Supernatural Season 11 Premiere Recap

Supernatural Premiere Recap: Hunting Things and Saving People

Thursday night’s Season 11 premiere of Supernatural introduces the CW’s other Darkness – yep Arrow, was all about a foreboding force of the same name, too – and it turns out she just wants to spend some quality time with Dean.

While blacked out, the hunter comes face to face with the mysterious figure (played by Emily Swallow). She thanks him for setting her free. “I like it here. With you,” she tells Dean. (Who wouldn’t, lady?) “I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long, long time.”

“We’re bound,” she later explains, showing off her Mark of Cain. “We’ll always be bound. You helped me. We will always help each other.”

Even though Dean believes she saved him, he knows she’s evil and he plans on putting her back into whatever cage from which she was unleashed. But first, the brothers need to deal with the problems that her arrival has brought. For starters, a group of road workers seems to have been infected and left behind a bloodbath in their town. One of the local cops survived, just barely, and heads to the ravaged hospital with Dean and Sam, where they find a new father and his baby girl hiding in a closet. Once they figure out the infection is transmittable, the father decides to give up his girl to the cop and lay low before he gets bloodthirsty, too.

But how to handle the angry mob outside becomes a source of conflict for the brothers. Dean’s all about taking action, asking questions later, in order to save the baby, even if it means killing all the infected.

“When did we forget how to do this?” Sam questions. “Dean, if we don’t change, right now, all of our crap is just going to keep repeating ourselves… Saving people means all of the people, not just that baby, not just each other.”

The Winchesters don’t exactly have a cure yet to save the zombie-like hordes – as well as Sam, who it turns out is also infected! – but they do manage to get out of the hospital without ending the father’s life. (He ends up collapsing all on his own after delivering the following message: “Her name is Amara.”)

“You’re going to help each other,” Dean comforts the cop, who’s now suddenly a single mother on the move. She’s going to need all the luck she can get with that situation considering the infant is sporting the Mark of Cain.

Elsewhere, Castiel wakes up in a shed, haunted by flashbacks of repeatedly stabbing Crowley. The land owners appropriately start shooting at him like the rabid animal he’s been cursed to act like. Unable to spot himself from attacking the humans, he prays to his fellow angels. They show up, but they don’t take him to Heaven, instead putting a bag over his head.

As for Castiel’s victim, the King of Hell is just fine and even manages to take over the body of a woman who’s about to have a four-way. When Crowley returns to his regular form after his orgy escapade, his minions tell him of The Darkness’ release, but he argues that it’s just a bedtime story. Whatever happened in the cage suggests otherwise. There was a sound like a frightened animal, which some believe was Michael or Lucifer trying to send out a warning about The Darkness, and now half of Hell is freaking out.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the season premiere? Are you hoping Michael or Lucifer will make an appearance? (Maybe it was just Adam screaming, “Get me out of here”?) Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dj says:

    Did not see the baby being the reincarnated form of the Darkness coming. Nice twist there.

    • Weezy says:

      Really? I felt like the baby being connected to the Darkness was completely telegraphed…the way Dean was acting/reacting to the baby clued me in. It just was different from his usual behavior almost obsessed.

  2. ninamags says:

    This was great! But, Sam is in peril…. again…

    That baby was adorable. What was the point of Crowley leaving his body?
    I thought for sure The Darkness was going to kiss Dean!

    • rowan77 says:

      Hey, someone’s gotta be in peril. It’s Sam’s turn. When the zombies (?) attacked Sam, then left him alone, I was beginning to think that The Darkness was protecting both of the boys as a thank you for letting her loose. It appears I was wrong.

      Crowley vacated so Cas couldn’t kill him. If he was still in that body when the angel sword impaled him, he would have died. Instead, he vacated the body and Cas just stabbed an already dead body. That also bought his minions time to find a witch to remove the curse that kept him immobile so he could go on his merry way once he returned.

      And it totally looked like Dean and The Darkness were going to kiss.

    • chadcronin says:

      I’m glad she didn’t. I wouldn’t want to have to rip her lips off!

  3. Mare says:

    I’m voting Awesome for the Dean and Darkness stuff. Which. Was. AWESOME! Most of the rest was meh.

  4. A. D. says:

    Awesome show!

  5. Lavinia says:

    they need to let this show end

    • Mad says:

      why don’t you stop watching if you want it to end? then the people who don’t want it to end can keep watching!

    • Enrique Ruiz says:

      No one is asking you to watch the show. This show is so epic!!!!!!!

    • Dakota60 says:

      Jeez why is there always at least one troll. Really!

    • John says:

      Yeah, god forbid other people get to enjoy a show you don’t like. You must be 3 years old.

    • lsr says:

      Agreed. It’s become depressing with never any break. They’ve lost most of the humor and all of the hope for the characters and nothing ever goes right. And I still haven’t forgiven them over Charlie. So not watching this season.

      • Weezy says:

        I’m sure they really care that they lost a single viewer is butthurt over a character that was OBVIOUSLY brought back more times than originally anticipated to try to appease all the whiners who have blended TV and reality into one GIANT delusion.

  6. Jason says:

    I would love to see Adam return as Michael. Definitely would cause some commotion on the trio of brothers AND the Angels!

    • Avril says:

      ^ This. It’s always been Dean and Sam against the world, which I do enjoy, but I would love to see the dynamic with Adam in the mix. And if they were going to do a spin-off I think Adam would be a great choice. He has tons of potential as a Winchester coming into the Family Business from a different perspective.

      • Jane says:

        I’ve never really understood the Adam love. They never met him when he was alive. They met him once after he died and was brought back as Dean’s replacement for Michael and he was sort of a jerk.

        • Phoenix5632 says:

          Me neither, and your right. I think it’s just the whole family bond that the Winchesters have shown throughout the series, and they never really got to know each other. Plus if Adam gets out it likely means Lucifer and Michael will get out too

      • justanothermishamiga says:

        I think this would be a cool thing for them to do, but I feel like Adam might be kind of resentful towards Dean and Sam. I mean Adam and Sam were both stuck in Hell together, but Sam got out and Adam was left behind. I don’t know, I guess it depends. Potentially, if they did bring Adam back, I think they could find a way to work him in whether he’s angry at the boys or not… and if they brought him back possessed as Michael then they wouldn’t necessarily have to put as much effort into how Adam would be feeling. At least not at first because I doubt the boys are gonna be 100% cool with Michael possessing their half-brother. I also think the only likely way Adam will be back in the show is if Michael is possessing him. Obviously the boys aren’t looking for a way to get him out…

  7. Mo says:

    I’m glad the boys recognized (or at least Sam did) that they need to get back to the business of saving people, and that they can’t just keep sacrificing the world for each other. I also liked Dean and the Darkness having their little chat, and I LOVE the idea of maybe needing to open the cage to deal with whatever is coming. I also love Cas praying to his family for help… but I DON’T love that he’s apparently due for some torture AGAIN. Seriously, I feel like that’s becoming the default whenever he’s separated from Sam & Dean. And Crowley, oh man, way to just go with the orgy flow…

  8. Phoenix5632 says:

    Awesome episode!

    So, the baby, Amora, is she the physical representation of the Darkness in this world? And the Darkness that Dean talked to was like the entity speaking with him in like a dream?

    Can’t wait to see more next week!

  9. Genia Ivco says:

    this episode was literally “if you met baby Hitler, would you kill him?” What will Dean do when he finds out that the baby is the… anti-christ? and why does the anti-christ always has to be a woman?

    • Becky says:

      What does it have to do with Christ?

    • Joey says:

      The baby is not the anti-christ. In fact, he might be worse. Jesse, the little kid from season 5 was the anti-christ.

    • Weezy says:

      Genia…an obvious troll and another braindead Lemming…the show has already introduced the anti-christ and IT WAS A BOY. Maybe the baby was a girl because The Darkness (Emily Swallow) is also a girl. But seriously who the heck cares? It’s completely irrelevant to anything, and I’m so tired of your intolerant fools trying to apply stupidity to everything now….why don’t you just leave the rest of us who don’t want to be told what to do or what to say or how to think or how to feel all the time alone? Seriously have you idiots never studied history? You are walking right into it…

  10. Phoenix5632 says:

    This season is going to be amazing, this episode just scratched the surface of what’s to come. Finally!, we got an update on Michael an Lucifer, and by extension maybe Adam Winchester too? I’ve always wondered if the Cage was strong enough to contain both the most powerful Archangels, as God created it only to hold Lucifer. And from what we heard this episode with the Darkness free they are freaking out in Hells Cage. Considering that the Archangels were initially created to fight back the Darkness, they’re probably on overdrive right now trying to get out of the Cage.

  11. Brizo says:

    The darkness had to be a woman for the chemistry to be there. Having baby Amara as the physical embodiment of the darkness was a great twist the show just keeps surprising us. The fact the show now references The Cage makes me think that that may be the only way to lock the darkness back up which in turn may mean we see the return of Lucifer, Michael and Adam. Surprisingly the Winchesters are all about family and saving each other regress of the cost to anyone else but have left their own half brother in Hells Cage for 6 seasons now.

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      I agree with everything you just said. And wouldn’t that be a another great twist, contain the Darkness in the cage, ( which I’m sure won’t be easy at all lol) but releasing Michael and Lucifer in the process. I think also that the larger angel sword we seen last seen is going to come in to play sometime, I hope to see Cas wield it

      • Brizo says:

        Thats right I forgot about the larger angel sword, would love to see Cas use it but I recon cause he isn’t an archangel it would have to be Lucifer or more possibly Michael to use it to try and defeat the darkness. Although it wouldn’t be easy to lock the darkness away another twist would be that Dean would also need to be locked away, a way of getting her in the cage perhaps but then Dean might stop any attempt to lock her up seeing as the darkness said that Dean and her are linked and he would always help her just like he is with baby Amara weather he knows it or not. Not many shows can go 11 seasons and keep you interested and keep surprising us.

        • Phoenix5632 says:

          I feel like Cas has a huge role to play sometime in the future. It’s almost like God has been testing him for seasons now, preparing him for something. And I think the larger angel sword plays a role in all that.

          • Brizo says:

            You maybe right but that would then mean the twist of Cas being an archangel which would explain why he is so powerful amongst the rest of the angels. If they go with the god angle I would like to see the return of Deans necklace to find god, it would be a nice nod to earlier seasons.

  12. Gary says:

    This show is in its eleventh season and it keeps getting better if you think greys anatomy and castle both long running are not keeping this type of standard up long may it continue

  13. Pat says:

    Poor Sammy, infected with whatever that virus is. I am sure a cure will happen,quickly. That baby is adorable but she is the anti-Christ? Oh my gosh how are they going to deal with this and what the heck is going to happen to the sweet deputy who is taking care of her. I really like watching this show and I just hope that it continues for a long time.

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      I hope it continues for a long time too, love this show!
      And I don’t think the baby Amara is the anti-christ, but maybe worse. She’s the physical embodiment of the Darkness, the girl we seen talking with Dean, pretty sure that will be Amara. And as for the deputy looking after her, pretty sure Crowley answered that in the preview for next week, baby’s gotta eat lol.

  14. John says:

    So I got burnt out of this show in the middle of season 8. However, I’ve been missing Sam and Dean.

    I think the whole Kevin storyline wasn’t that interesting, honesty. Anyway, is it worth getting back into? Still seems to be doing very well, and popular

  15. Magda says:

    I loved this show at one point but now its just nothing but the same stupid plots recycled over and over. The only difference is that those plots keep getting more and more absurd. The Darkness? Oh my god. How cheesy can you get? I know the die hard fans still watch SPN and I do too periodically but overall it seems very sad to keep it going. It deserves a proper send off. In my opinion Swan Song would have been ideal.

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      lol your not too bright are you. Angels and God are just the Light, the only reason they have names is because they’ve been around since creation so we’ve given them names. The Darkness is called that because when she was around it was only the Light ( God ) and the Darkness ( still unknown ). It’s also in mythology just as much as anything else.

  16. Chol H Yoon says:

    I would like to know what happened to Death and the reason darkness didn’t know who he was.

  17. This premiere was all about setting up multiple arcs, and does an excellent job of it. Would have liked a reference to Croatoan (that may come next week), but that’s a tiny complaint. Sam infected probably won’t last long, and I am fascinated to see where they go with the Amara/Dean arc. I also believe the Darkness will inhabit the baby and then grow up to be the woman we saw. As to repeated themes–yes, the show does it all the time. So does every book series you’ve ever read. But I watch for the superb cast chemistry and acting talent, and often the episodes are truly excellent. Was *very* pleased with the reference to Michael and Lucifer. In the meantime, I do wish those who are convinced the show should have ended at S5 with “Swan Song” would simply stop watching and stop commenting. The ratings have been solid for many years, new fans from all ages are coming in all the time, so the show clearly still resonates with many of us. (Of course there were plenty of complaints about S4 and S5 back when they aired, so there are some who just can’t be pleased, period.) I love me some Winchesters and am in for the long haul. This was a very strong follow-up to a good finale, and I’m looking forward to where we go from here.

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      Well said!

    • Jane says:

      Great comment. I am so tried of reading it should go off because it isn’t as good as whatever season. I judge each season on its on merits and while I’ve like some better than others but there are always episodes in each season I love. If you don’t like the show any longer quit watching. If, like me, you still love the show then enjoy for what it still has to give each year.

      • Kingmose1 says:

        I’ve been watching this show since day one. I’ve stuck with it because I like the leads and hey, if I can stick through to the end of the X-Files I can handle anything. (I won’t be watching the sad reboot however. Enough is enough.) That said, the opinions of long-time fans who are disappointed with the show and think its time to end it are just as valid and important as anyone else’s. We are just judging the show “on its merits” like you are. I personally think the line “when did we forget how to do this?” pertains to the writers as much as the characters. Case in point: Sam argues to stop killing the infected, start saving people. After all, he’s right, what they’ve been doing to this point certainly seems NOT to be working. Pretty much every choice they’ve made over the last few seasons has been catastrophically wrong. Sam has reached a monumental conclusion, and I think “finally, a shift in the show’s well-worn paradigm! Hoorah!” So then he immediately goes off and does the opposite, killing one of the infected while defending himself, but getting himself infected in the process. What are we supposed to glean from that? Sam’s wrong, Dean’s right? Sam doesn’t believe what he says? Can’t practice what he preaches? Obviously killing her was a mistake because it resulted in his own infection and if he wasn’t a lead character he would surely be doomed. So off we go again, one brother must save the other from himself IN SPITE of himself, and consequences to the rest of the world be damned! So yeah, I wouldn’t watch the show if I didn’t like it, but I do wish the writers would stop doing the same thing over and over again. Either come up with something truly different or wrap it up. I’ll keep watching though, sorry about that!

        • Kathy I. says:

          Sam defended himself, he never said they shouldn’t do that. He said they shouldn’t head out and hunt all of the infected down.

  18. Gary K says:

    The premiere drew BARELY 2 million viewers. How in the hell does this awful, recycled show keep getting renewed??? NOBODY WATCHES IT!!!!

    • Kathy I. says:

      Because the ratings are only compared to other shows on that network. For the CW, SPN rates well, as well as being incredibly profitable in other-market, international, streaming, and DVD sales. It’s a major cash cow for Warner Brothers.

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      Haha oh yeah no one watches lol just 2 million people or so lol that’s not many at all lol… And people like you is what is wrong with this world, you clearly like the show enough to tune in on its premiere and come on this website to comment, but all you have is trash to say. Like if your one of those people who thought the show should have ended after Swan Song, that’s great, cool, but the fact remains that many people ( 2 million at least ) still very much like the show, including yourself or you wouldn’t be here. So quit with your negetive comments, we all want the show to continue for many years to come, or at very least you trolls still want a good ending or you wouldn’t be watching still, and your comments do nothing to help either of those options.

  19. Brigid says:

    Ah yes, the brothers start off the season not telling each other the whole story. It must be Wednesday. I’m tired of Dean and Sam holding things back from each other, it always messes things up. How dumb can you continue to be? Hiding secrets from each other has always contributed to making matters worse. You think after 10 seasons of this same stuff they would learn or the writers would find a new troupe….guess not.

  20. Becky says:

    Loved the show!

    What if God is the one dying? Might explain why he’s not been around?

    And what if to cure Sam he has to ask the devil to help him? And what looks like torture and admittedly is torture is actually the process of extracting the darkness?

    My ideas are never right but wow! What a great show that can have all us fans fantasizing about what happens next!

    I love the show and can’t wait till next week!

    • Phoenix5632 says:

      I’ve been wondering if God was dying since they talked to the angel Joshua in the Garden and deans necklace stopped working, and even more so when Death told Dean that one day he would reap God. Plus I have a strong feeling God has been setting/testing Cas for something big since basically the same time.

  21. Ann says:

    This show is in desperate need to find new writers who have new ideas. So much about this episode felt stale. Carver is a good writer as are Thompson and Berens but they need to find people who aren’t afraid to shake things up and move the show in a different direction. Keep Kripke’s vision in mind but find some fresh ideas. It’s like they’re just coasting on cruise control.

  22. tianna says:

    I am really hoping to see lucifer and or micheal back, and honestly i voted Awesome cuz lets face it .. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME !! enough said.

  23. tianna says:

    Im really hoping for lucifer and or micheal to come back.. and im ready for the Team Free Will trio to be back n the game , and the baby thing really through me..cant wait for next Wednesday! Love it ! THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! I love it.. enough said.

  24. Phoenix5632 says:

    Yes! We’re going to see the archangels again soon Michael and Lucifer. The vision God just gave Sam when he asked for hope, was of him when he was in the cage!

  25. Ganman3 says:

    I like Supernatural, and I’ll probably continue watching it, but the show is falling quickly back into old habits, like it seemingly always does.
    Sam and Dean have released what’s supposedly the biggest threat in the universe. I won’t lie. The season finale was exciting to me.
    But then they just put the Darkness in a human form, and I’m extremely underwhelmed.
    Partly, it doesn’t feel like the show is raising the stakes. It’s just Sam, Dean, the Impala, Castiel, and maybe Crowley, depending on whether you think he’s a lovable antihero. They’ve killed off every other relevant character. We know Sam and Dean are going to be fine, and the Darkness is really just twiddling its thumbs. Sure, there’s an easily avoidable zombie apocalypse, but Supernatural has pulled that before several times.
    Partly, the pacing is still not great. It feels like already, the show has diffused the suspense left by the finale, and now it will probably just drive us into a few episodes of filler.
    Partly, as I touched on, the Darkness isn’t that big of a threat. This is something that even God was terrified of, but what are we looking at? It’s just a frightened child. Rowena was much scarier- even Lucifer was scarier.
    If the show is bringing in something massively evil, I want to see higher stakes. I want to hate the thing, but enjoy hating it. I want to see something happen on a cosmic scale, like when the angels fell- only not really like when the angels fell, since we just got a bunch of dialogue about how big of a douche Castiel was, and very little action.
    Supernatural has good large ideas, and it usually uses good visuals to capture those ideas, but it consistently fails to expand on those ideas. I rarely see new characters with compelling personalities to make me invested in what’s going on, and those characters are typically killed off a season or two later.
    Basically, since season 5, Supernatural has sort of been at a stasis point. The stake-raising is usually imaginary, since regardless of whether Sam or Dean is put in jeopardy, everything will be tied up eventually. Yet the show really only raises the stakes for those characters. You obviously don’t want to kill either off, but they need something to care about other than their car, themselves, each other, and the ambiguous goal of protecting the world. They’ll come back to life; their car will be restored; and everything that goes wrong in the world will be roughly returned to normal eventually.