Video: Jane the Virgin Stars Pledge Loyalty to Team Michael (Sorry, Raf)

Before you start to feel too bad for Jane the Virgin‘s baby daddy Rafael, just remember what he looks like.

In this exclusive video from the CW series’ Season 1 DVD release (on sale Sept. 29), the Jane cast reveal themselves to be near-unanimously Team Michael when it comes to who belongs with the titular heroine.

As for that one Team Rafael outlier, well, his answer might have been influenced by the lurking shadow of co-star Justin Baldoni, who plays the Marbella hotel owner.

Press PLAY above to watch the video, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the Team Michael vs. Team Rafael debate.


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  1. Anna says:

    I get it, I’m Team Michael as well. I do like Rafael (he’s really hot, too), but I just like Michael better with Jane.

  2. Katy says:

    I’m Team Michael to tbh I think he’s better with Jane, as for Rafael I like him to but he seems too perfect.

  3. tp says:

    Yeah cause Michael was such a great person. He only tried his best to make sure Petra got the baby and slept with his partner almost immediately after him and Jane broke up. But then again Jane is so self righteous, her and Michael make a perfect pair. When everyone on the show is for one person that’s the direction they’ll go with the story, kinda like HoD. I loved this show so much in the beginning, turned a bunch of my friends onto it too. Guess I’ll move on to something else.

    For the fans, I hope it remains on for a long time, Enjoy!

  4. Blah! #Teamoverit I will continue to tape the show until the wedding and if she marries Michael I will give the Jane the Virgin stars what the want… hit delete and move on.

  5. brandydanforth81 says:

    #Team Rafeal

  6. Donnis says:

    No, its Rafael all the way. True Love wins out. Michael is too dull.

  7. I’m definitely Team Michael. I suspect the show creators are Team Rafael though. I just feel like Michael is fighting an uphill battle based on the writing I’ve seen so far

  8. Rachel says:

    Team Rafael all the way

  9. Carrie says:


  10. Will says:

    I’m #MichaelandRogelio4eva

  11. Jada says:

    I’m Team Michael too. He’s just a great guy and I feel for him. With Rafael – I think he’s the blandest character on the show. I’ve never connected with him and he has no chemistry with Jane.

  12. Sheri says:

    Team Rafael all the way she needs to give the baby a real family with real father and Rafael loves her. I’ll stop watching the show it won’t be exciting anymore.

  13. kate says:

    i’m 100% team jane, and imo that essentially means team michael. rafael’s boring and irritating and has a pitiful amount of chemistry with jane. michael’s a well-rounded character and a great guy. (and, yeah, maybe i have a thing for blue eyes…)

  14. Marci says:

    Team Michael!!

  15. Carol C says:

    Rafael for sure!

  16. #TeamRafael for me.Michael is not nearly as good of a guy, which levels the playing fields. Jane and Raf also have better chemistry imo. And if I were going to be absurd, I actually like Michael and Petra together. Yes. Clearly absurd.

    • Ash says:

      #teamRafael Rafael and Jane are still getting to know each other so their relationship is wide open for change. Michael and Jane’s relationship is predictable, boring and safe. I am for Petra and Michael together too makes for an interesting drama as well with all four of them living in the hotel.

  17. Jared says:

    I love Rafael..but I’m #TeamMichael too!

  18. I am team Rafael all the way she should be with the babies father. There chemistry is amazing!!!
    a good story line would be that she picks Michael and just before they get married she realizes that she really loves Rafael and wants to be with him. I will not watch the show anymore if she picks Michael . He’s just her puppy love!! I really love the show. Team Rafael all the way he is the father and that would the right pick for all the young viewers watching the show.
    PS: Gina is an amazing actress.

  19. Valentina says:

    I am #TeamRafael, but most of all I am #Teamjustpickonealreadyandbedonewithit. I hate traingles, the way they toy with your feelings. Maybe because the couple I shipped has never come out victorious from a triangle!

  20. insatiable says:

    Team Rafael 150%….jane and Michael were good together but that relationship has set sail they make for really good friends….. I hate that question “who knows her better” that’s a no brainer of course Michael duh he spent 3 years with her so in all fairness that’s a biased question since her relationship with Rafael is still blossoming and has room for development their differences keeps it’s interesting, especially how they both navigate and compromise through it all…..Jane said it herself Michael if familiar and safe blah blah….in my opinion if she truly loved Michael she would not have broken up with him so easily……die hard #teamrafael#

  21. Racheal says:

    I’m team Rafael..Jane loves him,they kiss with passion, what happens between Jane and Michael was not love it was just lust an infatuation…Jane should not forget that she was fatherless when she was born ,so she shouldn’t do the same thing to her baby..and is Jane aware that Michael has slept with two ladies..his partner and his ex after they broke?..hmmm… Jane should make a wise decision before its too late because Michael is just a teen who think he is in love..Rafael is the best for her…Jane will love Michael because she felt pity for him

  22. janier says:

    Team rafeal 100%

  23. Sara says:

    TEAM RAFAEL. please! !!!!! He’s so gorgeous, and he is the baby daddy! !!!!. I’m going to hate this show if she really ends up with Michael. Who by the way moves on pretty quick with other girls unlike Rafael! Jane stop being a player stop hurting Rafael s feelings.

  24. Robin says:

    Team Rafael!

  25. catriona says:


  26. tahlia says:

    Hellllllllo Team Rafaelllllllllll! I love justin plusss i reallly love rafaels character . They should endure to show us some sensitive aspects of his life . Pleaseeee . I dnt want jane to end up with Michael . If that happens ima stop watching

  27. Kim says:

    #TeamRafael !!! Sure Michael knows Jane really well and they’ve been through so much.. but it’s not fair to rule out Rafael just because he wasn’t there first. Give true love a chance! Their love is so much more exciting !
    Rafael + Jane = A new magical bond! Plus a miracle baby together.
    Michael + Jane = stable but boring zz

  28. Tyhan says:

    Team Rafe all thru! Only see michael as a rival! And Rafe’s ending up wit d queen! Deir differences makes it so unpredictable, wc is d best!

  29. katherine johnson says:

    TEAM RAFAEL. I love the chemistry between them. I think Rafael has grown a lot as a men and father. He knows what he wants which is to preserve his family. I like Michael too,but don’t think he will accept Mateo as part of his family since he see Rafael as his enemy

  30. fatema says:

    TeamRafael all the way. They are beautiful and magical

  31. riggenholt says:

    TEAM RAFAEL!! Rafael isnt too perfect?? Michael is more daddy perfect boy. Jane and rafael is a perfect match, beacuse they dont are similar they click. He challenge her to be more her self and not the perfect girl that Michael does. No one is perfect and life isnt, i thought that was the series was trying to accomplish. I dont think the series is worth watching if the show go against what they have said.. #byejanethevirginliars

  32. Carly says:

    #team Rafael all the way!

  33. Tiff says:

    I’d like to see the writers get back to the story line. ‘Jane the Virgin’ is quickly becoming ‘Jane the Whore’. The story (and show) began with Jane ending up with either Michael or Rafael, not 18 different randoms because Jane can’t make up her mind. When ‘Jane the Virgin’ began it was unique, fresh, and it was quickly breaking through Latin stereotypes. Now it’s one trite stereotype after another. Is Jane the ambitious, intelligent go-getter who can balance both family and profession while maintaining her values or is Jane a postpartum single mom who throws on a ton of makeup and indulges in a casual and doomed fling with her youngish professor?

    The fact that I even had to type that question shows how badly the show has veered off course. That doesn’t even begin to touch upon the Michael working/Michael fired/everyone is involved in crime story slant that is quickly taking over the entire show. When you constantly have to throw in reminders (“Jane, it’s been 6 months…”) for your readers to grasp that some time has actually passed, then it really should make the writers question if it’s the right time to introduce yet another new love interest for Jane. Here’s a hint, it’s not. The fact that the second to last episode introduced three possibilities is just lazy writing. Yes, two of those fizzled out, but it was still sloppy. If the writers continue in this messy direction, by the end of the season, Jane will have lost her virginity, married and divorced, and will be working on the nearest street corner to raise her three different children to three different fathers. Enough already!

  34. carmen says:

    I don’t understand how the cast can pick.. How do they think justin feels about that.. I have never read on how cast members have a favorite’s on shows that there working on I’m sorry but I’m sure that they don’t like Justin that’s how read it and I’m sure that a lot of viewers read it the same. I can see the viewers saying who there favorite is but not the cast that’s down right mean. My favorite is justin I’m watching because of him I don’t even like Gina anymore I saw her on talk show and she said I’m team Michael how dose that make Justin feel he is the main carecter just like her. Not happy with season two and not happy with the cast they’re not nice people!!!