HTGAWM: Rebecca's Killer 'Relieved' By Revelation of Guilt

There are plenty of ways you could’ve appropriately responded to the unmasking of Rebecca Sutter’s killer on the How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 premiere — surprise, horror and disbelief all topping the list.

But happiness and relief? Well, that’s how the actor whose character did the bad deed felt upon seeing the script for “It’s Time to Move On.”

“I was relieved, actually, when I found out it was me,” shares Liza Weil, whose mousy-but-loyal Bonnie Winterbottom ended Rebecca’s life by tying a plastic bag over her head and watching her slowly suffocate. “We had laid so much groundwork last season about this immense loyalty and the bond between Bonnie and Annalise. I was happy to have a hard event that backs that up now. It runs deep.”

Weil, speaking at ABC’s “TGIT”/Shondaland event Saturday night in Los Angeles, added that Bonnie’s descent into homicide has her worried about the character’s longevity, but that’s merely an occupational hazard of being in the Shondaland sphere.

“I’m always worried. Y’know, enjoying every sandwich,” said Weil, who also played the ill-fated Amanda Tanner on the Shonda Rhimes-produced Scandal. “It’s a Shondaland thing, and the name of our show is How to Get Away With Murder. People are going to continue to get killed, and it could be any one of us at any time. I don’t think we have any illusions about that.”

Asked about her favorite Season2 scene she’s shot to date, Weil teased she’s “had a lot of great scenes with Matt McGorry this season that I’m excited about.” Don’t assume, however, that the Bonnie-Asher dynamic will continue to be all about the canoodle. “I can’t tell you that. Allegedly, they were [continuing to hook up], but one can be in a scene with somebody and it doesn’t have to be romantic,” she adds with a laugh. “I’ll say that. I’m very excited about that.”

—Reporting by Diane Gordon

How did you feel about the Bonnie-killed-Rebecca reveal? Will Weil’s character survive the season? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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