Heroes Reborn Episode 4

Heroes Reborn Recap: Suicide Squad

With only 10 episodes remaining to unite all of its central characters and save the world, Heroes Reborn this Thursday slowly began to fit its many puzzle pieces together — and, for one Evo in particular, that was a matter of life and death.

Before you give us your thoughts on the latest installment, let’s break down the NBC drama’s fourth episode:

CARBONDALE, ILL. | The hour begins just moments after last week’s ended, meaning Tommy and his mom have just been T-boned on their way home. Tommy — who is clearly in much better shape than his mom is — teleports her to the nearest hospital and, upon getting there himself, learns his mother has suffered an internal hemorrhage and requires a blood transfusion. Tommy takes the risk of his getting own blood tested (meaning the federal government is about to become aware of his Evo status), but it’s all for naught, as his blood type isn’t a match.

Here’s where Tommy’s powers really come in handy: After confiding to one of the nurses that he’s an Evo, Tommy is allowed to teleport himself to Indiana — the nearest source of some viable O-negative blood — and immediately bring it back to the hospital for his mom. The plan seemingly goes off without a hitch… until the aforementioned government officials track Tommy down at the hospital and threaten to let his mom die if he even thinks of teleporting out of their grasp. (And if Tommy’s day weren’t bad enough, he gets thisclose to kissing Emily in a storage closet, but she opts not to cheat on her boyfriend and backs away before Tommy can seal the deal.)

ST. LOUIS, MO. | Meanwhile, in the Midwest, Luke and Joanne are continuing their Evo killing spree, but Joanne’s really doing all the work at this point. Luke is too busy trying to keep his fire-wielding powers from his wife, lest she put a bullet in him upon learning he’s an Evo. (Sidebar: Was it not this week’s most heartbreaking TV moment when that dog laid down beside his recently-killed Evo owner? If this recap were a series of text messages, the iPhone’s “waterfall tears” emoji would be more than applicable here.)

Heroes Reborn Episode 4In order to keep a lid on his abilities, Luke holes himself up in a Missouri motel room with the curtains drawn, forcing Joanne to believe he’s merely got a fever. Once his wife leaves to track down the next Evo on the list, Luke decides to test out his powers and discovers 1) that even the slightest exposure to sunlight will set his skin aglow, and 2) he can legitimately make a glass of water boil just by holding it. (This seems like the right time for Luke to pursue a culinary career. Imagine how easy grilling would be!)

It isn’t until the next day, when he and Joanne are back on the open road, that Luke finally decides to come clean about what he can do. After telling Joanne that he feels they’ve lost each other in the year since their son died, Luke sets the car’s center console on fire, and Joanne immediately puts a gun to her husband’s head when she realizes what he’s showing her. She decides not to pull the trigger, but it seems to be the end of their marriage anyway when she states, “I really did love you” and continues the journey on foot — and alone.

ARCTIC CIRCLE | At long last, Thursday’s episode also offered some answers about the Evo named Malina and what exactly her role is in this endeavor to eventually save the world. Not only are we formally introduced to her Mr. Miyagi-esque traveling companion, Farah Nazan (who can make herself invisible on a whim), but we learn that Malina’s real power is to create life where there is none. For example, she literally breathes life back into thousands of frozen butterflies, and she can conjure full-grown trees with little more than a flick of her wrist. (Anything you can do about this California drought, Malina? That’d be swell.)

We aren’t told much else about Malina and Farah’s endgame, but when the skies once again fill with those same colorful clouds from the last three episodes, Farah ensures Malina that she “will have help” on her journey, even if “the others don’t realize it.”

LOS ANGELES | Not much comes out of the California-based subplot this week, but here are the highlights: Carlos fashions an updated version of the El Vengador suit (now featuring Kevlar!) that can literally knock the stuffing out of a punching bag; Jose realizes that his dad was the original El Vengador when he was alive and, in turn, reveals to Father Mauricio that he can pass through solid objects; and James Dearing (FKA Hot Paul, if only to me) tracks down The Reverend and Jose, where they’re both captured by one of James’ associates.

Heroes Reborn Episode 4TOKYO | After successfully evading the bad guys at Yamagato Tower, Ren and Miko hop a last-minute flight to America, where they plan to visit Renautas’ hub in Midian. While en route to the States, Ren posts a video message to his Evernow-obsessed followers on social media, telling them to dress up like their favorite characters and head to Midian, where they’ll meet the real Katana Girl in person and help her on her journey. (And dress up they do, as if videogamers needed any more stereotypes perpetuated.)

MIDIAN, COLO. | Speaking of Midian, that’s where the climax of the episode takes place, after Erica Kravid’s daughter, Taylor, is persuaded by Noah and Quentin to help them break into Renautas’ headquarters. Once inside the company’s offices — and after Noah successfully turns Harris Prime and two of his clones into literal dust — they make their way to an ominous-looking lab, where all the Evos that have thus far been bagged-and-tagged are unconscious and hooked up to wires.

In that very room, Noah locates Molly, and although she first looks happy to see the man, Molly quickly turns Noah’s own gun on him, telling him he never should have tracked her down. She tearfully babbles a few sentences about Claire’s alleged death and “the location” that she’s not supposed to reveal… and just as she seems ready to off HRG himself, Molly points the gun to her own head and, before pulling the trigger, admits she’d rather die than help Erica Kravid kill seven billion people.

Following Molly’s suicide, Harris rushes to Erica and delivers the bad news. The CEO’s response? “Find that child and kill it.” It’s unclear what task Harris has exactly been given, but when he promises Erica he’ll do his best, Erica tells him that The Shadow will accompany him this time. In the final moments, we learn that The Shadow — a cloaked figure who is conjuring a sphere of wispy black smoke — is Quentin’s long-missing sister, Phoebe Frady.

OK, your turn. What did you think of Heroes Reborn‘s latest outing? And are you getting antsy to see Mohinder, now that we’ve heard his narration for the last three weeks?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. steven says:

    That was disappointing. I thought that Hiro was returning this week?

  2. Simon Jester says:

    “Luke sets the car’s center console on fire…”

    No, he sets the list of Evo names sitting *in* the console on fire.

  3. Mark says:

    Getting deeper into the show and…its not getting better. Don’t care that Molly died, want the murder happy couple and erratic car crash mom to follow. Stop with the cringeworthy Samurai girl – gamer story (damn is that power lame). I guess the writings working because I hate the villains, but probably for the wrong reasons and have yet to root for any of the heroes. Incompetence runs rampant throughout both sides. I mean the story is basically progressing on who can capitalize more on the others stupidity.

  4. Kay says:

    Luke sets fire to evil Joanne’s list. Too bad he didn’t set fire to Joanne herself. Also, I thought Carlos’ power was to be able to build any design he put his mind to?

    • peterwdawson says:

      That seems to be the implication, yes. Wouldn’t shock me if we get some kind of ‘schematic vision’ in the future. Gadgeteering would be less far-fetched than some other powers we’ve seen too.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    I was holding my breath for the last five minutes before Molly Walker made the ultimate sacrifice. So sad to see her go.

  6. Dj says:

    I don’t think that was Harris prime but three clones who Noah took out. I’m loving this season and I think the shorter episode count works better for it.

  7. m3rcnate says:

    Haven’t watched the ep but thinking on it, i imagine i am 99.9% sure i am gonna stop watching the show. Seems like it is getting everything wrong it got wrong in the past.

  8. Erik says:

    It’s getting better slowly and honestly they should bring it back for good and bring back more characters and not try to complicate story just keep it simple and give us someone to love and someone to hate and someone to hope for and then deliver us the good episodes I know heroes can do!!! I have faith in this show!! let’s do it!!!!!

  9. matraupach says:

    Ok: Here all the negative thoughts about this episode:

    1. Too short! Yes I need more… Just when you are really into it, the episode is over and you have to wait another week! That’s horrible!

    2. No Hiro in this episode! Hey don’t promise us to see Hiro when he actually isn’t in the episode!

    That’s it!

    Yep! It was a really good episode!

    Heroes is getting better and better and delivers (mostly) what fans want to see! (They just forgot Hiro)

  10. LK says:

    I hope we get a real explanation on how claire died when her whole power was not being able to die…

  11. obriensg1 says:

    You can’t bring a show back and hang it all on one character. Bennett is cool, but it’s not enough when new characters are boring. I feel bad for Zachary Levi character, but that’s about it. Parkman and Mohinder and Hiro should have been brought back a lot sooner

  12. If I was Tommy I would have first found out where the nearest O-neg blood was, secretly transport there and come back with the blood, store it in the room where the blood is, and then walk back to my mother’s room and beg the nurse to check again for the O-neg blood. Maybe someone missed a few bags. The nurse would have found it, and saved Tommy’s mother without him exposing himself. Maybe… But, obviously, the storyline required that he get caught for the sake of creating more drama, so that’s that.

    • The Farscape Project says:

      Tommy was caught because of the blood they took from him to see if he was a match to his mother revealed he was an evo and the hospital sent that info to a government database.

    • Rich says:

      Logic on Heroes… Now that would be a Superpower.

  13. Ellinas1978 says:

    Not sure why I keep watching.

  14. RuiningShows says:


  15. Rich says:

    Sigh… I had such hopes for Heroes Reborn. Bryan Fuller would of been a much better choice over Tim Kring. At least this time Kring can’t blame the writer’s strike for basically taking a #1 show and turning it into garbage.

  16. Marcos says:

    So now are they calling to Daisy and SHIELD?

  17. Iii says:

    Thanks for the spoiler title asshole. I just wanted to google if the episode aired last night while I was at work

  18. Tito says:

    Wow, Thanks for that spoiler filled title. Seriously, lamest job ever at writing a title. Search so I can watch the show and that is the second thing that pops up. For a website about TV you sure don’t seem to understand the eloquence of writing a catchy title that doesn’t give away character plot lines. Who do you think you are George RR Martin? In bird culture that is known as a dick move.

  19. Sam says:

    Is the family in Los Angeles supposed to be a parallel to Micah/Niki/DL?

    A person who is super-strong (Niki/big brother), a person who can phase (DL/Jose) and a person good with gadgets (Micah/Carlos).

  20. Nana says:

    Getting worse. Cancel it. Don’t waste your money.

    • A fan says:

      Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s a waste of money nor should every show you hate be canceled. Some of us actually enjoy it.