Dr. Ken: Is ABC's New Comedy Worthy Of a Follow-Up Appointment?

Dr. Ken (Community‘s Ken Jeong) is the latest in a long line of TV doctors whose bedside manner could use a little work.

In ABC’s latest attempt to give Last Man Standing a timeslot buddy, Ken Park is portrayed as a horny husband, an overprotective father for all of the wrong reasons, and a doctor who thinks all of his patients are “whiny, complainy bitches.”

With that last bit in mind, it should come as no surprise that in Friday’s premiere, the titular doc comes to face a potential malpractice lawsuit after mocking a patient (Stephen Tobolowsky, The Mindy Project) for self-diagnosing a hemorrhoid. As it turns out, the hemorrhoid is actually a malignant polyp, which apparently wouldn’t have been caught had Ken not been such a terrible doctor who chased his patient out of the office, so… yay?

On the home front, Ken and his wife Allison (Suzy Nakamura, Go On) have two kids: Straight-laced teenager Molly (Krista Marie Yu) and the not-so-easily-embarrassed Dave (Albert Tsai, Trophy Wife). After talking to his son about the teasing he’ll face for miming to Katy Perry’s “Roar” at a school talent show, he moves on to policing the newly-licensed Molly, who asks to borrow his convertible to study at a friend’s house.

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Though he eventually lets his guard down and agrees to let his daughter take the car, it isn’t long before co-worker Damona (Tisha Campbell-Martin, My Wife and Kids) convinces Ken to download an app called “Daughter Tracker” (how convenient!) to confirm Molly’s locale. Of course, it wouldn’t be funny if her phone was actually traced to her friend’s house, so the app tells Ken that she’s at a downtown rave, because sitcom. It’s there that the loudmouthed physician gets himself arrested after inadvertently asking an undercover cop at the drug-infused party where he can find Molly. (Again, because sitcom.) It later becomes known that his daughter never made it to the rave, but her jacket and cell phone did, courtesy of her coat-stealing study buddy.

While we can’t exactly praise Dr. Ken, the supporting cast — which also features Better Off Ted‘s Jonathan Slavin and NewsRadio alumni Dave Foley — is impressive, which should entice some viewers to give the comedy another chance. Of course, we can’t speak for all of you, so… What did you make of the Ken Jeong showcase? Grade the premiere in our poll, then sound off in the comments!