The Strain Season 2 Finale Recap: Bidder Sweet Ending

Strain Finale Nora Dies

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from The Strain‘s Season 2 finale.

FX’s The Strain wrapped its sophomore run on Sunday with one big win for the good guys, offset by a tragic loss.

While Eichorst oversees the construction of his “sheep” processing plant in Throggs Neck, Eph, Nora and Zach say their goodbyes, snapping a pic with a none-too-smiley Setrakian before heading off for the train to Savannah/D.C. Setrakian and Fet then make tracks for the auctioning of the Occido Lumen, which the old man vows to claim one way or another: “We win it, we take it, or we die trying” — the last option of which Fet is none too fond!

Meanwhile, Quinlan addresses the small army that Gus assembled, swiftly dispatching with one non-believer before charging the others to be “warriors of the highest order” as they spill white blood. “Today, you will change the future!”

Shortly after Setrakian and Fet arrive at the church auction, which will be overseen by Alfonzo Creem, Eichorst arrives as Eldritch Palmer’s “emissary.” While the two parties’ gold-backed funds are verified, they trade taunts, as they do. “I assure you that our duel shall end in a transaction of silver,” Setrakian warns his longtime rival, who in turn reveals that The Master has a plan for the decades-long thorn in his side — to turn him versus kill him.

The bidding gets underway and rapidly escalates, to the point that an agog Alfonzo suggests they simple measure the gents’… Swiss bank balances, and award the book to the richest. Setrakian learns that the Ancients have backed him with $323 million in gold, but Eichorst is packing $351 mil — and thus claims victory. His claim to the Occido Lumen is, however, fleeting, when Edlritch rescinds his access to the Swiss account.

Setrakian basks in the “interesting” turn of fate, gloating that Palmer would prefer he walk away with the tome instead of The Master. “Enjoy this victory. Savor it,” Eichorst hisses. “I will see you soon.”

And indeed, he will. Because not long after Setrakian and Fet hop back in their truck and head for the docks, Eichorst and an army of strigoi blockade and attack the vehicle. Fet fends off the munchers OK enough, then gets unexpected back-up in the form of Quinlan’s army. Meanwhile, Quinlan himself faces off against The Master via Eichorst, though the latter winds up slipping away.

Setrakian and Fet themselves escape, through a trap door in the truck that feeds into the sewer, but Gus chases them down at the dock, followed by boss man Quinlan. “You did not come all this way,” Setrakian tells the half-breed, “to do the Ancients’ bidding.” He successfully argues that he should retain possession of the book, to draw out The Master for Quinlan to do with as he pleases.

Eichorst meanwhile confronts Palmer about cutting off his funding. Eldritch contends that his goons can snatch the book back from Setrakian in a jiffy — provided that he starts getting the respect he deserves from The Master. The Master immediately flits in to affirm that the terms of the arrangement remain unchanged, before sucking poor Coco dry with his proboscis, as Palmer weeps.

Coco would not be the only significant player to get bled in the finale, however. The train that Eph, Nora and Zach are on gets derailed by a throng of suicide strigoi. Nora and Zach make a run for it, while Eph gets slowed down by Feelers. Running down the tunnel, Nora and Zach come face to face with Kelly, who dodges every bullet but gets sliced up some by Nora’s sword. Nora goes in for the kill but Zach bleats, “Stop!” — affording Kelly the chance to gain the upper hand and chomp on Nora.

Zach for a moment draws a dagger on his mom, but reconsiders and hugs her instead. Mother and son then stroll away, hand in hand, when The Masters calls….

Eph arrives on the scene, “too late” as always, Nora notes, to realize what has transpired. He suggests that they can “manage” Nora’s turning, but she refuses to let The Master see/hear him through her eyes. And thus she touches her sword to the train tracks’ third rail, frying herself to a crisp.

As the finale draws to a close, Setrakian leafs through the Occido Lumen, warning Fet that it could take some time to find what they are looking for — the key to The Master’s demise. As he peruses the pages, Setrakian narrates the closing montage, which includes glimpses of shell-shocked Eph and distraught Eldritch.

Now in possession of the Lumen, “Why do I feel more trepidation than triumph?” the professor muses. Observing that humankind has always enjoyed a false sense of superiority over all else, he asks: “Will we perish in greed and selfishness, or overcome and survive?

“We have one last chance to win back our world,” he continues. “To defeat The Master, we must be as cold and savage as he is… without becoming monsters ourselves.”

What did you think of The Strain‘s Season 2 finale? And will you be tuning back in for the already-ordered Season 3?