Gotham Jerome Dies Joker

Gotham Recap: The Joke Is On You

This week on Fox’s Gotham, Theo Galavan, Barbara and that joker Jerome put on quite a show. But by the time the curtain closed, who had had the last laugh?

In the wake of newly christened Commissioner Essen’s brutal murder at the hands of Jerome Valeska, Jim and Harvey start banging down doors and thumping on thugs, hot to find a lead on the red-haired menace. They eventually learn that Jerome’s father, the blind fortune-teller Cicero, has bailed on the circus and is holed up somewhere in Gotham.

Alas, Jerome and an apparently hungry Tabitha get to the old man first. Jerome relates tales of how his father would look the other way when his mom and her latest boy toy would abuse him as a lad. Now, Jerome aims to have the last laugh, by framing Cicero for breaking out the Maniax — and then killing him, with a knife through his skull. When Jim and Harvey come up the super-fresh murder scene, the latter gets KO’d by a canister of the blue gas that was used during the breakout. Even a whiff makes Jim woozy as well, unable to successfully apprehend a gloating Jerome.

The action then turns toGotham Jerome Dies the episode’s grand set piece, a charity gala hosted by Lee and attended by (among others) Bruce, Alfred (who is quite taken with Dr. Thompkins) and a pocket-picking Selena. The entertainment for the evening is a magician — “Rodolfo” aka a disguised Jerome, assisted by a masked Barbara.

Already a reluctant attendee, Bruce is even more anxious to leave after a sad run-in with Selena. Alfred however is enjoying Lee’s event/company far too much, so he urges his ward to stay. Bruce is first to be called on stage, to be “sawed in half” by Rodolfo. Deputy Mayor Kane is then summoned, and just as Lee realizes and notifies Jim that Barbara is the masked assistant, the politician takes a dagger to the chest. As gunmen swarm in to control the room, Alfred does his best to whale on some but ultimately is subdued, while Bruce chases after Selena.

Here is where Theo puts on his show, “bravely” standing up to the maniacal magician as news cameras catch every moment. His bravado is cut short by a bop to the head, as Jerome and Barbara move on to the main attraction — Lee strapped to a knife-thrower’s wheel. With Selena’s help, Jim sneaks onto the premises and opens a gunfight, with Alfred chipping in. When Jerome holds Bruce at gunpoint, Theo emerges from the background and declares, “Enough!” — and then drives a blade into Jerome’s neck.

As Jerome bleeds out on stage, Gotham-Season2-Jerome-DeadTheo quietly apologizes for deviating from what they rehearsed, explaining, “The plot thickens. Enter the hero.” Barbara meanwhile eludes Jim via a trap door.

In the aftermath, Jim commends Bruce on his bravery, Alfred’s crush is snuffed (“Ah, bugger!”), Theo fields many thank yous, Tabitha takes notice of the “closeness” between her bro and her lover, and Harvey warns Penguin about collecting any favors from his partner (“I still owe you for Fish,” he reminds). A closing montage then hints at Cicero’s prophecy coming true, as news footage of Jerome affects all manner of Gothamites, young and old — perhaps the true Joker somewhere among them?

“You will be a curse upon Gotham…. Your legacy will be death and madness.”

What did you think of “The Last Laugh”? And check back at Midnight/11c for a goodbye Q&A with Jerome’s portrayer, Cameron Monaghan.

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  1. DavidB says:

    “Let’s kill off one of our best actors and 1 of the only 2 reasons to watch out show, oh and let’s keep all the unlikable and boring characters alive”

    If Penguin is even taken out of the show (not killed, just like he’s not a series regular), I’m going to just give up on this trash show.

    • Dan B says:

      I think the writers said last season he isn’t gonna be the Joker thats pretty obvious they were telling the truth now seeing as Joker cannot die before he even faces batman at least once lol…

    • Timbo says:

      lol…dont like creative difference?? love it how they twisted the story like that…Jerome Is the true joker but obviously the true (first) wasnt the one who faced batman??
      Anyone else notice how Barbara is acting like H=arley quinn?? although she is too old i think she is the woman that the REAL joker tries to make Harley into..

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    The best reason to watch this season, wtf!!!!

  3. A. D. says:

    This sucks…he was awesome and would’ve been great as the Joker…boy did they screw this up!

    • bxo935 says:

      Hate to burst your bubble everyone, but Jerome couldn’t have been the Joker. This is the origin story of everyone and it’s eventually supposed to follow the comics. DC doesn’t even know who Joker really is. I agree Jerome would’ve made a fantastic Joker. He just didn’t play the one we were hoping he would.

      • Joe says:

        Nothing on Gotham follows the Comics at all…why start now…

      • Michael Smith says:

        There are multiple joker organ stories. The current iconic one is from A killing joke

      • M says:

        According to what you stated Essen shouldn’t be dead either because she didn’t have an affair with a married James yet if it followed one of the comics. She at least was still killed by a sort of “pre-Joker”. So even though its an “origin” its not exact and won’t be. It just has to lead to Bruce becoming Batman and James becoming commissioner. That’s it. They don’t seem to be otherwise dead set on following every villains story. Sal Maroni’s dead and in one incarnation he creates Two-Face whose still around somewhere as Dent. Its really only an origin story for Gordon and Bruce not everyone. I’d say Gordon even before Bruce because sometimes I feel like Bruce is kind of shoehorned in there when they try to connect him to the bigger picture.

      • Brener says:

        I don’t agree with you.jerome was beeing the best character in this series now with his dead Gotham will return for the status of the first season,a good series,nothing more.They could,at least,stay with jerome some episodes more,the “True” Joker will be more inspirated(That is why they killed of Jerome)but 4 episodes only!!!And repling the comment that they try to follow DC,Fish Mooney,wasn’t in the original story.

      • JOE says:


    • DD says:

      I agree big mistake on their part

    • OA says:

      the show is, especially because of the new refocus, seemingly meant to last several seasons. Which means Jerome could’ve never become the real Joker, as that is for most people the most recognisable batman villain. He was always gonna be a red herring, esp with the actor being so good at the last few jobs he’s done. He’s not sticking around another tv show after working his butt off at Shameless.

  4. steven says:

    While in disguise as a magician, Jerome looked like Neil Patrick Harris.

  5. Cheeky says:

    So they just pulled a Jimmy Olsen from Smallville on us. Don’t waste ourtime with another Joker with this series then, because the actor was perfect and no one is going to want to sit through a poor imitation. Not to mention it will make any ‘real’ joker seem weak in the sense that he’s just imitating what came before him.

    • DavidB says:

      They won’t list, they will try it often, the writers don’t know what they’re doing in this show, I mean barbara is a good character in their opinion and is still around.

    • hiflew says:

      Good comparison, but at least Smallville waited until season 8 to do that kind of garbage and they had Doomsday kill him not some whiny billionaire with a bruised ego in Season 2.

  6. B says:

    Wtf Gotham? Good luck finding a better joker. Smh

  7. Simon says:

    I know a lot of fans are gonna be mad at the writers and i gotta say I wish Jerome was the true Joker but from the beginning the writers insisted he really wasn’t. So we can’t really be that mad. I do like how the ended it with the influence of Jerome living in on all the loons of Gotham. Plus the mystery of the backstory of the Joker lives on as hardcore Batman fans will probably prefer. That’s probably how DC wants it.

  8. Joe says:

    Tonight was garbage…Gotham seems intent on killing off every character that is exciting…it goes from the must watch live to Netflix it next summer…

  9. ram419 says:

    Not sure why they killed him off. I thought this season’s name was Rise of the Villains. I hope they have something interesting to replace him.

  10. Julio says:

    And they killed the only reason i came back to this show

  11. Jerome Valeska says:

    I don’t think Jerome is dead. In the final scene there’s two things here.. 1 is that his father is repeating what he said earlier of how he is a curse on Gotham and so on. And 2 is that he is lying on the table with a smile on his face. I think that somehow they will bring him back to life and then this is when he will get his green hair and more. What do you think about this?

    • Jerome Valeska says:

      And his father said how he will bring madness and death upon Gotham also. his father didn’t say multiple people would bring madness and death, or someone else would, he said you. He was talking about Jerome. So that’s why I don’t think he is dead. They’ll bring him back.

      • Jerome Valeska says:

        What do you guys think about this theory?

        • Frankenblonde says:

          I think you’re right, “Jerome Valeska” – this kid is the perfect Joker, so why kill him off? Besides, this show doesn’t follow traditional DC story lines, so be prepared to expect anything!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • hiflew says:

      The curse seemed to be the inspiration of him to all of the laughing people at the end of the episode. He will inspire someone to become the Joker. As I wrote below, this turns the greatest villain of all time into a two-bit hack that stole his whole identity from someone else.

      • banso says:

        The joker has to return, with the prophecy uttered and his legacy seemingly released as a curse on those susceptible to his influence. It only takes one to truly identify with his character to embody the madness. Remember Gotham was a truly sick city FULL of crime not just mob crime. It would seem the curse has begun a wave of crime beyond what is currently endured. Who can save Gotham now? Bruce is too young, only the commissioner making deals with the devil can maintain the balance for now. I think we may see the rise of vigilantes, masked crusaders as a preview of Bruce’s influences. Exciting to think YES? :-)

    • Shelby says:

      I hope so or my heart is broken. #teamjoker

    • JOE says:

      Interesting observation. Additionally, they didn’t cover his face with a sheet the way they do with deceased people when they were wheeling Jerome out on the gurney.

    • Sam says:

      Love to see it, but until then the show is dead to me.

  12. hiflew says:

    So Gotham is going to turn the Joker, one of the greatest villains of all time, into a hack that steals his whole schtick from a now dead criminal. Not exactly my favorite plot twist of all time. I have defended this show from the beginning, but this really ticks me off. Not to mention that it was easy to figure out that Jerome was going to die as soon as you saw the title of the episode, Last Laugh. I will probably watch next week, but if I am not impressed I will just say goodbye to Gotham for good.

    • Elmstreetchild says:

      Yes exactly what I was thinking. At the very least this turns the future joker into an unoriginal copy cat instead of the smart crazy guy he should be. I thought the kid playing him was amazing. I had heard they were going to introduce someone you would think was the Joker but wouldn’t actually be him. After watching Jerome I was hoping they had changed their mind.

  13. Dan B says:

    Well, hes obviously not the Joker and one of the other people (possibly a TV fan that saw him) will be. Although tbh, he fit the role perfectly so unless they found an even better actor they have kept under wraps this whole time to play the real Joker, then when he is finally revealed it won’t be that strong of an impact… also this part of the series is called “Rise of the Villains” can we kill off these no names already and these uninteresting people like “evil Barbra Gordon” and this Theo dude, and get to who we actually want to see yet? more people like Penguin, RIddler, Catwoman and Victor Zaz? People like the actual young Joker, young Mr Freeze, Young Ivy or Deathstroke etc… maybe Talia and Ras too, you know the Villains who would be a million times more interesting and the main reason we are watching this aside from Batman in training and Gordon???

  14. Loki says:

    Wow, I was really on board with this show until they did this…

  15. Scott Tharp says:

    I just had a thought that Jerome is not dead and he will come back as the Red Hood. Since everyone thinks he is dead no one would suspect that he is alive running around causing chaos and madness.

  16. Brad D says:

    So, I’m hoping maybe a trick knife beings it was a magician prop. Maybe planted by Jerome n Barbara. Be a good laugh to for jerome to let everyone think he’s dead.

  17. Richard F says:

    I think the last episode – episode #2 this season was the best so far. Jerome was so maniacal gassing the bus of cheerleaders and then shooting up the Gotham PD.. Totally “joker” type stuff. I hope that Jerome V. is right. That Jerome isn’t really dead. I would love to see Jerome square off with the Penguin. That would be awesome!!

    • harleybird says:

      I was thinking that the dude that killed him might have a potion or something to bring him back. Maybe? He was too good and to be killed off so early this season seems like such a waste.

  18. PattyStamps says:

    Would rather have seen Lee die than Jerome. I get the plot point though….I want more Penguin!!

    • Jack says:

      Tht was really stupid to kill him off but I saw it coming cause the jokerS real name is jack not Jerome

      • mystearows says:

        The Joker has no real name. The Jack Nicholson version called him Jack Napier and Jack on its own has been a Joker alias but never confirmed… Everything else is speculation. That’s what they want. Joker will only have a confirmed identity when DC is running low on funds and need to revamp the story to cause some kind of shock.

        • ripcam/jerome says:

          In the graphic novel that just came out called “Endgame”, Joker is said to be an eternal devil who was in Gotham long before it was civilized. DC probably prefers to keep the TV source anonymous so they can play around with the comic source.

  19. Chris m says:

    Id also liked to point outs hate he jokers real name is jack rapier not Jerome velaskas so I agree with them person who aan aid Jerome will have inspired the real joker

  20. Michael Smith says:

    I’m starting to think that those thinking Theo is Ra’s are wrong…. And Theo becomes the eventual joker with Barbara as Harley.

    Theo could be the leader of the red hood gang. That is part of his plan to bring down Gotham. In the end, maybe Jim and not batman end up being responsible for him falling in the vat or something else. Theo loses his memory and becomes the joker.

    • Prathamesh landekar says:

      But we all know batman and the joker are almost of the same age.. Joker a bit older but not by many years.. So I don’t think that’s a possibility

  21. James D says:

    A predictable ending to a very intriguing character. I always knew he was going to die and copycats would start popping up one of which would be the actual joker I didn’t think it would happen this soon. Too Bad Colin was very good in the role and if I’m honest the only villain worth watching. it’s a little upsetting too because James Frain is such a wonderful actor he is being wasted on Galavan. I’m not getting anything from Lucas either, and Barbara is okay in small doses. I am enjoying the more serialized format however I hope they keep that up, and Sean Pertwee is a delight as Alfred so there are good parts worth watching here. Hope Riddler becomes more of a main stay soon.

  22. OA says:

    I, for truly the first time, have faith in Gotham. I knew that Jerome would never be able to be the real joker with their renewed faith in a longterm tv series. But I also knew that the actor did an amazing job and any subsequent Joker would HAVE to be somehow linked.
    And they managed to pull it off perfectly.
    Think about some troubled person, connecting to a serial murderer of the past (like several others have connected with characters like manson or dracula or hannibal) and trying to embody that imagery so that they can shed themselves of their own past (esp as the joker has “no past”).
    The only aspect screwing it over is that Theo is the one who got to him. If it becomes public in the show that Theo is “A Baddie” then no one would truly be inspired by Jerome if Jerome got one-upped by another baddie.

  23. Mortimer says:

    He made a kick ass joker. What a shame. I was hoping they would be driving the ambulance they where in and you’d see it crash and hear laughing.

  24. Mortimer says:

    I was really hoping they would show the ambulance that Jerome was in crash. And you’d hear crazy laughter. That would’ve been awesome.

  25. Mortimer says:

    I was really hoping they would show the Ambulance Jerome was in crash and hear crazy laughter. That would’ve been awesome.

  26. Loki says:

    They still could have kept Jeromes character a secret throughout the series without killing him off completely.

  27. chuckiechk says:

    Cameron had become the best part of a very lackluster series, I think long-term he could of been a major asset to the show. He wasn’t that much older then bruce (aka: whiny batkid) and was truly unhinged . the addition of theo has done nothing, he doesn’t come across as a “big bad” for a season.

  28. Alex says:

    Way to put the spoiler in the title “frakkers”… Searched for the episode on google and after reading the first result my night was suddenly less exciting. I’ve never been on your site tvline and I will likely never return. Goodbye.

  29. M says:

    I feel like they are going to eventually “Jerome” Barbara since there’s no logical way Gordon would ever take her back even though she hinted at it (and frankly if they tried to justify it I’d stop watching). I’ve never heard her referred to as “Barbara Eileen” Kean that I can recall so it is possible Jim will eventually meet “Babs”.
    If they are trying to make this show last Leslie isn’t going to hang around forever, with Jim at least, and people will eventually want to see him married with two kids. Although, Barbara” Batgirl” Gordon could go the niece direction and Jim Jr. could come from some off the wall one night stand with Kean. I’d rather see Barbara 2.0 down the line instead.
    They could also throw that whole part of the Gordon’s origins out the window and Jim doesn’t end up married at all or with children (possibly an adopted niece at least) which would be a bummer.
    Right now I’m just sticking it out for Penguin, Bullock, Alfred and Gordon. Nygma has potential. I like James Frain (Theo) and I know he can play a good villain if they get the writing right but realistically he probably won’t be around forever. It’s a shame they killed Jerome so soon in the season since he brought the right feeling to the show for “The Joker” and now it’s gone. I honestly don’t think they’ll play with the idea of the Joker again for awhile because now a lot of people are mad and also because of the Suicide Squad movie.
    DC seems to be knocking off any ideas TV wise with anything remotely associated with that movie. If you watch Arrow you know what I mean and that’s also a shame because I keep liking TV versions better and then they throw them out the window. Arrow currently isn’t using Deadshot, Harley Quinn, probably Katana and Amanda Waller. Also don’t know if Deathstroke will show up again and in the shared Flash/Arrow universe I’m sure we won’t see Boomerang any time soon. Instead of Harley Quinn we got “Cupid” because DC put their foot down even though fans went nuts over the teaser and they had plans for her on Arrow. I can already tell you I like TV Suicide Squad more than I like what the movie looks like.

    • M says:

      I forgot to mention that Suicide Squad part was also tied to the fact that the idea of Jerome as the Joker could have been axed if they didn’t want anyone outdoing Jared Leto… >_<
      And frankly if they do pull this Joker tease again without a definitive one just to keep up ratings I'll also be out because it gets old after awhile. They've done it what like three times now? I get the speculation is part of the intrigue but after awhile it's just baiting the viewer but not letting them bite the hook which is why I'll swim away. I want to be hooked and love this show but now it's back to catching up every few weeks on DVR. Sorry for the fishing references…lol

    • tessamarie23 says:

      So i have seen no mention of it after the first episode of the second season or on any comment boards, Barbara said leslie killed her parents, as unlikely as that sounds i remember thinking that fight scene in the season finale seemed bizarre almost as we were being led to believe a series of events that didnt actually occur that way and jim walking in right after leslie subdued her, it just seemed kinda off and out of nowhere (which no matter what were the writers intentions im sure). Also, if that was true it could explain away why Barbara lost her mind after losing Jim, then her parents, add insult to injury with Jim ending up with the woman who framed her and she ends up in Arkham. Plus she has yet to kill anyone directly so maybe (far fetched i know)they plan to redeem Barbara so she can end up with Jim. Plus didn’t leslie against Barbara wishes push to give her counseling and she also worked in Arkham. Thoughts? I know its pretty far fetched.

      • M says:

        Maybe but she still went after Leslie and had Gordon beat up. If she outs Theo they could redeem her but eh… And Leslie was against counseling Barbara but Barbara pushed her to do it and then went after her. I don’t remember Barbara saying Leslie killed her parents though I do remember her trying to tell James she didn’t kill them when she called him and that Leslie lied about attacking her first or something.

        • tessamarie23 says:

          You are right lol i’m all twisted around. Leslie pushed Barbara to get help and then Barbara insisted it be leslie. I just rewatched the premiere where she calls jim she doesnt say that leslie killed her parents she just says that she never confessed to her parents murder and leslie attacked her. Well that unraveled quickly. I still don’t trust leslie. Lol

  30. Joker says:

    I still belive jerome is alive and barbara is in on it.

  31. Scott Schreiber says:

    So very disappointing…took all the air out of the show.
    Jerome was the best…to kill him off just really turned me off from the show.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Even though most of us knew he wasn’t the true joker it would have been nice to at least have him around for the season, not just a couple of episodes. So disappointing.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Knowing he’s a series regular on SHAMELESS, and thus there are always, contractually, only a finite of episodes one can moonlight on another show, it makes every bit of sense.

        • Kingmose1 says:

          Jerome wouldn’t need to be in every episode. I think killing him off was a mistake. Just use him whenever he was available. After all, The Joker isn’t in every issue of Detective comics. :) (And yeah, I know he wasn’t the Joker, but you gather my inference.)

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Typically, series regular contracts limit guest-starring runs on other shows to about four episodes in a calendar year.

  32. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Surprised they killed off Jeorme. He was great on the show. Will miss him. I guess he wasn’t true Joker.

  33. TvLover says:

    well darn it. That’s kinda weird that I was actually rooting for Jerome. Reading other comments I was a little disappointed to learn that he wasn’t the one who’s actually going to become the Joker. I’m not a comic book fan but I still know that the Joker is a big bad in that universe.
    I felt that this actors portrayal of the Joker was just as unique and just as good as others before him. As an apparent tag line of ‘The Villians will Rise’ this season to me it seems like the show sure is knocking the baddies down fast.
    I kinda figured that since the actor was still on Shameless that he probably wouldn’t be on Gotham for very long. I think that they could have at least written him out with out actually killing him off. So for me it’s a shame that I got to see far less of his Joker this season than I would have liked.
    Also am I alone in thinking that as such a versatile actor as Donal Logue is, he is being really underutilized as Harvy Bullock on this show?

  34. Joe says:

    So season is titled “rise of the villains” yet they killed black mask in episode 1, joker in episode two, nygma has had 30 seconds of screen time, Catwoman 3 minutes and we are left with the boring billionaire villain, Barbara and tigress…nice to see Gotham went to the Heroes school of character development…

  35. Kingmose1 says:

    Whether he was actually the Joker or not, Jerome was the best villain on the show, along with Penguin. Major mistake losing that great performance so soon.

  36. JOE says:

    Stupid to kill off a brilliant actor who portrayed the Joker in his youth magnificently. Big shoes for “the real Joker” to follow. Ti will be very hard to accept. Good luck with that! :)

  37. He was the only interesting thing on this show wtf!!!!

  38. DA says:

    I couldn’t believe what happened last night! They committed television suicide and ticked off their fans. This actor did more just to the character than Jack Nicholson or Keith Ledger and they “poof” killed him off to progress another drawn out boring story line. The only way they can redeem the show at this point is to resurrect the character some how and bring him back with green hair and bleached skin. They may have lost me. I was losing interest and they drew me back in with the joker origin and then dashed my hopes that this show would finally become interesting.

    The writers response was to make the joker some kind of myth or legend. He eluded to him being a concept character, which from the ending it looks like that is the direction they are going. What they don’t realize is that joker is more popular than Batman. Why are you going to screw with something that works just the way it is. You take liberties with less popular characters to make them better not the other way around. Great, now the joker has been reduced to a bunch of boring copy cats and anyone can pick up the title and be a joker for a day. Yippee! Lame. Good luck finding another actor who can portray a better Joker than the one you killed off. Congratulations on ruining your show. Watch your ratings drop now.

    • Sam says:

      There better be a Court of Owls potion or lazarus pit in Jeromes future because no one is gonna top that actor or character. In the meantime I think I’ll stop watching.

  39. Elliott says:

    I was sad to see the death of Jerome. He really had the look of a young Jack Nicholson. Find a way to bring him back. I don’t care how cheesy it may be… Just bring him back to life!!!

  40. Rupid87 says:

    I do believe that he’s not dead. I mean…Joker isn’t supposed to be that old when Bruce is an adult. It’s just a matter of some years or so. I can’t see anyone else playing joker the way the guy who played Jerome did. Otherwise it would just be plain weird. Again, I think there’s more Jerome to come. I truly hope so!

  41. Jerome Valeski says:

    I don’t think Jerome is dead. I mean.. They don’t just cast a guy and have him play someone like the joker for a few episodes and then kill him and bring a copy cat. They cast people for a reason.

  42. Eric says:

    Just stopping by to thank whoever titled the article saying he dies. Was trying to search the episode up to watch it and was greeted with that. Thanks.

  43. Sam says:

    The shows producers have just ruined it for me. They had the perfect actor and character and they messed it up. I loved the fact that we knew his backstory but now the Joker is just gonna be another copycat. All so they could give us a lame twist.

  44. here is the thing guys!!! Real joker shoud not have an identity. in this case in gotham TV series he is Jerome valeska.everyone knows his origin details.

    in the real case we know penguin is Oswald Cobblepot,Riddler is Edward Nygma. But Joker, He has no origin details,any records from his real one knows him from his past .

    if Jerome or someone has to be joker he should be cleared from every existing records
    this is not the end,this is the beginning

  45. adam periandri says:

    If jerome is truly dead. Then gotham messed up really bad jerome was one of the best of the show. But i have a feeling that jerome is not dead that he will be back. And im hoping that jerome is still alive. If gotham wants to bring somebody else in to play the joker he better be just as good if not better then cameron……

  46. The thing is with my bother with this is that he embodied an awesome Joker to be and was Perfect his atributes the laugh, his dark insanity, his ambition to take the number one but still not being just a party crasher but expanding the chaos and show gotham what crime and chaos really means when given the chance and still this was handed Idiotic they had a trmenedous potential Joker to be in all forms in origins, a good start , and who knows to be a real joker in the movie he already won my vote in single episodes than the whole trailer with Leto ¬¬ , i do hope he was never dead and someone bring him back from the dead if he was ever dead , but still so soon to killed an awesome character!!!

  47. Bernard says:

    I really thought Jerome was the joker…that actor was perfect in all ways and the only real reason I continued watching the show

  48. Jason says:

    Barbara will probably die doing something heroic in the end. Otherwise Jim Gordon would not name his daughter Barbara

  49. David says:

    @DannyJCannon (Gotham’s director twitter)