Fear TWD Finale

Fear TWD Finale Recap: Bedlam, Bloodbath and Beyond

After learning from last week’s Fear the Walking Dead that the soldiers had orders to “mercifully terminate” the civilians they were protecting, we knew that this week’s first season finale wouldn’t be pretty. But just how ugly did it get? Read on…

HIT THE ROAD | As “The Good Man” began, Travis and Maddie were packing furiously to get the hell out of Dodge. “We’re driving East,” Maddie told Chris and Alicia. As for Corporal Andy, since he had “given us all he can,” Daniel might have snuffed him out, had Travis not intervened and the soldier not promised to help get them into Exner’s compound to retrieve Griselda (RIP) and Nick. Ofelia was willing to leave with the group, but make no mistake, she was still pissed about not only what her father did to Andy but what he did in El Salvador as well. “You lied to me,” she marveled, “my whole life.” Before the gang took off, Andy — having read the writing on the wall — took advantage of a private moment with Travis to plead for his life. And good for him — he picked the right softie to turn to, because Travis did indeed release him.

TAKE YOUR PICK | Meanwhile, as Exner packed up the medical facility for transfer to Edwards Air Force Base, Liza tried — and failed — to convince the doctor to take not just herself and Chris but the whole gang at Travis and Maddie’s. “What is family now?” Exner asked (more like “challenged” than “asked,” really). “Be brutal.” Between a rock and a hard place, Liza requested that at least Travis be allowed to go with her and Chris. When Travis, Maddie and Co. arrived at the compound shortly thereafter, Daniel introduced the guards to that arena full of walkers that he’d released. (No more complaints about there not being enough zombies on this show, then, eh?) When all hell started breaking loose, Nick and Strand made their move and busted out of their cell.

UP A CREEK | Though Nick and Strand were no longer locked up, how they were going to get out of the facility alive was another question altogether. (Not such a big question, mind you, that Strand — total badass that he is — didn’t stop to retrieve his diamond cufflinks from the dying soldier to whom he’d given them in exchange for Nick.) When at last Maddie and Travis found Nick, he and Strand were trapped on the other side of a locked door with walkers approaching fast. It looked grim… until, out of nowhere, there was Liza with her keycard saving the day! As soon as they all caught their breath, Daniel and Ofelia wanted to know where Griselda was, and Liza was faced with the thankless task of letting them know that she had passed away.

DO OR DIE | Beating a hasty retreat, the group encountered Exner, who suggested a safe way out for them. “But there’s nowhere to go,” the doctor said (and it sure looked like she was about to commit suicide, no?). Though Maddie still wanted to head East, Strand wanted to go West, where he had a home. “I’m prepared,” he said. But none of them were prepared for what they found when they got to the parking lot where Travis and Maddie had left Chris and Alicia with the SUV. Not only had the kids lost the vehicle to soldiers who wanted it for transport, but there was Andy, gun in hand, ready to take revenge on Daniel. Only the soldier didn’t shoot his torturer, he shot Ofelia! In the aftermath, Travis charged Andy and beat him to within an inch of his life.

HOME, BITTERSWEET HOME | As the episode neared its conclusion, the survivors drove through the ruins of L.A., ultimately arriving at Strand’s ultra-swank pad overlooking the ocean. (Did you expect any less from Mr. Cool?) Nick confided in Maddie that the uncertainty she — everyone, really — now felt was ironically how he’d long felt as a junkie. The morning after, Liza assured Daniel that Ofelia could survive her gunshot. Strand informed Nick that his plan was to stay in constant motion — by floating away on his yacht, Abigail. And after revealing to Maddie that she’d been infected, Liza asked her — using Maddie’s own words — to shoot her. “We can treat it,” Travis insisted. If only. “Tell Chris I did it,” Liza said. And, once she’d obtained Travis’ promise to protect their son, her ex put a bullet in her head.

So, what did you think of the finale — and the season? Will you be looking forward to Season 2? Hit the comments!

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  1. Rachel says:

    The finale finally got things progressively going in the right direction, but the webisodes for the flight are ridiculous. They’re barely a minute and a half long. By the time next week rolls on you’ll forgotten what the last week was. Dragging it out for 16 weeks is again just ridiculous.

  2. JP says:

    Well that slow build paid off. Wasn’t expecting Liza to die but you knew one of them would. Would be intrigued to see a season at sea and pulling into random ports. Solid debut season

    • Ron says:

      Lol it was an esay call.on the previews u see madison being attacked and liza.also. i told my friend one of these two was bitten.

    • Big Mike says:

      My problem is this. We were sold on a show that would “show the downfall of society/LA”. We got a small taste of that with the riot scene, then next thing you know we’ve skipped ahead 9 days. THOSE 9 DAYS ARE WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!! Now it’s essentially no different that TWD. Group of survivors, roaming looking for safety AFTER society has fallen.


      • abby says:

        yes, exactly! I was most interested in seeing how it all collapsed – and we barely saw any of that. super disappointed too.

  3. Will says:

    Alright…good finale. Now I’m sucked in for Season 2. California coast scenery is stunning.

  4. Jen says:

    Where did they get the SUV from? Daniel and his family came to Madison’s house in the back of Travis’ truck, so where did they get the 3rd car? Sorry but little things like that bug me!

    • D. says:

      That’s probably the car used by the soldier to go after them. And there were other cars, i don’t think Salazar, Nick or Strand would have had a problem starting one of them.

  5. Carlos Lee says:

    Story is decent. I do not care for much of the characters. I still unsure if I will watch Season 2.

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    Hmm… the season finale made up for the boringness, but I need to watch the last fews mins to confirm this. I missed them watching the Strain. Anyway I don’t know if I’ll be watching next season. I never got fully invested in the characters or the plot.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Definitely looking forward to season 2!
    At the end of the finale, did anyone else catch the ocean being colored slightly different? Once the camera stretches across the ocean, it turns a slightly black & orange in certain areas.
    I wonder if it might lead to the water being infected in season 2 when they aboard Abigail?

  8. AngelWasHere says:

    Ok the season finale was probably the best episode of the season. The ending was really good. I might tune in next season. At least peek at it.

  9. Kyle says:

    I do not get what everyone loved about this episode. Still nothing about how the world was falling or even the state of the outside world was revealed (it can’t completely be gone as the National Guard wouldn’t just be operating in a vacuum and Edwards Air Force Base was still operating), the soldiers acted incredibly stupid in trying to fight the walkers (firing full-auto with no head shots), and the group basically got everyone on the compound killed just to save a few of their own.

    • Zerb says:

      “Still nothing about how the world was falling or even the state of the outside world was revealed”

      in other words, the only way to satisfy you is if we are told everything as quickly as possible.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Some people need need Ritalin and don’t even know realize it. Kyle would appear to be one of those people.

      • Kyle says:

        The show was supposed to show how the breakdown occurred, then move into the post-apocalyptic world. Instead, we really weren’t shown anything, and now are in the post-apocalyptic world.

        Unless next season shows the collapse occurring still (everything can’t have collapsed yet as the military is still functioning), but I have a feeling that the show isn’t going to do that, that we will go straight into post-collapse.

        Also no curiosity on the part of the characters about the outside world weither. No one asks about is it like this throughout the whole country or are there cities operating or what?Is the government stil keep functioning or not?

    • Carlos Lee says:

      I agree. The Ruben Blades character led to most of the compound being killed and the military was not able to spot to the group in the compound? That is pretty hard to believe.

  10. Red Snapper says:

    I thought the finale was pretty good and the season overall was just okay. Probably the best episode of the season. It got me more interested in the characters. I figured someone would die in but I’m sad to see Liza go. I find Strand to be an interesting and shady character. I would like to learn more about him. I’ll be back for season 2.

  11. peterwdawson says:

    Figures. You couldn’t kill off Salazar’s daughter just when he found out his wife died, and you couldn’t break up the core family of four just yet, and Liza had nothing without Chris so it was really the most logical death.

  12. Sarah_ says:

    It was for me the best episode of all the season and I just love Strand :)
    I’m sorry to see Liza die but her development as a character wasn’t very good and for me she was the weak link.

  13. Liza says:

    I really liked this episode, but it was crazy selfish of the core group to release 2000 walkers and cause the deaths of so many soldiers, patients, and detainees at the compound just to save their couple family members.

    • Kleon says:

      Although selfish, not unrealistic as many would probably risk everybody to save their family…I would.

    • G says:

      Not so unrealistic or bad when you consider that they found out that the soldiers were planning to terminate all of them the next day. When it comes down to kill or be killed, most people will choose the kill option. It would have been similar to what they did to Atlanta on TWD, the military bombed it after a time trying to control the spread of the disease.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Selfish? They were told that the soldiers had been ordered to exterminate the survivors before evacuating. Even before that the soldiers treated them a bit like prisoners. I’m not saying that’s a reason to put them in harms way, but the soldiers did a lot to create animosity.

  14. Joey Padron says:

    Good season finale. Sad about Liza. Good view at the end they shot. Can’t wait for season 2!

  15. Ron says:

    How do u know travis shot liza?they didnot show it. For all we know he couldnt do it and maddie did it

  16. Gerald says:

    OMG I was so frustrated with that family. Lets unleash 2000 Zombies so we can MAYBE create a big enough distraction at the base where they are holding 2 of our family members, and MAYBE we will get in and out without getting attacked ourselves. SO STUPID, makes me hate the whole lot of them. How many countless deaths did those zombies cause. And when he had to shoot his ex wife the music was all sentimental, but honestly I didn’t care.
    I’d be okay if it doesn’t come back for future seasons.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking while I was watching it. But after I’ve thought more about it, I think it’s only a really valid argument that they unleashed it on the patients and the quarantined – who, it could be argued, were already on borrowed time. The military deserted all those communities. They caged them in, and then when it got too hard, they peaced out. So I kinda have this feeling of “they got what they deserved.”

    • Brigid says:

      The military didn’t care about anyone and were planning on killing the people in the caged community. The way they came in and took Nick and Griselda, they totally got some Karma thrown back at them.

    • Luli says:

      The song was used on chuck!!! 3×13, great episode. Also the beginning of the Charah relationship for real.

  17. Brigid says:

    I’ll be back next season for sure. I though Fear was a well crafted character study and I care about this family. Really good show!!!

  18. Liz985 says:

    I think the show could have done a lot more with the rising panic and chaos that would have engulfed a city like Los Angeles at the start of the outbreak. Scenes in hospitals as whatever this is starts to spread. I could envision absolute panic and disbelief when patients die only to come back to life. Family and staff fleeing (hinted at TWD during the first season with the nursing home being abandoned). Would have made for some great scenes. Panic on social media. They hinted at this a bit, but they shut down the grid far too fast (faster than what would really occur?) cutting off a really interesting avenue of storytelling. There was so much they could have mined in order to really build the tension and created a world much more engulfed in havoc than a small Georgia town. Essentially, what happened in Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc. from patient zero to the day that Rick Grimes woke up in a hospital? It feels like they are now where TWD was at the start of that show – families on the run, looking for sanctuary, banding together. There just seems to have been a crucial step leap-frogged over that would have truly set it apart from TWD 1.0.

  19. Red Raleigh says:

    Terrible acting. Characters we don’t care about. Awful plotline. Looks so tired next to TWD. Why was this show even created if not crassly to cash in on TWD’s fame? It makes no sense. It would have been so great if they took the first 6 episodes of Season 6 of TWD and gone back to Ricks’ coma months to show us exactly what caused the outbreak and how it unfolded using the characters we all know and love. Fans want to know this! Then we could seamlessly pop back into “real” time and continue on wwith a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the situation. But nooooo..What do we have to do to? Wait until the 4th spinoff to find out what caused the zombiepocolypse?

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    What a horrible ordeal to go through. And I’m not talking about what the characters went through, I’m talking about watching the show. I’m so relieved it’s over. I try to give a show an entire season before I make judgments, because some of my favorite shows have had bad starts. But this was just bad start to finish. A major chore to watch, and I never looked forward to the episodes. Never have I rooted so strongly for an entire cast to be killed off. The writers had to really work their asses off to make me dislike even Kim Dickens. Because I basically think she’s perfect in everything. Until now. Fear the Walking Dead has ruined Kim Dickens for me. Thank god the real thing is coming back (next week?). I won’t be back for season 2 of this crapfest.

  21. jd prague says:

    This show really sucks. They finally have an episode with zombies in it but then make all the action scenes vomit inducing with the crazy “shaky cam”. Is anybody else fed up with this supposed “technique” that virtually every tv show and movie uses these days?