Arrow's Killer Mystery: Why Felicity, Diggle, Oliver's Kid or Any of 8 Others Will (and Won't) Be the One to Die

Arrow Felicity Dies Death

Brad Pitt yelling, “What’s in the box?!” (in Se7en) is nothing compared to Arrow fans’ cries of, “Who’s in the grave?!” following the Season 4 premiere.

“We don’t necessarily know who it is right now,” executive producer Wendy Mericle claimed at a press screening. “We’re still figuring the plan out for the season, but we want it, obviously, to have resonance. If it doesn’t mean something to the characters, it won’t mean anything to the audience either.”

While the producers might not know who’s occupying that plot yet, we at TVLine have plenty of arguments for who it could be — and why it can’t be that person, too — after combing through the final scene for clues (Oliver’s vow to kill “him,” Barry’s presence, the level of tears, etc;).

When will we find out which theory is correct? EP Marc Guggenheim is keeping mum about when the death will go down, except to say “there will be time afterwards” left in the season to deal with the fallout.

Click through the gallery below — or right here for direct access — as we debate the Top 11 candidates for Arrow‘s mysterious fallen character.

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