Significant Mother Creators Preview Rocky Finale for Jimmy and Lydia

Following their big split at the end of last week’s episode, is there any hope left for Jimmy and Lydia in Monday’s Significant Mother season finale (The CW, 9:30/8:30c)?

Series creators Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith won’t say, but they do promise that the finale will fill in a few blanks from the couple’s latest argument, in addition to revealing “whether or not it’ll all end happily.” And what’s this about Nate coming to their rescue?

“There’s a point where he realizes the only thing worse than seeing his best friend dating his mom is seeing them both brokenhearted,” Cardillo says. “So he makes a plan to fix the problem.” (You know, because Nate’s plans always work out so well.)

Season 1, Episode 9Speaking of Nate, the finale also addresses his unrequited love for co-worker Sam in what Keith calls “a very Nate sort of way, which means neither the coolest nor most direct.” He reminds us that Nate — thanks to a jar of edibles — forgot about his kiss with Sam in Episode 4, “so there might be some discussion about that.”

As for what a potential Season 2 could bring, Cardillo and Keith would love to call back a few of their favorite guest stars, including Linda Gray’s Gammy (“She is engaged!”), Mircea Monroe’s car thief/porn star Annie Hole and Justin Deeley’s Jimmy-clone Timmy.

Now you tell us… How do you hope Mother‘s first season wraps up, and would you tune in for a second? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.