Fear The Walking Dead Recap: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Fear The Walking Dead Recap

In the penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s first season, both Travis and Daniel hatched plans to retrieve Nick and Griselda from the Army’s clutches. Travis’ involved asking d-bag extraordinaire Moyers to help. Daniel’s involved going all Sweeney Todd on Reynolds. Wanna guess whose plan worked out better? Read on, and I’ll confirm what you’re already thinking.

SNITCH BLADE | Early on in “Cobalt,” Ofelia — believing that her father wanted to trade Reynolds for Nick and Griselda — lured the soldier into a trap. Of course, the barber actually intended to use the torture skills he picked up during the war to get information out of his daughter’s boyfriend. Upon learning just how bloody things had gotten, Maddie reacted like a cold-hearted survivor: “Did he tell us what we need to know?” Ofelia, on the other hand, didn’t take it quite so well. At least, Daniel gained valuable intel: Reynolds revealed that “Cobalt” was code to initiate the evacuation of enlisted men from the L.A. basin the following morning. What about the civilians? They were marked for “humane termination.” Yikes!

PLAN B | Meanwhile, Moyers laughed off what he called Travis’ “issues with protocol” — until Mr. Mayor threatened to spark a revolt in the neighborhood if he wasn’t taken to Exner to check on Nick and Griselda. Then, suddenly, the lieutenant was all, “Hey, let’s roll!” Unfortunately, they never made it to the doctor’s makeshift hospital. After Moyers challenged Travis to shoot a walker — which he couldn’t bring himself to do — the commanding officer was lost to a building full of the infected, and his platoon dropped Travis near his hood before making tracks to find their own families.

LOSING PATIENTS | Inside Exner’s ER/lock-up combo, Nick was being taken “downstairs” — which just plain sounded ominous — when his well-dressed cellmate (Colman Domingo, charisma bursting from every pore) traded a soldier a pair of diamond cufflinks to keep him around. Why? Because, the smooth operator explained, the soldiers are leaving, and when he makes a break for it, he’ll need a “man with [Nick’s] talents.” Nearby, Liza snuck into recovery to see a newly amputated Griselda, who soon died. After Exner explained that the deceased had to be shot in the head, or else, like everyone who passed away — whether bitten or not — she’d come back, Liza pulled the trigger herself.

SECRET WEAPON | When Travis got home, he was horrified to learn what Daniel had done — and even more horrified that he’d had Maddie’s tacit approval to do it. Still, there was no denying the usefulness of the information that Reynolds gave up. Not only had he explained the lethal meaning of Cobalt, but he’d told Daniel about a nearby arena chock-full of the infected. As the hour came to a close, it certainly looked as if the barber was considering turning the zombies loose on the soldiers. Good thing Chris and Alicia had a fun day flirting and trashing an abandoned McMansion —it might be their last one for a while!

So, what did you think of the episode? Who do you think — or hope — won’t survive the finale? Hit the comments!

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