Fear TWD Finale Recap: Bedlam, Bloodbath and Beyond

Fear TWD Finale

After learning from last week’s Fear the Walking Dead that the soldiers had orders to “mercifully terminate” the civilians they were protecting, we knew that this week’s first season finale wouldn’t be pretty. But just how ugly did it get? Read on…

HIT THE ROAD | As “The Good Man” began, Travis and Maddie were packing furiously to get the hell out of Dodge. “We’re driving East,” Maddie told Chris and Alicia. As for Corporal Andy, since he had “given us all he can,” Daniel might have snuffed him out, had Travis not intervened and the soldier not promised to help get them into Exner’s compound to retrieve Griselda (RIP) and Nick. Ofelia was willing to leave with the group, but make no mistake, she was still pissed about not only what her father did to Andy but what he did in El Salvador as well. “You lied to me,” she marveled, “my whole life.” Before the gang took off, Andy — having read the writing on the wall — took advantage of a private moment with Travis to plead for his life. And good for him — he picked the right softie to turn to, because Travis did indeed release him.

TAKE YOUR PICK | Meanwhile, as Exner packed up the medical facility for transfer to Edwards Air Force Base, Liza tried — and failed — to convince the doctor to take not just herself and Chris but the whole gang at Travis and Maddie’s. “What is family now?” Exner asked (more like “challenged” than “asked,” really). “Be brutal.” Between a rock and a hard place, Liza requested that at least Travis be allowed to go with her and Chris. When Travis, Maddie and Co. arrived at the compound shortly thereafter, Daniel introduced the guards to that arena full of walkers that he’d released. (No more complaints about there not being enough zombies on this show, then, eh?) When all hell started breaking loose, Nick and Strand made their move and busted out of their cell.

UP A CREEK | Though Nick and Strand were no longer locked up, how they were going to get out of the facility alive was another question altogether. (Not such a big question, mind you, that Strand — total badass that he is — didn’t stop to retrieve his diamond cufflinks from the dying soldier to whom he’d given them in exchange for Nick.) When at last Maddie and Travis found Nick, he and Strand were trapped on the other side of a locked door with walkers approaching fast. It looked grim… until, out of nowhere, there was Liza with her keycard saving the day! As soon as they all caught their breath, Daniel and Ofelia wanted to know where Griselda was, and Liza was faced with the thankless task of letting them know that she had passed away.

DO OR DIE | Beating a hasty retreat, the group encountered Exner, who suggested a safe way out for them. “But there’s nowhere to go,” the doctor said (and it sure looked like she was about to commit suicide, no?). Though Maddie still wanted to head East, Strand wanted to go West, where he had a home. “I’m prepared,” he said. But none of them were prepared for what they found when they got to the parking lot where Travis and Maddie had left Chris and Alicia with the SUV. Not only had the kids lost the vehicle to soldiers who wanted it for transport, but there was Andy, gun in hand, ready to take revenge on Daniel. Only the soldier didn’t shoot his torturer, he shot Ofelia! In the aftermath, Travis charged Andy and beat him to within an inch of his life.

HOME, BITTERSWEET HOME | As the episode neared its conclusion, the survivors drove through the ruins of L.A., ultimately arriving at Strand’s ultra-swank pad overlooking the ocean. (Did you expect any less from Mr. Cool?) Nick confided in Maddie that the uncertainty she — everyone, really — now felt was ironically how he’d long felt as a junkie. The morning after, Liza assured Daniel that Ofelia could survive her gunshot. Strand informed Nick that his plan was to stay in constant motion — by floating away on his yacht, Abigail. And after revealing to Maddie that she’d been infected, Liza asked her — using Maddie’s own words — to shoot her. “We can treat it,” Travis insisted. If only. “Tell Chris I did it,” Liza said. And, once she’d obtained Travis’ promise to protect their son, her ex put a bullet in her head.

So, what did you think of the finale — and the season? Will you be looking forward to Season 2? Hit the comments!