Strain Finale Nora Dies

The Strain Season 2 Finale Recap: Bidder Sweet Ending

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from The Strain‘s Season 2 finale.

FX’s The Strain wrapped its sophomore run on Sunday with one big win for the good guys, offset by a tragic loss.

While Eichorst oversees the construction of his “sheep” processing plant in Throggs Neck, Eph, Nora and Zach say their goodbyes, snapping a pic with a none-too-smiley Setrakian before heading off for the train to Savannah/D.C. Setrakian and Fet then make tracks for the auctioning of the Occido Lumen, which the old man vows to claim one way or another: “We win it, we take it, or we die trying” — the last option of which Fet is none too fond!

Meanwhile, Quinlan addresses the small army that Gus assembled, swiftly dispatching with one non-believer before charging the others to be “warriors of the highest order” as they spill white blood. “Today, you will change the future!”

Shortly after Setrakian and Fet arrive at the church auction, which will be overseen by Alfonzo Creem, Eichorst arrives as Eldritch Palmer’s “emissary.” While the two parties’ gold-backed funds are verified, they trade taunts, as they do. “I assure you that our duel shall end in a transaction of silver,” Setrakian warns his longtime rival, who in turn reveals that The Master has a plan for the decades-long thorn in his side — to turn him versus kill him.

The bidding gets underway and rapidly escalates, to the point that an agog Alfonzo suggests they simple measure the gents’… Swiss bank balances, and award the book to the richest. Setrakian learns that the Ancients have backed him with $323 million in gold, but Eichorst is packing $351 mil — and thus claims victory. His claim to the Occido Lumen is, however, fleeting, when Edlritch rescinds his access to the Swiss account.

Setrakian basks in the “interesting” turn of fate, gloating that Palmer would prefer he walk away with the tome instead of The Master. “Enjoy this victory. Savor it,” Eichorst hisses. “I will see you soon.”

And indeed, he will. Because not long after Setrakian and Fet hop back in their truck and head for the docks, Eichorst and an army of strigoi blockade and attack the vehicle. Fet fends off the munchers OK enough, then gets unexpected back-up in the form of Quinlan’s army. Meanwhile, Quinlan himself faces off against The Master via Eichorst, though the latter winds up slipping away.

Setrakian and Fet themselves escape, through a trap door in the truck that feeds into the sewer, but Gus chases them down at the dock, followed by boss man Quinlan. “You did not come all this way,” Setrakian tells the half-breed, “to do the Ancients’ bidding.” He successfully argues that he should retain possession of the book, to draw out The Master for Quinlan to do with as he pleases.

Eichorst meanwhile confronts Palmer about cutting off his funding. Eldritch contends that his goons can snatch the book back from Setrakian in a jiffy — provided that he starts getting the respect he deserves from The Master. The Master immediately flits in to affirm that the terms of the arrangement remain unchanged, before sucking poor Coco dry with his proboscis, as Palmer weeps.

Coco would not be the only significant player to get bled in the finale, however. The train that Eph, Nora and Zach are on gets derailed by a throng of suicide strigoi. Nora and Zach make a run for it, while Eph gets slowed down by Feelers. Running down the tunnel, Nora and Zach come face to face with Kelly, who dodges every bullet but gets sliced up some by Nora’s sword. Nora goes in for the kill but Zach bleats, “Stop!” — affording Kelly the chance to gain the upper hand and chomp on Nora.

Zach for a moment draws a dagger on his mom, but reconsiders and hugs her instead. Mother and son then stroll away, hand in hand, when The Masters calls….

Eph arrives on the scene, “too late” as always, Nora notes, to realize what has transpired. He suggests that they can “manage” Nora’s turning, but she refuses to let The Master see/hear him through her eyes. And thus she touches her sword to the train tracks’ third rail, frying herself to a crisp.

As the finale draws to a close, Setrakian leafs through the Occido Lumen, warning Fet that it could take some time to find what they are looking for — the key to The Master’s demise. As he peruses the pages, Setrakian narrates the closing montage, which includes glimpses of shell-shocked Eph and distraught Eldritch.

Now in possession of the Lumen, “Why do I feel more trepidation than triumph?” the professor muses. Observing that humankind has always enjoyed a false sense of superiority over all else, he asks: “Will we perish in greed and selfishness, or overcome and survive?

“We have one last chance to win back our world,” he continues. “To defeat The Master, we must be as cold and savage as he is… without becoming monsters ourselves.”

What did you think of The Strain‘s Season 2 finale? And will you be tuning back in for the already-ordered Season 3?

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  1. Dan says:

    The guy sitting next to eph on the train; was that rudyard? wasn’t 100% sure

  2. Zachhater says:

    I absolutely hate Zach.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Pretty much, yep.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      My immediate reaction to Zach getting Nora killed was “That little a-hole!!!”, so yeah I hate him too.

    • Rolanda Lett says:

      I hate zach as well.

    • rinaex says:

      I’ve been wishing for his death all season, and refuse to feel guilty about it.

    • Tim says:

      me too, I was very sad it was Nora and not Zach that died

    • Tammy says:

      You aren’t really supposed to like Zach. In the books he is a little more likable at first, but once he is taken by his mom (he doesn’t just walk away with her in the books, she literally drags him and throws him to the master), he turns into a brainwashed asshole. The books explain it more, but the master is going to be trying to groom him for his next host body. So I think Del Toro made him unlikable quickly so we can get a sense of what he will be like under the master’s control.

    • A very annoying and disappointing character that needs to be written out ASAP (such a shame he didn’t go in Season 1). I spend enough time watching my own sulky, miserable teenager throwing tantrums – I don’t need to watch a fictional equivalent week after week on the tv.

  3. Michael says:

    to kill off Nora does not really make this The Strain anymore since she is the biggest character in the comics. This was a huge mistake.

  4. Matuse says:

    Zach story line has to go as does Zach and the undead mom. And what’s with getting rid of all the main female characters?

    • Ryan says:

      I know right, I was thinking the same thing. Even Dutch was almost killed off.

      • Trevor White says:

        I was so worried about losing Dutch! She is pretty much my girls doppelganger so I weirdly have some connection with her like I do my girl, so that whole episode I was on the edge of my seat! (and extremely pissed when she was forced to take her pants off) haha

    • Donald says:


    • Joey says:

      Nora didn’t even die in the books. Hell, she’s one of the few that make it to the end. It’s really stupid they killed her off. It was likely done just to make people who have only watched the show, along with those that read the books feel uncomfortable now, since anyone can die.

      Unfortunately, the Zach story line has to continue, since the Master wants him to grow into the perfect vessel for the Master to one day take over. So he’s here long term.

  5. thegiguru says:

    They have deviated a lot from the original books with the death of Nora, but that made Zack a lot less likable with him taking the choice to leave with his mom, which is also different than the books. I just want them to get closer to the last book where all the really messed up stuff is explained. They hinted at it with the contents of the book. I feel if they go with the original intended story season 3 will be one of the most interesting things to watch on TV if they do not drag it out how they have with the first two seasons.

  6. Donald says:

    I thought it was stupid that Nora, an experienced vampire slayer would stop on her final kill of Kelly just because that stupid brat said stop. If they wanted to kill her off they should have let her go out with honor instead of looking like a sentimental fool during an apocalypse.

    • Completely agree. Should’ve chopped Kelly’s head off without even hesitating. To die the way she did was just not right for her. She was too smart to go out like that.

    • Rolanda Lett says:

      I know. I was like just because zach a** yelled stop she should of not been thrown off of her focus and killed kelly. Now that’s who I wanted to die .

    • Trevor White says:

      I understand her smarts and how she wouldnt have stopped, however, i was noticing a mother like bond that Nora was developing with zach. I could see that because she developed that bond she would have the motherly instinct to stop whatever she is doin to aid in her “sons” distress yelling stop. I want the little kid to die as much as any of you… but thats how and why nora went out like she did

  7. Ashley says:

    Zach has to be the most insufferable kid character ever. Not a single redeeming quality or moment and it’s crap that Nora died for him

  8. AngelWasHere says:

    I might tune in next season to see how the Zach storyline turns out. I hope mom turns him.

  9. Robert says:

    Devistaed that Nora was killed off. Love the show but this may detour me from getting in to season 3.

    • Tammy says:

      I do not understand why they killed off Nora. She is one of the only main characters of the books that make it to the end. And her and Fet end up together. so either A – they are replacing Nora with Dutch and making Dutch the female that makes it or B – Nora somehow survives (maybe Eph was dreaming this or something, this is wishful thinking). I knew they ere going to deviate from the books, but this seems pretty far fetched from the book.

  10. Robert says:

    Should have killed off the kid

  11. WeDnorth says:

    in the book coco dies…ok…nora and fet hook up, as eph get ef but..this last episode nora dies…which does not amke any sense..i dont know what or where is this heading…i guest ill go back to TWD!! LOL

  12. John Jacob says:

    Actress that plays Nora is going to be on Scandal. She probably hated Zach so much, she quit!

  13. m3rcnate says:

    In the killing of Nora my interest in this show took a pretty big hit. This is the first time I have watched that actress but I am now a fan. The bald lead is good, the russian is cool, and the badass “half breed” is well…badass…but still, I don’t feel as deep in this world as I am say TWD. This show needs to take a HARD left turn and spend time explaining a lot of the mysteries and lore and backstory on the Master and Ancient ones and all that. Even then I don’t know how into the story I will be.
    However, it was a good finale. The kid actor is still THE WORST and if the show knows what is good for it, they will re-cast him. Come on, he is a generic white kid with brown hair, every single fan will thank the show for recasting him and will right away buy that the new actor is taking over as the son role.

  14. Lex says:

    The Zach character is the worst thing I have seen on TV in quite a while. Such a pain in the ass and actually physically painful to watch!!!!! So freakin’ bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst character and actor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Zach storyline doesn’t makes sense. Why does the Master insist on grooming this one particular annoying kid with no special abilities? Just to taunt Eph?

    Nora’s storyline in the books wasn’t that big of a deal. I did think they killed her off so book readers will tune in not knowing what is going to happen next.

    • Tammy says:

      If you read the books you will see that the reason the Master decides to take Zach for grooming is a number of things, Eph being one of them. No they did not kill Nora off in the book she makes It to the very end so it is very confusing as to why they would kill her off. Maybe to replace her with Dutch’s character and have Dutch be the one that makes it I don’t know, but I am pissed if they actually did kill her off. I mean her and Fet are supposed to end up together in the end. I am just hoping there may be some twist and at least they make Dutch a main character since that Nicky chick left. I actually love Dutch and Fet together. Guess there is nothing that can be done until next season and we will find out. Maybe Del Toro will let some hints out sooner or later.

  16. Harry allen says:

    I can’t believe you killed off Nora!

  17. Nicole says:

    Nora is alive. She advertly killed the worms with silver from her sword when it touch the electric line. The white residue that keeps other characters alive and healed coco is infused in nora and brings her back from her electricution. Heard it here first!

    Quinlan is the worst vampire hunter ever!!! Total rubbish writing for such a powerful character.

    Zach needs to go……but wont…..he will get rescued….after the master uses him to blackmail eph to bring him the lumen…..season 2 looks to suck….literally!

    • Danny says:

      Agreed and thats what i was thinking the worms are fried and nora will awake this was just a twist to see fans reaction

    • Michael says:

      I hope you are right. But do you got any proof for Nora being alive

    • Tim says:

      I hope you’re right! that’s a very cool idea, although I’m not sure the writers are smart enough to think that up. Mia had little screen time all season so maybe it’s best for the actress to find a better job?

    • Katnea says:

      I agree with you Nicole! I too actually had the same thoughts regarding Nora’s character as well. I also think that Zach, and his mother Kelly, may also be playing a pivotal role in the masters demise next season? If you think about Kelly’s character, she was put back into the motherhood role by caring for all the blind children. Next she was taught how to suppress her vampirism, so much so, that once again she was able to act human and able to communicate in English. And when Kelly spots Nora with her son at the train station, she growls at Kelly! The last scene shows the more humanized Kelly walking away with her son… as if content. And sure Kelly is being dictated to via ‘The Master’s’ will etc., but still, it’s almost as if the love she still possess for her son… could possibly triumph over the Masters will? (If even for a few fleeting seconds!) And btw, if I were Zack, I would be one pissed off kid towards ‘The Master’ taking my mother away!

      I also find it curious as to why so many people are down on Zach’s character? Heck, people are even down the actor playing Zach’s character?! Sure Zach’s character kept making wrong decisions along the way. But afteral folks, it is the shows writers that resulted in the type of character Zach was stuck playing…eh? And actually, I don’t find Zach’s character too far off base for what he’s endured. The kid has been traumatized, is still in denial about his mother, and no matter what… he still loves his mother. Period. Yup, I really do feel that something major is brewing with Zach, his mother, and ‘The Masters’ demise? I guess we will find out next season. ; )

  18. master p says:

    I think that Zach needs to be off the show he is the reason why Nora is dead

  19. DL says:

    Ugh, Nora was the only character I actually still liked on the show. I’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to keep watching next season.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I know right!!………..Well I’m going to watch S3 regardless but that little BASTARD Zach I hate that kid I hope he dies!!

  20. Grace says:

    I really enjoy this show but the end of the season took a really misogynistic bend that turned me off. First, Dutch gets tortured and nearly raped by Eichorst–probably one of the ugliest things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. And it never gets explained why Eichorst took her and not Eph (who is arguably the bigger threat to them and the supposed mortal enemy of the Master) other than to have a sick torture/near rape sequence. And then we have Eph, who cheated on Nora, which never really got addressed. Nora is hurt but remains devoted to him–only to die protecting his son. And Coco inexplicably pops up to fawn over Eichorst (a man at least twice her age) and then become a sort of Lady MacBeth whispering in his ear to get him to defy the Master. I saw her death coming a mile away. This show seriously hates women. I enjoyed the campy fun of it in season one but it really got ugly in season two towards the end.

  21. Rolanda Lett says:

    I love the strain both season one and two. I am just so upset/ sad that yall let Nora die dang. I’m looking forward to more seasons to come. The stain is the best vampire series ever and thanks.

  22. jiyo ree says:

    Just wanna ask Zach …. “Hey Zach, what kind of a nut are you?” …..

  23. Brian K Sanders says:

    Well it’s official Zack is the new Kim Bauer from 24 and Charlie Matheson from Revolution characters that does stupid things that get them into a bad situations. Last season started off weak and got better and this season started out good and got weak. The woman characters was very underwritten this season, Coco was wasted character seems like her only purpose was just to move Eldritch story forward, there was really no reason for her to be there

  24. datdudemurphy says:

    Zack being allowed to live and causing Nora’s death pretty much means I will not be watching next season.
    There are gonna have to be some incredibly glowing reviews to lure me back in.

  25. grys says:

    I know that the show has a 5-year plan but I get the feeling that the pieces are falling into place for a 3rd season series finish.

    1. Firstly, Setrakian now has the Lumen
    2. Eph now has another reason to kill everything strigoryi related
    3. The Kelly/Zach storyline seems to be resolving (please kill the child!)
    4. The “alliance” between Setrakian’s few (I missed Dutch this ep)
    5. Palmer’s realization that he’s nothing but a pawn

    Honestly I love the show but if it goes beyond the 3rd season it will feel like it’s being stretched very thin.

  26. Sue DeCarli says:

    Not happy about Nora 😢

  27. Conor says:

    Zach cemented his legacy as the worst character on television and Dutch disappeared. Talk about falling off a cliff.

  28. Derek says:

    Could Nora be really dead? She is just to important of a character to be killed off. Could her death right now be for shock value and next season find away to bring her back.

  29. what? says:

    How the hell you kill off your better characters in Nora?? Not sure how much faith i have in liking Eph anymore, that’s 3 women he has somehow messed over, in some way, form and fashion. And notice nora didn’t give him a chance to explain or express any last thoughts…even she was tired of it at this point smh. R.I.P. Nora

  30. Shady_Grady says:

    I thought the finale was slightly better than average but in general I’ve lost interest in the show.
    The black characters are all Sacrificial Negroes, thugs or corrupt and inept.

    And Zach is the worst written and worst acted kid character of all time. I was actually rooting against him.

  31. Malaspina says:

    Definitely sad to see Nora killed off.Zach has been annoying since the start.I think I will read the books over the winter.

  32. SONYA CLARK says:


  33. Dan says:

    The way the little twerp Zach caused Nora to pause which got her infected was crappy. As for the finale, kind of lame imho. The third rail being significant was telegraphed as Nora and the dim wit Zach were getting off the train.
    Not sure I’m coming back for season 3, what my problems with the show are: Zach, if Kelly turns him my sympathy for the master what a prize he’ll be getting;
    the Master couldn’t be more laughable, give him some professional make up and prosthetics please! Eichorst has a lot more presence and malevolence.
    Dutch, either A/C or D/C please choose one.
    Fet move on, forget Dutch find someone more worthy, case closed.
    Efh, he’s going to remain tortured, but he seems to accept it too easily. Though he might have to grow a set over the break.
    PS I hope Mia M. stays with Scandal as that is an adult show, complete with writing to match (good for her).

  34. Bill says:

    I tgoogled The Strain finale a couple hours after it aired and first thing that comes up is NORA DIES. Thanks for spoiling the season finale, was it really necessary to put that in the headline.

    • Zerb says:

      While I agree that headlines and things of that nature should be ambiguous rather than spoilerish, it’s also a poor decision on your part to have googled the show for any reason, knowing the risk.

  35. corry says:

    Season was even better luv it can’t wait for season 3

  36. miles ballew says:

    I hate the new kid…he’s the worst.Ive been screaming for them to drink this little s.o.b. since the recast. ….Nora was one of my reasons for watching she was my Darryl along with Mr, Fet.Gus is an exploited cholo acting steryotype with no likeability..I love the russian esque guy and Eph is ok as a leader if a little douchy but Setrakian is my all time fave.Dutch is so wishy washy I could care less .I hated the finale death to Zack!! let the Born kill them all!!!I could care less about these characters now that Nora is dead.

  37. mefista says:

    I’m so disappointed that authors changed the character of Coco in the last 2 episodes. I mean, she appeared as a kind, sweet, altruistic woman. And then SUDDENLY became a selfish villain. WHY?????? What the hell it was? How this behavior should comply with the previous series? No motivation was provide to turn the good girl into the egocentric bitch with lacking self-preservation. ALL the fans are wondering – are we missing something? And they are right. We all look like we missed something important and were not told something, or some explanatory episode was cut out. not an agent. not a reporter. not “an angel who returned me to the light and goodness” not even a truly tragic death. I feel sorry for the actress, she was doing a good job, it’s not her fault that her character was written awful.

  38. Brenton says:

    I can’t stand that kid Zach he’s literally killing the show for me.

  39. patrick says:

    I’m not alone in hating on Zach. Little f$$$$ needs a serious ass whuppin…Did not know this was based on a book series.

  40. Chan says:

    What is it with you writers always killing everyone. Do you really think life is like that – all doom? If so why would people even want to be alive. You are sick.

  41. Two shots of everything... says:

    Bad mistake to kill Nora off. Fix it before season three.

  42. Miles ballew says:

    The kid is the absolute worst recast bratty. Angst ridden bad acting.Nora kept a huge portion of mY interest and care about plotline and main characters. Also nice way to take a dump on the book. I loved this shows harshness and beginning .I won’t be watching the third season unless they stop making redundant editing for the television sheeple that didn’t read the books.

  43. Trevor White says:

    I absolutely love the show, I haven’t read any of the books, yet, so the deviation from the story line in the books and the show don’t bother me as much as it does others. I have a weird connection with dutch because she is my girls doppelganger… both looks and attitude, so I am praying she makes it to the end! zach is unbearable but im guessing thats the way it is supposed to be. I am sad to know only 30 episodes remain but excited to see how it plays out! kill the kid and let Dutch live! all im saying!

  44. Carol says:

    I would like to see more action in season 3. Less of the Professor n more focused on Quinlin n his chain gang. Quinlin is an interesting character n brings more excitement to the show than most of the characters.

  45. Duh says:

    I came here for a recap, so I personally don’t care, but its stupid to warn us of spoilers after posting one right in the name of the article.

  46. How can i download season2&3 of the strain in which wap series can i get the episode #1 fa in south africa.

  47. Julie says:

    You guys blew it big time killing off the character of Nora! The loss of the actress and character makes me not want to watch. Without Nora to balance Eph it lessens his character!