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Photos: Yvonne Strahovski, Christina Ricci, Anna Camp in New Amazon Pilots

Amazon has released first looks at its line-up for its next pilot preview season, which includes shows starring Max Martini (The Unit), Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck), Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Mary Lynn Rajskub (24), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Tig Notaro and others.

As Amazon does, the pilots will premiere sometime this fall, then get a green light (or not) based on viewer feedback. Synopses/photos follow:

EDGE | Set in 1868 and based on George G. Gilman’s best-selling novel series — which has been described as “the most violent Western in print” — this drama stars Max Martini (The Unit) as Josiah “Edge” Hedges, a Union officer-turned-cowboy who prowls the post-Civil War American West, doling out a peculiar/savage justice. Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) and Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) co-star.

GOOD GIRLS REVOLT | Amazon PilotsSet in 1969 and inspired by the landmark sexual discrimination cases chronicled in Lynn Povich’s book of the same name, this series follows a group of young female newsroom researchers who simply ask to be treated fairly. The cast includes Genevieve Angelson (Backstrom), Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Erin Darke (We Need to Talk About Kevin), Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley), Hunter Parrish (Weeds), Jim Belushi (Show Me a Hero), Joy Bryant (Parenthood) and Grace Gummer (The Newsroom).

HIGHSTON | Amazon PilotsNewcomer Lewis Pullman plays the title role, a 19-year-old with a wide circle of celebrity friends… that only he can see. His parents (played by 24‘s Mary Lynn Rajskub and SNL vet Chris Parnell) force him to get psychiatric help, but his Uncle Billy (Revenge of the Nerds‘ Curtis Armstrong) thinks he’s just fine. The pilot guest-stars Shaquille O’Neal and Flea (The Big Lebowski) and is written by Oscar nominee Bob Nelson (Nebraska).

ONE MISSISSIPPI | Amazon PilotsLoosely inspired by writer/comic Tig Notaro’s life and co-written by her and Diablo Cody (Juno), this dark comedy follows Tig as she deals with the complex reentry into her childhood hometown of Bay Saint Lucille, Miss., to deal with the unexpected death of her mother. Noah Harpster (Transparent), John Rothman (The Devil Wears Prada) and Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) also star.

PATRIOT | Amazon PilotsThis political thriller follows intelligence officer John Tavner (Australian newcomer Michael Dorman), whose latest assignment is to prevent Iran from going nuclear— all while assuming the non-official cover of a mid-level employee at a Midwestern industrial piping firm. Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Michael Chernus (Manhattan Project), Kathleen Munroe (Call Me Fitz), Aliette Opheim and Kurtwood Smith (That ’70s Show) also star.

Z | This bio-series Amazon Pilotsis based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the brilliant, beautiful and talented Southern Belle who becomes the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant 1920s Jazz Age. Christina Ricci (Monster) stars as Zelda Sayre, while Gavin Stenhouse (Allegiance) plays F. Scott Fitzgerald. Z is written by The Killing‘s Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, the pilot directed by Tim Blake Nelson (Anesthesia).

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  1. James says:

    Wow I can honestly say I’m not interested in any of these what’s up Amazon

    • Stephen says:

      Ditto. “Edge” maybe, but it sounds like “Hell on Wheels” which eventually got kinda repetitive.

    • tallsy says:

      Agreed. I guess Edge could be interesting. Patriot sounds like the most generic thing of a all time, with an unknown Australian to boot. That’s practically a guarantee it will be terrible.

      • Well I agree that the show doesn’t sound good, like all the rest here, the Australian is only unknown to those who only watch American or maybe British TV shows or movies! Michael Dorman is well known to people like myself who have watched allot of Australian TV shows and movies! He was most notably known for the Aussie show The Secret Life Of Us, back in the early 2000s to middle!

    • lechatnoir says:

      The premises of these shows sound terrible, I think we’ve had enough of those half baked 60s inspired shows. These period transplant are dreadful. and I am over the excessive use pastel colours .I think of sugar and diabetes every time.

  2. James D says:

    Definitely Edge love Yvonne, love Max, and loved the books. Patriot seems pretty decent, and Z is a must in my household we’re all pretty huge Fitzgerald fans and I loved the book which I’m assuming this show is based on Zelda. the rest look thoroughly uninteresting.

  3. jtrattray says:

    I’m so looking forward to Good Girls Revolt. Though as per usual with Amazon not much diversity.

  4. stevieaa says:

    which one will Belushi be in?

  5. SPAMMER says:


  6. Drew says:

    I would usually follow Yvonne anywhere she goes (though I could only stomach 24 for one episode). But I’m not paying for Amazon Prime. :-(

    • sawyer says:

      No kidding. However she was the best thing about 24 Live another Day.Talk about her character in 24, started out strong by the last few episodes, Sutherland reduced her role. I want a Chuck movie Amazon. I would pay for that.

  7. Patty Stamps says:

    I’m excited for Sneaky Pete, which was picked up for a series order. I love Yvonne, but won’t watch that.

  8. Kathy says:

    What about “Alpha House?” Any news on a return?

  9. lrdslvrhnd says:

    None of these really grab my attention. Or at all grab my attention. I might try out “Edge” and “Patriot”, but probably not.

  10. Argyle Bruce says:

    any western is always a plus, so i’ll be looking forward to Edge for sure. the rest don’t really spark much interest, but Patriot could shine, like Dorman in Wild Boys. comedies are always iffy for me, but i’d be willing to give Highston a chance. i doubt Z will land a full season, it could be interesting but, i predict too much racist comments about it being Jazz focus around a white woman.

  11. Dean says:

    Edge for sure they had me at ‘Yvonne Strahovski’

  12. SayNay says:

    I’ll check out Patriot pilot only for Terry O’Quinn and One Mississippi because of Tig’s story.

  13. I get so tired of so many really great actresses who have played in action TV shows or movies, getting some stupid girly role behind a bunch of nobody males leads! I am talking about Yvonne Strahovski, though she is not the only one, why is it Hollywood and TV execs can’t put more shows with female leads, and those that are action roles as well? I am always hearing men saying that sexism doesn’t exist, or that it does but its turned around, where men are the ones who are victims of it! Bull sh!t! In Hollywood its alive and well, and it the woman who are the victims! The only shows where you see some females in lead roles are Scifi shows and a bit in horror too, if you count The Walking Dead! But even TWD focuses mostly on the male characters!Almost every action/drama type show is lead by a male character, and with some there are no female characters! Others will have female characters but have them always as a after thought, behind the male character, never seen as a person in their own right! Actresses like Yvonne Strahovski, Anna Torv, Lauren Cohan and Anna Silk, are all great at playing in action roles, and can play lead too, especially Anna Torv and Anna Silk who carried their own shows themselves! Even though with Anna Torv from Fringe was pushed aside by FOX execs to focus more on Peter and Walter, because they felt the show couldn’t last being led by a female, or at least that is the rumor I heard going around just in time for their second season! And frankly I believe it, sense the show spent most of the first season focused on the Olivia character, even laid the grown work for stuff about her past to come up, but then none of those things came up, and in the end we knew very little about the Olivia Dunham character, but we knew plenty about Peter and Walter! I mean in 5 years we never learned the name of her father, or her step father ether, which they brought up, but never gave a name for! Showing how unimportant they thought their female leads story was to the show,but they were wrong, her story was important too, and leaves the show with holes in it, where there shouldn’t be! That was just an example of what I’m talking about, how some in Hollywood seem to think females/woman/girls are not important enough to have in their stories, whether its TV shows or movies, woman mostly are put in to make the guys look good, or as eye candy, just to be seen not truly heard!

  14. silverpetticoatreview says:

    Z and maybe Good Girls Revolt. Sounds like Edge may be too violent for my taste.

  15. Dude says:

    Good Girls Revolt and Z sound good. Everything else, I’ll pass.

  16. matty says:

    Wow. all of these sound horrible; except possibly the one with Tig.

  17. Ash says:

    Edge for me. I would watch almost anything with Yvonne Strahovski. I hope she has a big role.

  18. jayraj says:

  19. TSnaker says:

    To watch Yvonne Strahovski, I would get Amazon Prime, although it will be on trial until the series and Yvonne’s continuing presence in it is confirmed.