Finding Carter Recap: Oh, Brother

From the moment it was revealed on Tuesday’s Finding Carter premiere that Ben has neither a Twitter nor an Instagram account, I knew he was trouble.

But let me back up: I don’t need a DNA test to know with absolute certainty that Ben is Lori’s son; watching him trick Carter into being his getaway driver at a backyard robbery — in broad freakin’ daylight, no less — proved he inherited his mother’s winning combination of manipulativeness and sheer irrationality. (I also don’t need a DNA test to know where he got dat jawline from.)

But because Carter is forgiving to a fault — heck, she’s all but forgotten that Crash shot Max last season — she brushed Ben’s blatant kleptomania under the rug and followed him to a bar with Bird. That’s where she met Jared, yet another in a long line of smoldering bad boys with whom she’s destined to make a few mistakes. In fact, she made her first mistake in the premiere: using a fake I.D. to apply for a serving job. (What is this, amateur hour?)

The worst part about Carter and Ben’s relationship, though, is that she won’t even be able to say no one warned her when he (inevitably) screws her over beyond forgiveness. Crash, who knows a thing or two about untrustworthy fellas, pegged Ben for a rotten apple right off the bat, and although Carter swears she still loves him, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in their future as a couple.

SUSPICIOUS MINDS | Just when it seemed like David and Elizabeth’s marriage was finally rock-solid again — mostly thanks to Kyle’s death, to be honest — along came Lori to screw everything up. Both Wilsons dropped by Chez Kidnapper during the premiere, but Elizabeth’s visit (“If you choose to stay in this town … I will make it my personal mission to make every moment of your life a living, breathing hell”) was considerably more hostile than David’s, which ended in him giving her an unsolicited check for $10,000. Naturally, Elizabeth witnessed the whole thing from her parked car (so trusting, that one) and did not seem to enjoy the view.

THE START OF SOMETHING NEW? | Speaking of rocky relationships, I can’t quite make sense of Taylor and Damon. There’s obviously a rivalry there, ever since he ousted her from the No. 1 spot at school, but does anyone else think their combative rapport could someday lead to… more? When the Season 2B trailer first came out, I assumed that Max would be worried about party boy Gabe developing feelings for Taylor, but now I’ve got my eye on Damon.

Your thoughts on the Finding Carter premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop ’em in a comment.

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  1. Chester says:

    It’s annoying to see characters make one incredibly stupid mistakes be after the other. No growth.

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  3. Boo Boo says:

    How does the showrunner think this show is based more in reality. Its way past the realm of believability to me.

  4. smartysenior says:

    I took this off my DVR after this episode. They’re just making up stupid stuff for action scenes now. Too bad, it could’ve continued to be a heartfelt type thing, all those teens wouldn’t have run out of realistic stories if the writers had been better. Bye.

  5. Shannon says:

    We are supposed to believe that a woman who is certifiably insane, has kidnapped a child not once, but twice, and tried to kidnap her sister, was not only found not guilty of kidnapping but was then seen fit to grant custody of a son she had taken away from her? The CGI in Once Upon a Time is more believable.

  6. Joanna says:

    This show has jumped the shark and is now swimming laps to jump the shark again. Such a waste of a really good premise. The writing is so bad, none of it is believable, no way with the events and characters act the way they do. It’s almost like the writers said man our ratings are tanked in season 2A but they already renewed us for 2B so lets see how dumb we can get with this show.

  7. robandco says:

    Are we really supposed to believe that Carter, a teenager enrolled in high school, can get a job waiting in a night bar with a fake ID, while having two loving and quite strict parents, including a cop mom (or should I say mama bear?)? I mean come on. What lie can she possibly tell them to explain being up late all night during the week?

    • Joanna says:

      Bad writing… this show comes down to unbelievable bad writing. I feel sorry for the actors I am sure they get the scripts and say to themselves really this is what is happening with my character.

  8. PeteyPam says:

    I saw an article where the showrunner said that Max and Carter are their ultimate ending. Since I have been watching this show the best couple has been Max and Taylor when the writers choose to have them together. I think most of us fans want Max and Taylor to end up together based on the show we have watched, where does the showrunner come up with they want Max and Carter in the end. Max and Carter have a great friendship but it always seemed Max and Taylor were meant to be together.

    Last nights episode was so boring and the show has only gotten worse, I don’t understand the logic anymore with the stories and characters.

  9. Polly says:

    Ouch… I think the viewers have spoken. The 2B premiere had 473K viewers which is a series low for the show. Suffice to say the writing on this show is the main cause.