Scandal Recap: Say 'Yes' to the Mess

Scandal Recap

Through four-plus wild and wacky, red wine-soaked seasons of Scandal, Olivia and Fitz have somehow managed to keep their on-again, off-again love affair (mostly) tucked away from the public. But after last week’s spine-tingling ender – Olitz dramatically outed (naughty pics and all!) by the self-righteous Sally Langston on her TV show – the ABC juggernaut has deliciously moved into uncharted territory. Let’s recap how it all played out this week:

HIDE AND SEEK | Is it any real surprise that just as things start percolating in D.C., Olivia immediately makes a mad dash for the exit (or should I say tunnel), barking out marching orders to poor Fitz (“Don’t call me again! Wait for me, I’ll call you.”) as she scurries out of town? When Olitz heats up, Olivia reacts by doing what she does best: Get back to work.

CASE CLOSED | The ho-hum case of the week involves a wealthy mega-developer and real estate tycoon who has apparently been murdered by his son Gavin, who’s gone missing. Cue Olivia, who goes on the hunt to track him down. “Disguised” in only a hat, Olivia locates Gavin, who totally denies his guilt, blaming his stepmother, who he says was having an affair. Turns out, Gavin was getting cut out of his dad’s will, and was forging checks in daddy’s name. Dude, you’re so busted! Big Question: Did the sight of Olivia and Jake spooning while hiding out in the seedy hotel, baring their souls to each other, raise anyone’s alarm bells?

SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD | It doesn’t take long for Mellie to show up at the White House looking for an apology from Fitz. After a diss aimed at Olivia — “She’s not just a mistress now, she’s America’s mistress” — Mellie offers to fix the whole mess by denying Sally’s story and affirming the health of their marriage. Fitz is having none of it though and orders her to leave.

CHILD’S PLAY | Meanwhile, Abby and Elizabeth want to nip the Olitz outing in the bud, and get Fitz to make a statement to the press, sans the missing Olivia. No go, ladies! Once again, Abby is thrown to the press-room wolves, prompting Cyrus (we all knew Cyrus couldn’t resist getting his fingers into this mess, right?) to offer this advice on handling Fitz: “Be the adult, he’ll become the child. That’s the secret of the Oval Office.” Emboldened, Abby enraged Fitz (and Elizabeth) by telling the press Mellie still resides in the White House. Later, we find out what we already knew: Cyrus is tutoring Abby to destroy Elizabeth and Mellie.

ABBY MAKES HER MOVE | With photos of Jake and Olivia hitting the news (terrible disguise, that hat), Abby goes in for the kill, telling Fitz that Olivia can’t handle the scrutiny of their relationship. That prompts Fitz to say the magic words, “I apologize” and ask Mellie to come home. Meanwhile, Abby confronts Elizabeth, who fesses up to being the culprit who leaded the photos. “What’s your move, am I your bitch now?” she asks. But Abby says she just wanted respect, and equality. Way to take the high-road, girl!

IN CONCLUSION | Huck and Quinn admit they’re both damaged during a tender heart-to-heart and fence-mending. Meanwhile, Fitz finally calls Olivia and tells her he’s going to deny Sally’s story and bring Mellie back to the White House. “I’m not going to let you throw your whole life away for me,” he says. “I love you too much for that.” Olivia tearfully hangs up and it looks like we’re right back to where we started with Olitz. But back in D.C., Olivia gets mobbed by the media, who ask her point-blank if she’s the president’s mistress. She pauses, before delivering the game-changing answer: “Yes.”

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