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The Originals Premiere: EP Talks Klaus and Cami's Hurdle, Hayley's Surprising Return and That Twisted Prophecy

The Originals Season 3

If you were hoping The Originals would have sorted out their differences over the summer, Thursday’s season premiere must have been a pretty rude awakening.

TVLine got the scoop on the premiere’s (multiple) unfortunate twists from executive producer Julie Plec, but first, a quick recap: Klaus’ old pal/sire Lucien arrived in New Orleans with a surprise for his maker, a horrific prophecy about a “beast” that will lead to the Mikaelsons’ downfall. Klaus turned to Cami for comfort, but when his “therapist” rebuffed his advances, he took his aggression out on an unsuspecting art critic.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Cami worked with a new detective (hello, Jason Dohring!) to solve a string of ritualistic murders; Davina gave human Hayley a suspicious ultimatum, while Elijah feared the worst; Marcel converted the church into a supernatural fight club for his vampire recruits; and another shadow from the Mikaelsons’ past received some unsettling news.

Below, Plec makes sense of Cami and Klaus’ complicated romance, previews Lucien’s (potentially) evil shenanigans and gives us a peek at Hayley’s future with… eh, you should probably just read it for yourself:

TVLINE | Cami and Klaus seem to have switched roles; he’s opening up to her and she’s pushing him away. What does their future hold?
I think their future holds some emotional exploration. For Klaus, it’s so funny, he can’t even admit he’s in therapy — he has to call it their “little chats.” But in this time when everyone’s a little mad at him, he actually thinks she’s his rock, so she has to remind him that just because she’s supportive of him as a person, that doesn’t necessarily mean she condones his actions. If he acts out or does anything that she finds dishonorable, she’s going to hold him to it and call him out.

TVLINE | Speaking of acting out, the episode ended with him ripping that guy apart in the alley.
[Laughs] He sure did! Cami’s words really wounded him, and when Klaus is wounded, he reverts back to that little boy who acts out and kicks and screams. In vampire language, that translates to ripping off the limbs of a nasty art critic.

TVLINE | Should we be worried about him going off the rails again?
I don’t think Klaus ever specifically goes off the rails. He’s pretty deliberate in the choices that he makes, though he sometimes lets his emotions and temper get the best of him. I’d call this a temper tantrum and leave it at that for now.

TVLINE | I’m very intrigued by Alexis. Can you say anything about that “beast” we saw briefly in her vision?
All the visions and things that make up the prophecy that she delivers to Klaus will continue to have a presence in the future. Our characters are going to try very hard to ignore, then change, the outcome of what Alexis saw in her mind. But the prophecy, which will become much clearer in the next episode, will hang heavily over them for most of the season.

TVLINE | It seems like Lucien has, or at least hopes to have, a strong influence over Klaus. What’s that dynamic going to lead to?
Lucien’s like that little sidekick that buzzes around, and sometimes he makes you laugh, but other times you want to swat him. He’ll live up to that very nicely. He owes Klaus a lot, and with Klaus being his sire, he certainly doesn’t want any harm to come to him. But there’s history there we’ll learn more of as we get deeper into the season. We’ll have flashbacks that tell more of Lucien’s story and what his backstory is with Klaus. We’ll understand there’s some resentment and drama in the past to be hashed out.

TVLINE | Pardon this question, because it might be stupid — but in that last scene with Aurora, was that letter the same one Freya had written for Rebekah? Did she intercept it?
No, she was just getting a message from someone on the outside who was telling her something she did not like. Speaking of temper tantrums, Aurora is the queen of throwing a good one.

TVLINE | I loved seeing Hayley back in human form. What can you tease about her deal with Davina?
It’s a little bit of an unconventional agreement. Davina, in trying to assert her own power, realizes that she needs something equally powerful to back up her words. She’s recruiting the beast, so to speak, in order to provide protection and martial law as she deals with these renegade witches.

TVLINE | Are we going to delve into where Hayley’s heart really lies? She’s a touchy subject, because I feel like everyone wants her to be with someone different.
I think we know where her heart lies, but the complicated thing is that as much as she’s deeply bonded with Elijah, she made a commitment to Jackson that was born both out of obligation and — ultimately — out of love. It’s possible to have feelings for two people at once, so she’ll continue to struggle with being torn between her two emotional obligations: her connection to the Mikaelson family and her connection to Jackson and the wolves. She’ll find herself caught in the middle of that quite a lot.

TVLINE | Lastly, I love Jason Dohring, so I’m glad you snatched him up. Is there more to his character than what we saw in the premiere? He seems more straight-laced than I expected.
I wouldn’t say he’s totally straight-laced as much as he just takes his job very seriously. What’s nice about Detective Kinney is that he seems to be very much on the up. Those human characters are refreshing, the ones that aren’t aware of the whole supernatural community, yet seem to have a nose for mystery and can sense when something doesn’t add up. He’s going to be a thorn in Cami’s side because he’s going to sense, very quickly, that she knows more than she’s letting on.

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