Pretty Little Liars' New Intro: See All 5 Girls in the Season 6B Title Sequence

Pretty Little Liars New Intro

Aria is officially relinquishing her title as Pretty Little Liars‘ head shusher.

In the ABC Family drama’s new opening credits for Season 6B, initially released by E! Online, the five liars — yes, Alison is included! — take turns putting their fingers to their lips. The shusher will rotate with each new episode, and it looks like Emily is calling first dibs.

Season 6B takes the liars five years into the future, and although she’s not included in the new intro, Charlotte (aka “A”) will still be very much a part of the girls’ lives.

“Alison stays behind to take care of her, and we’ll see how far she’s come when we make that time jump,” executive producer Marlene King recently told TVLine.

Hit PLAY on the new title sequence below, then drop a comment: Is it everything you hoped it would be?