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Sleepy Hollow First Look: Ichabod Goes to [Spoiler] in Season 3 Premiere...?!

Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod could really use Yolanda’s advice right about now.

The Fox drama caught just about every fan by surprise on Friday by revealing a crucial plot point from the Season 3 premiere (airing Thursday, Oct. 1 at 9/8c): Ichabod will, at some point, land behind bars.

Although no context was given for Ich’s head-to-toe orange ensemble, the Border Patrol officer also pictured is intriguing. What we do know is a full year will have passed when Season 3 begins, during which time Abbie has been away at Quantico to complete her training as an FBI agent.

New showrunner Clifton Campbell also told TVLine that Ichabod will have “needed to find a place of his own” when the show returns… but we didn’t think he meant this place.

Sleepyheads, any theories on what’s gotten Ichabod locked up? Are you surprised by how well Tom Mison pulls off those scrubs?

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