Chicago P.D. Premiere: Did a Spiraling Lindsay Come to Halstead's Rescue?

Chicago PD Season 3 Premiere Recap

Chicago P.D.‘s Season 3 premiere on Wednesday night was close to Heaven for “Linstead” ‘shippers even as Halstead was in Hell, being held captive by some very bad guys.

Let’s recap, shall we?

The unfortunate turn of events referenced above is just what Lindsay, who’s been going down a dark path, needs to get back in the game. And it’s just what fans need to get some emotionally potent scenes that tug on the relationship heartstrings. (There’s nothing quite like a traumatic incident to bring two, estranged ex-loves back together, is there?)

Even though the former couple finds themselves on bad terms — “I don’t know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop if you ever see her again,” Halstead says upon finding her strung-out after a night of partying — Lindsay comes back to work when she hears Jay has been taken hostage. Then as she’s offering up doctored confidential-informant files to trade for his return, a fight breaks out. Lindsay stabs one of the baddies and gets herself tossed through a glass table. Finally, she guns down the leader of the ring and almost single-handedly saves the day.

“I’m just glad it was you they sent in,” Halstead says to her once they’re safely outside. (Both of ’em look bloodied and bruised — but still so pretty!)

Afterward, Lindsay confides to Voight that she wants to keep her badge. He has some conditions though: she has to live with him, take weekly drug tests and sever all ties with her troublemaker mother.

Elsewhere, Roman expresses concern about Burzek and Burgess’ engagement. “No risk, no reward,” she replies. Then at the episode’s end, Burgess discovers a hypodermic needle in Roman’s bag. Uh-oh!

Unfortunately, technical difficulties have prevented me from presenting a fuller recap of the episode. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the intense hour, which also featured Olinsky deciding to take in his secret teenage daughter, who basically just used him to get free before taking off.

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