NCIS Jeanne Benoit Returns

NCIS Brings Back Scottie Thompson as Tony's Ex, Jeanne Benoit

NCIS‘ Agent Tony DiNozzo is due for a major blast from the past, when ex-girlfriend Jeanne Benoit resurfaces during November sweeps.

TVLine can confirm that Scottie Thompson, who created the role of the doctor/arms dealer’s daughter back in Season 4, will return to the CBS drama in November, for the first of what could be multiple episodes.

To say that Tony’s romance with Jeanne was complicated is putting it lightly. Their relationship was positioned as a quite serious one as it unfolded during Season 4, until Jeanne — the daughter of René Benoit aka La Grenouille (“The Frog”) — learned that her beau was an NCIS agent tasked with taking down her dad.

Jeanne broke up with Tony, leaving behind a letter asking him to choose between her and his job. Later, when La Grenouille was murdered, Jeanne (unsuccessfully) tried to pin the kill on Tony. Afterward, she asked if any of what they shared was real, to which he responded, “No.”

Or was it? Regardless, they’ll have things to talk about.

Thompson has been popping up here, there and everywhere as of late, in episodes of Zoo, Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist and Castle. Her TV resume also includes arcs on Graceland, Trauma and Brotherhood.

What are your hopes and dreams for Jeanne’s return? Share them in Comments!

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  1. Lianne says:

    Meh. Her character did nothing for me. I still miss Ziva.

    • Jerri says:

      Let. It. Go.

    • kath says:

      I actually thought that relationship was setting up Tony growing up enough to have a relationship with Ziva. Silly me.

      • Darlene says:

        Not everything is about Ziva. It was a love story for Tony beautifully and heartbreakingly told. Hasn’t been one like it on NCIS since.

        • Actually it was a little messed up that Tony who almost always sacrifices himself and his time for Ziva only to have all his efforts of finding her wasted, cause all he got for his trouble was a kiss and a goodbye. A lot of other people may be satisfied with that, but not me! I mean how could their relationship end like that? Ugh… Well nothing I can do about it now, it was heartbreaking. But beautiful? No, that it was not. More like a very cheap ending after all they been through and they end it with one weak kiss, and a goodbye that seemed too depressing. And they still made that whole scene about Gibbs. I know Gibbs is a main character and I love him, but this scene wasn’t supposed to be about him! He didn’t look for her, Tony did and that’s why I feel that whole goodbye scene felt cheap to me.

          • as524 says:


            Darlene was talking about the love story between Tony and Jeanne. There was no personal relationship/romance between Tony and ziva (that’s per MW, btw).

            The episode you are bemoaning (PPF) was the show’s attempt to satisfy a bunch of whiny shippers who thought they deserved to see their ship played out on screen

          • kp97ncis15 says:

            I completely agree with you! I thought it was a poor job on the writers’ part to take that relationship, which had been meddled with enough beforehand, and end it with a sudden kiss and goodbye, and beforehand make it all about how “Gibbs would be proud”. Who cares? This was about the two of them. I also found it incredibly upsetting that they, over the span of two episodes, only brought her in when there were twenty minutes left in the second, and then only gave her about seven minutes of air time. The fans deserved more than that, if nothing else.

          • kp97ncis15 says:

            That was @JoAnn. And I always thought that it would be nice if Tony and Jeanne were together before Tony and Ziva began to have feelings for each other. Better extremely late then never??

      • Joni says:

        The character has been gone for over 2 years now. The actress who played her has moved on in her life and career. It surprised me not at all that the “someone from Tony’s past” wasn’t her. Anyway, if it had been it would have read “someone from THE TEAM’S” past since she was never involved with him in an intimate way. Michael himself made that clear in a Tweet not so very long ago.

        • slm says:

          The Benoit character has been gone for six years so I don’t think the length of absence would matter/be a factor, if it had happened to be the Ziva character (a character I really miss). But this actor who played Benoit apparently was asked and is willing to be on NCIS again.

      • Tony was always grown up – he took responsibility for his actions and even things he truly wasn’t responsible for, he treated people, especially the victims he dealt with, with respect, he had a job where he was respected for his talents…
        Why would he need to grow up more to put up with someone who regularly betrayed him, derided him, and never took responsibility for her own actions? Just like anyone else, he needs to steer clear of such a toxic human being.
        While she had a couple of clingy moments which only reinforced how poorly NCIS has written its women, Jeanne was overall a cool character. Even better, Tony shone when he was around her. We saw glimpses under the mask, which was awesome.
        Grow up? The Tony who was courting Jeanne was the whole package. It is such a shame it was all built upon sand.

    • nonibooboo says:

      I love NCIS but the shows been a bit off since Ziva left. I still think that Jeanne was “the one” for Tony though. He loved her.

    • Fran says:

      We all miss Ziva, I came it on Cote. A to of actors film movies while doing a TV show, but for some reason she decided to leave. Personally, I don’t think Cote is going to give Ziva another chance!

    • Em says:

      I think ziva is missed so much because she was in the show for so long. I wont deny that it would be nice to see her guest star occasionally maybe, but the show would be going backwards if she came back permanently. Even though Cote was my favorite, I just think the show has moved too far on for her return now…disappointing s that may be for TIVA hopefuls and die hard David fans. Tony needs a new storyline and jeanne is a perfect way to excite long term viewers as well as include new viewers too.

    • Vic says:

      If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with :)

  2. skrable2 says:

    I miss Ziva, too. But she’s a really good actress and Jeanne and Tony were a good couple

  3. John NYC says:

    Looking forward to her return, though I like Zoe so there’s a conflict. He had such a deep connection to Jeanne but that was a while a go…

    Well somebody’s going to get hurt and that’s too bad.

    • Anna D. says:

      Agree with JohnNYC. I love the actress and looking forward to her return.

      For me, anything other than Gibbs’ love life and ANY of Gibbs’ drama is welcome. That said, I’m really hoping we don’t have to endure more of Gibbs’ flings or exes this season! I liked Diane but that was about it, and I liked her for reasons other than her relationship with Gibbs. They killed her off, so please, no ghosts- let’s move on! Actually, I’d really love it if the team focuses on cases rather than personal relationships, but I see this show has become a soap opera, so its nice to see Tony front and center for a change.

      As for Tony, I never bought the match up with Ziva at all, and for better or worse, he was in love with Jeanne. I didn’t like what Jeanne did to him, ane he certainly wasn’t innocent either, but I think it’s the only time he has really felt that deep connection and probably needs closure given the way things were left. They definitely have a lot to sort out. It’s been a long time, though, so who knows, but I hope this gives him closure and allows him to move forward with Zoe.

      • John NYC says:

        His conversation in the car with Gibbs over why he’d done the dan thing seemed to have the subtext of some dissatisfaction with his relationship with Zoe. Causing him to look elsewhere for a connection?

        • John NYC says:

          “DNA” thing.

          Silly spellcheck. And I’m a biologist so you’d think it would learn!

          • Pete says:

            You would. Many of my friends find their phone defaults to “NCIS”, “Gibbs”, “DiNozzo”, etc, so their phones have learned. LOL

      • S says:

        Girl I agree.. I believe she will come back with a child… and leave the child with Tony… eventually…..

  4. Joni says:

    I know it’s not going to be a popular opinion with some but I’m thrilled! Even more thrilled to find out it [could be] for multiple episodes, even if it’s to give them better closure. Lots more proof that he did love her than he didn’t:

    He admitted he did to Fornell (Internal Affairs).
    “Yes, I was in love. WE were in love”. (happened gradually and then all of the sudden.)

    Admitted to Paula Cassidy. (Grace Period)
    Paula: Do you love her?
    Tony: Yeah, I do Paula.

    and he (after much hesitation to admit it, even to himself) told her
    “I love you, Jeanne”. (Grace Period).

    Admitted it to Tara Cole (Knockout)
    Tony: Real doctor. Real love. Real bad breakup.

    Her mother (Doctor Helen Berkley)to Tony: (Brothers In Arms)
    “I recognize love when I see it”

    Nurse Annie saw it (Angel of Death) when Tony told her he didn’t think Jeanne would ever be jaded.
    “Ah love”

    Thanks for the exclusive, Matt.

    • Erin says:

      I’m with you Joni. I loved the season 4 arc and thought that the Tony/Jeanne romance chemistry was the most convincing in the entire series. I’m also excited that it sounds as if Tony is going to get a big story that is actually about Tony. Cant’ wait.

      • Steph says:

        Totally agree. So many people were upset with the writers for ‘Tony not maturing,’ ‘Tony not having a great storyline,’ ‘Tony this and Tony that.’ The fact of the matter is, Jeanne Benoit was the only real relationship we’ve Tony fully invested in where he finally committed. He said ‘the L word.’ Immature Tony became adult Tony when he fell for Jeanne Benoit, and I thought it was a shame Scottie Thompson hasn’t been back on NCIS since. I’m excited to see her return, and I hope she sticks around at least the few episodes they’re talking about. Maybe more.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          THis is how I think it might go.

          Tony is out somewhere with Zoe on possibly a date or the like (throw in Dinozzo Snr for more drama too). He sees Scottie at the same Restaraunt. She says something to him in front of Zoe. Zoe gets offended and stands up to Zoe , after which Tony later has to come clean to Zoe about what went down and if Indeed he DID have any feelings for her (I think he told her No personally because he wanted to her to have a ‘clean’ break and he at that point was not going to able to be there for her)

          So what will happen is that Tony will go back to single Tony. Zoe will have broken up with him over the Scottie thing and Scottie will of course not be any sort of replacement. The show has spent years now showing that Tony whilst perhaps a Womaniser once actually have very poor luck with the ladies.

          Now as I just read Scottie will be around for multiple episodes. I think she might now be an informant for another agency. She might still have some of her fathers contacts or perhaps and organisation is looking for some information only her Father had.

        • Lori says:

          Yet, that whole relationship was based on a LIE! So much for growing up and being committed.

          • slm says:

            Definitely it was initially built on a lie and then became the old storyline of undercover person falls in love with their target. It wasn’t an original storyline in that regard and was a messed up relationship because of that, not to mention her Dad, another complication.

      • canadian ninja says:

        I’m on board with Tony and Jeanne actually getting back together, her forgiving him and the two of them rekindling yes…the best romance the show has done. Will the show actually let one of the characters other than Gibbs have a real relationship? I’m not very optimistic…

    • H. Stark says:

      Me, too! I’m really glad they’re bringing her back!

  5. darkangel200 says:

    Thanks for filling in a few blanks, Matt. Hmm, possibly multiple episodes. Excited to see where this all leads. Michael and Scottie always had great chemistry.

    • They really did! I’m very intrigued where they are going with the multiple episodes. Will it be spaced out like with Cryer (which was a surprise), or is it an arc of some sort? I’m really hoping there isn’t a child in the mix – it messes royally with canon. This season is really keeping us guessing, which is fun!

  6. m3rcnate says:

    I basically stopped watching this show a long time ago, but the only part that I currently still have interest in is Tony and mainly how he is evolving and his relationship status. I watched the episodes with the new GF Zoe and IMO she is great, they are great and the show writers need to sack-up and have his 45 year old ass get married.
    However IMO back when NCIS was a really good show, it was in part to interesting story telling like Tony and Jeanne Benoit were a couple. You rarely got to see Tony be real and serious and an adult (one time with Kate when he was sick from Anthrax). Seeing him in the relationship, then the twist that she was the daughter of the bad guy, then seeing him cry and try to get her to understand then see him say none of it was real…that was good story telling on NCIS, and it hasn’t happened much since then.
    I will most definitely check out these episodes with her in them.

    • Leia says:

      Somehow I doubt your assertion as you seem to know much about something you’ve not seen in yrs. and you even looked at this tease!

      • m3rcnate says:

        Nope, only watched the ones with Tony’s new GF, haven’t watched any others since like season….idk…i think McGee was starting to date that red head? I think like season 9. I don’t think i watched much beyond Ziva leaving, I checked out a few episodes with the new blonde girl enough to know i didnt like her character.

    • Lori says:

      Sick with Anthrax….not a watcher of the show are you. It was the Plague.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Lol jeez, that season was literally like 7 years ago, so sorry i got it wrong and it was the Plague not Anthrax. Yikes, you must be fun at parties. /s

  7. Terry says:

    I’m so happy she’s back. Scottie is a wonderful actress and she and Michael Weatherly had terrific chemistry. Jeanne brought out the best in Tony. We saw another side to his character that we have seen only glimpses of since. While their relationship started based on a lie, they did fall in love. When Shane Brennan brought the character back for one episode only to have her accuse Tony of murder, it did her a disservice. She deserved better. While Jeanne is the ONlY woman I’ve ever believed Tony was in love with, I doubt they can get back to that place. I do hope, however that they can at least part as friends and that Tony can finally move on.

    • arial2 says:

      Well said. I thought the writers did both Jeanne and Jenny a disservice when they turned them into shadows of the wonderful characters they started out to be. Although I was not thrilled by the change in Jeanne, I hope the writers will correct their error and, if nothing else, let her depart as the strong character she was at the start of her relationship with Tony.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        She was decieved by Tony for the better part of a Year. I think she had a right to be peeved at Tony. The fact that she tried to make it seem like he was at fault for a crime though wasnt great, but he took it on the chin and apologised. It probably wasnt what she wanted to hear but there it was.

        • Judy Dunston says:

          They could continue the story line with her still believing that Tony was responsible for her dad’s death. Or she believed it when she walked out but now has information to the contrary and wants NCIS to pursue his killer because they owe her. It’s there investigation that got her dad kiled. Possible story line?

          • tyranthraxus says:

            i guess thats possible. I think the storyline will honestly be like so

            A) Investigating other case
            B) Jeanne turns up as suspect/witness
            C) Drama ensures

            (Akin to last season? where Gibbs Ex wife was shot dead)

  8. michele says:

    I love this news so much. Hope this visit will stretch into a multi-episode arc. Yay!

  9. Heathers says:

    I remember her from season 1 of Brotherhood.

    • Joni says:

      She was great on the 1st 4 episodes of ‘Graceland’ but then her character (Lauren?) made a mistake and her fellow agents pretty much kicked her out. Looking at what they all do in the subsequent seasons Lauren comes across as looking like a saint. :-)

  10. Annie says:

    Honestly, I felt like that chapter of his life had been closed and I feel like it should stay that way. I will admit that this come from a person who quit watching immediately after Ziva left and will probably only ever watch it again if it’s the series finale and they bring her back. You just can’t beat years of partnership and will-they-won’t-they, honestly. It was a pretty special thing.

    • John NYC says:

      Except it became: been there did that (Paris), let’s never go there again.

      Though that’s special in its own way. #AlwaysTasteThePudding

    • as524 says:

      His lie in internal Affairs says that the chapter was not closed….

      the only thing special about ziva was that she hung around far too long

    • I’m just curious. Why would you stop watching a tv show because one character left the show? Mark Harmon is the star of the show so it would make sense if you stopped watching if he left. But to claim you stopped watching after Ziva left does not make sense. She was only a supporting cast member and was lucky to be surrounded by Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly who had top billing over her. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cote De Pablo but she was never a reason why I watched the show. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly are NCIS and if one of them were to leave then the show might not be the same. Can’t say that about any other characters.

      • Erin says:

        Well I can understand not watching a show anymore if one character is a particular favorite and you simply know that you wouldn’t enjoy it much without that character. What I have trouble understanding is why the no longer watching or enjoying the show, former fan would continue after 2 years to come to a fan site for the show. The decision to quit was Ms. de Pablos. She has moved on and so has NCIS.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          I wouldnt stop watching NCIS if Gibbs was no longer there. Hes only the Principal cast member because the show makes him so, were he to become the new Vance rarely seen or were Tony to become the new Lead Agent I still think the show could still produce the same stories without being bogged down by the Ghosts of Gibbs past.

    • Shirley says:

      I totally agree Annie. It doesn’t matter that Tony once loved this woman I don’t see him having a a relationship with her because she accused him of murder. Ziva and Tony had something special and agents and as friends I hope they bring Cote back for more than one episode

      • as524 says:

        Ziva accused Tony of murder. She also belittled and insulted him. And assaulted him. That’s really a ‘something special’ right there.

      • Joni says:

        That doesn’t make sense. Ziva accused Tony of a jealousy murder when he killed Rivkin and shared this information with her Mossad Director father who then called in a favor and had the Director haul his agent to Israel. She then assaulted the already injured Tony by sweeping his legs out from under him and pulling a gun on him. Said he killed Rivkin to save his “worthless arse” and then said “perhaps I would” to Tony’s query that maybe she wished he’d died instead of Rivkin.
        How can that be okay while Jeanne’s “no chance of proving” accusation (absolutely no evidence) is a relationship deal breaker?
        That said, please take a look at the photo of Jeanne standing in front of McGee’s desk – she’s wearing a wedding ring.

      • Erin says:

        Ziva also accused Tony of murder and was never actually shown to have a romantic relationship with him. Ziva was actually pretty awful to Tony most of the time. I’m very excited that they are bringing Jeanne back. They have a lot to work through and I loved their chemistry and the way Tony was portrayed in season 4. I wouldn’t mind at all if they could work things out.

      • Erin says:

        Ziva also accused Tony of murder.

      • Pete says:

        Yep, Ziva and Tony had something special – she decked him and pointed a loaded weapon at him at point blank range, after SHE accused him of murder. Now that’s really special.

      • Lori says:

        How about the major fact that Tony LIED to to her. Not Jeanne’s fault that the relationship blew up.

      • You know Ziva also blamed Tony because he killed Michael in self-defense but she claimed he murdered her lover, I don’t see how the writers of the show still wanted them paired together; especially after Ziva made Gibbs try and choose Ziva herself over Tony.

        • slm says:

          Yeah, bad Ziva! but obviously the character isn’t real. What she does is written in the script.

        • as524 says:

          Oh JoAnn wiyj ziva it’s ALL about excuses. Yet with any other character they are just awful even if the excuse used for ziva (like the one that answered you did) also fits another character

        • lanora says:

          joanne, because gibbs believed tony why did they go to somila to see if she was there.doesnt any one realize it took a while for ziva to drop her tough ways when she saw that she was in a better place then mozzad,why the hate for her father,yes he was her father when he got killed,tony asked gibbs who did this,it was eli him self who did it,he once again brought his issues to ncis,& gibbs knew that,watch it over look at gibbs face.those that didn’t like ziva and there is a lot of you,she played a great part & did it really well.she never stopped tony from any relationship,she was there for him when jeane accused him of killing her father,she had no problem with wendy or anyone of the woman he may have been involved with.he defended him self when Rifkin attacked him,ziva didn’t realize that ,till tony tried to tell her,she thought Rifkin cared for her,not playing her which was zivas fathers orders,jealous for her choosing ncis over mozzad,people are not watching between the lines,& why did he go to Israel to have a vacation for 3 months,those that don’t like ziva should see why she did some of the things that she did.she was always there for tony & as far a sim concerned kate treated him worst always knocking him & making her comments to him, too much for me to talk about try watching your dvd s over ,& get over being the blame for ruining ncis,do you think they would have kept her for 8 yrs,she left because she perhaps didn’t want to be ziva david any longer,or they woudnt & didn’t want her to sign a 1 yr contract instead of 2.&that makes more sense to me.way too many opinions here,but we are all feel what we doin our own way,no reason to get bent out of shape. lanora

          • chali says:

            some people might actually agree with you here, but how would they know when this run-on paragraph has no punctuation, where does one thought stop and the other being

    • slm says:

      I agree it was a very special thing, regardless of TIVA/NoTIVA. It was fun to watch them interact. Yes, I know she is gone.

  11. SecretAgent says:

    lol wat r u doin gary glasberg

  12. kiki sorick says:

    I loved tony and jeanne’s relationship and i wish she would have stayed in season 4. as much as i love ziva (and kate) it was nice to see tony in a real-ish relationship without the team involved. i can’t wait to see what she brings this time around!

  13. Rick Katze says:

    Wonderful news. No question he loved her but he did the right thing when he said “NO” in answer to her question. She changed Tony for the better. Hope to see her in many episodes although I don’t see them as a permanent couple, unfortunately.

    As for the Ziva moaners, who bring up her name whenever NCIS does anything outside of their fantasies, go get a job making sure no one steals the stripes on the interstate. I think you can handle that.

  14. aph1976 says:

    I’m very excited by this news.However i’m wondering facilitates Jeane’s return back into Tony’s life.Does he approach her for some reason or her him?For example maybe Tony decides he needs to deal with his past with Jeanne for some reason.

  15. Kelly says:

    YAY!! I am so glad! I loved them together!!

  16. Jim says:

    She’s so hot. She can’t be on my TV enough. Her eyes are amazing.

  17. Shannon says:

    I always saw her as a close second to Ziva as far as Tony’s best romantic interest. I like her much more than that Zoey he’s been with, so this is great news imo!

  18. After so many years, this could be an interesting reunion, as long as they don’t try to revive the “romance”.

    Btw, I still miss Ziva, and I hope we’ll see her back this season… that’s for all you haters ;)

    • slm says:

      I would love to see Ziva back for some episodes! If they can bring a character back after six years, they can bring one back after two years! So at least that kind of ends the “long gone” argument! lol

    • chali says:

      I’d love to see Ziva back, as long as it’s in flashbacks while the team mourns her death

  19. Blue Oltremare says:

    Guys, I’m calling it now – no spoilers, just my gut feeling: she’s coming back with Tony’s secret son/daughter from back then. She was pregnant during that last conversation in front of the lift, when he told her (liying) “it was never real”; had he answered differently, she would have told him of the baby. Fatherhood is the last step for Tony’s growth, and a fitting ending for the series. After Ziva’s exit I always thought this storyline was an option.
    Or I might just be bonkers. :) We’ll see.

    • Joni says:

      Their last encounter was the previous May 2007 so she the latest she could have given birth was late February of 2008. IF (and this is a big IF) it’s revealed she had Tony’s baby perhaps she decided not to tell him after he said “no [none of it was real] at the elevator that day in April of 2008.

    • Dee says:

      I agree, last night episode specifically had Tony mentioning that kids probably were not in his future. I have always loved this story arc in the NCIS series. Tony loved her plain and simple and he lied when he said it wasn’t real. I think you are spot on in thinking she brings back his “child”. Now that will bring about a lot of anger from Tony in not being a part of the babies life from the start but he will still make one heck of a father! I guess we get to wait and see!

    • slm says:

      Good point. at the elevator he did say it wasn’t real so I guess it could be reasonable not to tell him about his child, if that’s the case. Kind of hoping romance isn’t the storyline

  20. She tried to have him framed for murder!!! Hopefully she’s married …. I don’t see anything good about her characters return. Great actress though!

  21. Susan says:

    Not a popular opinion, but I loved Jeanne and loved the relationship between the two of them…the final scene where Tony lies and tells her the whole relationship was for the job just cuts me up…I think they’ve both moved on though, but perhaps meeting and talking about things will help Tony move forward with his life in other ways :)

  22. danielle says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time for her character to resurface. I remember liking that arc though.

  23. sandra genet says:

    it will be very interesting

  24. datdudemurphy says:

    That was one of my favorite seasons….
    So glad to see her back

  25. ndixit says:

    I hope this visit is for closure. I think Tony and Jeanne’s relationship, as real as it was, can never truly break out of the dark shadow of what happened with her father.

    • I agree, ndixit. I loved Tony and Jeanne at the beginning of their arc, before she and Jenny were sacrificed by Shane Brennan for one of his “moments” and so he could push his Tiva/Ziva agenda, but you’re right. Too much bad history between them. I would like them to finally honestly talk and begin to forgive each other.

  26. Sooooo excited. loved this pairing. Jeanne made Tony a grownup and think it even allowed him to be more open to his feelings for Ziva. Hope she’s around for awhile or theirs a little DiNozzio

  27. Floyd Smith says:

    If CBS were smart, they would use both Jon Cryer’s character and her as the basis for a spinoff for the medical series that the net so desperately wants.

  28. Dj says:

    I literally yelled yes when I saw this. Her and Tony were so great together I had always hoped that she would come back to the show for some reason.

  29. k says:

    I’d rather she didn’t come back. I don’t enjoy the episodes she was on.

  30. JC1 says:

    Oh yay! I really liked her, and she’s the only woman I’ve ever truly believed Tony was in love with. I like Zoe, but I’m not sure I’m buying that relationship yet.
    I hope they don’t make Jeanne evil or something – I wouldn’t like that. :(

  31. I couldn’t watch any shows she was in. The whole relationship gave me the creeps. I don’t get this at all.

  32. Scotty2hotty says:

    Glad she’s back. Big Fan of her!

  33. Andrea says:

    A TVLine poster theorized this weeks ago. Good job whoever that person is. I’m pleased. I like Jeanne, and I hope she discovers why Tony really behaved as he did when they last saw each other. I don’t want her to still hate him.

    • Erin says:

      Even though I’d be happy if Tony and Jeanne could get back together since I really loved season 4, It would be gratifying if they could at least talk about what happened. I felt sorry for her character and Tony suffered too. I’d love to see Weatherly get a really meaty story. It’s been years since he’s had more focus than a one and done.

  34. Cecelia says:

    Background music is too loud and it is very irritating when they talk and it continues to play. Hard for most elderly to hear what they are saying.!!!!!

  35. Callie says:

    WORST decision. Sorry, but their relationship was not even remotely healthy and if she’s coming back to help fulfill Tony’s eventual marriage-and-kids ending, the show will have completely gone to crap.

    • lanora says:

      you know I was thinking ,you think that jeane didn’t know a thing about her father being an arms dealer,find that hard to believe,it was ziva that told tony to go tell her what she needs to hear when he went to the elevator it was his choice of words that he said.why in the ep of family did he burned her letter that she left–ziva talked to him in the bathroom ,even if she jeane did forgive him would he be wiling to be tony dinardo the rest of his life—lets just see what happens. because he went to look for ziva not once but twice Somalia & Israel,i don’t get the people that think he didn’t love ziva,people forget they were more or less afraid of her when she came to ncis until she proved her self in which she did. everyone thinks of the whole ziva&tony story is there way of thinking to each his own.ziva always was there for him & she was there for him with jeane,letting him know that if he needed to talk she was his friend all the way. when he shot rivkin ziva didn’t know the whole story,that rivkin was playing her,wouldnt you get a whole lot angry if it was done to you,she said she had a long time to think about things & tony forgave her.ho knows maybe he will forgive jeane,too.cotes gone leave her be,she did a great job as ziva david & know one could tell me any different, lanora

  36. as524 says:

    It was so obvious that Tony lied to Jeanne during the elevator scene when he told her none of it was real…

    Looking forward to her return…it’s been far too long!

    here’s hoping for multiple eps

  37. Mary says:

    always hoped they would get tograether….will be good to see her again.

  38. David Haas says:

    I’m hoping for Ziva and Tony to get together. I’m done with Jeanne

    • John NYC says:

      Not likely. That was settled by their bumping uglies in Paris. Then never going there again. Ever.

      They obviously decided teammates was fine but clearly nothing more. For. Years.

      • Anita says:

        Then why was he kissing her in PPF? Why was struggling to get over and attending a support group? And why do you think happened after that touching scene in the orange groove ?
        I know you never liked Ziva ..But do you really don’t care who is going be with Tony just not Ziva that you are ok with a woman who wanted to frame him knowing he didn’t do that???
        Please, don’t say she was confused- she wasn’t : she asked him to choose and he choose NOT her and only after that she accused him. What kind of woman asks to leave with her if she thinks a man killed her father?

        • as524 says:

          PPF – nothing more than an idiotic stray away from established canon attempt to make a bunch of whiny shippers happy.

          per MW – tiva was nothing more than fan projection. & this was said long after the mess that was PPF.

          • slm says:

            Wasn’t the media also projecting a potential TIVA. Seems for a while there were always article headlines with TIVA in it, and questions about it in interviews

          • as524 says:

            Sim – the media always puts the pretty people together…they’ve paired many that had no romantic storyline.

            Potential ‘tiva’ was born when Shane Brennan took over the show. yet even then both MW & cdp came at it from different angles & the only support for a romance came from cdp

          • slm says:

            I enjoyed Tony and Ziva’s interactions whatever they are called, perceived as, by others.

        • John NYC says:

          I liked the character well enough, just never got the fit of a foreign intelligence agency’s assassin on an “investigation” American team and her continued betrayals made that even less of a logical fit. So when she had her breakdown and left to go seek atonement for “all the killing”, which, IMHO, sooner or later in the land of the blood debt meant she was going to get killed unacknowledged in some shadow, I was satisfied that disconnect had been resolved.

          Tony had a long and complicated relationship with her: but by the end he was a friend and one she rejected even for that. So Gibbs got it right, she’d moved on and so should they.

          Jeanne may be an answer for Tony, his conversation in the car with Gibbs seemed to indicate his current relationship with Zoe wasn’t giving him that sense of family he’d discovered he wanted. Or maybe not, maybe just a bit more closure so Tony can move on some more on whatever journey TPTB have set him on.

          • Anita says:

            Yea..Joni, I heard your story about bad Ziva and 1000000 times.
            And how shocked I am: Zoe isn’t good enough? Already? You know you might want to keep rooting for Zoe because Jeanne is married..:)
            So, peace out, people: she will be gone as soon as will blame Tony in something else.

        • Dj says:

          When she left Tony the note asking him to leave with her she didn’t know that her father was dead.

        • Lori says:

          Why are we talking in code?? What the heck is PPF?

  39. Bertie says:

    Worst idea they’ve had since killing Diane. I loathed Tony’s undercover arc and to have her pop up now seems more than contrived. Feels soap operish to me.

  40. amysue4772 says:

    Well, this should be fun.

  41. Susan says:

    That’s great! I will have to tune in.

  42. Bella says:

    I’m excited to see where this goes. I thought she was an idiot in the episode with the two druggies I the hospital morgue (she tried her best to get herself and Tony shot) but I believed she and Tony had the real deal.

    • Joni says:

      Jeanne also put her life on the line for Tony. To Nick: “I help him (Tony) then I help you (cutting the drugs out of Bernie’s brother’s body). If that’s not good enough then shoot me.”

  43. Cynthia says:

    Oh men!!! That will be another unfinished thing from the past that will again complicate things 😕. Really hope that Tony still keep Zeva in his heart, thought and fellings . We will see what happens. If I will only know if Zeva is coming back or not will make it so easy to me. That way I’ll know if I should keep or not watching the show or not. 😐

    • John NYC says:

      She’s not coming back. Enjoy your next entertainment.

    • Pete says:

      Based on everything that we have been told: Ziva will not be coming back in season 13, so IF you ONLY watch for her, then no, you shouldn’t keep watching.

      If, on the other hand, you enjoy the show, continue watching but don’t expect to see Ziva in new episodes.

    • Lori says:

      Such a fan of ZIVA that you can’t even spell it correctly

  44. prish says:

    This episode started off with the humor, yay!!!

  45. Cynthia says:

    Great way of showing who he really loved ift

  46. Vickie says:

    I’m stoked! I can’t wait! For a while I was worried they would being Ziva back and I’m so over her, but then I remembered Cote is totally done with the show so I was curious who the blast from the past would be. Scottie is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Jeanne! I’d love to see her and Zoe meet!

  47. Pam Moody says:

    I can’t wait for Jeanne to return to the show… I think it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens between her n Tony again…Bring her on n let them talk n continue! Ziva is gone by her own actions so we can only wonder if she’ll ever show again which would be nice but…..

  48. Kim R says:

    This is the only person that Tony has been paired with that I felt the chemistry as a viewer. I’m not feeling it with his current girlfriend at all. I think it would be great to bring Jeanne back and open that back up again. I like it! :)

  49. Dave says:

    Not the guest star I was hoping for! (Ziva)

  50. Sissy says:

    My first thought about Jeanne returning: she has gone over to the dark side and has become/or is married to an international arms dealer and is planning to avenge her father’s death. Will Tony be able to “rescue” her?