Outlander Video: Diana Gabaldon Gets a Boar-ing Behind-the-Scenes Tour

It’s kinda hard out here for a pig.

Yes, we know that the boar from Outlander‘s “The Gathering” episode probably doesn’t deserve much sympathy. (It did kill Geordie, after all.) But the big porker just looks so pathetic, lying on a shelf in the series’ prop workshop in this exclusive featurette.

The faux hog is one of several Season 1 props you’ll recognize as EP Ronald D. Moore gives Diana Gabaldon, on whose novels the Starz series is based, a behind-the-scenes tour. The Castle Leoch flag, rope handcuffs, Geillis’ fetishes: They’re all in the clip, which can be found on Outlander‘s Season 1: Volume 2 Blu-ray and DVD, available Sept. 29.

Press PLAY on the video above to get your own backstage look at Outlander‘s vast prop array.

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