AHS Hotel Ratings

AHS Ratings: Huge Opening for Hotel

The folks at FX are going Gaga over Wednesday’s ratings, which shows American Horror Story: Hotel within striking distance of a new franchise record.

According to preliminary data, the 90-minute opener drew 5.8 million viewers and a 3.0 18-49 demo rating — down a tick from last season’s Freak Show-themed debut (6.1 million; 3.1 rating). But Hotel still has a chance to surpass Freak Show when three days of DVR playback are factored in. (Freak Show‘s Live+3 haul jumped to 10 million, a number Hotel may very well beat).

In the 18-49 demo, Hotel was Wednesday’s No. 2 program, trailing only Empire.

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  1. Matt says:

    I was really expecting them to beat Freak Show’s premiere, what with Gaga and all the hype. But still, great numbers! Loved the episode!

    • Instant says:

      Really? Freak Show turned off a lot of viewers. It dropped viewers from 6.1 mil during the premiere to 3.2 mil during the finale. I was sure Hotel will get like 3,5-4 mil viewers after FS disaster

      • Normandywells says:

        Hotel is way worse than Freakshow in terms of story-there isn’t one so far. And with Gaga soon to show her complete lack of acting talent, this show will dive!

      • SUSO says:

        That’s actually how it always is with AHS… they start huge and lose about half their viewers. And every season fans say “Well, last season they turned off a lot of viewers”… which may well be true (I found the final few episodes of “Coven” high unwatchable) but part of the fun of the series is that it wipes the slate clean and gives viewers another reason to invest.

  2. Gio says:

    Great numbers ! I guess Freak Show reputation ‘hurt’ a bit Hotel start… But reviews are very good. No worry to have about a renewal ;)

  3. Kevin says:

    This is a v. strong opening for AHS, and the reviews have been great! considering everything else’s ratings on FX, AHS will only end, when Ryan murphy doesn’t want to do it anymore LOL. on the other hand, broadcast ratings are just sad (other than empire). perhaps scream queens should be relocated to Fx.

  4. ema says:

    Yass Hotel is the best season so far !! it was amazing premiere and Gaga was epic

    • Normandywells says:

      raise the bar dude-Gaga barely spoke-she was just a prop so far-don’t confuse a look with talent

      • bpofqa says:

        Dude, Normandywells, you need to a get a life. Seriously. Buy one if you have to. There’s many other things to do than post a dozen negative comments on one stupid TV show.

  5. Jared says:

    Other than the stylized filming, I really didn’t love AHS Hotel but after watching all the different seasons this show tends to start off slow and get better episode by episode or start off strong and collapse mid season.

  6. Kate says:

    I bet if you compare the numbers from next week’s second episode and Freak Show’s second episode they will bury them.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    Yes!!! An awesome premiere!!! Way better than Freak Show already!!! Go Gaga!!!

    • Normandywells says:

      a mindless monster huh ?

      • thisismenow says:

        Normandywells, I agree she is a mediocre actress at best. I’m also not a “mindless monster”. I am not a fan of the woman or her music. As an impartial third party, I think you should probably chill. At this point, you’re attacking people who are having fun with a television show. Their ability to enjoy it or dislike it is their decision. It speaks volumes of your class and character to personally attack everyone who posts in here. Either go play in the sun or seek our counseling, but let people enjoy the mindless television they enjoy. You’ve made your peace numerous times, let the fans of Lady Gaga have their fun. Their enjoyment of it won’t end the world. I promise.

  8. Clandestine Green says:

    This show was horrible…it was nothing but a shockfest. Another case of Ryan Murphy and crew screwing up anything that lasts more than a season.

  9. mooshki says:

    Just seemed like standard fare torture-porn to me. Meh.

  10. lee s says:

    Ist time viewing this show & I’m like, “what the … ? What in the world is this horrible, sick, creepy stuff … ?” I caught it at the point where the little girl screams at the sight of the hanging dead guy’s stomach innards protruding– (made me feel a bit queasy again, just revisioning it) I changed the channel at the commercial & didn’t dare myself to turn it back on to find out what was going on.

    Ok, I did run across it again later that evening & steeled myself to withstand what I thought would be an intense stomach turning, icky-scary, don’t look! episode. It was WORSE than I could expect of such quirky shock inducing content. Will I watch the rest of the series?

    NO! Cause it’s only going to get sicker & kill characters I might begin to root for in their survival. Got enuf stressors in my life, & besides, I’m still sulking the loss of several fav & likable cast characters on Walking Dead & Person of Interest, flashed fateful just for ratings shockers. And no, I don’t “live” any vicarious issues in life in, through, or because of their on screen developments. It is a package we accept when deciding what motivates our interest in the shows we just gotta watch, week after week, month after month, & even for years, some a decade or more. The packaging of characters, story lines, settings, arcs, etc., fulfill that perfect contentment in viewership.
    Oh & that Lady G performance is just the 1st gush of an underground spring breaking through the earthen barrier that can create a rippling stream rushing fluidly into a raging river on its destined route to fill up an ocean. Yup, she will win many acting nominations & awards.

  11. veniascott says:

    the first episode was over the top, but that is AHS and to me it fits Gaga well, she will fit into this show good.

  12. Good song to use for GaGa 4some! She wants revenge,TEAR YOU APART! i love that song. Its also in the movie “number 23” from 2009

  13. Victoria Cranor says:

    It’s going to be a good tv series