Grandfathered: Will You Grow Old With Fox's John Stamos Comedy?

Grandfathered John Stamos

Don’t let John Stamos’ eight seasons on Full House fool you. His newest alter ego, Jimmy Martino, would recoil at the idea of singing Michelle Tanner a bedtime song, or serenading Rebecca Donaldson with “Forever” on her wedding day, or sleeping in a room that was wallpapered with pink bunnies.

As we learn in the series premiere of Grandfathered, which debuted on Fox Tuesday night, Jimmy is content to remain a bachelor forever. Thanks to an episode-opening montage in which Jimmy wines and dines Hollywood’s finest at the restaurant he owns, we quickly come to know our protagonist as a shallow, narcissistic casanova.


Just as Jimmy finds his restaurant losing business to the brand spankin’ new Bistro Six across the street, he is thrown another curveball in the form of Gerald (played by Drake & Josh‘s Josh Peck), a twentysomething who admits he is Jimmy’s son — the accidental result of Jimmy’s years-ago relationship with Sara Kingsley (Community‘s Paget Brewster). Oh, and Gerald has a young daughter named Edie, making Jimmy the dreaded G-word.

In the 22 minutes that follow, Jimmy is given a crash course in parenting (and grandparenting), all of which culminates in an evening of babysitting Edie that goes about as poorly as you would expect. Unable to balance the baby with a star-studded night at the restaurant — Deion Sanders? Don Rickles? Lil Wayne?! — Jimmy finds Edie wailing in the kitchen with a 103-degree fever. He rushes her to the emergency room (spoiler alert: she’ll be fine), and although Gerald is pissed at Jimmy for being an irresponsible tool, Jimmy is too busy coping with the foreign feeling of actually caring for someone other than himself to notice much.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jimmy has actually loved someone. As Gerald discovers at the end of the premiere, The One That Got Away from Jimmy years ago — the “Sushi” to his “Ponyboy” — was, in fact, Sara. So… how many more episodes until those two sleep together and immediately regret it? Any takers?

OK, your turn. What did you think of the Grandfathered series premiere? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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