NCIS Season 13 Recap

NCIS Recap: Gibbs Is [Spoiler]! But How Does He Feel About That...?

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the NCIS Season 13 premiere.

It took the mad surgical skills of one of the Two and a Half Men, but NCIS‘ Leroy Jethro Gibbs will live on to fight another day. The question now is: Does he want to?

Rushed into surgery aboard the U.S.S. Daniel Webster, after being shot twice by Luke, Gibbs is taunted by Mike Franks, who said his friend “never saw it coming.” The ghost adds: “What does that say about us?”

Gibbs was ably tended to by the chatty/quippy Dr. Cyril Taft (guest star Jon Cryer), a former chief trauma surgeon at Walter Reed NCIS Cryerwho once was courted to be POTUS’ personal physician. Taft announces that while they can easily give Gibbs a new knee, the second bullet shattered on impact and in turn spawned a buncha bleeders inside his chest.

During surgery, Gibbs at first imagines himself in the big orange room beside an oblivious McGee and Bishop, the Most Wanted wall plastered with the faces of those Gibbs has lost. His dearly departed daughter Kelly arrives to leads him to the beach, where they revisit a family fishing folly — a “good day” — with wife/mom Shannon (cue archival Darby Stanchfield footage). “We don’t have good days now,” Kelly observes. “You spend too much time thinking about the past…. Things are different. It’s about the future now.”

Gibbs comes out of surgery A-OK and, months later, resumes work at NCIS, where Calling kingpin Daniel Budd’s face now (and still) has primo real estate among the Most Wanted. Restricted to “administrative duty” by Vance, Gibbs learns that DiNozzo and Teague have followed Budd’s trail to Shanghai. When Tony later checks in, he’s surprised to hear that Gibbs is back ahead of schedule, yet must rush off the call before he and Boss can exchange any words — visibly irking the latter, who decides to go for a “walk.”

Gibbs pays a visit to incarcerated Calling member Michael Rousseau, who refuses to give up any intel on Budd or his plans. Hoping to drive his point home, Gibbs rams a pen into the terrorist’s hand — an act which Vance later questions him about.

A seemingly new wrinkle comes into play when SecDef reports that North Korea is preparing to launch missiles from one of its subs, and that a computer linked to the attack is in NCIS’ possession! It turns out that Budd had long ago “backdoored” Dorney’s laptop and is now using it to hack the Pentagon and fake the launch alert. Luckily, McGee & Co. are able to access Dorney’s laptop and undo the damage before Budd can demonstrate to the Chinese that he can manufacture war.

Over in Shanghai, DiNozzo and Teague infiltrate one of the Calling’s bases, where they find Luke and inform him that Gibbs survived the shooting. An admittedly relieved Luke Skypes with Gibbs, who tells that lad that “what happens next is your decision.” Luke apparently helps out, since DiNozzo later winds up coming face-to-face with Budd, first amid a busy marketplace and then privately, in an alley.

When the cornered Budd brags that “manipulating the legal system will be child’s play for a man of my talent,” Tony shoots him in the leg, explaining: “You’re not a Bond villain, you’re a fraud — and frauds don’t get to speechify like Bond villains.

“They do get to die like them,” Tony adds, which Budd in fact does after being gunned down in self-defense.NCIS Season 13

Back at NCIS, Gibbs reports that Luke has been remanded to a halfway house, while McGee gives the departing Teague her son’s laptop. DiNozzo reunites with Gibbs, saying/asking, “Everything’s back to normal?” Then: “Do we need to talk, Boss…?” Gibbs flatly responds, “What would you like to talk about, DiNozzo?” before getting up and walking away, leaving Tony puzzled/concerned.

Where is Gibbs off to? A meet-up with Dr. Taft, to whom he gifts his preferred single malt. “Everybody is watching me, afraid I’m going to break…,” Gibbs shares of his return to NCIS. Taft relates a story of how he eventually returned to work after losing a son to leukemia, saying, “If I wasn’t back at it, I’d be nowhere.” When Gibbs says he’s glad the doc stayed active, Taft asks: “Are you?” — because, he has learned, there are two kinds of patients: those who revere him for saving their life, or despise him. “Which one are you, Gibbs?”

Gibbs doesn’t answer, but instead sighs, “Things are changing. I can’t do it alone.” To which Taft counters, “I’ve met your team…. Who says you’re alone?”

And yet Gibbs’ face suggests he nonetheless feels adrift, searching for his purpose, old or new, in the wake of his latest scare.

What did you think of the NCIS premiere and guest star Jon Cryer?

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  1. Steve says:

    Cryer’s character was a nice homage to China Beach and Robert Picard’s Dr. Richard down to the witty banter, sense of humor and musical choice. As well as the War Games homage.

    • James says:

      And the homage to NCIS and the homage to JAG and the homage to Summer School and the homepage to Two and a Half Men and the homage to Hot Shots and the homage to Pretty in Pink

      • Brian L says:

        You forgot M*A*S*H, which it was actually designed to be a homage to. Gary Glasburg loved the show in his youth and wanted to use the type of banter they used on that show.

  2. Dean says:

    Nice to see Tony have the hero moment only he can make a bad guy take down sound quipy. But his shock at Gibbs asking what he wanted to talk about was interesting Gibbs isn’t the type of guy to share anything and to Tony who has known Gibbs for years and every nook and cranny of his personality hearing that seems foreign to him, that his boss has an interest in a heart to heart discussion would seem odd.

    • Leia says:

      Actually Tony asked do we need to talk? So many possibilities from rule 6 to did Tony do a Gibbs with Budd, yes he did, and is Gibbs happy about that, or disappointed, does he blame Tony, or is Tony feeling guilt still so that he took vengeance on Budd by knee capping him before, the coup de gras, Tony Would not lie on a report, so… And Gibbs would read that report, Tony basically goaded Budd, after taking the vengeful shot, and got to do the clean kill, because Budd went for his gun. Off to a great start

  3. John NYC says:

    Damn good episode.

    Wasn’t expecting that tbt.

  4. The Rookie says:

    The episode was quite entertaining. Seems Gibbs is in pain both physically and emotionally, that should give us good drama for the next few episodes.

    • MIKE HAMMER says:

      SERIOUSLY, How many times have we seen the Gibbs Agonites bit? How many times dose NCIS go to the flashback well? REALLY? Silly endless Gibbs physically and mentally burned only to HEROICALLY re-appear. Only thing missing— and amazing how “Mike Franks” gets to grow a beard whilst dead— was “Ziver” magically popping up.
      NCIS jumped the shark six years ago.
      IF you think this entertainment, then easy prey!

      • Amanda says:

        Why don’t you stop watching if you’ve been so annoyed for 6 years?

        • MIKE HAMMER says:

          TRY answering the questions rather than attacking the messenger?

          • Snappy says:

            The comments are too funny! But why is Bishop still around? Need some new mojo.

          • Erin says:

            I too am tired of the never ending Gibbs angst. The current showrunner seems to think the only character that anyone should care about or want to see have drama or experience danger is Gibbs. I miss the show being about a funny quirky but talented and dedicated team. Now it’s all about whatever angst and personal tragedy Gibbs is working through. Ho hum.

          • Leia says:

            Easy prey huh, for 55 million people. What’s the matter Mike, are we envious of a show?i does it have more Facebook friends than you do?

          • Opinions are not questions that need to be answered. There are plenty of shows to watch on network and cable that may be more interesting to you. I for one enjoy NCIS and am thrilled to see that it still drew 18 million viewers last week. No shark sightings at CBS on Tuesday nights, I am happy to report.

      • Chrissie Cooper says:

        Wow, you sure paid attention to everything you so despised. Don’t watch it if it annoys you so much–but then, you couldn’t piss and moan about it could you? *Yawn*, not only are you annoying, you are predictable and tedious as well. Good job… Take a Tums and change the damn channel, you’ll live longer.

      • Giacomini says:

        Nice synopsis, Mike.

      • Rocky says:

        If you don’t like the show, then watch something else. There are those of us who consider it our favorite.

      • Linda Baxter says:

        Are you sure you want to watch or do you like just taking apart something that was excellent

        • MIKE HAMMER says:

          NCIS DOWN 17% from last year— AND the lowest rating opening in its history.
          Perhaps I am not the only one who thinks it subpar, predictable and repetitive?

          • John NYC says:

            So what are you watching in it’s stead? Always open to new additions to my TiVo list.

            Thanks in advance!

          • arial2 says:

            Yeah, only 18 million viewers. Of course, every other drama on tv would KILL for that many viewers. I rolled my eyes in the finale, when Gibbs was shot: “what, major injury AGAIN?!” But I see they’re using this one as an opportunity to let other characters mature. Tony shooting the bad guy in the knee for revenge for Gibbs’ injury there AND to provoke him into pulling a gun was a change in his character. I’d like to see where they’re going with this. FINALLY, they may let Tony grow up. Realistically, NCIS is the number one show in the world, viewer-wise, and Mark Harmon is getting older, so evolution is needed for NCIS to continue to draw interest. I love that MH is spending more and more time behind the camera (see both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans credits last night).

          • Leia says:

            So 13 yrs ago how old were you Mike, have you left the demo yet? 18 mil of a premiere is right up there with most of them, maybe you should just stop,watching

          • Leia says:

            Mike demo info only goes back to season 7. This premiere equaled 12 in viewership and exceeded 1 thru 6 in viewership, how much older are you? By the way season 4 and 5 had the worst premiere numbers in viewership. You can chew on that for a while.

      • Birchie Stacy says:

        I agree with the “Mike Franks” appearing again. Why kill the character off and then show him in flashbacks? Make Gibbs seem a bit unstable.

      • Karen says:

        BooHoo, Mike is not entertained.

  5. LaraS says:

    I absolutely loved the premiere. Great.

  6. Mel says:

    I knew we were going to have Gibbs/Tony tension this season, but Gibbs’ cold attitude towards Tony at the end was still a gut-punch. Very intrigued to see where this all leads. Cryer was great, and I loved BAMF! Tony getting Budd.

    • cookie says:

      Personally I was shocked by the exchange bwteen the too guys at the end? At One Point I thought that Gibbs was gonna hug Tony, but when Gibbs learned that Tony was in Shanghai he was weird then, I knew something was up. I also thought Gibbs was his old self, the only thing was he was in physical pain from his injuries. I thought the episode was ok. I’ll hang in there to see where this life changing behavior leads.

  7. I was riveted to my TV for the hour. Loved the return of BAMF Tony. Glad that Franks left when Gibbs told him to “get lost”. Glad that Luke is in Juvenile for “a log time” (hopefully until he’s 21). I think Jon Cryer is a great addition to the recurring cast. Was VERY happy when Kelly basically told him to “get over it” (her and Shannon’s deaths) that it was time to be happy again.
    Great start to Season 13 and I hope the character development continues.
    1 down – 23 to go.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Excellent on all fronts. Outstanding acting from Mark Harmon and Jon Cryer — the last scene was especially moving and set the stage for more great moments. We will have stress but in the end the team should be closer than ever. I predict we will have meaningful Gibbs/Tony interaction as we progress. Also, lest I forget since so much happened afterward, the new Kelly was a fresh addition and super cute. She has a future!

    • Calling this now – Tony and Gibbs get into a physical altercation. Tony had to go hard to lead the team (we’ll learn more in flashbacks/discussion about what happened while Gibbs was in the body and fender shop), and a combination of that experience plus the coldness between the two of them will lead him to resent Gibbs resenting him.

      There’ll be a blowout, and then peace. But boy I see a huge crater inducing blowout, with potential Farnell dragging drunk Gibbs back to reality level results.

  9. Charlotte says:

    I should add — Mark Harmon’s new look is a hands- down winner! Silver Fox!

    • John NYC says:


    • Rox says:

      Damn straight!

      • MIKE HAMMER says:

        IF paying attention, for the last few years–Post Bellesario– Harmon hates pro military/USA and now the final insult: dumps the Marine/DI haircut . NOW he will be loved in Hollywoodland as the show veirs even more left and Haircut Harmon can finally win an EMMY!

        • John NYC says:

          THIS show “left”?

          That’s hysterical. And sort of amazingly preposterous. From JAG though this one the military gets solid respect.

          So maybe a bit of overreaction for the tops of his ears being covered some twenty years after he leaves the Corps per the storyline?

          • John NYC says:

            Note that the “C” in NCIS stands for criminal? Thus the entire premise of the show is investigating (another letter in the agency name) suspected criminal acts involving, Naval personnel who are, wait for it, military! So in the second episode ever when they investigated the death of a Marine whose chute failed to perform and wound up grabbing his fellow Marine murderer that was “anti-military” since the murderer wore a uniform? Or does anti-military only apply when the perpetrator portrayed is brass? Yet in that case by that metric J.A.G. was as anti-military as it gets since THEY prosecuted and convicted countless officers!

            Oh my the rot ran deep in this lineage.

            I mean it’s not like EVERY perp on the show could be a reporter! Major snoozefest sir!

        • Chrissie Cooper says:

          Really dude, don’t post drunk, you are starting to embarrass yourself. Yikes.

          • MIKE HAMMER says:

            The abject idiocy of some of those posting is amazing— as apparently accurate criticism is too much for some.
            YES, this show took a sharp turn left after the Bellisario coup. ONE simple example: The CHRISTMAS episode where a famous military official and later Christian pastor and his son murdered his other son because the young man converted to Islam!

        • Leia says:

          Total BS mike Hammer total BS.

        • wow – if he hates the military so much, why his he producing the NCIS:NO?

        • Leia says:

          Total fantasy, so the Red Circle is an anti military book, that MH is bringing to CBS

    • Michelle says:

      Hell yeah! !!

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah.. I’d lock him in my closet lol

    • lsperling says:

      He is definitely aging well. :)

  10. tyranthraxus says:

    I liked Tony taking ‘charge’ . Kinda reminds me of that cluster of episodes back long ago when again he took charge.. but he definetly feels more of a Leader here. Im still unsure here what the power structure is now with Gibbs basically tied to his desk. If he isnt back to the second rung of power soon people will start to complain the show isnt the same without Gibbs as the Boss.

    Its a shame we cant keep this going for the immediate future though.

  11. Ken larson says:

    Glad that the new season as started. Hope we see more flashbacks of pass actors. A great show.

  12. Small goof, Matt. Luke is in juvenile detention and will eventually be released to a halfway house.

  13. SPAMMER says:


  14. Rox says:

    Outstanding premiere episode! Mark Harmon not only looked incredible but nailed the “new” Gibbs, a tormented soul and body under that suave, handsome mask. And Jon Cryer’s Dr. Taft rocked! Home run, NCIS!

  15. mike says:

    Matt I Drive a truck for a living so I DVR this stuff and watch it when I get home, but I always read your spoilers to see if the show is interesting enough to watch when I get home. this one sounds well worth watching thank you for the review

    • MIKE HAMMER says:

      KEEP your eyes on the road, pal. Ain’t missing a thing!

    • Erin says:

      It was fine but really I’m just tired of Gibbs melodramas and tragedies and the constant use of Gibbs’s tragic past cropping up as the plot devise. While the little girl that played Kelly was sweet, the dialogue was extremely trite. I miss seeing Tony as an important team member and hope that tonight isn’t the only action he gets this season. I am sad that the writers seem to want McGee to replace him as Gibbs’s right hand man. I wonder if they’re going to write Tony out at the end of the season since they seem to be pushing McGee as the agent that Gibbs likes and trusts last season and this.

      • Melora says:

        No offense. You sounds like one of those Bitter Tiva fans who cant let it go

        • Erin says:

          I didn’t even mention Ziva or Tiva. Not everyone who is unhappy with what has become The Dramas and Tragedies of Gibbs Show is unhappy because Ziva/tiva is gone – as a matter of fact I did a happy dance hoping that we were done with mawkish melodramatic story lines but now the never ending Gibbs personal tragedy stories have replaced the never ending Ziva personal tragedy stories. Meanwhile interesting characters like Tony are barely significant unless they pump up a current Gibbs melodrama. I’m sure Gibbs’s crappy treatment of Tony will end in another pity party for Gibbs and Tony will be portrayed as deserving it.

      • Amarillys says:

        oh come on. McGee was the low man of the totem pole for so long. He had to spent most of the time glued to his chair & desk while Tony & Ziva were doing all the work.

        The writers do not want to replace Tony as Gibbs’s right hand. But it’s time that his probie days are over.

        • Erin says:

          I guess the reason McGee was “glued to his chair” is because him skill is being the computer wiz. Now he seems to be Gibbs’s most valuable agent in the field two while Tony holds the clicker and gets yelled at by Gibbs. There’s really nothing left for Tony to do since Gibbs always gets the hero and danger moments these days often with McGee by his side. Looks like Tony’s purpose this season is to be Gibbs’s punching bag while everyone else gets a pat on the back.

  16. Toni Michelle H says:

    Amazing episode. Loved it. This was definitely a major Gibbs and Tony episode but I liked the fact that we got to see a little of everyone. Loved the fact that our favorite McGeek stopped the bad guy’s plan with the war head and even received a Gibbs pat and was called Tim, which hardly ever happens, it usually “McGee” or some “McNickname”. Palmer seems to have some of the most funny lines in the show and I definitely giggled from Jimmy’s screen time tonight. REALLY wish they would retire Abby’s “Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs!” it just needs to go. Was shocked when Gibbs stabbed the guy at the prison. He went off the reservation a little bit. Any who, great episode certainly has me excited to see how the rest of s13 is gonna turn out.

  17. Julieann Mcintyre says:

    Gibbs, Gibbs Gibbs – who consulted on the OR screen….it was horribly done. Not even close to real. Can’t understand why you don’ hire an OR nurse to consult !, call me I will volunteer my services.

  18. mskrislarsen says:

    First indicator that Gibbs returned to NCIS a changed man, other than his obvious longer hair: he was wearing a dress shirt under his suit jacket instead of his standard polo shirt.

    I pointed that out to my BFF right away, and then, lo and behold, a graphic showing that particular change in wardrobe was included in the next episode preview.

  19. J Gainey says:

    Dinnozo did not shoot Bud in self defense – it was cold blooded murder.While this show’s track record portraying the difference between ‘heroic pursuit of justice’ and pure vigilantism has always been poor ,this was just so far over the line that the only way to even begin addressing this is to have Dinnozo arrested and sent to prison.I have deleted the show from future recording.
    War is never clean ,but glorifying unchecked murder is a horrific betrayal of everything our nation stands for.When you begin fighting a war because you hate what’s in front of you instead of loving what’s behind you-it’s time to go home.

    • John NYC says:


      The guy was in the process of pulling his handgun out from his belt, the gun he’d recently used to shoot another person. That’s sort of the very definition of self defense.

    • Erin says:

      Well now in all fairness, Bud was going for his gun, which was admittedly stupid since DiNozzo already had his gun aimed. It did seem to bother Tony although I simply can’t agree that it was cold blooded murder. More like self defense. That would have to be like when Gibbs sniped Hernandez, or when Gibbs and Fornell planted an empty gun on Sergei and then shot him when he pulled it on them.

    • Rocky says:

      Murder? Hardly! Budd was reaching for his pistol, on his belt, on his right side and Tony was legally justified in shooting him in self defense. It was actually more like suicide by cop. Budd left Tony no choice in the matter.

    • Jayden says:

      I agree. Tony had a look of evil in his eye. This is NOT the Tony I want to see develop. Tony is a great agent and they need not make him look evil…. Wow. The OR scene looked a pre recorded film within a film. Grainy and poorly done. YUK!

      • Linda Boo says:

        Dinozzo did shoot Budd in selfdefense, the guy pulled a gun out of his pocket, but before he got it all the way out Dinozzo shot him before he could get the gun all the way out, where were you that you did not see that.

    • Pennagirl says:

      He killed Budd in self defense when Budd went for his gun to shoot at Tony. He shot him in the knee to keep Budd from running. Don’t know what the heck you we watching.

  20. J Gainey says:

    Don’t know how I missed that ( was doing too many things at once )Thanks for the correction.sorry Tony!

  21. says:

    I get an uneasy feeling that they’re gearing up for the end of the series. I hope I’m wrong….

    • Erin says:

      I think either they are as you say going to end the series, or maybe eliminate Tony from the team. His role has been greatly diminished since Glasberg took over and one gets the feeling that since the show is all about Gibbs now, that Tony is being squeezed out.

  22. Mary Mazek says:

    I had to work tonite so thank you so much for this info. I can see the show continuing without Gibbs!

  23. ndixit says:

    This was a solid premiere. Definitely better than the last couple of season premieres for NCIS. It didn’t go too over the top. Nice to see Tony being a badass. Him taking down the villain with a Bond reference was pretty cool. The tension between Gibbs and Tony seemed pretty forced and kind of random. I’m glad they didn’t spend the entire ep with Gibbs on deathbed. Glad we only got minimal Mike Franks. Cryer was good. He was funny but not in a way where he distracted from the show. The rest was solid as per usual, but Abby seriously needs to cut the “Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs”. Only Pauley and the writers find that endearing.

    • Ting says:

      I agree,I find Abby”Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs”very annoying very time when I hear seems to me that this is a never ending line for Abby.!!

    • tackandcover says:

      Thought it was a solid outong. Not outstanding, not a disaster. Cryer was great in his role. Hope it is a recurring role for him. Like you I’m really getting tired of Abby and “Gibbs.” Normally she does the “Gibbs” thing 5 times when she wants him. Yesterday’s episode must have been a high water mark as she said it 7 times in a row. Season 13 of the show and she has not grown very much either as a scientist or as a person.

  24. Gordon Rushing says:

    Have to say, extremely impressed by Jon Cryer’s role in this episode and hope he becomes a more permanent character in the show!!!

  25. Kimberly A. Avery says:

    I absolutely loved the premiere! I really hope DiNozzo and Gibbs are good with each other. You know a head slap or reference to a movie. While probably not the greatest timing just something to lighten the tension.
    I really look forward to the new season and all the suspence 😜

  26. Pat says:

    Great season opener. Now, my major concern is the rift that is brewing between Gibbs and Tony, ( thanks to the writers, just what I did not want to happen). I am not sure what path Gibbs will be going down but something tells me that it might involve alcohol. I just hope that this does not carry over for the whole season and gets resolved quickly. Seeing the promo for next week and the scene with Tony and Gibbs put a knot in my stomach. By the way, Mark Harmon still looks good to me especially since we are both the same age!

  27. Marlene McLoughlin says:

    Would like to see more of Jon Cryor perhaps as Gibbs’ confidante and friend?

  28. tyranthraxus says:

    i just realised something about Tony shot Budd dead in a Shanghai Alleyway with his service revolver. in SHANGHAI which is part of CHINA. Hes an NCIS agent, which dosnt really give him license to be operating in other countries and he just shot dead a foreign national in CHINA.

  29. Bill says:

    Jon Cryer is a fine actor however, he seemed to play this part more like Alan Harper than I had hoped.

  30. bshaid says:

    Cryer was excellent!!!

  31. I don’t get Gibbs attitude to DiNosso. What’s the deal.

  32. Tom-VA49 says:

    It was a very good episode. With all of the crossover shows we see now, it would be nice for NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans to mention that Gibbs was shot, even if it was mentioned in passing

  33. spanada says:

    Glad to see that Gibbs made it. But, to me it’s just not the same without Ziva. She added so much more to it.

    • Dean says:

      If you’re so unhappy watch something else and quit preaching that the mere mention of ziva can end world hunger and cure cancer.

      • Dog says:

        You know Dean, I would think people could watch the show, enjoy it and still have their own thoughts. Who made you the show opinion police?

    • The Rookie says:

      I love the show without Ziva, it became so heavy, dramatic and difficult to watch towards the end. I stopped being a fan of Ziva when she hit Tony. The show now is lighter, funnier and 100% more plausible without her.

  34. I guess I’m the odd man out here, maybe because I read too many spoilers and interviews and watched the sneak peeks. Having a medical background I always pick apart medical scenes and while this one was a small notch above most I have seen in the past (and I did work in the OR), it still was unbelievable for Gibbs to still be awake, and talking and only having a nasal cannula after that chest wound. Horrific injury. So much air time spent on the actual surgery and then poof! Two months later and he’s strolling back into NCIS. I would have preferred seeing GIbbs out of the office the entire episode and show more recouperation. And they never did explain the head injury. I knew there would be tension between Tony and GIbbs, but from the spoilers I thought it would be something that grew during the season, because Tony was still in charge while Gibbs was sidelined. Apparently Tony was in charge for two months, but we never got to see it. I found the episode depressing, and I felt a death knoll for the show. Was Gibbs upset with Tony because he didn’t consult him first about going to Shanghai? Did any one visit Gibbs while he was at home or just send him fruit and that’s why he’s pissed? Or does Gibbs think Tony channeled him and did a Pedro Fernandez? The showdown with Budd was real iffy, and Tony may have crossed that line if Budd didn’t attempt to draw his weapon. They made a point to show that he did that, so we would all know it was self defense. But I think Tony is wondering the same thing. And maybe Gibbs is too. “Don’t be like me.” Sorry this is so long.

    • Leia says:

      Four months, not two May to sept and he didn’t have a nasal Canula in surgery, that was during prep right after transport to the ship. He was intubated for surgery. His head injury was when he fell back superficial but needed to cover the actors longer hair, for the rest of the episode. If we’d seen Gibbs rehab there are those in the fandom who would have whined about oh oh Gibbs angst, nonstop. Better they show him standing but not whole that’s what you’d expect from Gibbs. tough SOB.

  35. jkflickinger says:

    If Gibbs takes his daughter’s words to heart and moves on toward the future, I can see the Dr. Taft, Cryer’s character becoming what Mike Franks was to Gibbs, even more so than Ducky could.

    • aph1976 says:

      Maybe this near death experience forces Gibbs to move on with his life and figuring out what to do next.For example maybe Gibbs knows he might retire one day and is making sure Tony is ready to be in charge for good.So that could explain why Gibbs might be backing away from Tony a little because Tony can’t always expect Gibbs to be there,

  36. Vivian says:

    Background music kills talk. Bishop can’t talk so can be heard anyway. Like toy’s part1

  37. mrsfoxxe says:

    background music too loud. Bishop can’t talk anyway.

  38. mrsfoxxe says:

    background music too loud!

  39. Sissy says:

    Did anyone else chuckle at the “Ducky” reference for Dr. Taft?

  40. Rocky says:

    My favorite show, at least until they cancel it, as they have done with every other favorite of mine, in search of better ratings, for many decades. Just Who Are these Nielsen people, anyways? I tried downloading their software, to Chrome (I normally use IE) and it just slowed it down excessively.
    We certainly do miss Ziva. (the show runner screwed the pooch by losing her) At least we still get to see Frank, occasionally. Ducky’s looking older…, as are they all, of course, since ‘time waits for no man’.
    Don’t fiddle with the characters too awful much… you don’t want to ruin a good thing.

  41. Dawn D says:

    Love Jon in this more serious role. It was getting old of the Ducky type character. He is a great actor and so happy they are taking him to his acting chops he is worthy of.

  42. Leann says:

    Loved the premier, my only comment would be that the time jump wasn’t very smooth. I thought we were in a dream world still for a moment, until McGee started talking about that they weren’t expecting him for another couple of weeks. And has Tony been gone ALL that time?

  43. ts says:

    Seemed to me the rift between Tony and Gibbs goes directly back to Gibbs getting shot, and Tony feeling guilty that he wasn’t close enough to cover Gibbs (as he admitted to the CIA agent he was working with, Dornigan’s mom), and maybe Gibbs feeling the same way. Tony knew he had to “clean up his mess” as per rule 45, to get square with Gibbs, but maybe that still won’t be enough to ease the tension between them. Tony desperately wants things to be “back to normal” but for Gibbs, Tony still has a lot of explaining to do.

  44. Dawn D says:

    I think it’s time for Gibb’s to finally put closure to his past and want a good last half of life. Find love. Maybe modify the team let Tony branch to his own show for the heavier s/l and Gibb’s and team important but less trauma.

    • John NYC says:

      Some of that definitely seemed to be foreshadowed in his “chat” with his daughter. Being inside his head all her advice would have been coming from HIMSELF after all…. from one perspective.

  45. Frank Harbison says:

    I hope Mark Harmon isn’t leaving NCIS. Is Cote Due Pablo coming back ? I think it would be a good thing if Tony is given his own team

    • John NYC says:

      Tony seems quite capable of killing people on his own so foreign agency assassins probably are redundant. No, they are redundant.

      OTOH why would harmon leave NCIS? He’s an actor having a helluva good time and getting perks like other shows to participate in.

  46. aph1976 says:

    I’m wondering if a part of Gibbs wanted to die and that’ll be the part of the story going forward because he’s still alive.Plus Gibbs could also wonder why he lived while so many other people he knew died.So it could be survivor’s guilt too.

  47. marge says:

    What happened to Gibb’s white Tshirt under his button-down, one of his key wardrobe elements?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      More on that next week.

    • Leia says:

      Surgery, having your chest cracked makes it hard to lift your arms

      • John NYC says:

        Ha, you’re right! Obvious, non shrinks, explanation. All that cutting and poking to get all the fragments would leave you sore for quite a while even after everything is “healed”. There’s still a slice of my back that itches just about all the time five years later.

  48. Pam says:

    Loved seeing Jon Cryer in the season premiere – hopefully it wasn’t just a one-time visit.

  49. Catherine says:

    Jon Cryer was great and a perfect addition to the story and the show. Really expected more recovery time/story for Gibbs and was left ’empty’ by the ‘massively bad surgery, life threatening’ mess to ‘Hey, you’re back. Felt like NCIS kind of glossed over the whole thing and will be looking forward to seeing what change this really brings to the show.

  50. jack bauer says:

    The Jon Cryer character is too much like Allen on Two and half Men. He was too gabby during surgery and annoying. I think if he stays he needs to tone down his “Allen” character because it was very inappropriate for NCIS.