Dr. Ken: Is ABC's New Comedy Worthy Of a Follow-Up Appointment?

Dr. Ken (Community‘s Ken Jeong) is the latest in a long line of TV doctors whose bedside manner could use a little work.

In ABC’s latest attempt to give Last Man Standing a timeslot buddy, Ken Park is portrayed as a horny husband, an overprotective father for all of the wrong reasons, and a doctor who thinks all of his patients are “whiny, complainy bitches.”

With that last bit in mind, it should come as no surprise that in Friday’s premiere, the titular doc comes to face a potential malpractice lawsuit after mocking a patient (Stephen Tobolowsky, The Mindy Project) for self-diagnosing a hemorrhoid. As it turns out, the hemorrhoid is actually a malignant polyp, which apparently wouldn’t have been caught had Ken not been such a terrible doctor who chased his patient out of the office, so… yay?

On the home front, Ken and his wife Allison (Suzy Nakamura, Go On) have two kids: Straight-laced teenager Molly (Krista Marie Yu) and the not-so-easily-embarrassed Dave (Albert Tsai, Trophy Wife). After talking to his son about the teasing he’ll face for miming to Katy Perry’s “Roar” at a school talent show, he moves on to policing the newly-licensed Molly, who asks to borrow his convertible to study at a friend’s house.

Though he eventually lets his guard down and agrees to let his daughter take the car, it isn’t long before co-worker Damona (Tisha Campbell-Martin, My Wife and Kids) convinces Ken to download an app called “Daughter Tracker” (how convenient!) to confirm Molly’s locale. Of course, it wouldn’t be funny if her phone was actually traced to her friend’s house, so the app tells Ken that she’s at a downtown rave, because sitcom. It’s there that the loudmouthed physician gets himself arrested after inadvertently asking an undercover cop at the drug-infused party where he can find Molly. (Again, because sitcom.) It later becomes known that his daughter never made it to the rave, but her jacket and cell phone did, courtesy of her coat-stealing study buddy.

While we can’t exactly praise Dr. Ken, the supporting cast — which also features Better Off Ted‘s Jonathan Slavin and NewsRadio alumni Dave Foley — is impressive, which should entice some viewers to give the comedy another chance. Of course, we can’t speak for all of you, so… What did you make of the Ken Jeong showcase? Grade the premiere in our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give Dr. Ken an F. Ken Jeong will always be Senor Chang on Community but his new ABC sitcom is 100% horrible. Wish Albert Tsai should head off on another ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and he’s going to be a great addition to the cast alongside Constance Wu and Randall Park.

    • Leo says:

      He did. He guest star on two episodes last season. Wish they can snag him permanently though.

      • Mike M says:

        Agreed, he was much better on FOTB or even Trophy Wife. Jonathan Slavin was crazy good on Better Off Ted and was almost totally unused on the pilot, and when he was was awful. The list of actors is pretty damned good, they can all act and most have been incredibly funny on other shows. This has to be the worst written and worst directed “comedy” I have seen in many seasons. It was never a good sign that it went straight to Friday night. It won’t be there long.

    • Ashleigh says:

      He did a guest shot, but those boys are fine as they are.

  2. Maria says:

    Figured we’d try it after Last Man Standing. Absolutely unwatchable. Turned it off after two minutes.

  3. Chloe says:

    first cancellation of the season

  4. Chloe says:


  5. Hipper says:

    i wanted this to succeed… but man, it’s rough.

  6. Reba42 says:

    It wasn’t that bad. They can’t find anything to follow LMS, so why not let the season play out? We don’t need Shark Tank repeats taking up more space.

  7. Oh my god! That show was so horrible! How could they possibly have filmed this, watched it, edited it and watched it again and said this was good enough to be on television?

  8. c-mo says:

    As long as I didn’t watch it was less cringe-worthy. Ken Jeong is just way too slapstick-y to play the lead. Maybe if someone tied his hands and arms down, it might help but with them flailing about, it was just way to distracting. I’ll say it again, we don’t have to see too many of those floating glove ads feeling up everyone on screen for too long because this is going to be an early cancellation. Bet ABC wishes they didn’t cancel Cristela now…

  9. Rusty B. says:

    The quality of ABC shows keep getting worse. It’s as if they are trying to entertain the lowest common denominator. I miss the ABC of the ’80s &’ 90s.

    • c-mo says:

      Just wait, at the rate they’re rebooting old series, they’ll all be back…

    • Ram510 says:

      Actually ABC has done a awesome job with its other 6 returning comedies, but this was a dud. They should just put Last Man Standing back on Tuesdays once The Muppets is done

    • Chris says:

      The Middle? The Goldbergs?

      Ironic that you want 80s/90s ABC comedies back; most of them were super cheesy.

  10. Wendy says:

    It was horrible and unfunny. I smell a one season wonder like Cristela and Malibu Country.


    This will not be around by midseason. Bye Felicia!

  12. Ram510 says:

    This made me really miss Cristela (which should’ve been renewed). It had a great cast, I liked a lot of the actors but the show wasn’t good and j felt bad they all had to be stuck on this show. It would’ve been better if it wasn’t a contrived and stuck trying to be a family comedy, it just doesn’t allow Ken to be Ken. The show should’ve be a single cam comedy and a little more daring and adult. Nice try, but just bring back Cristela

  13. Marie says:

    Sigh, now I REALLY miss ‘Cristela’ & ‘The Neighbors’!

  14. Farheezy says:

    Everyone’s being a TV snob about this show. The pilot really made me laugh, and felt old school in a good way. Pilots are rarely good, but this was entertaining. I’m easily in for a second episode.

  15. rowan77 says:

    Wow, this was TERRIBLE. Ken Jeong’s brand of crazy is great in small doses – but 20 minutes of it in a row is just a bad idea. The writing is contrived and really unfunny. How did this get picked up?

  16. Erika says:

    Sadly,I think TGIF shows at ABC are dead.TGIF shows in the 80’s and 90’s are very good than today TGIF shows at ABC.BTW this show will be canceled because of…well,LMS.

  17. blah says:

    I liked it. The Family stuff is much stronger then the workplace stuff.
    It has a very 8 Simple Rules vibe.

    The workplace stuff seems very becker, and is less good

  18. bg says:

    Not a good show. IMO

  19. Lizo says:

    Ken deserves a better show than this. He’s a funny, charismatic guy and this show is just offensive

  20. Kim R says:

    I really like Ken & the supporting cast. I would say a tweaking of the writing would help and maybe a titch overacting by Ken might be looking into? I think there is potential here for sure.

  21. Allison says:

    I love Ken Jeong so much! He is absolutely hilarious so I have definitely booked a followup appointment!

  22. Kris says:


    • misery chick says:

      As much as I love Ken Jeong, I couldn’t stop thinking about where Cristela would be in its second season. Sad.

  23. Josh Emerson says:

    I miss Cristela. It was such a good show! It had the whole ‘comfort sitcom/family’ feel to it but was still really funny.

  24. Bob says:

    In the show there was a living room scene where the two dr’s were discussing their daughter driving I was offended when Allison referred to her patients as NUT JOBS…not funny at all

  25. Will Cariño (@wcarino03) says:

    Lasted 5 minutes and deleted it from my DVR. BAD BAD BAD

  26. Jane Branch says:

    We turned this show off after 5 minutes. The language and vulgarity displayed from the outset was not even near funny. Shame on the network for even bringing this show to air. I pity the young children exposed to this kind of language in the 8:30 hour. ABC must be desperate to even think that this falls into the category of comedy or entertainment.

  27. Brooke says:

    Every new comedy needs it’s tweeks, give it a chance!!!!!

  28. Jasper Lucas says:

    I thought the premier of “Dr. Ken” was decent. Ken Jeong was HILARIOUS! I understand he REALLY WAS a physician – can you imagine HIM being your doctor?! I thought the actress who played his daughter was pretty good, &Tisha Campbell-Martin was funny. However, I thought the actress who played his wife was a bit miscast.

  29. blonde21212 says:

    I was going to check this out but after the comments I wont be

  30. Faye says:

    I give it a “C” . I will give it a few weeks and check out a future episode. It’s too forced and predictable at the moment.

  31. Ashleigh says:

    Did anyone but me notice that Dr. Ken and the episode of Last Man Standing before it had the same plot (The dad putting a GPS on his child, leading to mix-ups and hijinks)? Nothing new under the sun, I guess.

  32. Sue says:

    Show might be good if you the dr was not so goofy. He comes off as to stupid, fix him and maybe the show could have a chance.

  33. Birdie Skolfield says:

    why was last man standing & dr Ken the same topic protecting your kid with a GPS ? babck to back shows the same seemed weird to me

  34. Sheldon W. says:

    This show has one joke – he’s a mean doctor. That’s it. Nothing anyone else on the show can do will save it.

  35. ncmacasl says:


  36. Luis says:

    I didn’t think it was as bad as the rest of the comments here, but I still carry a torch for “Cristela”

  37. Stephen says:

    Sorry I can’t stand this guy he so freaking Boring he’s totally just not funny at all. Everything he does every show he appears on he kills everything. When I know he’s appearing on a certain show I turn it away I refuse to watch a total Idiot of an Asshole. I love comedies I love laughing when it’s funny but he turns me off nothing he does is funny at all. There are others that feel the same it’s not just me. To tell you the truth he Sucks as a Comedien