

17 | Regardless of what goes down at American Horror Story: Hotel’s Cortez, isn’t it still a bargain at $150-a-night? And after seeing the amazing rec room in which the Countess’ “children” chill, how many of you wished you weren’t too old to be kidnapped by the glampire?

18 | Don’t you wish You’re the Worst had let Politically Aware Lindsay stick around a little longer?

Bones Season 11 Spoilers19 | As much as we loved The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon calling Bonnie his best friend, what about his drinking buddy Alaric?!

20 | Were the similarities between Castle and Bones‘ two-part premieres — one half of the couple mysteriously goes missing, has to tend to his/her own wound, etc. — uncanny? And since there has to be a winner, who did it better?

21 | Where are Meredith’s kids on Grey’s Anatomy? Can someone send us proof that they’re still alive?

22 | HTGAWM‘s Annalise/Wes flirtation: Hot, or just “OMG No!”? And we’re all in agreement that from Season 3 onwards, these kids are never going into the woods at night again, right?

FullSizeRender23 | Was the CGI better on the original Heroes than it is on Reborn? Also, is there a married couple on TV with less chemistry than Luke and Joanne?

24 | This prescription drug ad with the lady and her cardboard husband — freaky, right?

25 | Cutest Star Wars-themed spot ever?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!