Scream Queens Recap: Coney, Silenced — Plus: Meet the New Chanel

Scream Queens Hester Brace

Following the “death” of Boone, an event somehow ruled a suicide, Tuesday’s Scream Queens introduced a whole mess of changes to the Wallace University campus — including two “new” suspects!

Once it was revealed that Chad Radwell basically porked every girl in Kappa Kappa Tau, Grace immediately fingered him as the Red Devil, a deranged killer who sees people as mere objects. And while it could be argued that Chad’s run-in with the R.D. in this week’s episode proves Grace wrong, it is highly suspicious that he exited the fray without a scratch; the same can’t be said for Chad’s fellow Dickie Dollar Scholar (name unimportant) who got double-maimed during the frat’s Backstreet Boys-inspired showdown.

This week’s second featured suspect was Dean Munsch, who was conveniently out of the picture when the R.D. attacked Wes and Gigi at Kappa. (She was allegedly sleeping upstairs, with her white noise machine set to “horror movie.”) But is she really the killer? And, more importantly, did anyone laugh as hard as I did at the fart noise made by Gigi’s bottle of salad dressing?

Elsewhere on campus this week…

* Hester was officially upgraded from neck-braced pledge to Chanel No. 6, sending Chanel No. 5 into a jealous rage. Her fury, coupled with the fact that she referred to Chanel No. 1 as a “bitch who deserves whatever’s coming to her” earlier in the episode, makes me even more confident about her inclusion in TVLine’s gallery of potential suspects.

* Chanel No. 3 revealed that, after a bit of sleuthing, she discovered that her biological father is actually Charles Manson. I’m not sure if that reveal is actually going to matter down the line, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning: She’s totally going to hook up with Predatory Lez by the end of the season.

* Wallace University briefly got a new mascot this week — Coney the ice cream cone — though he was quickly mowed down by the Red Devil during an unfortunately hilarious murder sequence. (R.I.P., Coney. At least you trended on Twitter.)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hester’s makeover? The possibility of Dean Munsch or Chad being the killer? Whatever you’re thinking, drop it in a comment below.

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