Heroes Reborn Episode 3

Heroes Reborn Recap: E.P.I.C. Fail

Thursday’s episode of Heroes Reborn can best be summed up by Ghost‘s Oda Mae Brown: “Molly, you in danger, girl.”

Even though the hour was certainly harrowing for Miko, Tommy and the rest of the Evos, none of them were kidnapped, tranquilized on a flight to Colorado or had wires inserted into their skull so that a corrupt corporation could use their powers for evil. So, yeah, Molly Walker wins this round.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s break down the details of “Under the Mask”:

DANCIN’ WITH MOLLY | Now that their car and most of their resources have been stolen by Luke and Joanne, Noah and Quentin are forced to go on the run from Renautas as they track down Molly. First thing’s first, though: Quentin needs to see a doctor after taking a bullet to the arm, and when Noah accompanies him to the hospital, he is immediately recognized by one of the staff members, Dr. Moore, who last saw Noah on the day of the Odessa explosion. Apparently their last meeting didn’t go too well, either, because the sight of Noah has Dr. Moore calling security within seconds. Sensing that he’s not in Dr. Moore’s good graces (but unable to remember why, thanks to The Haitian), Noah holds one of the hospital’s security guards at gunpoint and forces him to find the building’s camera footage from June 13 — a task that gets accomplished way too quickly, if you ask me.

The security tapes reveal quite a bit of information: Not only does the timestamp keep jumping back and forth (which must mean Hiro Nakamura was there at some point), but Noah is spotted in the morgue, weeping over Claire’s body. Present-day Noah is, understandably, only more puzzled after viewing the footage. Wasn’t Claire not in Odessa on the day of the attack? What does Hiro have to do with any of this? And what did The Haitian want Noah to forget when he wiped his memory? Once again, Noah concludes that the only person who can give him answers is Molly, so he and Quentin make their way to Midian, Colo. to track her down.

Heroes RebornMolly, meanwhile, is having a rough go of it after getting captured by an Evo and his girlfriend in a Las Vegas hotel room. They corral Molly into a private Renautas jet headed for Midian (and tranquilize her once she’s on board, for good measure), and once they’ve landed, Molly is the last piece of the puzzle that Renautas needs to launch E.P.I.C., a new form of technology that will harness Molly’s powers and locate every single Evo on the planet with the press of a button. (That’s impressive and all, but I’m still not over the whole “moving pictures” thing that the iPhone 6S can do. The future!)

The good news: Noah and Quentin find their way to Midian, sneak into Renautas’ headquarters and get Molly alone for a brief chat. The bad news: Molly doesn’t want to go anywhere with Noah, and she refuses to tell him what really happened in Odessa because “there’s too much at risk.” Sooo… that was a bust. And to make matters worse, Molly is hauled off to a tiny, dark room by a few Renautas employees just moments before the company’s CEO, Erica Kravid, plans to present E.P.I.C. to a room full of Renautas higher-ups. Molly struggles as much as she can, but it isn’t enough. She’s hooked up to all sorts of wires, and when a plug is inserted directly into her head (!!!), E.P.I.C. is launched, giving Renautas access to every Evo in the world. Great.

Elsewhere in the hour…

* With the information of countless Evos literally at their fingertips, Luke and Joanne find themselves at a crossroads — she wants to keep their killing spree going, but he can’t understand why they’re still doing this after a full year has passed since Odessa. Luke gets so frustrated, in fact, that when he angrily turns down the car’s radio volume, the dial suddenly sparks, and their car breaks down seconds later. That afternoon, when the couple stops at a diner for lunch, Luke literally cooks his very rare steak into a well-done piece of meat, simply by touching his knife to it.

But this has to be a fluke, right? There’s no way an Evo killer could have powers himself, right? For Luke, no such luck: After he and Joanne stop at a motel for the day, Luke feels himself burning up — nay, glowing — in the afternoon sunlight, and before he can stop it from happening, columns of light begin bursting from Luke’s palms. (This will be a very uncomfortable discussion with the wife later.)

* In Tokyo, Miko is just a few concussed security guards away from finding and saving her father… but she is stopped by Harris Prime, a Renautas employee who takes Miko’s sword and informs her it isn’t hers. When Harris presents the sword to Erica Kravid, they both realize the weapon belongs to Hiro — I believe the word “Yatta!” is appropriate here — and Harris is instructed to hold Miko in the building’s main conference room.

Once there, Miko is overwhelmed with new information: Not only does her father have powers, but there was apparently an accident that killed Miko in the past. Harris offers to jog Miko’s memory with an ominous-looking set of knives, but before he can start torturing her, the adorable video gamer Ren bursts in and saves Miko. And herein lies the crazy part: When Miko severs Harris’ arm before escaping with Ren, the appendage immediately regenerates on Harris’ body — and a second body regenerates from the severed arm. Not only are there two Harrises now in the conference room, but there could be countless copies of him across the globe. Let’s just call it Heroes: Orphan Black and call it a day.

Heroes Reborn* Speaking of Orphan Black, Dylan Bruce — aka Orphan‘s Hot Paul — makes his first appearance in Episode 3 as an enemy of the Evo population in Los Angeles, who tries to bag and tag as many evolved humans as possible while getting intel on El Vengador’s underground railroad. Carlos, who has decided to officially take over his brother’s masked alter ego, tracks down Hot Paul — yes, I will call him that until Dylan’s character is given a name — and attempts to kill him… but apparently Hot Paul is an Evo himself, and Carlos is no match for his adversary’s super-strength.

* Just before he attends a house party thrown by Brad, Tommy informs his mom that he’s been getting anonymous text messages that are warning him of danger. His mom immediately deduces that it must be Casper Abraham — aka The Man With The Pennies — and when she pays Casper a visit at gunpoint, he informs her that he is merely “following the plan” and that “the world will need Tommy soon.” It’s all very cryptic and hard to decipher, but Tommy’s mom is panicked enough to pick him up from the party early. Although Tommy tries to calm her down and convince her that they don’t need to leave town this time, his mom is so frazzled while driving that she runs a yellow light… causing their car to be T-boned.

* And let’s not forget what’s happening in the Arctic Circle: An Evo named Malina is learning to harness her powers, which, at this point, seem to involve the control of colorful storm clouds that are threatening the planet. Just as Malina is beginning to understand her abilities, though, Harris and a few of his Renautas henchmen arrive in the Arctic Circle, where they begin to close in on Malina’s whereabouts. (Malina, you also in danger, girl.)

OK, your turn. What did you think of the latest Heroes Reborn episode? Which storyline have you found most intriguing? Hit the comments!

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  1. Alan says:

    Oh Heroes… You haven’t learned anything

    • m3rcnate says:

      Lol a-freakin men. Went into this continuation of Heroes with a open mind, and it is making all the same mistakes it made in the end before. The first season felt personal, it felt fairly real (not as real as Alphas made powered people but good enough) and the show was about characters.
      And knowing all that, they start this season with us being introduced to like 15 characters, getting to know very little if anything about them, and everything is on a grand scale (the complete opposite of personal and intimate). Bad idea.
      So far i can’t stand the bad CGI, the lame powers, the over-acting style of Heroes is hard to digest, and the fight scene with the Japanese girl was awful. From what I can tell she is supposed to be a normal strength human…so how in the world is she fighting 10 230lb grown security guards? How is she kicking them and punching them and those kicks/punches sending them flying backwards 10 feet? How is she blocking their punches and baton swings with her skinny girl arms?
      I’m officially done with this show, won’t be DVR’ing it. It will get cancelled again.

    • Nana says:

      Agrred. This so-called reboot is not better than the last… why insist to put this Japanese storyline? It’s annoying and not interesting. I’m sure they will cancel it after one season. I’m just sorry for cast.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Blame Tim Kring and his writing staff.

  3. steven says:

    Well…, at least Hiro returns next week.

  4. Mary says:

    Way too confusing to keep up.

  5. Ty says:

    I thought it was great! What’s with all the heroes hate? It’s awesome! Seriously my fav show and i’m loving reborn so far!

  6. Tom says:

    Harris’s clothes were cloned as well. How conveniently stupid.

    • Morgan Bevan says:

      Exactly, they could have made it comical, they could have made it clever. Instead they chose stupidity and convenience.

    • David says:

      Except for the watch….

      • Shaz says:

        Omg I hadn’t even thought of that plot hole!! So dumb!!! All his clothes but not the watch. Idiots!
        I also hate the “turning powers into apps” or as HRG called it “digitize”. What?!? So they connect a wire to their heads and turn their powers into an app, which makes hardly any sense, but whatever, what if your power is flight, how do you make that into an app??

  7. Jerry says:

    Heroes is still suffering from the poor writing style of not explaining what’s going on, and requiring the characters to speak in riddles so as to not give things away. I can deal with HRG not having his memory and that mystery, but the rest… The artic circle, the penny guy following Tommy, Hiro’s sword…

  8. Guy says:

    Hmm…I really enjoyed the premiere last week, but tonight’s episode was not quite as good. The dude being cloned was silly. And overall there’s too much going on that’s unexplained. I get that it’s supposed to be mysterious and whatnot, but…idk. We’ll see where it goes. I’m still intrigued enough to keep watching.

  9. AngelWasHere says:

    I’m liking it so far. Noah and Luke storylines are the most interesting. I’m also curious to see where Tommy’s story is going. I hope they make more sense of Miko’s powers tho. So far she’s just a good fighter who can transport in and out of a videogame. Maybe they should bring some of those videogame elements into the real world. Like only she can see/use power ups and she can see energy bars on top of her enemies. Now that would be cool!

  10. SanMan says:

    This show is terrible. Its like lets force our multicult beliefs a black white couple, a hispanic, a black cyborg Japanese martial art master, who can clone himself, a few japs an indian girl what the beep is this \.

  11. M says:

    I don’t see how Zachary Levi’s character can be redeemed. He’s been on this road trip murdering innocent people in cold blood yet they want us to care for his ass? I’m sorry about your kid dying but killing people and suddenly becoming an evo yourself doesn’t make you good guy. He better not make it till the end of the show with the actual Heroes. I can see Tim Kring having him kill his wife to save another evo and totally forgetting that this guy is a serial killer who needs to be locked up.

    • Jake says:

      Agreed, I honestly don’t why this was the storyline of the show– why this much hatred. They can also do away with the ridiculous Japanese storyline with the sword? Oh well ,still watching!

      • M says:

        I’m gonna continue to watch too. I loved the original but that storyline just has me rolling my eyes. I am excited to see Hiro next week.

    • MissM says:

      My guess is that we’ll find out that he was under some kind of mind control thing – maybe his wife is an evo (without knowing it) and can control him?? Somehow, it will come out that he wasn’t really responsible…

      • M says:

        That’s what I’m afraid of lol. I hope they won’t go that way though. This show has a history of letting serial killers escape justice.

    • Alyssa says:

      I have a feeling the boy isn’t actually dead. The wife is a psycho and using the death as an excuse. But she was already crazy and ready to murder people I think. I think its great Zachary has powers. What a payback. You’ve been murdering your own kind, hunting them down like dogs & now you have powers. When she finds out she’ll try to kill him.

  12. logan says:

    Y’all are stupid. HEROES REBORN is so damn good. Those hating on the show can go jump off a brudge. you guys are just to damn picky and want specific stuff to be donedone. Its a good show.

  13. Carla Krae says:

    Didn’t have a problem with the ep.

  14. Christine M says:

    I agree and disagree with some of the commentary here. I will say that as a fan I’m concerned that, as everyone is saying, perhaps they are introducing to many characters and far too quickly. What will be left to find out once the mystery bomb is “dropped” … I’m going to go right ahead and say nothing at all. On the one hand I feel for the writers because there is an expectation from the fans, however if they would like a new fane base perhaps this appeals to younger generations. If you look at the shows that are out for younger generations, they suck !! I mean there are some truly horrific shows out there, and they still manage to have season after season. Take a look at the casting , if Molly is a bomb shell and looks about 22!

    I would like if they would just slow down and refocus. One of my favorite week to week brain mash up was Lost. So if they are going to try to go in that direction they need to slow down define charachters, build there story help us connect. After that they can slowly expand I don’t need to see the whole “Heroes-verse” every episode. “GOT -verse” does it very well. However they were very systematics with introductions charachters development and writers reserve.

    I hope they take critiques and maybe people stop criticizing because I would like this show to be another success! *** I too love Hiro 🎉🎉 Yataa! 😍😆 probably the most likable noble charachters ever !!

  15. matraupach says:

    I don’t get it why so many have a problem with this episode.

    I think it was a fairly good episode.

    No Story line really disappointed me, even the Japanese computer game girl-story that I disliked the first two episodes became interesting.

    The only think I disliked was that they didn’t show two episodes in a row like last week, only one episode felt so short and it ended far too soon.

    There were too many great story lines that did not enough screen time… actually every story line deserved more screen time….

    I was happy that they only announced a mini series, that is supposed to end after one season and to all the haters: there is no intention of a second season at all, even though the creators said that there is still a possibility for a second season.

    This sounded so great beforehand, because I was sure there were no slow episodes, where nothing happened, but now that I see the show I want more ^^

    Everything happens too fast! That is the downside of a only one season mini series: A lot of plot per episode!

    And please stop the discussion about cancel or renewal of Heroes Reborn, such a discussion is pointless, because there is no intention of a second season at all at this moment ^^

    So let’s enjoy the ride together!

  16. Red Snapper says:

    I thought it was a good episode. We didn’t learn much except that there’s some sort of plan and quite a few people are connected to it. I have no idea what it is but I am curious and want to learn more. I wonder how Tommy is connected to it and to the others. I’m thinking it has something to do with his father. I hope we find out who he is soon. My favorite character is Luke. Its not that I like or agree with him killing a bunch of people, I just think as a character he is interesting. I figured he’d develop some sort of power. It makes him conflicted and confused about what to do now. I like redemption type stories. There are plenty of heroes/anti-heroes that started the other way. I’m not sure if this is the direction they’ll go, it is starting to look that way but you never know. I’m wondering how his crazy wife will react, probably not good. I can’t wait for more of the originals to appear.

  17. Jane says:

    If they think they can redeem Zachary Levi’s character by making him an Evo they are wrong. He and his wife are despicable and I hope they die horrible deaths. I would actually be enjoying the show but I just hate their characters so much it sucks the enjoyment out of the show.

  18. Ellinas1978 says:

    At least they didn’t jump into a video game in this episode.

  19. robandco says:

    Ouch at the visual and special effects. The high tech glasses are just over the top and not believable, and coming from a show with supernatural abilities it is saying something. The original series was anchored in a realistic world. The whole Japan storyline was so, SO unrealistic. The sets were just bad.
    The show is making the same mistakes they did with the original. Too many characters we know nothing about doing things that we won’t understand until at least episode 10 or 11. I get that is it a narrative tool designed to build up the tension and the story but it does not work here. If they don’t give us anything to chew on we’ll be lost.
    Thank god there are some things that are sort of good, like Robbie Kay’s storyline and El Vengador. And HRG (part of his story, I still can’t believe Claire’s dead).

  20. Dawn says:

    i think this 3rd episode was better than the premiere only because it dove a little deeper into my favorite story line (the HRG pursuit of memory and June 13th). i agree with many other comments that the premiere and subsequent episode were filled with too much info and EVOs to jump into. i dont mind that but i felt it was much for new comers. I loved the original and went into this with an open mind but although i saw a slight improvement this episode still feel like its season 4 all over again which is NOT a good thing. i as i’m sure other had very high hopes that the show would come back and redeem itself from that last season and get that season 1 magic back. although i’m hoping for the best i dont see it happening. i’m a big fan so i will ride it out until the end, after all i’m no quitter..lol

  21. niloofar22 says:

    Dylan Bruce’s character is interesting.