Castle Season 8 Trailer

Ratings: Castle Returns to Series Lows; NBC's Blindspot Opens Big

ABC’s Castle opened Season 8 on Monday night with 6.8 million total viewers and a 1.2 demo rating  (per finals), down from both last year’s premiere (10.8 mil/2.2) and finale (8.4 mil/1.4) and hitting series lows.

Opening ABC’s night and now facing stiffer competition, Dancing With the Stars (11.5 mil/1.8) slipped three tenths from its premiere.


FOX | Gotham (4.6 mil/1.6) was down sharply from its year-ago launch (8.2 mil/3.2) but was on par with its freshman finale (4.9 mil/1.7). Minority Report debuted to 3.1 mil/1.1, below any of Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 2 numbers.

NBC | The Voice returned to 12.4 mil and a 3.5, down from its February premiere (14 mil/4.1) and more on par with its year-ago opener (13 mil/3.9), yet hitting a low for a premiere. Blindspot (10.6 mil/3.1) bowed strongly, giving NBC its best rating in the time slot since The Blacklist‘s year-ago opener, trouncing the State of Affairs launch (8.7 mil/2.2) and delivering the best retention (82 percent) for an apres-Voice drama debut ever.

CBS | Big Bang Theory (18.2 mil/4.7) slipped 12 percent in the demo vs. its previous Monday premiere but still dominated the night; Life in Pieces retained 11.3 mil/2.6, marking CBS’ most watched comedy debut in the time slot since 2011 (2 Broke Girls). Scorpion (11 mil/2.2) was well shy of its year-ago debut/series highs (13.8 mil/3.2) but matched its finale. NCIS: LA (8 mil/1.2) returned to series lows.

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  1. Brad says:

    Figured castle would be low but a series low dam people are not a fan of Alexis pi and the changes there doing

    • Maryann says:

      They have already said that Alexi is now an adult and Pi is long gone.

    • DD says:

      Funny because I am a big fan of Alexis and most of the people I know are, I want more Alexis not less

      • rowan77 says:

        I also like Alexis. It would be more interesting for her character to not be so perfect at being an investigator right away, but I still like the character and think her becoming a PI (at least for a while) with her father makes sense.

    • Luli says:

      Alexis was great in the premiere. So sad to see the show hitting a series low with an episode so good like tis one. I hope it rises in the second part.

      • cej says:

        Us, too! We love Alexis!

      • prish says:

        The husband and I are waiting until next week to see the two-parter, together. That might be why the viewing stats are lower. Why on earth they want to start a series’ year with a broken story, I’ll never get. I would think revving up the momentum should be primary, not, “Hey, we’re going to tease you and give only half a story.”

      • dvwilliamson says:

        I liked like season but it felt like it was missing something. But I felt like this was a great start to this season. I hope ratings pick up I’d hate to see the end of Castle. I’m an Alexis fan!

      • Robert Armstrong says:

        Hopefully u are right!!! I thought the 2parter was great and I like the change they have taken!!!Hope the ratings go up love this show!!!

    • mike says:

      The ratings are down because everything is down not Alexis!! People are using the DVR more and more, and networks are going to have to shift to a new model for true ratings. The buzz on the episode is trending very well. With all the new shows starting many people DVR the older and watch the newer, or just DVR both. Syndication, is the key word for Castle. It is crazy how “shippers” ruin the buzz around shows, unless Castle and Becket are tied together and kissing every moment during a episode, the same people come out and hate the show. They should switch to Lifetime network.

    • Mike Q says:

      When the entire summer teased a breakup — started here and picked up by others — this was a fait accompli. People don’t want to see that couple break up. I feel bad for the writers because it seems like cast drama may have forced it on them.

      • Georgee says:

        Since the end of May all we heard about was how Toks Olangundoye soul reason to be on the show was to cause a major split between Rick and Kate. For seven seasons the whole show was built on the relationship and love affair of Rick and Kate. Now they want Hayley to be the role model for alexis, wouldn’t that have been a better fit with her new stepmother. As far as a 2 part opening series, wife did not want to watch the first part than wait other week to see the second part. It been a long summer already. Kate has been chasing the captainship for 7 seasons, finally get it and they send all of 2 minutes celebrating it. Maybe the first episode should have been more celebrating that like in Castle new book Driving Heat. With all the wrong messages be put out all summer long, it did not help the rating at all. Castle was built and should always stay with Rick and Kate working side by side. A baby Castle would also help, we heard for the last 4 seasons that was going to happen.

    • dee says:

      So true bout lexis also making beckett a captain and getting rid of gates sucks. Not everyone needs a promotion. And Jesus Christ castle is a man and has no b****at all toughen him up already

  2. Matt C. says:

    I think Minority Report might just beat Blood & Oil as the first cancellation of the season!

  3. Jared says:

    Castle is a fading series on its last legs. Forever should have been renewed and paired with DWTS. On another note, Blindspot was way better than I expected and the ratings seem strong for NBC. Minority Report’s ratings are kind of pitiful given the amount of promotion from FOX. Hopefully Scream Queens does better tonight.

    • S. says:

      Castle is in S8 (following an aging franchise that has no really appealing stars in a show supposedly featuring them) and I think most series would like to be as good as they were in that premiere at any point in any season. “Forever” had nothing to fade *from* and you’re gonna have to deal with it.

      • TrudiV says:

        Nathan Fillion is an OK actor. There just isn’t any chemistry between the two leads. it becomes a yawm when the two are making out. No wonder people are tuning out.

    • Lori Anderson says:

      Castle is not fading nor is it on its last leg. I am a true fan of the show and the characters on it. Both Nathan and Stana are producers now. Does your shows have the same thing?

  4. Dean says:

    I always love lokling at season ratings its like guessing which horse wins the race expected for blindspot most people want to heck it out the biggest test will be how it fares without Voice as its crutch. Minority report its off to a bad start again a new Sci Fi show on Fox wouldn’t end well and Castle and NCISLA are may end this year nothing wrong with that considering its premiers.

  5. Joe says:

    Well I guess I won’t add minority report to my Dvr (I didn’t think it was too bad )

  6. Just one thing says:

    Bummer. But not unexpected.

    • lkh says:

      Of course! How could anyone resist a newly tattooed woman who’s found in a duffle bag! That focus may end soon, guess that depends on the tattoos. :]

      • DarkDefender says:

        um.. and she was naked… ;)
        But will it be just a rehash of Prison Break ala the tattoos? or an actual breakout hit? My money is on Quantico for the season’s break out.. I think people will tire of Blindspot around episode 4 or 5. (yes, that is my prediction).. I also hope (you know I really hope) that Castle performs better next week – also in line with the second part of their traditional two-parters, ratings wise.

        • lkh says:

          I did just watch it–kinda interesting. You’re right, it might get old.

          The thing about Castle, at least my first impression was that the actors’ timing was off, and there was a lot of ‘forced’ acting. That will change as they get back into it, I guess/hope. As a matter of fact, only noticed it for about the first 10 minutes.

  7. Court says:

    I won’t worry about these numbers for Castle until I see how other abc shows do this week. I think many other shows will probably hit series lows. Thursday will be the real winner for abc.

    • S. says:

      Football’s always rough to deal with, plus it’s just frustrating that DWTS isn’t what it used to be. I think two-parters are an issue for some people too, esp. Castle viewers for some reason as they often seem to hold onto part 1, then watch it write before part 2. I mean it’s become a running joke. The DVR numbers should be interesting for this week. I don’t want the new Castle showrunners getting blamed. They totally nailed it, and I ended the episode really proud of everybody on the show. This is so not the West Wing S5 situation (and even then there were really talented writers, etc. involved in that so it wouldn’t be a reflection on anybody’s ability even if it *were* TWW S5). Taking over is hard to do. I was really impressed with how they did it. The Debbie Downers that got cranky the minute Caskett was engaged and not making out 24/7 were just a giant dirty snowball that’s been careening down the mountain of negativity ever since, but I don’t think that’s what the ratings were about here. Gotta look past the comments on this site. That many people probably have no idea showrunners changed or what have you, and the show’s quality hasn’t taken a hit that warrants that kind of bailing. Most people just watch the show oblivious to spoilers or BTS stuff so it was probably not anything to do with the actual show. If anything, it’s obviously capable of being as well done as ever if you look at the work of not just the actors and writers but people like Robert Duncan and Rob Bowman who killed it last night.

  8. Angus says:

    I refuse to watch anything remotely connected to Tom Cruise. 1st for cancellation Minority Report.

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    Happy to see Blindspot topped Castle and NCIS: LA in the 10 pm Monday night time slot but it’s too early to tell whether or not the series gets a full season order. Life in Pieces did OK in its debut but I rather see the numbers go down in Week 2 even though the premiere was terrible.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes. Yes, it is too early to tell.

    • Boiler says:

      You and I are are 2 Broke Girls fans so hopefully it comes back to this spot. Life in Pieces reviews not at all good. May not help that TBBT didn’t review well either

      • DF12398 says:

        yeah i feel bad hoping for a show to fail, but i want my 2BG back! And i want to see how the show can do with BBT as its lead in!

    • Blindspot was given a full season order months ago, along with the Player. Unless I am mistaken…

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Don’t worry about The Player. It will debut this Thursday.

        • Haha I’m not worried about it, really. I think with Snipes on board, and with Winchester’s looks and sheer physicality, AND acting ability, it will do just fine. Not entirely sure how I feel about Wakefield’s character, though.

          • Mr. Tran K says:

            What do you mean “not worried about” and what part of that did you NOT understand? Told you people before about COMPLAINERS and again it really gets me in a very bad mood and the same thing goes for you Amanda so go complain to your mama.

          • spifferly says:

            Whoa!! Dude! first off, my mom is dead so screw you. Secondly, I wasn’t complaining about anything. I was saying, if you’d taken the time to pay attention that I’m not worried about The Player not doing well. I think that it, and Blindspot will do incredibly well. Dick.

  10. Boiler says:

    Two comments…it is the first week so will be interesting to see where things fall next week. Networks and/or advertisers need to figure out a way to look at all viewers (DVR, streaming, etc.) as live viewership not going to get better. These numbers almost useless now regardless of what folks think

    • Patrick says:

      Networks don’t care about DVR, or, at least, they care less. Further, they don’t care who watches the show itself. All they care about are who watches the commercials. I think they need to run ads under the show a la news trackers, because live viewership is going down.

      • Boiler says:

        I know that networks don’t care about DVR but it is becoming much more prevalent and if they don’t figure out a way to do something to capitalize say bye-bye to them. They will be cancelling shows so fast no one will watch

      • Jon says:

        Can you imagine the internet outrage if networks started running ad crawls under the shows? And yet younger viewers refuse to watch traditional ads, complain about product placement, and will barely sit still for the truncated ads On Demand and online. Who do viewers think pays for the expensively-produced shows they watch?

  11. Erika says:

    All these shows hit a records lows.So that means all these shows will be canceled?In the end,broadcats shows are dead,cable and streaming shows wins,according to Americans.

  12. Alisha says:

    Well.. Given that last finale was the first time Castle dint end in some kind of a cliffhanger, Im not surprised about the low ratings. Series lows still stings but Im fairly certain that this’ll be the last season, as it should be. Its been a pretty great run & no shame in bowing out..

  13. John NYC says:

    Blindspot clearly impacted it’s fellow ten o’clock shows: it will be interesting to see how that shakes out.

    I liked it but the reveal at the end may make the overall show too dark for some, BlackList moved off this slot and it has the same challenge: the Blindspot doesn’t saddle the FBI agent with a really bad wig….

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    THIS!!!! After all the rude comments I read yesterday from a certain fan base saying that Blindspot was going to fail miserably because it was up against Castle and NCIS LA, both of which hit series lows. We’ll see what happens next week :-)

    • DarkDefender says:

      Exactly–> Next week is a whole different animal. Long time viewers will return to NCIS and Castle and the lookiloos who didn’t care for the new show will leave. I suspect there will be an adjust in those numbers over the next few weeks – same thing we saw with The Blacklist – which, BTW, they had to move to a different day of the week.

      • lkh says:

        when you say whole different animal–no spiders?

      • Just one thing says:

        The Black List moved to Thursday because they were performing so well. Not because they were struggling. NBC moved TBL to anchor another night so they could launch other new shows out of The Voice.
        For whatever reason, ABC has never felt comfortable doing the same with Castle, even during solid Seasons 5 and 6. And it seems they may now need to consider such a move out of desperation – if things don’t improve.

        • star says:

          wrong, in season 5 was when they started to change the show and is when the numbers started to fall, then in sixth season they fell more until season 7, thats when they tanked and here we r.

      • shirley says:

        thank you sooo …..much for that comment.
        It is sp early to go speculating on what wil and who will.
        Lets just wait to see. how about that.
        I am a long time viewer of Castle and it’s been tried before to topple it.

  15. Coco says:

    Too bad, it was a good episode. But the promo for this season has been awful in my opinion. Interviews of Hawley and Winter talking about nothing but a new character coming out of nowhere and her partnership with PI Alexis, Castle and Beckett not being able to work together anymore … And the worst was the one of Seamus and Jon last week, I felt like they were talking about an entire different show, it almost made me want to skip the episode. Besides, even thought I really liked last night episode, it was kind of the same than S7 premiere, but with Beckett missing and Castle doubting her this time. A bit repetitive …

    Let’s wait to see how it goes for the next episodes, I hope it will get better, I would hate to see Castle ending with really low ratings …

    • I totally agree. The promotion all summer for Castle seemed to be tidbits that would make most not want to watch it. I really think it hurt to have Stana Katic missing for so much of the episode. And the horrid addition of the new character Haley and the disgusting scene of her teaching Alexis how to manipulate men had me running to the bathroom and throwing up not to mention muting the TV.

      Castle and Beckett working together seemed to have worked for seven seasons. I leave with this – if it ain’t broke why try and fix it.

  16. I saw the Minority Report leak and was happily surprised by the version that made air. Much improved and way more engaging. I’m hoping DVR numbers give it a huge boost. The show has merit. Blindspot on the other hand … I’m not shocked that its numbers are so similar to The Blacklist.The show feels completely styled after its NBC sibling.

  17. GraceM says:

    Just goes to show that Big Bang does better in Thursdays.

    Since it had the the best ratings of the night, I’m still going to day whoo hoo Big Bang!!!!!

    The season premiere was great and very funny!! I loved seeing Sheldon’s mother, even for a few minutes.

  18. GhostWolf says:

    Simply put (all DVRd since my viewing habits don’t really count)::
    -Gotham – nothing special, don’t plan to watch further
    -Minority Report – okay but didn’t really keep my attention but will give is a few more eppies
    -Scorpion – enjoyable as always
    -Castle – was okay, not a high priority watch anything
    -NCISLA – just skimmed for Kensi/Deeks scenes
    -Blindspot – liked the first episode; be interesting to see how it moves forward

  19. kmw says:

    Surprised by Castles numbers a little bit. I knew Blindspot would do well but thought Castle and NCIS would be better than that. Also surprised that TBBT did pretty well even if their numbers were off a bit. Gotham’s numbers not unexpected but Minority Report really did worse than I thought. At least FOX will win Wednesday for sure, bad start for MR.

  20. Buddy says:

    Watching the ratings for Castle going down due to inane story lines I felt it was time for rejuvenation in the form of new show runners and minor characters. Watching 08×01 last night proved my analysis correct. The new episode certainly stirred things up with more action, exciting new actors, suspense and mystery and the Caskett extraordinary love story. Now we just have to tell others to try it out because if they ever watch it they will like it too.

  21. Carla says:

    That stinks about Castle’s numbers because it was one of the best episodes of the show ever!!! Action packed, great acting, shot and produced in a great way.

  22. Diane says:

    Not surprised by the dips by ncisla and castle. Blindspot had great promotion. Plus LA and Castle had really boring season enders for aging shows. I still watch LA, but Castle may come off my dvr.

  23. Kingmose1 says:

    I thought the Castle premiere was strong. Loved the shootout with Ryan and Espo taking out the assassin when she broke free, loved the interplay between Castle and Alexis, the new characters are interesting and I like the new direction so far.

  24. Moonlight4evr says:

    Castle didn’t even air until like 12:30 am here. I had to manually add it to dvr. Hopefully it’s numbers will go up. I still wish Forever had been renewed and Castle retired though. They need to go back and rematch seasons 1 and 2. The show was at its best then.

    • shirley says:

      Everyone loved the banter.
      We got that.
      Then everyone, including me, wanted them together.
      We got that.
      Now you want to go back to s 1 & 2 and the banter.
      So whta else do you want?

  25. Nicole says:

    Castle may not be perfect but it deserves better numbers than dancing with the “stars” :-(

  26. Ellinas1978 says:

    Bye bye Minority Report. Parts of it could be enjoyable but those numbers spell doom.

  27. Jake L. says:

    As Matt noted, there were NFL pre-emotions for Castle. Here in Indianapolis the show didn’t start until 12:36am, which was even after the time it was scheduled in the DVR (which was set to record “Castle” beginning at 12:15am.) If I had not stayed awake to watch live, I would have missed part of it due to the schedule throwing off the DVR. Hopefully next week things are back to normal. I really liked the episode.

    • RBA says:

      There are not 500k viewers in the indy area that regularly watched Castle. Indy, like the rest if the US, has aproximately 2 to 3 of viewers that watch Castle. Given the market size it translates to 40k viewers only.

      The drop was over 1.3M from last years finale, so at least 1.25M who did not watch were in areas that were not affected by the game.

  28. jkh says:

    Castle is a great series with great charaters and there are so many places it could go with story lines. It is my favorite of all on tv. Come on fan base. Let’s get the ratings up. To heck with football. Never did like it on Monday nights.

  29. jkh says:

    Castle is a great series with great characters and there are so many places it could go with story lines. It is my favorite of all on tv. Come on fan base. Let’s get the ratings up. To heck with football. Never did like it on Monday nights.

  30. Boiler says:

    Agree with other positive Castle reviews. Too bad it was down but maybe will bounce back. Many people don’t seem to like change even after many years

  31. Roxie says:

    Castle’s line about fetching her coffee and change for them is good – rubbish! Fetching her coffee was special for them, he said so himself and as far as not solving mysteries together, well, that was what made them more than just a cop show. Finish college Alexis and stop being Castle’s other “wife”. Former writers have made her unlikable during past seasons and you cannot unring that bell by making her flirty and a fabulous P.I. To mix it up, they have made the show totally unlike what it started out to be. They have lost that spicy banter with KB/RC and forgot how well they solve crimes together and what that means to their relationship. No amount of gun fire action, spiders, or new characters who come out of nowhere can hold a candle to what Caskett is and should continue to be.

    • Bill says:

      Well said. I concur.

    • Georgee says:

      Go back to the end of season 4 when Rick told Kate he just wanted to see her smile when he handed her the coffee. One of the best shows is in season 6 episode 10, was The Good ,the Bad and the Baby. The relationship between these two is the whole show with out that we have no show. They need a baby this year, I feel that we tell us if we are going to have a season 9. I have sent the Chairman of the board of directors and Paul Lee letters asking that question. No reply has come. I see those letters in a landfill some place. Matt never answers, I think he doesn’t know either. It is a little sad when they do not care about the fans I hope we have many more seasons like NCIS has. They have already signed for season 14

      • Roxie says:

        I applaud your tenacity but no one is going to speak the truth about Castle. First, Fillion became incredibly jealous over Stana going from a scared novice to a gangbusters star eclipsing his Firefly love of self. We are now witnessing his Ego trip consequences, as well as the big shots trying to appeal to a younger demo by shoving Alexis down our collective throats. When Castle as we now know it ends, they will try to sell us on Castle, P.I. But NF is not capable to carry the show alone on his acting prowess. NF cannot be blamed totally, the former writers lost sight of what made this show so special and now we have this mess. I don’t think NF ever thought in his wildest dreams that SK would be such a charismatic person AND an exceptional actress with a worldwide fandom (and she didn’t have to fly a space ship either in order to do it).

  32. tackandcover says:

    Castle’s dynamic is the interplay and banter between Rick and Kate. These parallel story lines just don’t work. I understand that Stana was committed to doing a movie so she was not available for a lot of the 1st episode. Also, now that she is Captain how do we get her and Rick on the screen at the same time, doing what they have done so well for all these years. That said it was, at best, a mediocre effort. I don’t need Alexsis in any form. Susan Sullivan, Castle’s mother, adds a lot more to the show and she was nowhere to be seen last night. I’ve been a fan of the show since Season 1, episode 1. But this is not the Castle I enjoy. The old magic is gone. Make this the last season and let it leave on a high note.

    Found the 1st episode of TBBT to be equally disappointing.

    Return of Scorpion was enjoyable. Implausible as it always is but still enjoyable. Adding Alana de la Garza to the cast was a good move as the new head of Homeland Security. Enjoyed her work on Forever. Really sorry to see it canceled.

    I DVR’d NCIS-LA and will watch it tonight in place of NCISNO. Cannot stand that show. If Castle does not improve I’ll switch ot LA for live viewing and DVR Castle.

  33. Cat says:

    I was surprised at how low Minority Report was……..but it was going up against Dancing With the Stars and Scorpion

    • Relaxxx says:

      I enjoyed the premiere I’m not really surprised by the numbers. I just wish FOX would give the show time to build a larger fan base, unfortunately FOX is notorious for canceling good shows. I’ll keep watching until FOX cancels it though!

  34. Shiloh says:

    Only watched a few shows last night. BBT was not bad. Interested to see where they go from the premiere.
    Watched “Blindspot.” It wasn’t bad, either. Not as good as “The Blacklist” premiere, had some weak spots, but overall was a nice “B” for me. The first ten minutes, or so, of actual episode was a bit stilted and boring execution-wise, trying to set up stuff. The SEAL angle is interesting, the fact that she knew Chinese, and the hand-to-hand combat was where it started getting interesting….and from there on, it was pretty good. Although, the end was almost a touch too melodramatic, as opposed to dramatic…just a touch. And I think they need a bit more humor in the show and the lead male character.
    Also watched “Castle” and thought it was an excellent premiere. I’m not sure exactly why it’s numbers are what they are…aging show, or…? But the numbers are not reflective of the quality of episode I watched last night, that’s for sure. In fact, of the three I watched last night, “Castle” was the most entertaining of all.

  35. Tracy says:

    With football changing up schedule not unexpected. But, I’m so impressed with this castle episode. It will do just fine. The action in the episodes is what people have been waiting for and I’m so happy they are using Alexis more, she’s grown up and her acting skills to join in with hunts is awesome and will make for great tv if they continue to use her……I love this show…..Blind Spot was good too….just wish they were both back to back and not at the same time….would really increase ratings if they did that…..

    • S. says:

      I thought Alexis was so much more energized, and I can tell what they meant about Hayley being a good mentor or whatever. Those two characters are clearly gonna click. Hayley’s sort of the cool aunt type with no authority role like Kate or *cough* Castle (ha I mean I have to laugh, he’s hardly a strict dad). Alexis loves Kate but there’s something to be said for someone kinda fun and tough that you can stand up to if you get mad, and it’s not a family fight.

  36. monieet says:

    Ok, I bit. Blindspot got my attention, but the question is: NBC is quick to cancel; remember ironside. So, I will not add it to the DVR just yet. All those damn adds with the chick getting out the bag flooded the web, and up went the ratings. But……

  37. chuckiechk says:

    Is it to early for me to start worrying about NCIS: Los Angeles?

    • Dysturbed says:

      I think it is too early. The syndication money that they get for it, probably helps make up for lost ad revenue due to declining ratings.

  38. Rae says:

    Castle was very good last night…….if you missed it you miss a good season opener!!!

  39. Brigid says:

    Castle’s numbers will increase when the preemptions are taken into consideration. I also think some folks forgot it returned, I now a few myself who didn’t know it started last night and watched Blindspot instead. I’m not worried at all for Castle, the show is still great!

    • AJ says:

      Football pre-emptions inflate numbers in the early and drop (ocassionally) in the finals. Castle remained at 1.2. Secondly fans of a show will look up premiere dates, so not knowing makes them… so the fact they didn’t know makes them a few episodes a season watchers not a week in and week out viewer.

  40. John NYC says:

    ” Castle Returns to Series Lows; NBC’s Blindspot Opens Big”

    And I’m pretty confident those are related. Blindspot had a LOT of promotion and the lead has an energetic following from her Marvel character.

  41. Pat says:

    I watched Blindspot and I watched Castle, On Demand. I really was intrigued with Blindspot but not so much with the season opener of Castle. By the way, it had nothing to do with Alexis because I like her character.

  42. carol says:

    I didn’t recognize castle the show I’ve watched and loved for 7 seasons It was so different from the really ,thought she was just a smart ass not a beautiful and sassy woman and her interaction with Alexis was anything but magic so far like the 2 show runners said it was I hope it improves .Thought Beckett ‘s short appearances we’re great as usual .Hope this isn’t the last season for the show but it looks like going with the PI story line isn’t working ,it didn’t go over to great last year . Seperating Castle and Beckett solving crimes together is not a good idea.

    • Jake L. says:

      Because Stania Katic needed a late start to the season in order to wrap up filming her hiatus movie, we really can’t tell that much from this episode in terms of how the Castle-Beckett dynamic will work this season when both of them are there full-time. I thought it was a better premiere than the disappearance-for-two-months nonsense from last year, and I went farther out onto that limb than most people did, but didn’t think the continuation of that story near the end of the season was terribly effective. I really enjoyed what I saw last night, though, and hope the conclusion of this story next week is up to this level.

  43. carol says:

    I meant to say that Castle was the really good show I’m used to watching.

  44. Johnathan says:

    Ouch for Castle

  45. matty says:

    Life In Pieces did far better than I thought it would do, but demos were about what I figured.

  46. Gerald says:

    I really liked the premier of Big Bang and Castle. Both were great. Can’t wait for part 2.
    Gotham is also off to a great start this season.
    Blindspot I am not totally sold on yet. Might give it a few more weeks.
    Minority Report is on my DVR, i will watch it with low expectations.

  47. lame says:

    7.1 million viewers is far less than the glory days , but acceptable, the killer is the 1.2 demo. ABC is going to give Castle every opportunity to make it. The demo will be the sword of Damacles swinging overhead the entire season, sadly this is the legacy of 6.23.
    I for one wish Winter/Hawley all the best, for what it’s worth.

  48. m3rcnate says:

    I get why Castle would fall and most likely will continue to taper off, most likely being its last season IMO. I get why Blindspot would have big numbers, how they marketed it and what show actually is draws viewers…a kick-ass leading 30 year old woman all tatted up part of a big mystery…TV viewers like that.
    A series low for NCIS:LA confuses me a bit. Don’t get me wrong the first episode’s “plot” with Callen was garbage but at the same time going into watching the episode you couldn’t have known that. I will be keeping a keen eye on the ratings, just because it is one of the few episodic cop drama’s i enjoy, mainly because of “Densi” though.
    As for Minority Report…i mean that was going to be a given right? I could have, hell i might have, said back when the pilot’s teaser was posted that it wouldn’t do well, especially on Fox who cancelled the better “Almost Human”. I think “Limitless” will have better ratings and stick around, while Minority Report will get at most 1 season.

    • John NYC says:

      The promo’s for NCIS:LA gave a good hint it was going to be loaded with Callen angst and that is WAY past the sell-by date for me anyway. Blindspot and Castle promised a lot more compelling television, and they both delivered, IMHO.

      Hence I’ll get around to it but right now it’s just space on my DVR.

      • m3rcnate says:

        You have a good point, but I guess I just don’t assume that Callen related stories are a turn off to viewers. They are too me, his “mystery” is something I cared about seasons ago, but by the time they tell us his first name and w/e is left of his family story I honestly won’t care. Like I said I watch for Kensi & Deeks moments.

        • John NYC says:

          Kensi Deeks, Sam and Callen (I find their car bickering funny) and Hetty just about all the time. Just not Callen off brooding having gone “rogue following that final Russian cafe scene. oooh the looming father. Gag. Plus it is sort of eroding things somewhat that Hetty, who’s portrayed as truly caring about Callen totally lies to him and dribbles out tidbits about his life. She’s played him rather callously and that’s too bad.

  49. AW says:

    Blindspot is pretty good but it’ll go down in the ratings as the season progresses, just like Blacklist.

  50. Maryann says:

    For me, Blindspot was a homerun with all the bases loaded. I am in for the duration. Minority Report was ok. I will watch til they pull it, but somehow I get the feeling that won’t be long. Gotham and Scorpion are a given; have not yet watched them on line. I am looking forward to the advertised Paige Walter romance. I am also intrigued by what’s in the future bat-cave and watching Bruce develop into the future Batman, and seeing what is going on with Gordon. Rise of the vilains? Not so much.