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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6: Bromance, Romance, 'Frankenstein' and More

When last we tuned into CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, Steve and Danny had just saved the island from nuclear catastrophe (even if it put a crimp in Kamekona’s sales), all whilst on their way to Kono’s wedding to Adam. As a last wrinkle in a wild finale, Chin Ho was ominously confronted by his onetime bro-in-law Gabriel, just as the ceremony was to begin.

With Season 6 arriving Friday at 9/8c, TVLine presents our near-complete Q&A with showrunner Peter M. Lenkov, who previews a treasure hunt, a humourous couples retreat, Halloween horror and more.

TVLINE | When last we spoke, you said the premiere would pick up near continuously from the finale. Is that still the plan?
The only thing we’re going to miss is the actual wedding ceremony. If you saw the last episode, Chin Ho had a confrontation with Gabriel in the parking lot, so Chin will be sharing that story as Kono and Adam are being introduced at the reception, as husband and wife.

TVLINE | What do you want to say about Gabriel’s agenda?
Wo Fat was a villain that we had for years, but his agenda was very personal. For Gabriel, he’s more of a sociopath. He’s a bad guy because he’s a bad guy. I don’t think you’re going to find out, at least for a while, what his real agenda is, but it’s definitely not personal.

TVLINE | So, no smooth sailing for newlyweds Kono and Adam?
Not in the first half of the season! Look, if things were content, it’d get a little boring, so they’re definitely going to have a very rough start to their first year of marriage.

TVLINE | Danny just learned that Charlie is his son, so many of my readers want to know: Will we see them together, bonding?
It’s definitely a story arc for the season. It’s funny because we sort of planted this seed years ago, when [Danny and Rachel] had this little affair and she found that she was pregnant. At the time, there were some people saying, “Oh, I bet that down the road they’re going to find out that it’s Danny’s kid.” That sort of bummed me out because I thought I was being so clever! I was going to reveal it the year before but I just decided to hold off, because I was hoping people will start forgetting they posited that theory. But yeah, there’s a nice little runner of Danny having to take some time off to do that surgery, and in the Halloween episode, he gets to trick-or-treat with Charlie at the hospital. The same way we saw him raise Grace in the early years of the show, you’re going to see him now with a new kid. He’s a guy who wears his heart in his sleeve so it’s fun watching him interact that way. As grumpy as he is, with kids you see a while different side of Danny.

TVLINE | What’s the plan for Steve and Catherine? They reunited in the finale, but things were a bit awkward, tentative.
We play that uncertainty in the first couple episodes. There’s a big change that’s going to happen in their relationship, which really shifted at the end of the previous season, when she left [to stay in Afghanistan]. It’s hard to get things back on track as much as they both want to, because she did make that choice — and we’re going to see her make another choice that’s going to come up early in the season as well.

TVLINE | And what of Steve’s “bromance,” with Danny?
There’s an episode where they end up going to a couples retreat to sort of burn off some of their therapy time, because they’ve got to put in a certain amount of hours. It’s a really fun story.

TVLINE | What sort of personal stories will you be telling this season?
We’re going to introduce a character (played by Defiance’s Julie Benz) who’s going to be on loan from the San Francisco police department and she’s going to end up having a relationship with Chin Ho. Maybe there’s going to be a romance there. Danny, meanwhile, still has some juggling to do with his ex. In the Halloween episode, Grace lies to her mom — she’s supposed to go to a friend’s house but ends up going to a party in the North Shore — and Danny has to go down there to get her. It’s every parent’s nightmare, to infiltrate a party and drag their kid out!

TVLINE | Grover had some unfinished business with that old friend of his, the one who murdered the wife. Will you revisit that?
Yeah, we’re actually going to wrap that up with Mykelti Williamson. That’ll probably be in, like, January, at latest the beginning of February.

TVLINE | Lastly, any particularly interesting cases to tease?
The premiere is loosely based on a legend that pirates attacked the island in the 1880s, so we actually open up seeing that pirate attack, in a flashback. It’s our version of Pirates of the Caribbean, where pirates are attacking the palace and the streets of Waikiki, and that sort of launches us into a modern-day hunt for the treasure that they had stolen. Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes)It’s a big National Treasure-meets-Pirates of the Caribbean episode, so that’s definitely fun.

Duclair, the pyromaniac from last year, is back in the second episode, played by Randy Couture. Carol Burnett’s back… We have a really fun boxing episode, our version of Flloyd Mayweather Jr. versus a local fighter… And the Halloween episode is great, offering a spin on a Frankenstein story, where a guy is trying to bring back his dead girlfriend… but in a very twisted, dark way. The best thing about the show for us as writers is we’ve got three-dimensional characters to play with, each with very different personalities. The plots are fun, too, but the fun stuff is all the character stuff we do.

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  1. Emma says:

    Steve should propose to Danno! I bet Catherine would be cheering along with the rest of them. Steve and Danno are the best couple on television!

  2. star says:

    After Catherine finishes her 3 episode arc I will drop the show again, only came back to watch her last episodes. This show needs to get back to how high octane the first season was.The intensity was great with spectacular action scenes.

  3. Grace says:

    So excited for this season! I can’t wait for the couples retreat episode. The bromance between Steve and Danny really makes this show. Watching them bicker at couples therapy while everyone assumes they’re married is going to be fun.

  4. Bella says:

    I liked Catherine, but they should have kept her with Naval intelligence rather than putting her on the team, because she wasn’t left with much to do. That being said, I didn’t really miss her that much when she was gone, and won’t miss her when she leaves so much that I’d stop watching. She was and is only a small part of the show. I’m looking forward to this coming season. It sounds like there are going to be some fun episodes.

  5. Makeitwork says:

    I’m mad that they choose to yet again screw up a female character. And what will make me even more mad is if they write it as OOC. To me, they have been playing way to much with the characters, making them OOC (I know they own them but…) and that made me hate them last season. Seriously get a grip all ready.

  6. Keith says:

    Enough of the bromance and bickering-You are cops-act like it

  7. I so want Steve and Catherine married! They are a imperfect couple that is two sides of the same coin . I always thought Catherine kinda regretted leaving the Navy. I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to be in the reserves or some form of branch of intel. Steve could eventually except that. I want to see Steve work more with Grover and Chin. I’m still holding out hope that there will be a PTSD storyline with Steve.

    • suzi says:

      I agree. I think they are perfect for each other, and that Catherine could easily return to the Navy and help out the team occasionally—that worked before and I don’t know why it changed.

  8. Amber says:

    So the evil lawyer from Wolfram and Hart and Darla the evil vampire are going to be a couple on 5-0…..awesome . Angel would approve

  9. mrsfoxxe says:

    Get rid of guy that plays McGarret! He stinks. Nothing like old 5O!

    • Troll. Alex O’Loughlin is the lead, the main star actor, so get over it. CBS brass loves him.

      • Nerrie says:

        Am with you Alex OLoughin playing Steve is this era I grow up with the old five O And I like this one better .please bring Catherine back into Steve life they make the best couple other then Danny and Steve . Steve seems lost without her in his life .

        • Nerrie says:

          Am with you they couldn’t have cast a better actor to play Steve I grow up watching the old Hawaii five O as well but this one is heaps better it’s a better Danny as well good one Peter well done keep making them and we will keep watching themq

  10. R Kepper says:

    Agree with the posters that Catherine back in the picture & with Naval Intelligence works best.
    I will not like it when they send her packing. Still wonder why?
    Grover does nothing for me since day 1. Seems an odd fit. Jorge is a better part-time fit IMO.

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope they get rid of Gabriel once the new season begins and what are the chances Hawaii Five-O end after seven seasons?

    • Sharon says:

      To be honest, I can only see “Five-0″‘ going for one more series- the sixth one. Alex
      has been “slumming” for long enough and has pretty much been wasted on a show which could be great if the writers knew how to come up with a decent script and stopped pairing McGarrett with plastic, Barbie-Doll types (yes, you, Ms.
      Borth! High time you said goodbye- or should I say: “Aloha”?). As for Scott Caan
      doing less episodes so he can be with his real-life daughter, I definitely feel his
      absence more than Navy SEAL Barbie’s. I love Scottie to bits- but not in that way! I’ve always seen him as more a brother-type- one who helps out autistic children and does his bit for gender-equality (see the movie “Varsity Blues” for
      proof of the latter-mentioned!). Scripts aside, couldn’t a rule be enforced that no
      women get their gear off unless A O’L does the same? Okay, Scott, feel free- I’m
      sure some women out there won’t object. But I’ll always see you as my brother
      from another mother!

  12. Katie says:

    I can’t wait for the new season, I’ve always been a fan of the main team. Catherine was fun in the first two seasons when she was around for a handful of scenes but they ruined things when the shoehorned in by giving her a badge. Bring on the Danny and Charlie arc, more of Steve and Danny chemistry, and bad ass action!

  13. Marci says:

    I’d like to ask Mr. Lenkov why he can’t leave Chin alone and stop constantly getting him into these menacing scenarios. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

  14. mskrislarsen says:

    I would like to see less Jerry and more Adam. Love Ian Anthony Dale.

  15. Carol says:

    Looking forward to the new season – nice to see some new interesting female characters coming on board. Agree with comments regarding Catherine not being as important as some make her out to be – I didn’t miss her either. They should have left her in the Navy or working with Billy. I’m sure S6 is going to be great – everyone seems to have good story arcs this year.

  16. Stacy says:

    I’m especially excited to see Carol Burnett back! Hopefully we’ll get to see Taryn Manning return as Mary. She hasn’t been seen since S4.

  17. Do you no when Hawaii five o season 6 will be shown inthe uk can’t get it at the same time as you and can’t wait for the new season to start but I don’t no when it will be on over here great series thanks to every one involved

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview for new season. Excited to watch season premiere on Friday. Happy the show is back!

  19. Maryann says:

    I must be the only person who absolutely detests the Steve & Danno bromance. I just cringe whenever they start at it.

    That said, the only thing I don ‘t like about what I’ve heard of the new season is Catherine and Steve finally being done. She has always been a favorite part of the show, although I liked her better in the Navy.

    Love Adam and Kono together and hope they can stay together, and a romance for Chin Ho is a good thing — although I liked his wife better than any new actress they can possibly bring in. And Jerry is great! Have loved the actor since Lost and still do.

    • john Phillips says:

      It just seems like there is too much happening and I personally am tired of the Bromance. I am not a freak but, I do like it when Kono gets physical…. Like the time she jumped some stairs to bust some villain up.

    • Debbie says:

      Cathrine stinks she has no backbone and just let’s Steve do/say whatever and she just bats her eyelashes and smiles… He need a stronger woman that challenges him a little…. And what about Danny’s Amber, I like them I hope she comes back

  20. H50fanie says:

    I hope Catherine is gone for good and she leaves permanently. The thing of leaving and returning , leaving and returning is not working and it affects the show.

  21. I’ll watch when Catherine is gone again. It’s a huge mistake to bring back the character. The showrunner needs to stop inserting his personal fantasies into the show. There’s no redeeming the character, and it’s embarrassing watching him try. I feel bad for the rest of the cast having to deal with her again. It’s also embarrassing watching the het-girl fans about how Cath is so perfect OMG. Really? She left Steve in a certain death situation, and bailed on him for an entire year. Sorry, but that’s just stupid.

    The show would be much better if they just embraced the chemistry between the two male lead characters, and ran with that, made it a positive thing instead of always playing it for laughs. Which is what the couples retreat sounds like. Playing it for laughs again.

    If there are fans who just can’t handle watching a show without a boy/girl het-fantasy romance they can insert themselves into in their sad, little daydreams, then there’s always the Disney channel or Lifetime Movie Network for them.

    • Ninamags says:

      I agree.

    • H50fan says:

      When you say that the show should be focus en embracing the chemistry between the 2 male lead characters. DO you mean like being a couple or just a nice friendship?

      Cause also Im tired and sick of some fans who wants Steve and Danny to become a love couple. THIS IS NOT A GAY TV SHOW!! Get over it. They are not gay, please stop that madness and those fans who wish that are sick!!. Sorry but it is the truth.

    • Debbie says:

      That’s right Catherine left Steve to teach those kids and told him to move on …… Let the guy move on!!!!!!

  22. Sarah j says:

    Love this show. So excited for Friday.

  23. Tina O says:

    get rid of jerry garcia!!! hate his character.

    • H50fan says:

      From time to time Jerry brings the funny side to the show from his own perception, but when he brings it everyday is not funny anymore. He should be recurring character not regular only appearing in some episodes so I agree Jerry does not have to be in every single episode, sometimes it makes the episode dumb and stupid.

  24. Ann Dixon says:

    The seadon opener STUNK

  25. Ann Dixon says:

    On the season opener, it stunk because it was so dumb. Kona and her husband being tortured. No copd. I understand the honeymoon bit. But when Kono gets free she driving thru traffic recklessly blowing her horn. NO POLICE. Shooting up the bank. NO POLICE. THE BOYS ARE CHASING A TREASURE OF YORE

  26. Syd Schultz says:

    Never in history have a group of cops had so many bad guys after them. If any one gets married that means one will get killed or kidnappted or both. So tired of the same old thing.

  27. there is way too much wasted time setting up the story and I am sick and tired of Steve and Danny’s banter. It is a good show that is being ruined by bad writing or something. Hawaii 50 can do better or it will not be around.

  28. mo1128 says:

    Is Adam permanently disabled in season 6 on Hawaii 5-0?

  29. Julie says:

    I just hope that they bring Catherine back and that Steve and Catherine stay together!!!! Marriage would hit the show so gooooood!

  30. sharon says:

    Steve and catherine should have a baby

  31. Nerrie says:

    I was thinking due to Michelle borth is pregnant I think that they should write it in to the show that Catherine falls pregnant by Steve and she stays