Scream Queens Ariana Grande

Scream Queens Premiere, Part 1: The Red Devil Claims His First Victim

Heads up, losers! This post contains a big ol’ spoiler from the first half of Tuesday’s Scream Queens, so turn back now if you haven’t seen it.

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than halfway through Tuesday’s series premiere of Scream Queens, the Fox slasher-comedy offed one of its biggest names: Ms. Ariana Grande (aka Chanel No. 2).

To be fair, Grande’s character did kind of ask for it. I mean, the Red Devil — Scream Queens‘ masked killer — was polite enough to request admission into her bedroom (via text), then gave her fair warning before stabbing her in the throat.

Scream Queens Ariana GrandeI’d also be remiss if I referred to Grande’s death as a total surprise; in addition to her being MIA from future episode stills, which many fans noticed, part of her final scene also leaked online earlier this summer.

That said, this first death — assuming you don’t count Ms. Bean, Chanel No. 4 or that unknowingly pregnant sorority sister — absolutely set the tone for Scream Queens‘ future murders. There might be a few laughs involved, but make no mistake: There will be blood. And occasional tweeting.

Fortunately, according to executive producer Brad Falchuk, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Grande:

On the off chance you were shocked by Chanel No. 2’s murking, let’s hear about it in a comment below. 

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  1. Julio says:

    I KNEW IT!!!

  2. Brandee says:

    I’m loving the show but…. how do these girls not realize they’re housing a homicidal devilman in their house?!?

  3. ms Thang says:

    They need to kill neck grace girl next. The starlet who plays the character is so annoying.

    • ms Thang says:

      “neck brace”

    • thisismenow says:

      Lea Michele is one of Ryan’s pets. She’ll make it at least until the last couple of episodes, if not through the following season. Emma Roberts will also likely be in the same boat.

    • joaquin says:

      lmao most people like lea michele. the neck brace girl adds humour and diversity, so killing a character cause the actress is annoying is stupid. i mean you’re probably one of the people on the planet that hate lea soo yeah

      • tsevca says:

        I don´t like her either. Honestly, I dislike anything connected to Glee. But to be completely objective, even if she was played by a different actress, for me, that character is the weakest link of the show. I like the show, but I expected more. They seemed to purposely not even try for the dialogues to sound realistic. And her lines? If that character was cut out from the show, so far, it would have no effect on the storyline. It´s really starting to look like he wrote the role for her only to cast her, but after storyline was already made up without that role. And jokes connected to her role aren´t really even funny much. She just comes, says something weird and that´s it. And if a character I like gets killed off before her and she survives until the end just because she´s the boss´ pet…

  4. Marie says:

    Am I seriously the only one not liking this show?

  5. Para says:

    really someone will be into this?

  6. The Micheal Bay joke was priceless. Already loving Scream Queens beyond what i originally thought I would.

  7. Television says:

    I can’t get over the fact that Grace actress and Carrie Diaries actress are not the same person.

  8. Santiago says:

    It took me like….13 minutes to love the show. It’s the campy-horror sorority girl comedy show that TV needed. I mean, the idea of a horror comedy hasn’t been explored a lot in the way it is explored in Scream Queens.

    Chanel and her minions are so evil that you get to love them, for how funny they are. And the rest of the cast is so hilarious and awesome. The tension, the main mystery which is quite disturbing and hard to solve right now. Awesome.

    I predicted that Ari or Nick would die in the first episode…the twist on Nick’s death was awesome and so shocking. My new guilty pleasure!

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Based on the fact that Ariana Grande was touring all summer, it was pretty much a given that she would be gone by the end of the premiere. No way she would want to put a brake on her striving music career to be in a TV show for more than just the occasional guest stint.
      The twist on Nick Jonas was good. All in all, it was dumb, but very funny dumb. It didn’t expect too much, but what I expected, I got, so I’ll tune in again.

  9. tsevca says:

    And I was wondering… I mean, first, it was hugely promoted that she´d star on the show and then she was hardly in any trailer (you mentioned promo pictures but those usually cover only few scene, sometimes only two, so I don´t see anything big in a character not being included) and then they released the opening credits and she wasn´t there. I even thought I missed her, so I watched again. But watching the episode, I probably forgot about that and honestly, she hardly ever talked. I didn´t count, but I think she had less than 10 sentences. And after all, the show revealed many names that would be in the cast, so girl with no real acting career… it wouldn´t be weird to have such minor role.
    But I must say I loved the killing scene. It felt kind of romantic in a creepy way. For a moment, I thought this could be one of the slashers, where the killer does it for a girl, but just a short moment. But the costume still kind of makes him hot. Too bad any choice would be disapontment.

  10. Chanel says:

    What ringtone does he have because I really want it on my phone!!!